NATIONAL Freshman of the Week Award by CBS for Jacob Eason


( )


This is not bad at all for a guy many pundits wanted HELD BACK behind Greyson Lambert starting instead stating of the freshman that he wasn’t ready yet and that Greyson Lambert was a better fit.  Oh yeah, and that Freshman Quarterbacks in The SEC never have done shit.  Jacob Eason is NOT READY FOR THE FIRE YET.  Start Greyson Lambert.


Uh, no dumbasses he is the best freshman player in the nation.


Of course instead what we have witnessed in his first 3 games are NATIONAL AWARDS and 3 come-from-behind wins with poise and power Greyson Lambert has NEVER demonstrated and NEVER will.


You pissed me off when you said this bullshit.  I called you out for it then.  Now eat crow for your lies misrepresentations and utter nonsense about the best first 3 performances by an UGA QB ever.


Where are they now these dumb shits who continue to say this shit ?


When do they come back in here and apologize for example that they too were ALL WRONG about Mark Richt and that I NAILED that too for the last 8 years.


Well ?


Dumbass pieces of shit holding our program back and have for the last entire 8 freaking years.


Stick this up your assholes.




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