When was the last time you saw a nose tackle who became a great offensive coordinator ? Yeah I know we’ve got a lot of problems but it’s the glaring offensive game strategies that this blog has highlighted from the beginning. And isn’t it Kirby’s predilection against freshmen that has got us here to this this morning maybe even more so ?

Jim Chaney, former nose guard,  we were told was a heavyweight coach.  Well what I see is yes indeed if you are referring to his 464 lbs. girth. As for his ability to match the talent we have into a cohesive well-oiled machine out there like he knows what he is doing – he isn’t that guy.


What happens to a football team when your offense watches without retort to 6 touchdowns and a field goal ?


Well they demonstrate poor body language and do everything in the wrong manner.  45 to nothing.  At first glance one might think that this indicates that the defense isn’t any good to be losing 45 to nothing with a team whose talent level is no different from our own talent level.


Well if our talent level are freshmen and their talent level is made up of experienced guys who have practiced with the team 3 and 4 years – you still match-up with their talent when you add all 4 or 5 most recent recruiting years’ worth of talent signed.


Or do you ?


Not if your coach has a built-in bias for freshmen.


Has Kirby meddled in the offense to the point that Jim Chaney is not wholly to blame because Kirby refused to let the guys practice who now that we’re in The SEC portion of the schedule all of a sudden now he wants out there preforming at their very best ?


Well yeah that is really the bottom line on this team.


We have plenty of talent – only they are in fact # 93 in the experience of only 2 seniors and 6 juniors returning from Mark Richt’s 2-Deep.  So the talent are mostly freshmen.


They really are.


So much so that I boldly predicted that 10 freshmen would get starts for Kirby this season.


Instead he’s done everything to scuttle that he could.


Ben Cleveland still hasn’t taken a single snap.


Let me get this straight ?  Widely we report every game that the OL is not getting their job done.  So we line-up run plays designed to run the ball up the middle and have not succeeded at that all year.  We signed 2 OL who could help.  They don’t play.  This is game 5.  Rip redshirt off Ben Cleveland now ?


These are the answers to really every question we have about this team.  Why not give the freshmen a shot ?


Well because Kirby thinks this is 1967 and no freshman can play.


You told me yourself that freshmen quarterbacks never do diddle-e-squat in The Mighty SEC.  Excuse me has Jacob Eason been the reason that Georgia has looked so badly all year long ?


This is October.  When are we going to let the freshmen play ?  Hasn’t the play of Jacob Eason alone proven that indeed freshmen can succeed in The SEC ?


How much longer does this go on ?


If Jim Chaney has had over a dozen jobs and none of them very long then why was he hired ?  Was it only to get Sam Pittman ?  And why hasn’t Del McGee been promoted to offensive coordinator ?


If I were going to so mistreat and so waste the most talented entire class of recruits we have on this team, I would gag them from interviews too.  I agree with that strategy Kirby that I would not let them ever speak to the press either after what you have said and done to our freshmen class 2016.


2017 is even more so.  Our 2017 class is the best class of recruits The University of Georgia has ever had.  Are we to see this again 2017 Kirby ?  Sure we will.  You will get all this help at all these positions again next year and say no the press can’t talk to them and no they are not going to be the starters and in fact I will bring them in 45 to nothing and ask them to play against their 4th string.  Or on special teams.  Anything but let them try to practice with the team and play.


It’s so widespread mistreatment of the freshmen class that frankly I am surprised that Kirby hasn’t lost some of his recruits for 2017.


If I were a very elite football recruit 2017 I would get it in writing from Kirby that I get to practice with the # 1 unit in the Spring and in the Fall and I get to play.  Kirby must be telling the recruits look at our depth.  I hear him say it in public.  So the question is Kirby then why not give them a chance to play ?  Why keep sending out the same tired guys to prove to you once again that the freshmen should have been practicing in the Spring ?


Where did you get this bias against freshmen Kirby ?


You said yourself look at our freshmen !  They are doing so well.  They have proved they belonged Kirby told us.  Then he refuses to put them in until we’re down 45 to nothing.  I thought they did well.


Guess what ?


I knew they would.


Is it fair to say that nothing we’ve been trying to do on offense is working ?


So here we are.  Nearly unranked.


vols up.


Game 5.


October now.


Freshmen are the only answer.


Oh and your offensive game strategies include specifically not practicing the freshmen and just run the ball up the middle.


Put in Sony Michel.


Tell him run up the middle.


At what point do we re-evaluate Kirby ?


Year 3 ?


4 ?


Ben Cleveland Solomon Kindley not one snap vs. Ole Miss ?


Criticize Brian Herrien and sit him down Kirby ?


Purposely wait until 10:36 before half of G-Day Game to bring-in Jacob Eason whom you gave not 1 snap with the # 1 unit all Spring ?  Now you want him to beat # 9 Ole Miss.


Elijah Holyfield not used.


Mitchell Wasson no shot given ?


You have not used Isaac Nauta.


You have not used Charlie Woerner.


You have not used Julian Rochester.


You have not used Riley Ridley.


You have not used Ben Cleveland.


You have not used Javon Wims.


You have not used Michail Carter.


You have not used Tyler Simmons.


You have not used David Marshall.


You have not used Mecole Hardman Jr.


And you never figured we’d be behind 45 to nothing Kirby ?





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