19 latest Ole Miss players who were recruited from here in the state of Georgia. Ole Miss would not be a football team without them coming here stealing our recruits and PAYING THEM CASH. So 2017 recruit rankings Kirby # 3 Hugh Freeze # 31 with NONE from the state of Georgia. Hugh Freeze is going to be FIRED by Ole Miss soon now.

Ole Miss recruits from the state of Georgia :

2016 :

Josiah Coatney

Detric Bing-Dukes

Donta Evans

Chandler Tuitt

Jack DeFoor

Charles Wiley

2015 :

Montrell Custis

Eric Swinney

2014 :

Chris Williams

Kendarius Webster

DeMarquis Gates

2013 :

Robert Nkemdiche

A.J. Jackson

David Kamara

Lavon Hooks

Bobby Hill

Evan Engram

2012 who with redshirt would be playing this year too :

Kenno Loyal

Mike Hilton

2017 :

none because of NCAA Probation and 12 Scholarships LOST 9 Major Violations Hugh Freeze himself



University of Georgia Bulldogs from the state of Mississippi :

2017 – none committed

2016 – none

2015 :

Cornerback Jarvis Wilson

Safety Jonathan Abram

2014 – none

2013 :

Safety Shaquille Fluker

2012 – none



Historically Georgia is top 10 in recruiting and Ole Miss is # 23 in recruiting.   HOWEVER, Ole Miss has averaged the # 12 recruiting class making up their team this season (with redshirts most current 5 classes Scout.com avg.) and Georgia averaged # 9 recruiting class making up our team this season.


So Hugh Freeze WAS recruiting very well.  Ole Miss NEVER recruits better than we do but he was close until this NCAA Probation came-up after signing date this 2016.


2017 is a completely different story as the 12 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS kicked-in.  Hugh Freeze admitted he did wrong on 9 counts himself of Major Recruiting Violations.  Ole Miss has capitulated and only simply delayed the implementation of the NCAA Probation they go on, until NEXT YEAR 2017.


Therefore Recruiting Ranking 247Sports.com Composite Average :


2017 Kirby # 3

2017 Hugh Freeze # 31




The facts are that Hugh Freeze is on the HOT SEAT with the Admin at Ole Miss for all his LIES about all this on-going and continuing NCAA Probation.  Ole Miss Admin might offer-up Hugh Freeze to the NCAA and FIRE HIM for 9 Major Violations any moment now.  Ole Miss has already admitted to 9 Major Recruiting Violations by Hugh Freeze alone.  The fans seem happy at 35-20 with Hugh Freeze BECAUSE of his recruiting, however, since he has LIED in public and admitted the TRUTH to the NCAA about NCAA Probation, the Admin at Ole Miss may consider offering his head up to them as a way to mitigate.


The timing for such a move could be now since they only wanted to delay thinking that they have such a great team this year.  Well they do.


They are one of the very elite football programs picked to beat us in a few hours now by a full touchdown.  Every single bookie in Las Vegas has them AT LEAST one TD winner over Kirby.


It’s not like Ole Miss has not faced good teams or that they have not faced talented teams because they have.  They are a PASSING TEAM who was 10-3 last year.  While around here we fire coaches with such a record, at Ole Miss this is stupendous.


1-2 this season is NOT.


I don’t know studying them if Ole Miss has a better QB than we do.  I know I would not trade our QB for their QB.   I think we have the talent to compete with them, if we get all our top players on the field as Hugh Freeze does.  And, if we have been working on our Special Teams.


In fact, I know we have the talent to compete with their passing game.  We have a secondary and while we can run against them, they can not against us.  Their special teams are where they are a touchdown favorite this morning.


All of this leads to if Ole Miss could somehow lose to Jacob Eason as all the other lesser-talented quarterbacks Jacob Eason has had to beat so far this season did, then I believe there is an opportunity for Ole Miss’ Admin to fire him over all this sordid on-going crap which has RUINED his strength in recruiting.


He’s not going to be able to compete with the # 31 recruits.  I know that.


And to my way of thinking, 35-20 at Ole Miss is not that good.


63 % win percentage.


We just fired a coach for being 68 % win percentage starting kick-off game 5 of 2008.


Hugh Freeze is only 1-game over .500 in The SEC and lose today and he is even.


Hugh Freeze was # 36 coming-in to 2016 season in wins starting 2012 when he started at Ole Miss.


Now, he is worse.


At Georgia, that is unacceptable.


At Ole Miss being ranked 2 of 5 years is best ever since the sixties.


All-Time Ole Miss is # 33 and UGA # 11 at 655 to 787 wins.


Way back when Ole Miss could play football.  Now today they are hoping to duplicate those old standards long ago for Ole Miss.


Starting with 2012 when Hugh Freeze got there, Ole Miss is # 35.


To my way of thinking, that is BAD.


NCAA Probation is a LOT WORSE than # 35 for Hugh Freeze.


I say fire him.


That is my call.


Fire him for the lies about the NCAA Probation to the public while admitting the truth to the NCAA.  Fire him for that and being # 35 having to cheat to do that.




Maybe Ole Miss thinks 35-20 is acceptable.


Maybe our Special Teams can play over their heads this morning, for it surely takes that to beat a good Ole Miss team who is a LOT better than us on Special Teams.

Tons better.


But QB ?


I will take Jacob Eason all day long and twice on Sunday.


Defense ?


I’ll match-up our secondary against their QB.


I’ll match-up our QB to their QB : It’s close but I like Jacob Eason as anyone who has read a blog from me ever knows.


I think we match-up except at special teams.


$5 million 140 thousand dollars annual salary Hugh Freeze I think is too much and it is more than Kirby gets unless Kirby wins a lot more than one season of 10-3 which all Hugh Freeze has EVER done.





Hugh Freeze admitted to 3 Major Violations of arranging for the ACT scores of three future Ole Miss football players to be changed to meet NCAA requirements.  I am sorry but all 3 of those are FIRING offenses.


“If you have facts about a violation, email compliance@olemiss.edu. If not, please don’t slander the young men.” Hugh Freeze sent this tweet.


Hugh Freeze tried to say that all the violations occurred before he got there.  But before he got there Ole Miss was # 23 in recruiting and since # 12.  You tell me ?


Laremy Tunsil told Hugh Freeze’s staff allegedly that he referenced he was receiving cash for rent and his family’s bills.  This would be Hugh Freeze’s 10th Major Violation.  Delaying their Ole Miss Probation ONLY HEAPS THIS NOW on Ole Miss too.  On top of being  (1-2) and # 31 recruiting ranking 2017 and Hugh Freeze ALREADY in trouble with the NCAA before Laremy Tunsil said what he did after signing date 2016.


So I think 30 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS rather than 12 is MORE appropriate and a 2-Year Postseason Ban which Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss did NOT offer-up to the NCAA when they asked the NCAA to DELAY the NCAA Probation.


I know it’s proven that there is a LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL by Hugh Freeze


The institution’s head coach is presumed to be responsible for the actions of all assistant coaches and administrators who report – directly or indirectly – to the head coach.


Hugh Freeze’s HEAD is going to be offered-up by Ole Miss – not by their fans who have not seen a 10-3 season in nearly 50 years – but by the Admin of Ole Miss who can not be in a position of protecting Hugh Freeze when the rampant problems on his watch are heaped upon what Houston Nutt did as well.  So, they might have to offer-up his head.


FAILURE to MONITOR is also proven against Hugh Freeze.


The 4 more Major Violations of Houston Nutt are just all the more reason why Ole Miss must FIRE Hugh Freeze over all this.


Hugh Freeze knew about a Memphis booster who on multiple occasions transported and fed four recruits from a Memphis high school. Each individual violation is a minor Level III offense—a $12 ride here, $60 worth of food there—but the NCAA lumped all of them together as a single Level I Major Violations of Hugh Freeze.  There is no denying this EITHER.


Hugh Freeze has done EVERYTHING humanly possible to try to get-out of this act like it was Houston Nutt and NOT HIM and try to save his $ 5 million 140 thousand dollar job.


But he is about to lose his job over this and mostly because he has FAILED to belly-up to the bar and say yes we did all these things on my watch and yes I knew about it and did NOTHING.  And further I tried to hide it was on my watch and acted like publically it was just Houston Nutt and not myself.


Why isn’t Hugh Freeze recruiting well in the state of Georgia 2017 ?




We all WONDERED how Hugh Freeze was recruiting so well from the state of Georgia.  Now we know.










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