Ole Miss is picked to win by 7 tomorrow morning 11 a.m. local time there, by every odds maker in Las Vegas. So where is Lassiter Kicker Mitchell Wasson whom Kirby signed here as preferred walk-on. The other 2 kickers both walk-ons Mark Richt brought here who were here before Kirby, have neither kicked-off into the end zone and they’re neither going to. The 1 kicking field goals has missed the most field goals in the nation. And they have both been critical in the BAD EVALUATION of our special teams’ performances as BADLY done. Mitchell Wasson has to hit the field as does Brian Herrien Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. on OFFENSE. Elijah Holyfield must play on Offense too. And Dominick Sanders must play some wide receiver sets for us. We have to get all our best players on the field. If the ones playing aren’t getting it done by week 4, they need to give-way to others and let them have a shot. What does this game mean to us ? Kirby has to come-through for us tomorrow 11 a.m. local time.

What does the game mean to us ?


(1) Florida and vols play each other tomorrow and both are ranked.  One loses.  The winner would NOT be ranked higher than us if it is Florida.  Of course if Kirby loses as EVERYONE says he does, then where Florida is ranked or the vols doesn’t matter at all.  If you think we can lose to Ole Miss and still be there in the discussion then you just have not been reading the national press.  Every team in America will pass us by with a loss tomorrow and there is nothing Kirby or Jacob Eason can do for us after that.  Jacob Eason needs some help.  He cannot do it all by himself coming from behind EVERY GAME like he has to begin his propitious career all 3 games so far.  We have to get ahead and stay ahead.


If it is vols who lose then they would be wounded for our game next week.  I figure we beat vols.


I figure Butch Jones is fired.  This guy has not been any good at all and should be gone with just a lot of talk by him.


What this game means to us is EVERYTHING !  The pressure is on Kirby.  They already say we don’t play tough schedule.  Lose this and discussions for 2016 are OVER.


(2) Only 1 team of the 14 who have beat a ranked team this season has won 2 against top 25 opponents Alabama.  Kirby would be the 2nd.


(3) There are Seven (7) Big Stage games tomorrow such as notably at the top of such a list ranked # 21 Ole Miss picked by 7 at home over # 11 Georgia.  As fans we talk like # 16 Florida vs # 12 vols is important to us.  NO.  No, it’s NOT !  What is ONLY IMPORTANT is that we beat Ole Miss.


# 21 Ole Miss # 11 Georgia

# 16 Florida # 12 vols

# 5 Michigan Penn State

# 8 Michigan State # 10 Wisconsin

# 13 Texas A&M # 18 Arkansas

# 17 LSU Auburn

# 6 Stanford UCLA


Watch what happens to these teams if they lose and we win.  If we don’t, it does not matter one iota.  We’re done.


The SEC leads the nation with 8 wins already 2016 season against ranked opponents.  We are assured of making this even worse for the other Power 5 Conferences WHO DO WANT THEIR TEAM IN THE DISCUSSION FOR THE TOP TEAMS IN THE NATION.  The discrepancy between SEC’s 8 wins over top 25 teams 2016 will be even larger after tomorrow no matter which SEC teams lose because there are 8 SEC teams in the top 25 of every poll.


The SEC is the DOMINANT CONFERENCE 2016-2017 SEASON and will remain so.  Power 5 Conference writers are HOMERS who try to say The SEC has NOT beat 8 top 25 teams already.  Sure we have.  And we will have MORE tomorrow.  More than they now and add EVEN MORE.  Got it ?  The SEC is NOT DOWN !


The Power 5 Conferences haven’t beat top 25 teams like The SEC has with 8 such wins ALREADY.  B1G teams have won only 5 against top 25 teams.  They are so far behind our 8 that they can not catch us no matter what they do.   Tomorrow is SEC hay day beating top 25 teams.  We are assured of 11 wins by The SEC over top 25 teams tomorrow.


Who are we ?


What do we want as a program ?


To say that we don’t need to win this game ?  That winning 10-win season is all we aspire to as a program and as the fans of this program ?






The top teams play 15-game seasons, so winning 10-win season is what then last season 2015 we witnessed 29 teams do.


Our goal as # 11 all-time in wins is to be # 29 ?


I don’t think so.


Ole Miss is not supposed to beat us, I don’t care what Las Vegas says.


Our goal is to get on the Big Stage the National Stage and WIN.  26 seasons we have won 80 % win percentage.  15 seasons we have been on the Big Stage to end the season both teams ranked in the top of the Final AP Poll.  We’ve won MOST of those 15 games too.  We’re not 80% but we are VERY GOOD.


That is our goal.  To be VERY GOOD.


We have a lot to fix and it will not go away by ignoring it nor by yelling at the press about each of our issues like by yelling we will drown the press out.


I really don’t care what Kirby tells the press but I do care that Kirby FIX THE ISSUES that the press continues to bring-up to Kirby and Kirby keeps DUCKING.


To get to THAT GOAL, we MUST fix issues across the board to WIN tomorrow against Ole Miss.  Otherwise, we lose and the season is caput.  This is no cakewalk tomorrow morning.  I think however that we SHOULD WIN.


I hold us accountable TO WIN.


We know we aren’t beating Alabama in The SEC Championship Game. If you think to be a fan of this program or ANY program you have to say we beat Alabama then you are a DISNEYdawgs.com fan and the same use as tits on a boar.   Lose this game tomorrow morning and we’re cooked, done completely, stick a fork in us – and more importantly we MUST LOOK AT THIS GAME this way.


We have to fix this crap that THIS is Ole Miss’s BEST chance to beat us since 1996 with their # 12 avg recruiting ranking to our # 9.  We have to win these types of winnable games.


Because we are picked to lose by a touchdown tomorrow by every single Las Vegas odds maker is reason for us to double our efforts, not roll over and play dead.


Then why not say we will beat Alabama ?  How about because we have too many issues to fix ?


Then why not say we have too many issues to fix with Ole Miss too ?  Well, that is true.  But the game has not been played and I guess we have to see ALL THESE ISSUES ONCE AGAIN in game 4 now rear their ugly heads again and then well we can say Ole Miss is going to beat us. I can tell you this if we don’t fix our issues 2016, we lose to our best opponent all regular season tomorrow.


It was unacceptable that Mark Richt his last 8 years here COULD NOT any longer.  He LOST it after 2007.


Kirby can NOT start-out 2016 with more of the same and us respond with excuses and we can still do this or that.


We have to GATA.


Kirby has to win these types games for us.


Not counting expense report or retirement we are paying Kirby $ 5 million 3 hundred thousand dollars with incentives 2016 to win this game.  He isn’t here because at Georgia we have something besides winning that’s important.





I have read every blog and every national press and there is NO ONE SAYING THIS PRE-GAME except for me.  As a program, we need to get with it in our fan base and understand BEFORE we play a game just how absolutely crucial a game is.  None of this they are all crucial.  We won 3 games and THAT has made THIS GAME CRUCIAL.


Jacob Eason has made this game crucial.  Ole Miss is not a team we can fall behind and beat.  Well they might be as it does appear they get tired out-of-shape but I suggest we get ahead and stay ahead like we have been here before at UGA and like we WANT TO WIN.


(4) Kirby was hired because Mark Richt was at his very worst in a game like tomorrow his last entire 8 years here.  Kirby has to shed Georgia of this moniker tomorrow morning or he will be considered more of the same.


It will be considered systemic that Georgia MUST LOSE these types of games.


Are these the types of games we give Kirby a bye in – that he doesn’t have to win against a team made-up of average # 12 recruiting rankings to our average # 9 recruiting rankings according to Scout.com who make-up our 2 teams in the morning ?


In fact, every single national press has ALREADY anointed us this way – disregarding we TRIED to do something about it by finally agreeing with ME and FIRING Mark Richt for this moniker we did NOT have hung on us before his last 8 years here – that we have to lose these types of games.  That we ONLY do lose these types of games.  That we NEVER win these types of games because well, we’re Georgia.  Excuse me because well Georgia is Clemson.  Clemson always LOST these types of games.  We did NOT.  Well, we have for 8 years now and folks don’t have memories except for myself.


In fact, Mark Richt HAD us considered ELITE early-on in his career here.


Then, he was just the Charlie Brown of College Football and Georgia was the NEW CLEMSON – destined to LOSE this type game tomorrow morning.


Mark Richt LOST it.


If you have not noticed this comment not that Mark Richt “Mark Richt’d” another game for us but that Mark Richt “Georgia’d” another winnable big stage game, then you have NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.  It IS what is said about us and we hired Kirby to FIX THIS.


Tomorrow,  Kirby has the pressure to come-through.  We don’t give him a pass this season and then say oh well Kirby has a pass a honeymoon – yet again ANOTHER SEASON WE CAN WRITE-OFF before it ever really gets going.


There is little doubt that Kirby has deserved the criticism in the press.  It will start in earnest and the questions to Kirby will make him all the more upset with all the press if he screws the pooch tomorrow.


Those pussies who have been holding back this program can and will say just exactly this if Kirby loses.


I will put the pressure where it belongs up-front and say WE CAN WIN THIS GAME.


We have to change too much to win, but it could all be a ruse by Kirby to lull our opponents to sleep.


Let’s review where Kirby is, ok ?


Kirby’s handling of the quarterbacks, kickers, freshmen he has not been playing at their rightful positions, special teams, offensive line including again freshman he isn’t playing, no WR, our total inability to sack our opponents, poor defensive line play, non existent linebacker play, and his offensive game strategies which are unanimously across-the-board described so far as FAILED with an issue running the ball will all go the forefront tomorrow afternoon in the press meeting afterward if he watches as our season ends tomorrow.

And don’t forget that Isaiah McKenzie for all he has done right 2016 is STILL having issues with his catching/holding the ball.  His technique as WR is incorrect.  He does NOT catch the ball with his hands.  He basket-catches the passes off his chest, which is totally wrong.


Make no mistake about it our season ends with a loss to # 21 Ole Miss tomorrow.


Ok I am going to second-guess Kirby as the press has done unanimously to-date.  Obviously he has set himself up for this by his policies that we ONLY get to talk to him and those all dominated by Kirby giving the press all hell.   If Kirby gets asked questions and yells back at them because it is about a sore spot on our team a weakness then I ask myself as you should as well : Is this a weakness and might the press as I now ask questions about 2 freshman OL who should have had snaps by now giving them a real shot at helping ?  Or are they and me not allowed to ask these questions ?


Should someone else be kicking-off and kicking for us ?


Should we think we can play without throwing to Mecole Hardman Jr. ?


Why the hell doesn’t Brian Herrien get more carries when I guaranteed before the season he rushes for over 1000 yards this season ?


Kirby if you want to keep-up this harangue with the press, then tomorrow afternoon will be your chance to keep it up – unless you ADDRESS the issues.


Why if all our receivers keep DROPPING PASSES, don’t you TRY to throw to someone else ?  Elijah Holyfield for example no snaps running or passing downs.  Why are we # 9 and Ole Miss # 12 recruiting ranking avg making up the two tomorrow morning ?  Because we have players NOT PLAYING while those who are are NOT getting the job done.


I have no problems with trying Brice Ramsey at Kicker but Kirby MUST play Lassiter Kicker Mitchell Wasson tomorrow.


There is no tomorrow for our team this season if we lose.  We better be ready and have our A game which we have not done all season.  Right ?


You do know what THIS GAME means to us right ?


We’re Georgia.  We became under Mark Richt his last 8 years Clemson.  Now we’re Clemson.  We have no honeymoon.  No Can Lose this game and still have this that or the other.


We must have expectations for our program and we have to win these types of games.


Right ?


(5) Queue the duck for the Mark Richt discussion all over again if we lose to Ole Miss as our best opponent all season unless we win and play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.  That one too would bring the Mark Richt Apologists back to the forefront – not that they have shut-up about him since the very day this blog fired him ten (10) months ago now.  Trust me on this now.  They are sitting there waiting for Kirby to lose this game.  Kirby has done well so far and this his biggest test all season.

Lose and the season is OVER.  You can make-up whatever EXCUSES you want but the facts will remain that on a MOVEMENT DAY Kirby lost to a 2-loss team.  A team made-up of a ton of Georgia recruits who signed at Ole Miss and who collectively have ranked the average Scout.com # 12 recruiting class making-up their team.  Kirby will not face such a team with his average # 9 Scout.com recruiting ranking making-up his team all season unless he beats Ole Miss.  This season is a write-off if Kirby loses.

We have more talent than Ole Miss.  We can beat them.  We should not be a touchdown dog to a 2-loss team who has folded every 4th quarter.  We MUST play our best players.  Kirby said he would.  I have QUESTIONS about that.  Kirby getting nasty to the press when they ask him just makes me all the more convinced that the question should have been asked.


Ok Mark Richt lost these kind of games after he just LOST IT starting with the kick-off game 5 of 2008 when he was 76-19 at 80 % win percentage and only 68 % after.


THAT does NOT give Kirby a bye on this.


I would like for us to focus on that for Kirby.


The team nor any of the players on the team, nor any of our fans can afford to give Ole Miss a bye in this game.


We have to WANT IT !


It’s our game.


This is a MUST WIN for Kirby.


Why has NO ONE told you this except for me as per usual around here ?


We must win this game tomorrow morning and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Lose tomorrow morning and this is just YET AGAIN ANOTHER THROW-AWAY SEASON for The Georgia Bulldogs in a long line of throw-away seasons in a row for us with the better talent playing a lesser-talented team who in 3 games is a 2-loss team who has FOLDED every 4th Quarter not in the shape we’re in.


It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Now is the time for all of us to GATA as fans supporting our team and coaches to go out there and HAVE EXPECTATIONS of themselves other than us just only have Jacob Eason to go out there and come-from-behind again to bail the rest of the team and coaches’ asses out.


I’m so glad this game counts.


I’m so glad that I get to say it BEFORE we play that one blog stands alone pointing-out that last week’s game the best away win for Georgia in 36 years made this game tomorrow an absolutely must-win game for Kirby.  He has a lot of issues to fix in this one game.


Or we can pack it in.


And have another THROW-AWAY season we’ve become all too accustomed to.


This game matters.





Beat Ole Miss.


We’re at a crossroads.  We either win or have another throw-away season.  All of this is determined against our best opponent all regular season tomorrow morning – a God Damn CHEATING opponent who EVERY BLOG said we LOSE to.


Then, GET UP !


Wake-up !




Say the game is do-or-die.  Say the game is our most important game : It is.  Say the game is a MUST-WIN for Kirby.


For us.


For our program.


For every player and coach on the team.


I assure you it is for ALL THE hoard of Ole Miss recruits they have on their team who played high school football right here they came in here and CHEATED to sign putting them on NCAA Probation next year and losing 12 Scholarships for it, which is why this time next year their recruiting class is not the # 12 average Scout.com recruiting ranking making up their players tomorrow morning, but # 32 next year.


The recruits all know Ole Miss is a God Damn Cheater.  So Hugh Freeze is NOT getting his usual average # 12 Scout.com recruiting ranking 2017.  He’s # 32 down there with teams like North Carolina.


But this year the team he trots-out against us in THIS GAME tomorrow morning averaged the # 12 Scout.com recruiting ranking these latest years making-up this team tomorrow.


Did Hugh Freeze cheat ?


You’re damn straight he did.  9 Major Violations he has ALREADY ADMITTED to.


Did Hugh Freeze CHEAT to get some of the players he will he play tomorrow ?


Guys you said we wanted here ?


Sure he did.


I am ready to win a game like this for a change.


How about you ?


Put them down.  Put them out of their misery with 3 losses in 4 games to begin the season like you told me Kirby would be instead.


Get mad.


This game tomorrow morning MATTERS !




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