I told you before the Ole Miss game that if Kirby screwed the pooch vs Ole Miss that the Mark Richt Apologists would crawl out from under their damn rock and say : See ?

It’s Official that it is systemic here at Georgia.  Get on the big stage and screw the pooch.  Wet the bed.  Look like shit.


Folks have been stating vols have more talent than UGA.  What is that all about ?


What the problem around here is is that (1) we don’t play freshmen nor prepare them to play by practicing them with the unit they will be playing with when The SEC season is upon us – like now and (2) our offensive coordinator is being told by Kirby that he will run the ball up the middle no matter who he has on the OL and no matter who he has not injured to run the ball – that we are a run first offense.


Our issues at WR have also been exasperated by our no freshmen prepared in practice – just throw them out there vs SEC competition and rely on them to be able to make the plays.


Instead of desperation before the Ole Miss game which I tried to suggest prior we had major issues, we stood pat.  We don’t make the changes to positions for some freshmen which I had boldly predicted Kirby would do with them before the season started.


To-date Kirby gets an F coaching.  His decisions have been poor.  His mistakes glaring.  His adjustments nonexistent.


Worse he doesn’t seem in the least desperate.


247Sports Composite Team Rankings for the 5 years with redshirt making up each :


vols # 14

UGA # 8



vols # 4

UGA # 5



vols # 7

UGA # 8



vols # 24

UGA # 12



vols # 20

UGA # 8


Therefore, vols don’t have more talent than Kirby now do they ? Where do you guys get all this from ?


Average 247Sports Composite Recruiting Rank last 5 years redshirt making up teams

# 8 UGA

# 14 vols




How did I know the Mark Richt Apologists would rear their ugly heads after Ole Miss game ?  Because they have not given it up since I fired him or the 8 years prior when I said he would be and had to be.


Mark Richt would have lost to North Carolina too because he would have played only Greyson Lambert.




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