Mark Bradley went 735 miles to Mizzou believe it or not to report what he got paid to see and report unbiased. Those who did get to go for us chanted U-G-A. I am jealous that in our best win in 36 years on the road, I wasn’t there. This old codger instead just last week said Jacob Eason wasn’t ANY DAMN GOOD AT FREAKING ALL. Jacob Eason has no talent – not a talent – NO GOOD. Guys who have never won a post-season game in their entire career are better than he EVER will be. And now today shames himself offering-up this shabby piece from there that “Georgia has given itself a CHANCE to make 2016 SOMEWHAT MORE than just a BETA TEST.” Oh, and “Missouri is a team who probably won’t turn-out to be much good EITHER.” He goes on. There’s MORE I swear : “Georgia sucks in all aspects and anything they DID was really just luck never to be duplicated and against nothing but a cupcake. Kirby will not have all year played ANYBODY.” Mark Bradley drones-on. “Georgia even could go only 1-loss on the season and not be any good AT ALL – having beat no one under the sun.” May I re-write that for you please Mark Bradley ? Is that ok sir ? If I give it a shot ?

Other writers are HOMERS for their home-town team.  You for example wrote that we ALL should root for Georgie tek yellowjackets because they are after all the home-town team.  Yet, it’s faster for you to get to UGA 59 miles away from downtown which is then a lot faster to get to my alma mater where you are Mark Bradley than it is for you to suffer through the traffic in the slums downtown where it is NOT SAFE to get to them.  And just whom is it they are anyway ?   They’re a lousy football program who hasn’t done a THING starting 1957 when I started going with Dad to our seasons’ tickets at Sanford.  And I know Georgie tek yellowjackets have not done a damn thing starting 1957 therefore 1st hand Mark Bradley.  You do not know jack shit and never have.  UGA is # 11 in wins starting 1957 and Georgie tek yellowjackets – your team Mark Bradley – are # 37 down there with Syracuse Central Michigan and Miami of Ohio.


And, you are a basketball writer who came here from Lexington Kentucky in 1984.


And Missouri over the now this season these latest 14 seasons is # 23 and your Georgie tek yellowjackets are still # 35 Mark Bradley double-digits outside the top 25.  No damn good.  And have not been any damn good at ALL whatsoever starting 1957 when I first started going to the UGA games with Dad.


You do NOT have a God Damn Clue One Mark Bradley.


I have grown tired of reading your biased put-downs of my alma mater.


I guess the question I have for you then Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation : Why go all the way the hell out there then ?


Why bother ?


Save us your “effort” if you do not mind.


I want our expense report monies back.  You’re on your own for that report.


Go write how great Georgie tek yellowjackets are.  Your shtick has gotten really old for a long time now Mark Bradley.  This story you write today starts out slowly, drones-on, and then peters-out all together.  And all you do is put shit on a coach’s efforts to do well for us when IN FACT YOU WERE THE VERY ONE WHO FIRED MARK RICHT AND SAID HE HAD TO GO MARK BRADLEY.


If this were the replacement for Fish Fry, you would be writing glowing reports and bragging of future greatness.


You know you would be.


We just are NOT going to pay for that trip.


Why was this the most exciting win by The Georgia Bulldogs in decades upon decades upon decades ?


This is in a season where it actually mattered.


The Hobnail boot season 2001 with Verron Haynes in the cut-down checkerboard end zone, we lost 4 games.  Therefore, that game did NOT matter AT ALL.  He did not as Mark Richt claimed after to you Mark Bradley, knock any damn lid off the # 11 all-time wins program, in a road game of a season in which he lost 4 games.  Kirby just now, may have.  Mark Richt by your own admissions, would NEVER have won these 3 games.  Hell, he would still be playing ONLY Greyson Lambert who was losing the 1st game, scored no points in the 2nd game and hasn’t done a damn thing all year as he didn’t last year either or the 2 in Virginia prior to that.


The win over Auburn 24-21 at Auburn, was preceded just 2 games earlier by Mark Richt going to JAX and putting-up 0 for 13 on 3rd Down Conversions against one of the most hapless Florida teams 8-5 and unranked in the Final AP Poll even with their win over us.  So we got to play 5-loss Arkansas unranked in The SEC Championship Game and for the Booby Prize, got to play 5-loss Florida State in our MEANINGLESS Bowl Game as a direct result.  So the win over Auburn didn’t propel us to the National Stage that season either.


This is the 3rd road game since 1980 where The Georgia Bulldogs did SOMETHING.  Only this season is the season of a coach here who has now done what no other rookie coach here has done in 78 years starting 3-0.  And, really the game in 1980 was NOT a road game.


735 miles from home for us, and you get to go ?


And this is all you can say Mark Bradley that Georgia isn’t any good, plays nothing but cupcakes all year, can go 1-loss on the season losing to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game and still will not have beat anybody, Missouri sucks, and oh yeah last week I waxed-on that Jacob Eason is NOT A TALENT.


Give it up Mark Bradley.


Who the hell do you think wants to read that bullshit ?


Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fans ?  Is that whom it is you direct this crap ?


There are 20 of we Bulldogs’ fans for every 1 reader of the AJ-C who follows Georgie tek yellowjackets’ sports.


You sure as shit didn’t write it for ANY of we Bulldogs boy.


One would think even you might notice we’re undefeated ranked # 11 Coaches’ Poll and # 12 AP Poll play ANOTHER RANKED TEAM this weekend and have the inside track to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game and might be a 1-loss team losing only to The National Champion and would have done so with a True Freshman QB at the helm in 3 come-from-behind wins to begin his auspicious career and that he is surrounded by being left only by Mark Richt 2 senior starters and 6 juniors the # 93 team experience on the 2-Deep according to Phil Steele after the Great Exodus of the Dream Team last season of 22 all of whom started and whom since Kolton Houston was in that group averaged 4 losses a season 24 losses Mark Richt’s last 6 years for which you Mark Bradley stated Mark Richt MUST BE FIRED.


That is too much for you Mark Bradley.


It makes YOU great that you write that we aren’t.


We could be.


We absolutely are a young team.


Do you know how to tell when a football team, quarterback, and coach is a good combination ?  When they don’t quit.  When they have undeniable talent.  When they are in clutch situations and do what they were trying with all their heart to do.  THIS is what reporters are most paid to recognize.   You’ve just missed the boat entirely Mark Bradley.  Write about Georgie tek yellowjackets’ basketball, if you’re any good at that.  I would not know.  I don’t read those.  Or, anything else you write about.  And while I have read this story reported by you of this game, I have lost minutes I can never recover.   So, I guess I must write about your poor job of reporting this game.


Piss poor.


( )


Your expense report is denied.  Who do you think pays your bills ?


You are such a dick lick Mark Bradley.  Do you even know anything about this topic to spend thousands of dollars to waste the ink ?  Who is your audience for such a piece ?  Are you that much of an asshole that this is seriously what you turn-in ?


Jesus Christ Mark Bradley.


No wonder Kirby gives you hell EVERY press meeting.


How do you part your hair like that ?  Use 2 combs one in each hand and start in the middle ?  Only a woman would dream-up something like that and for a Sportswriter no less.  My God !


What do you guys do ?  Wink at each other as you leave the office, and say where are you off to ?  Oh, I am off covering the cough cough Georgia Bulldogs big smile.


It is a shame that someone like you Mark Bradley would have the right to even turn-in such a story so one-sided and off-beat, that it totally misrepresents what 100 million viewers nationwide changed channels to watch.  I stood up myself.  I stood right in front of my 80″ HDTV smart tv.  I said aloud you have them right where you want them Jacob Eason.  THIS is where you MAKE YOUR LEGEND.


Then, I read your story and am compelled to share as others have told you Mark Bradley that you’re ONCE AGAIN just wrong.  You painted a picture of a little girl forced to wait until midnight to even leave the press box on a 7:30 kick-off in this game which captivated the world and all Bulldogs’ fans the last 36 years waiting.  You know I was in JAX.  We all know you weren’t.  But, you were at this one.  I wonder what crap you might have turned-in that game ?  If I were your boss, you’d be prevented from further “reports” of UGA football.


And I would deny your expense report.


And I would give you an ass-chewing of all-time.




I did.




I feel better now.


Sad.  I guess I am glad however that I did read it Mark Bradley so that I could share in hopes of your improvement as a college football reporter no one has EVER accused you of being that you just might learn something about the game.  You know ?  College Football Capital of the World Atlanta ?  Give it up son.


Do you want me to re-write it for you sucker ?


Kirby brought his young pups # 93 experienced 2-Deep left by Mark Richt out here 735 miles away due West, and I could not contain myself that I was getting to go with them to watch what was the most amazing win in 36 years.  On a beautiful Saturday night in The SEC, two heavyweights of college football FOREVER faced-off.  Missouri has more wins all-time than Ole Miss, more wins than Oregon all-time and more wins than Stanford all-time.  Missouri has won 15 conference titles and 2 national championships and they had just replaced their best coach of all-time.  After a gutty rendition of the National Anthem by an Olympic Medal Winner of their own, Mizzou gave it all they had.  Their home town boys were ahead of Mighty UGA # 11 All-Time in Wins by 6 with 1 minute 36 seconds.  Georgia had Jacob Eason empty in the backfield his running game shut-down.  His receivers were dropping pass after pass.  His special teams proved again not ready for Prime Time.  And all he did was for the 3rd game in a row losing late in the game, was to put the team on his back.  He looked-up with fine protection.  He recognized the coverage as he paused midway in his throw and directed the pass after the pause mid-stream in his throw perfectly on target.  He was waiting that nanosecond for the timing to be absolutely correct.  He was totally focused.  He threw a pass only his receiver could catch, when they had covered him with their very best pass defender and a future NFL player.  This was only his 3rd game.  And markedly his 3rd come-from-behind late to win in a row to jump start his and his coach’s careers together.  A guy this coach went out there to get directly following his press conference announcing his hire 11 months’ ago now today.  His coach now  the best UGA starting coach in 78 years.  And in a year we’re undefeated.  This has not been accomplished after 3 games since 1938 at UGA for a rookie coach here. This how important THIS stupendous effort by Jacob Eason.  They had forced Kirby on 4th Down, to call his last remaining time-out.  Then, the very QB I said had NO TALENT last week, put touch on a pass on a seam-route and a little guy jumped 45″ into the air, turned-around mid-air I swear, snagged the ball, and against Missouri’s best pass defender – not only caught the beautifully placed pass, but secured it and with that a win so momentous that even an old codger like myself has to oblige that this propitious play by the rookie QB will be one of which I shall wax forever or at least for the next 20 years of watching him perform at the highest level.  With this now under his belt as well, Georgia indeed might end the season a 1-loss team losing to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.

-signing-off : Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation

P.S. Thank you UGA fans for my expense report and the fine corn-fed steak with yellow marbling.   I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my report of your game you paid for me to have such great fun witnessing the Coronation of perhaps The Greatest Bulldog of All-Time – certainly after his 1st three top-notch performances I got to watch all 3 of live, or could have since I write for the AJ-C and the other 2 in Athens and Atlanta.

P.P.S. my aka is smartass son of a bitch in the slim chance you didn’t recognize me as the one single “reporter” most Bulldogs’ fans hate to read but do only to comment thereupon.





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