One thought on “E.J. Price I told you 8 months ago he would be homesick now and feel that Neil Callaway (DUI as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator) and Tee Martin (Illegal cash payments of $ 7000 each to 7/11 stores and car denied for YEARS until finally in 3rd person “That was a different Tee Martin way back then. I am a Christian now. I would never taint vols’ “national championship 1998″ now taking all those payments if I had it to do all over again.” NCAA NEVER stripped vols of 1998 tainted Tee Martin “national championship.”) lied to him in recruiting and failed to tell him : (1) how bad Southern California is since NCAA stripped USC of N.C. (2) that NO ONE in land of fruits and nuts out there gives a rats’ ass about college football and will not follow him (3) that by now he would WISH TO HELL he had joined Kirby far more exciting place here (4) that EJ Price should have asked me personally to explain why he would NEVER BE HAPPY out there or the travel to there Archer High in Lawrenceville 4-star Offensive Guard who MADE A DUMB SHIT DECISION to join that sinking ship instead (5) So after all this I am right on right down the line – where does he go to now for 2018 since he will have to SIT-OUT a year now – now that he has NOT played ONE SINGLE DOWN ALL SEASON LONG for team who LOST to Stanford this week 10-27 after LOSING to Alabama 6-52 and (6) E.J. Price – I TOLD YOU SO. Now what ? Where do you go now ?

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