38 undefeated teams 2016 and 14 of those have beat at least one top 25 team with one who has beat 2 top 25 teams Alabama. Kirby can become the 2nd team to beat at least 2 top 25 teams 2016. Or our season can go to pot. We can be a flash in the pan. We can go down the tubes. We can go to the dogs. We have a clean program here but Ole Miss came in here and took some VERY TALENTED PLAYERS to play for them from the state of Georgia to play against us who they PAID MONIES TO to get and ARE GOING ON NCAA PROBATION for this all already ADMITTED by Ole Miss in their 12 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS. Ole Miss’s recruiting has FALLEN WAY OFF for 2017 but they HAVE AVERAGED # 12 for the team who IS GOING TO LINE-UP and invite us there to play. This is AS GOOD A CHANCE to beat UGA as Ole Miss has had since 1996. Kirby says we better be ready and UP for Ole Miss. Kirby also said “We do NOT teach our players to get behind and then come-back. It has to do with the character of the players that they do not give-up. But teach them to get behind and win – do we practice that ? No. We do NOT teach our players to get behind.” Every blog had us losing to Ole Miss. We can BEAT Ole Miss there noon which is 11 a.m. their time. We are getting up today and tomorrow eating and then playing just as we will the following day to prepare us for this very unusual start time. We have played one home game and this is game 4 away on the road against a ranked team again – a hungry team. Complacency had been a problem around here 8 years. This game means more to UGA than any game I can recall back to 1980 and is the 1st one since that I have any expectations. I had some expectations long ago when Mark Richt’s 15-year career first began but they quickly FADED. Every year we were complacent and lost games we should’ve/could’ve won.



( http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2016&thy=2016&grk=on&cres=1 )


Kirby also said the job is Jacob Eason’s to lose now.