Yeah we lost. It was not pretty. I think we’re better than Georgia Southern University, Jeff Cobb, Sir. I mean you just squeaked by Louisiana-Monroe 23-21. We’re still ranked # 20 or so. What is your Georgia Southern University team ranked ? Seriously, you want Georgia ?

Jeff Cobb

“I’m guessing you think you know it all but with all that you just said about Kirby and his recruiting class he is not able to even dominate Nichols State and had to beat them with a minute and change on the board. O Yea, did you watch them get there A** handed to them by Ole Miss!!! You deserve Kirby and the Sh**** season your going to have. Gotta love a big mouth with all those stats he put out. To bad his team didn’t read them lol”


We did only have 2 seniors and 6 juniors the # 93 team in experience in the nation on our 2-Deep.  I am not making excuses, and Georgia Southern University is a fine school, but the facts are that we do recruit very well and yes I do agree with you Jeff Cobb Sir that for all the talent Kirby has recruited here already, we look like we are making mistakes being tentative getting them ready to play and play.  I’d rather be in The SEC and yes we lost.  Maybe we can beat vols Saturday.  Good luck in your game tonight against Western Michigan which I am guessing is not on TV with the game up there in Michigan.


All the talent in the world is no good if you as coach don’t get them out there with the # 1 unit, have them practice with the # 1 unit, and realize that you have to play them.  The ones who got in finally in this game today I thought did well.  I have been calling for them to play more.  We have some more of those freshmen recruits he did sign this year you take exception to Jeff Cobb who I think demonstrated they in fact are very good.


You seem to have a problem with recruiting rankings.


If you are ranked highly, you are far more likely to succeed than if you are not Sir.


Thanks for logging in and thank you for your comments and good luck with your team.


I am sorry we disappointed today but like you said it is not like it was not written on the wall really before he ever got here that he had to prepare his offense for today’s game and really Kirby failed all Spring and all Fall.  Now he has to send them out there to learn in the fire, realizing now that he has a team which had 22 players from last year’s team leave in the Great Exodus after the season.  And, not that those guys either did well here because they did not.  They included Kolton Houston who got a medical redshirt too so he went back 6 years here and as a group those 22 gone leaving us in this mess this year, lost 24 games in 6 years, an average of 4 losses a year.


I still have hope that we can go 11-3 or 12-2 as I predicted.  Do that and Kirby will remain ranked something MARK RICHT did not do half the last 8 years averaging 4 losses a season.


If Kirby loses 4 losses a season too, he also will be gone.  We give him a lot of talent.  He has to (1) recognize the talent more quickly (2) get over his freshmen bias (3) practice the ones he is starting on the road in The Mighty SEC with the # 1 unit in Spring (4) ditto Fall and get their timing down and their familiarity with each other Jeff Cobb, Sir.


Otherwise, they get sent out there against Ole Miss who was # 9 last year and about that again probably this year and get handed their hat.


Still all in all the players he just recruited who are freshmen again I thought did well today despite no practices with the # 1 unit, not ready, not prepared and no timing against a really good team who I said we lose to prior to the game.  I don’t see another team on our schedule who can beat us.


Did you think Georgia Southern University would beat us ?  You played us well last time we played very late last year.  But you seemed to have some problems with Georgia State University right after you played us late last year Jeff Cobb, Sir.




By the way, your coach for the Bowl Game last year, Del McGee, is who I called for pre-game vs. Ole Miss to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator for Kirby.  Our Offensive game plans have been really poor.


And, we aren’t playing our best players on Offense if they are freshmen or if we do it is only on last resort.


Yes, I put stock in rankings of recruits.


Ole Miss had the # 12 average recruits the last 5 years according to paid millions of dollars for their evaluations.  They certainly PROVED that today by actually PLAYING those recruits.


We got ours in late and they did well I thought again Jeff Cobb, Sir.


Georgia State University had a losing record.  How could you lose to them 7-34 please Jeff Cobb, Sir ?


I would have made Del McGee your head coach, obviously.


Have fun tonight and good luck and spot-on on your comments tonight Jeff Cobb, Sir.  Keep up the good work.




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