This RUN-RUN-PASS 3 and OUT 9 straight possessions 2nd half Florida and Vandie game TOO 15 first down RUNS for 36 yards ARE KIRBY. This is not Jim Chaney. THIS IS KIRBY. Kirby is the one TELLING JIM CHANEY that “if you run fewer bad things happen.”

The most common mistake made by a new manager in any endeavor when he is promoted from a lower position to being in charge of all aspects of an organization when he never has before is to TRY TO DO TOO MUCH Kirby.  Too much in too many areas Kirby.  Overwhelmed.  With only 1 year as an assistant on the offensive side of the ball Kirby you should have STAYED-OUT of the offense completely entirely.  You have accomplished NOTHING with your 2016 season because you did not manage the organization but instead managed every small minor detail of EVERY part of the team.



Kirby has lost 4 out of the last 5 games. Mark Richt has lost 4 in a row. Miami of Florida fans who include Georgia Bulldogs fans who ALSO are Miami Hurricane fans NOW are really really really really really really really really unhappy. Seen any bumper stickers for MIAMI and Georgia ?

Happy Halloween






Kirby’s grades as head coach including now game 8. The Offense did not show-up ready to play again today. You could not run and you tried to force your will running without personnel to do that Kirby. Then you did all pass. No Kirby. That is not an offense EITHER. You have NOT shown-up ready to play HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY 4 of the 8 on special teams either. Are you getting the job done coming into the game telling everyone you are NOT DESPERATE Kirby ? Sure you were desperate. We saw your halftime interview grinding your teeth Kirby. You showed-up NOT READY TO PLAY FLORIDA on Offense nor on Special Teams Kirby. You came here with no experience on special teams or offense. You have proven that assessment. Right on target for Mark Richt’s average 4-losses a season for his last 8. This is NOT what I bargained for. Greg McGarity loses his job over this Kirby. You’re not ready to be a head coach Kirby sir. You were hired here to fix this mess Kirby not continue on unabated. Hit the road jack. It disappoints me to admit it Kirby. But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet. Maybe in a few years. Maybe not. You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.



Kirby has done a stellar job of recruiting.  He has so many holes that you can hardly really criticize him for the hole at receiver he was unable to fill last year and still somehow next year too at this point.  He would get an A+ if he had for either year and I can not picture that the next on the line for Kirby will not be reeled-in. Only a fool receiver would not want to catch Jacob Eason for his last 2 years here.  He and baller Jake Fromm.


Kirby has done very well with the defense.  It doesn’t show-up in the stats because he is so weak in EVERY other area, but no fault here on Defense.  There have been some poor defensive plays but the ones which stand-out are specialty defenses where Kirby had the wrong concept as head coach what he was trying to do in those situations.  Kirby has rotated-in some guys here who have helped as this long season has progressed.  We are in good shape on Defense and even the guys on the line are getting the job done.



The Passing Game has been particularly disappointing.   Blocking has been poor for the pass and Kirby keeps sending-out receivers who just drop the ball.  None of this get my best 22 out there.   16 first downs Kirby had Jim Chaney RUN instead last game and this game 8 no different until he was proven he could not run.  Kirby hey boy  we cannot run the ball.  Wake up.  He gained 36 yards those 16 running first downs last week and this week even worse.  This goes back to Kirby’s INCORRECT assertion that few bad things go wrong when you run the ball up the gut every First Down.

Then there is the dearth of receivers who can catch Jacob Eason’s passes.

He is offered-up such a mishmash of guys all who drop the passes that it boggles the mind.

That he has hit any of the crazy array of receivers offered-up to him is truly amazing in its own right.

Jacob Eason has not practiced with any of them.

238 days in and we are not settled on a single pitch and catch combination for the # 1 recruit nationwide at QB.

How bad is that ?



He failed to recognize – even having dominated Greyson Lambert himself last year and watching him YANKED by Mark Richt during the game early-on – that he had to prepare Jacob Eason as his only option at QB 2016.

He likewise failed to recognize – even given that Mark Richt just finished the end of his Dream Team 22 seniors gone (who averaged 4 losses a season for the 6 years they were here since they included Kolton Houston the 2010 recruit from the year before Mark Richt’s Dream Team) all 22 of whom started – that he had as his only option to prepare his entire freshmen class to play 2016.  Phil Steele rated Kirby’s returning 2-Deep this season the # 93 most experienced 2-Deep.  Still, Kirby could not be bothered to prepare his freshmen even at positions of need.


Talk about having your butt cheeks clinched Kirby about freshmen.  Maybe if you had actually taken this job the day you said it would be your dream to coach us November 28, you might have by now recognized this Kirby and prepared, practiced with the # 1 unit, and played your freshmen you yourself signed 2016 Kirby.

He as well failed to recognize what he said himself from the time he got here that he had no interior linemen offense or defense left with nothing either side of the ball by Mark Richt in the trenches and instead preferred to stand-pat rather than get Ben Cleveland his top OL recruit a single snap game 8 come and gone now.

He so failed miserably on running backs that he stood-pat there too with 2 injured running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and ONLY played those 2 despite the fact that Brian Herrien leads the team as a NATURAL BORN LEADER and in ADDITION leads the team in rush per carry.  Game 8 for Brian Herrien ?  2 times handed the ball.  When the game over and Kirby STILL trying to impose his Will running the ball.  Awful Kirby.

Perhaps given these above areas of weakness that this last one is the most criminal of ALL is saying something – Kirby from the outset said he needed to sign a big-time receiver and whiffed.  This was his BIGGEST need to complement Jacob Eason as 2016 was shaping-up as he arrived.  Jacob Eason was here before Kirby got here January 12.  Jacob Eason had already taken 2 weeks’ worth of classes.  For a team who could pass the ball finally when we have not been able to 2015 or 2014 with Greyson Lambert and Hutson Mason both # 119 passing offense and # 89 passing offense.

Then to complicate his biggest jump-out at you roster missing link, Kirby failed to look around creatively to find guys who can catch the ball from the 85 scholarship players he most certainly did have for 2016 and still has all 85 playing only 58 of them.  27 sitting on the bench.  27 who average the # 7 recruiting class including redshirt for the 5 classes Kirby was handed.


Of course Kirby could have fulfilled his need at receiver had he simply announced from the beginning that he would ONLY start Jacob Eason win or lose.  Kirby was going to have Jacob Eason practice only with the # 1 unit he could have said.  And have that unit as well-oiled as he could get it.  When Kirby arrived January 12 and Jacob Eason in classes for 2 weeks then, Kirby could have announced him as his Starter Game 1.  Come catch Jacob Eason here Kirby could have said.  He whiffed on receiver because he WHIFFED making that statement.


But no.  That was too much to ask from Kirby.




As big as his roster mismanagement has loomed all season and it has been the worst a job of roster management since Mark Richt – Kirby actually stated to press when pressed about Mecole Hardman Jr. – that Kirby would know after 4 or 5 practices if Mecole is Elite or not and would get him on the field the question was specifically about on offense and special teams – then Kirby REDSHIRTED his ass for the first SEVERAL GAMES and then was called on the carpet about it by Mecole himself.  Only then did Kirby relent and let him play one snap on special teams each game since.  2 assisted tackles all season by Mecole Hardman Jr. the consensus # 1 athlete in the nation and CLEARLY still could be a BIG HUGE HELP at receiver. In the last game for example too we were punted to 8 times.  Isaiah McKenzie missed all 8 punts and twice got his unsure hands on the ball only to bat it around back there – never catching ANY of the Vandie 8 punts.  None of the 8 punts did Isaiah McKenzie field.  There is NO QUESTION that Mecole Hardman Jr. could have done AT LEAST AS WELL.  Going into Game 8 Mecole Hardman Jr. 2 assisted tackles on special teams ONLY.  Criminal.


Could Kirby have used Mecole Hardman Jr. today trying to get open for Jacob Eason to throw to ?



Jacob Eason.  Kirby was still CONFUSED who was his QB 2016 in WEEK # 2 against Nicholls State still having Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit practicing Monday and Tuesday September 5 and September 6 of 2016.  This is then after 100 practices and 34 weeks watching the two quarterbacks.


34 weeks WASTED.


238 days WASTED.


His offense has failed to find any rhythm yet as a result of these wasted 238 days from the day Kirby got here January 12 when Jacob Eason had already been here for 2 weeks’ time in classes already.




I have personally never witnessed a head coach with this piss-poor recognition of talent.


At GLARING holes on the team.





This leads-in to the category of realizing that for the best players on ANY COLLEGE TEAM you get to see them for 3 years and then they are gone.


Kirby so wasted his FRESHMEN 2016 that it begs the question what will he do 2017 with what clearly is the # 1 football signing class The Mighty Bulldogs have ever had.


NOT PLAY FRESHMEN 2017 as well ?


The entire freshmen class 2016 have been so mistreated that as a group there never has been such a class so misused anywhere anytime in the history of college football.


Kirby allowed Charlie Woerner to have one pass thrown to him all day.  He caught it.  1 pass.


Brian Herrien got 2 rushes all day today.  All those rushes in a row by Nick Chubb telegraphing him as running the ball.  Knowing full well Kirby ONLY would do just that.


We will watch the VERY BEST of this 2016 class really only 2 years next year and the year after for we sure as SHIT did not watch them prepared – practiced – put in the game at CLEAR OBVIOUS HOLES – and see how THEY might help-out.




This is another area for Kirby where his too in-depth meddling across the gambit of his team has shown-up.  Too many penalties.  Killing penalties.  Penalties where our players look unprepared.


Kirby wouldn’t play our freshmen then he puts them out there game on the line against our # 1 Rival and we have another 49 yards of penalties again today.  Sad.




Kirby has so meddled in the Offense of Jim Chaney that the fault is Kirby’s.  Shackled with the wrong players – wrong personnel – Kirby insisted to Jim Chaney that he run the ball.  Kirby did that again today vs. Florida until he finally gave up on it.  And when he gave up on it Florida then teed-off on Jacob Eason.  Hot or Cold.  Hit or Miss.  Run or Pass.  No balance.


Particularly one-minded all season he would run.  Kirby announced he would run before the Florida game when he said he was not desperate.  Since all he has tried to do all season was run, I knew THEN that we’d lose with that mindset.  It doesn’t fit this team.


Kirby prior to the Vandie loss BRAGGED that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball.”


Anything but has been the case.


Kirby has 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 as his only experience including Pop Warner football on the offensive side of the ball.  He either has to hire a guy like Erk Russell was to Vince Dooley for that side of the ball and LEAVE HIM ALONE, or take classes and try to learn offenses 2016 for Kirby clearly has no clue to say fewer bad things happen when you run the ball when Kirby states he has no OL to block and knew his 2 top returning running backs whom he ONLY wants to run up the middle were both injured.




Kirby has never been involved in coaching special teams at all anywhere either.  And this has bit him in the butt.  Today in the Florida game Kirby gave-up an entire length of the field 100 yards advantage Florida over Kirby’s special teams. The hiring of a son of a father who had good special teams has exacerbated this as he can not turn to him to run the special teams for Kirby and make Kirby look good.  Kirby also has meddled in Special Teams unwilling to put stars out there on special teams whom any good special teams coach would have given the nod to long before Game 8 losing half his games and now SEC record 2-4.




Today Kirby your kicker kicked-off to their 5-yard line.  He returned it to the 37.


Jesus Christ.


YOU gave them a short field ALL DAY TODAY again Kirby.


Can’t you see that Kirby ?


I am the only 1 who knows about Mitchell Wasson ?


I doubt that Kirby.


Kirby signed a KICKER this 2016 class.  He stated he wanted to have him walk-on then refused through game 8 to let him even try to kick-off to see if Mitchell Wasson can kick-off out of the end zone.  Florida did it all night.  We were inconsistent at it.  Opening Kick-Off last week for example Kirby STILL has his 2 kickers both of whom were here under Mark Richt kicking and the current CHOICE who was NOT Kirby’s first pick kicked-off to their SEC leading Kick-Off man to the 3-yard line on a line drive kick-off which was returned to the 3-yard line. This week we gave Florida short field after short field.   Kirby was 3 of 7 on Field Goals and said himself he clearly made at least one bad choice as Kicker until the Vandie game.  Kirby said he was worried sick about Kicking all off-season.  That instills a lot of confidence in the group of 3, only 2 of which have we seen.  Saving Mitchell Wasson for 2017 are you Kirby ?  Or have him and another Kicker 2017 and not play the other one 2017 Kirby when you OBVIOUSLY are NOT impressed with Mitchell Wasson – not that I agree with that having NOT SEEN it myself.  But having seen your other choices Kirby, I certainly CRITICIZE not having shown ME Mitchell Wasson.




Kirby has just as clearly earned a D for his coaching of running backs – the only area of offense he has ANY previous experience with and it one year here for Mark Richt 2005 a dozen years’ ago.


Having Nick Chubb run 38 times up the gut on Top 25 North Carolina game time who is Top 25 still now too was criminal after 3-ligament surgery.


He hasn’t been the same since.


Likewise Sony Michel up the gut instead of spread out wide at his natural position of receiver and with his broken arm and pin in it with cast from July 4 horsing-around on dangerous ATV given that Sony Michel KNEW Nick Chubb was certainly in question early-on too and now lingering all season that way with multiple Nick Chubb injuries now 2016 has put Kirby behind the proverbial 8-ball; but GIVEN THOSE out of his own personal control Kirby gets an F handling both of them and a D for FINALLY letting Brian Herrien TRY to lead this team running the ball which is ALL KIRBY WANTS TO DO OFFENSIVELY.


When today against Florida Kirby hit Sony Michel out in space Kirby instead went right back to having Sony Michel run up the gut.  Run Nick Chubb up the gut until he is tired.  Bring in Sony Michel more of the same.  Oh yeah and 2 cameo runs by freshmen sensation Brian Herrien back when Kirby was ONLY trying to run every down until the game was OVER.


I would give Kirby an F for his handling of Brian Herrien.  But Brian himself has responded to the BULLSHIT of Kirby’s mishandling of him by BEING A TRUE TEAM LEADER on the field and off that I give Brian Herrien an A personally.  Some of that rubs-off onto Kirby’s grade – increasing his overall F with regard to coaching running backs – to D only because of the ONE GUY who was HEALTHY Kirby could have used for his dumbass running game strategy with 2 injured running backs every 1st down up the gut.


And behind an OL who can’t block for the run.  Thus D for Kirby at running backs’ coaching.


If I had to pick the second guy picked in the NFL Draft in the year after next it would be Brian Herrien.


But there are so many others of this 2016 Signing Class who might get to play next year for Kirby MAYBE who we have truly no idea about such as Mecole Hardman Jr. and Ben Cleveland that there might be OTHERS leaving after the year after next with Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.

Congratulations Kirby – the one guy who you have mistreated the most who is your best leader on your team enhanced your grade to a D as running backs’ coach.  How does that make you feel Kirby ?




Perfect example today vs. Florida continuing the season long refrain that fewer bad things happen when you run, Kirby just was relentless on trying to force Kirby’s Will against Florida running the ball.  It FAILED.




Kirby yanked the punter and forced trying rugby style kicks.  That cannot be the special teams’ coordinator who makes that choice today vs. Florida.  A special teams’ coordinator would KNOW who is his best punter and the style punt he is best at.  You go with your best.  We have no clue.




Kirby doesn’t know when to call time-out and when not.  This is something he can learn over time.  These head-strong biases of Kirby against letting freshmen practice with the # 1 unit are far more worrying long term.




Yanking Jacob Eason game 1 vs. North Carolina when he brought us back from down 10 is just wild and wrong Kirby.  You yanked Jacob Eason game 2 also and put in Greyson Lambert.  Figure out who your players are Kirby more quickly sir and then let them practice with the # 1 unit and go with them.




Why are you 2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


Well one of the reasons is that you perceive the press as working against you when the press for Georgia follows us.  No one else in the nation does Kirby.


We suck.


So when they ask you questions it is because they think the question deserves an answer.


Maybe it will help us.


A large part of your salary Kirby is to have scheduled press meetings where you discuss with us  what we deem necessary for you to answer us about.  We are millions of not Alabama fans but Georgia Bulldogs fans.  There are more of us than Alabama’s fans although we’re not used  to their winning ways.  We are trying to help you Kirby and our program.  And our 2016 season which is one of a very limited number of years each of these 85 a year scholarship recruits can be here.  3 years for the best.  5 years for the worst.


These antics of yours ranting and raving to the press that we dare to even ask you the tough questions is OVER Kirby.


You will answer our Questions Kirby.


You are a neophyte head college football coach Kirby unprepared and over your head.  You have disgraced The Proud University of Georgia IN EVERY PRESS MEETING since January 12.


You are NOT DESPERATE going into today’s game Kirby ?


Seriously Kirby ?


We cannot put up with these press meetings’ antics by you Kirby.


We need you to WAKE-UP Kirby.


2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


You are lucky you are not even worse than that.




It is clear that Nick Saban did not prepare you to be head coach Kirby.  He raped you for your defense and you’re good at that Kirby.



When we hold a press meeting and ask you about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby we expect honest answers.  Such as here is what they demanded when they refused to let me in my locker room with the players.


You never did tell us what their demands were from the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby.


We know they wanted more access to you and more PT by you of the players all players know are our best players but since freshmen get only casual looks.





You and Jim Chaney both can both go stick it up your asshole Kirby for your God Damn sorry-ass play-calling on offense.  You neither have a friqin’ clue on offensive play-calling tailored to your personnel  and you BOTH have failed to get your best 11 out there.  Game 8 today Kirby y’all ran and ran and ran and ran.  Once they proved to you that you could not run as you could not all year Kirby, then they were prepared for you to go all pass and just killed Jacob Eason back there.




Many of your problems stem from the fact that although November 28 you said it would be your dream job to coach us, you demonstrated that to ME Kirby by NOT SHOWING-UP for 6 weeks and 4 days.



The fact that out-of-hand you GAVE-UP on even trying to pay the monies to keep Jeremy Pruitt gave you a decided disadvantage with regard to The # 1 SEC team RIVAL Alabama.  The lone bright spot the year before you made NO EFFORT Kirby to keep Jeremy Pruitt here.  If I were to tell me that you STILL were trying to help keep Nick Saban from retiring and to help Alabama by capitulating on Jeremy Pruitt as YOUR REPLACEMENT DC at Alabama I would say Kirby that you and Nick Saban were in-collusion on this against US sir.  You know ?  Your alma mater.

If you were to prove to me what you have since Kirby that you would be this stubborn as a new manager and try to DO TOO MUCH at EVERY ASPECT of the team I would have told you then now looking back at it, that YOUR ONLY HOPE would then be to MAKE Jeremy Pruitt the head coach for the bowl game and give him half your own salary to be UGA D.C. naming him as ASSISTANT HEAD COACH and title of Coach in Waiting.  This would have freed you up to do what you have done anyway which is to meddle in every other part of the football team which you clearly are UNPREPARED for and unsuited for with your lack of experience such as notably Kirby Play-Calling, Offense, and Special Teams with a Special N.B. at recognizing talent.

While I applaud the hire of Del McGee, you should have made him your Offensive Coordinator Kirby.  Were it not for your GAG ORDER Kirby on all the coaches we as the fan base could have recognized the dumb shit the assistants on your coaching staff say.


Yes, you are smarter than they are Kirby.


But, you MUST rely on your staff and your gag order of not only freshmen but of all your assistants too has caused you to have a poorly coached 2-4 in The SEC team.


Unranked just like Mark Richt half the last 8 years in the Final AP Poll Top 25 with NOW no game you can do ANYTHING about that EITHER 2016 now long since over Kirby.




JUST LIKE MARK RICHT WHO PULLED THIS SHIT EVERY YEAR Kirby has seen fit to continue this BAD HABIT as well, AGAIN too. From the frying pan to the fire Kirby.  This is NOT what I bargained for.   Kirby was not ready for Vandie at all.  Or Nicholls State.  And Ole Miss 45 to nothing against a team we clearly could have exploited with a passing attack and absolutely can compete with.  Missouri only Jacob Eason bailed you out against that hapless team.  That’s 4 already in the first 7 games MORE THAN HALF THE GAMES KIRBY.  Today Game 8 only your defense showed-up.  You cannot tell me Kirby that your offense or special teams came ready to play against our # 1 Rival.








Frankly you did not come-out ready to play South Carolina either Kirby and I have my doubts therefore that you show-up Saturday ready to play as well.


Pre-game today I knew you would not show-up ready to play Kirby.  Actually I had no doubts.  That you will show-up today Kirby ready to play Florida was no longer in question once YOU SAID the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING left YOU with the impression that YOU WERE NOT DESPERATE.  I figured you will NOT.  I predicted you would run until you proven unable to.  Proven to you.  It was proven to me game 2 Kirby.  After ALL you have NOT shown-up ready to play MORE THAN HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY.


Kirby you have failed to meet your Goals for Coach Kirby Smart.  You have NOT MET our expectations on MANY LEVELS and I therefore expected you show-up NOT prepared for Florida too.  After all you have NOT SHOWN-UP here with the mindset that 2016 is AN IMPORTANT YEAR Kirby.  So far Kirby, and this is not an insignificant sample size of game 8 Kirby, we ALL KNEW you came as DC with no experience on offense and special teams.  Where are YOU BAD KIRBY ?  Offense special teams and talent recognition.  I would have NEVER GUESSED you could not judge talent  EITHER Kirby sir.  After bothering to show-up here January 12  and thank you for that.  You acted like this season was about a honeymoon a mulligan and another wasted season after 8 years prior us averaging 4-losses a season.  9 with your year one Kirby.


For 9 years now Georgia averages 4-losses a season.  Greg McGarity’s choice as head football coach as a former tennis player and not a good one at that, has EXTENDED this to 9 years now.


This is Not what I find acceptable across the board Kirby.  For you to say :


“Oh I will show-up and start helping full-time on MY CALLING January 12.  I spoke with Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead and THEY SAID it is ok.  I also think it is ok.  I want to finish doing a 4th time that which I have already done 3 times.  This is best for me.  This is best for Georgia.”  A total of 8 weeks and 4 days after the job was offered to you Kirby.  ALL THIS despite Nick Saban saying YOU SHOULD BE HERE AT GEORGIA Kirby.  You should have walked-out that day.  I would have coached us in the Gator Bowl were I you Kirby.  Take a new job and not bother show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time.  Good Lord.  I have frankly been all over your ass since.  I would have retracted the offer.  You getting any of this Kirby ?


Me a dumbass ?


I had a 3.88 GPA at Georgia Kirby my 3rd Quarter of my senior year with 239 credit hours 180 required for graduating.  I took EVERY law class.  I took every accounting class.  I took every course I could possibly get my dear old Dad to help pay for.  I am no dumbass.


A job which you said Kirby :


“It would be my Dream November 28 I told Greg McGarity to coach my alma mater Georgia.”


Kirby you did not make the grades I did here at UGA.  I was Honored Honor’s Day Foy Fine Arts Building my parents invited to the Ceremony me the holder of said document proving it Top 5 % of my graduating class.  You were almost that good Kirby.  Not quite.


That you therefore would not have your Offense and Special Teams prepared to play today AGAIN Kirby did not surprise me sir.


Because I gave a shit about my grades at Georgia and here are MY GRADES TO YOU KIRBY so far.


You didn’t care enough to show-up 6 weeks and 4 days.  I FIRED YOU THEN.  Right that day.  My call.  No questions about it.




You should have FIRED yourself for saying Greg McGarity told you it was ok.


You know better than that Kirby.


You have been behind the 8-ball all year.


Will 2017 be different Kirby ?


I don’t see how.  You refuse to practice your freshmen at positions of need with the # 1 unit.  Game 8.  Are you DESPERATE NOW Kirby ?


Are you studying like I did here at UGA Kirby now all of a sudden ?


When ?


When pray tell Kirby will you put forth the effort here at MY alma mater I did here ?  Ok.  I was a walk-on.  You starred as 1st Team All-SEC.


But you are not putting forth THAT EFFORT Kirby to THIS JOB.


You haven’t from the beginning but you are smart enough Kirby to HEAR what I am saying and WAKE-UP and give a shit about the rest of 2016.


A year I frankly was NOT READY to write-off like you have sir.


It disappoints me to admit it Kirby.  But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet.  Maybe in a few years.  Maybe not.  You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.


When your players called a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the week you are playing our # 1 Rival Kirby that is a VERY BAD SIGN SIR.  This indicates that your players Kirby did NOT want YOU in your own locker room Kirby.  That they wanted to talk among themselves without your meddling Kirby.


That they have grievances against you Kirby that they wanted to discuss.


Such as your tough love.  Today seriously you criticized Jacob Eason for sliding with little time on the clock before half.


Excuse me Kirby ?


You have ALL these weaknesses and you can pick on the one guy who you have no criticism which had a damn thing to do with us losing today again Kirby.


Yeah.  You’re 4-4 alright Kirby.


It could be worse were it NOT for Jacob Eason whom you failed to recognize.  Failed to give snaps to with your # 1 unit.  Failed to prepare.  Have not practiced with the guys you handed him today to throw to.  Behind an OL who can’t block.  Not for run or pass.


How do you run an offense Kirby with these limitations ?  No OL.  No running game.  No WR.    No practice of # 1 unit to be well-oiled machine game 8.


Oh, you send you coach out to blame the damn QB for sliding too soon.


That’s what you said Kirby.


Now, what was it that the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING resulted in the players presenting to YOU Kirby afterwards while you prepare for # 1 Rival Florida Kirby this week ?


What did they say to you Kirby ?


That you don’t play certain of us ?


That you criticize us in public ?


That you do all you can do to NOT LET US PLAY KIRBY ?


You came here with no experience on special teams or offense.  You have proven that assessment.





Kirby drops to 2-4 in The SEC on the season which has been long since OVER.

There is no game up-coming in which Kirby can get any semblance of salvaging the season.


Get us OUT of JAX.


I presume that Kirby is desperate now ?


That is single worst offense I have ever seen attempted.  We have no clue on offense and none on special teams.  We are without a plan at either.


All we did was run and when they stopped that and we went to pass, they were all over Jacob Eason all afternoon.  The lack of receivers is so obvious. The lack of an offensive line is obvious.  The lack of an offensive coordinator is obvious.  The lack of a special teams’ coordinator is obvious.  The lack of a kicker is obvious.  As for punts, we gave-up on one and told the other to soccer-style it.  All we accomplished was to give Florida a full entire football field 100 yards given away on special teams alone.


10-24 right on target for Mark Richt’s average his last 8 years 73-32 and for which this blog fired him for his 4-loss a season average Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here.


Are you desperate now Kirby ?





Behind every game all year long, Kirby true to his word : not desperate. Halftime we have rushed for 11 yards on 12 carries. Then Jacob Eason 1 run for 9 yards. Put in Sony Michel run up gut too. 2 more drops just prior to halftime 1 a TD. We need to get OUT of JAX. That’s unfair advantage for Florida that NO Georgia QB has won his 1st game in that environment since 1989. HOME-AND-HOME that would NEVER be the case.

Kirby is pressing gnashing his teeth in his halftime interview.





Same ole same ole Kirby.  Just run the ball Kirby said : “fewer bad things happen when you run.”


No Kirby.  That’s just WRONG.


Special Teams again have made an entire football field difference in the game.  100 yards advantage Florida on special teams.  They have done well and we have not done a thing on special teams.



Georgia held a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING. 7 games for Kirby. PLAYERS ONLY MEETING. That is NOT to get the negativity out of the locker room. That is to VENT. Why would that be Kirby ? Then Kirby issues this statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.” 17 first down runs up the middle last game for 36 yards and Kirby is not desperate. Oh God help us.

Well excuse me I can tell you what the players said.  They said they are NOT being given legitimate opportunity to help the team.


We play the same stupid ram it down their throat with personnel that doesn’t fit that.  We play the wrong guys on special teams too.  And we have a coach who has done nothing but criticize when TOUGH LOVE has clearly HURT the morale of the players.




We have a host of players who have DEMONSTRATED with their body language that they keep being removed from the game and not given an opportunity to help the team when they are DOING WELL.


And we instead play the same ole same ole players and strategy.


So Kirby issues the statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Yes you are too Kirby.


If you think you can do the same as you have been doing when the players TELL YOU KIRBY that you are NOT IN CHARGE and that THEY ARE and THEY want to VENT without you in the locker room AT ALL, you better WAKE-UP Kirby.


Did they come to you with a collective statement Kirby ?



Did you GAG that statement so that we can not hear it Kirby ?


All you do is issue the statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


We’re more DESPERATE NOW than we were last year when Mark Richt was so DESPERATE that he started a guy in game 8 last year whom Mark Richt had not given one single snap to at QB all year long and NONE after.


That’s how DESPERATE Mark Richt was Kirby this time last year.


We are MORE DESPERATE this year Kirby.


What do you mean Kirby : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Oh God Kirby.  Tell me you’re not going to line-up and play smash-mouth up the gut every 1st down again game 8 Kirby ?


Tell me it isn’t so Kirby.


Tell me you’re going to play the freshmen for a change.


We’re desperate Kirby.  We have to win this afternoon Kirby.  You better look at it like you’re desperate Kirby.




Otherwise Kirby we would not have had 85 Scholarship Players DEMAND you leave the ROOM Kirby.  Playing 58 of the 85 as you have been with cameo appearances ONLY by the freshmen – kicking and screaming all the way as you have done about playing the freshmen or even letting the freshmen practice with the # 1 unit.


We’re damn desperate Kirby and you bloody well had better be.


That statement worries me more than anything you’ve ever said Kirby.  “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Just what the hell do you consider DESPERATE Kirby ?




Kirby NOT desperate.


Kirby refuses to let them talk.  Gag order.  Players AND coaches gagged by Kirby.


So they HOLD a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING and clearly came-up with a statement to Kirby.


So Kirby says : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


This is as DESPERATE as this football program has been in a long time.


17 first down runs up the middle last game for 36 yards and Kirby is not desperate.


Oh God !



I agree with Hillary Clinton that James Comey FBI Director should immediately release full and complete ALL everything to the American Public NOW Saturday morning of e-mails every e-mail Huma Abedin has on her e-mail accounts to us the American Public with me set to vote a week from Tuesday. Let ME read them. I’ll let you know what I find. I will sit down and read all 30 thousand. Huma Abedin printed EVERY e-mail of Hillary Clinton. Every. Hillary Clinton ORDERED Huma Abedin to print EVERY e-mail to her to make them easier to read than on a PC screen. I might not agree with Hillary Clinton about STANDING BY HER MAN for Bill Clinton being UNFAITHFUL to her but I do agree with her on this. RELEASE ALL THE E-MAILS NOW INSTANTLY so I can vote as per Hillary Clinton’s explicit order that you do so James Comey.

I agree with Hillary Clinton that James Comey FBI Director should immediately release full and complete ALL everything to the American Public NOW Saturday morning of e-mails every e-mail Huma Abedin has on her e-mail accounts to us the American Public with me set to vote a week from Tuesday.  Let ME read them.  I’ll let you know what I find.  I will sit down and read all 30 thousand.  Huma Abedin printed EVERY e-mail of Hillary Clinton.  Every.  Hillary Clinton ORDERED Huma Abedin to print EVERY e-mail to her to make them easier to read than on a PC screen.  I might not agree with Hillary Clinton about STANDING BY HER MAN for Bill Clinton being UNFAITHFUL to her but I do agree with her on this.  RELEASE ALL THE E-MAILS NOW INSTANTLY so I can vote as per Hillary Clinton’s explicit order that you do so James Comey.



It had NOTHING to do with the half-time CBS Interview by Allie LaForce this day last year that the guy who averaged 9.7 wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT – was fired. Sure he screwed the pooch – again – on his QB at halftime saying they were not Faton Bauta’s fault and would stick with him through 4 interceptions this day last year. It was his UTTER FAILURES in the big games like this most especially his last entire 8 years losing 18 of his last 24 vs. top 15 which is # 45 nationally with # 7 talent which he WASTED. And oh yeah another 12 losses to unranked teams thrown-in for good measure his same last entire 8 years here which SEALED THAT FATE. Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE. Here is that CBS halftime interview by Allie LaForce.

( )


4858 is the 2 hour 36 minute 18 second mark of the game vs. our # 1 Rival whom Mark Richt lost to.  It was his 11th loss in 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl where we venture yet again now this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. for the 1st time since.



It was in fact his rationale for starting a guy whom I had called to be moved to running back the year before who has not taken the very first snap at QB all season long.  A running back who knew the play calls.  A DESPERATE as Hell move by Mark Richt.  And yet Mark Richt took the week off before the Florida game while Florida practiced every single day.  Then the following week it was reported from EVERY SOURCE that Faton Bauta would start.  Mark Richt himself stated that Greyson Lambert did not give him the better chance to win the game.  The players – every player – said Faton Bauta would start. Then he took the week off during the off week.  Then he put in a guy who on EVERY play in his entire career here was asked to run the ball and NEVER had him run once.  There was not one single running play called for Faton Bauta which is ALL Mark Richt had EVER DONE with Faton Bauta.  Mark Richt did not give Faton Bautua a single snap all season prior at QB in ANY GAME.  None.  No snaps at QB all season.  Our # 1 Rival.


There was NOTHING Mark Richt could have said – one way or the other at halftime – that would have altered the fact that he had to be FIRED.


It was his dumbass decisions which cost him his job – not that he didn’t want to remove Faton Bauta at halftime down nothing to 20.


Mark Richt is a dumbass.  He did dumbass shit.  That is ALL he EVER did here.  Good riddance to the son of a bitch.  I know no Dad who would want his son to play for such a God Damn LOSER.


Mark Richt’s halftime interview by Allie LaForce CBS Sports October 31 2015 had NOTHING to do with sealing Mark Richt’s fate here.


It was in fact nothing but further proof of his decided dumbassness.


DESPERATE as Mark Richt was.


Mark Richt knew he was in trouble for his job.  YOU knew Mark Richt was in trouble for his job.


God Damn you.


You denied it.  You denied it AFTER the halftime interview.


9.7 wins a season for 15 years ?  There were 29 teams who were 10-win seasons in 2015 alone all FBS Division 1-A teams all 29 who won 10-win seasons.  Your goal was to be # 29 ?


Well was it punk ?


Mark Richt’s best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn all of 2015 season.  They responded well ?  Stick it up your God Damned Friqin’ ASSHOLE.


There were 4 teams who were 10-win seasons 2015 who were NOT RANKED UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll.  Mark Richt AGAIN was one of those UNRANKED Final AP Poll teams 2015-2016 season.  He had four (4) such UNRANKED Final AP Poll his last God Damn 8 freaking years.  This just MORE OF THE SAME.


So today all day long GTP – get the picture Bluto senator of NOTHING made-up all kinds of God Damn BULLSHIT about how Mark Richt’s interview at halftime cost him his job.


It was OVER long before that on THIS BLOG.  Only YOUR BLOG did not want to HEAR THAT.


Said it was NOT TRUE.


Said he would STILL BE HERE.


Said he wasn’t going ANYWHERE.


AFTER Florida you said he would not be fired.


AFTER he WAS you and your entire friqin’ BULLSHIT BLOG of bullshittedness of the highest order said that Mark Richt did NOT deserve to be fired.  That a GOOD CASE can be made that HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED.


You bluto said that it COULD NOT BE JUSTIFIED that Mark Richt was fired.


Piece of shit LIAR bluto.



( )



Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE.



“Mark Richt’s underperforming in JACKSONVILLE as well as other BIG GAMES is what ultimately led to his downfall.” DAWN OF THE DAWG Matt Green


( )



Will The Georgia Bulldogs show-up in Jacksonville 3 p.m. the day after tomorrow ?

It certainly has been an issue with this team whom Kirby really failed to prepare and motivate us to show-up ready to play hard-nosed football against Nicholls State, Ole Miss, Vandie or Missouri.  We just kind of showed-up not motivated to get after their ass but showed good resiliency with heroics by Jacob Eason against both Nicholls State and Missouri as well as against vols.


We took away wins against Nicholls State and Missouri and came-back down nothing to 45 to Ole Miss scoring some late touchdowns with our # 1 unit against their # 3 unit.  Vandie remained a heartbreaker and vols certainly ruined our season as well.


But Saturday all that can be put behind us.


If we can just only do something which in 4 of the 7 – more than half the games so far – this team just really has not done.


To show-up ready to play Georgia Bulldogs’ Football.


5-3 would not get Kirby ranked, but 5-3 is quite a bit different from 4-4.  More than anything else Kirby has to establish himself against our # 1 Rival Florida Gators.


It would seem hard to imagine us showing-up not ready to play.


Most especially after last week.


I know I’m excited to see us have any coach who can beat Florida in Jacksonville after Vince Dooley.


That would be quite a shot in the arm for Kirby should he pull it off.


Las Vegas thinks otherwise establishing Florida Gators as 7-point favorites at the site of the annual Gator Bowl where Kirby’s predecessor Mark Richt lost 11 of 16 games.


If Kirby wants to do something about the Culture around here, this would be it.  Show-up kick some butt.



I never figured game 8 next Kirby still would not have played his freshmen class – not given them the opportunity to help us out. It’s unacceptable.

I am not going to put-up with Kirby not playing his freshmen class next year too.  I want to nip it in the  bud now.


Roster mismanagement.



Is it a results-oriented analysis that says it is too early to judge Kirby because he lost to Vandie when YOU figured we lose to vols and Ole Miss anyway ? Or is it the PROCESS that has us here today where we are 2016 – this FOUNDATION – that is CLEAR for ALL to see that Kirby is just in-over his head ? I like Kirby. But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.

Anyone who has followed any press meeting 2016 knows Kirby is in over his head.


But is that the only area where Kirby really is criticized rightfully ?


You’re results-oriented in your analysis that it’s just too soon to judge Kirby because he lost to 2 teams you figured he’d lose to (both of whom have LESS talent according to’s rankings of the last 5 recruiting classes who with redshirt were the teams playing each other) and because he lost to Vandie. Don’t over-react we’re rather uniformly cautioned.


It’s the basis – the foundation – the PROCESS if you will that is just too plain to see. You see it’s too obvious to ignore, not the scores and not the won/lost record, but the process which has resulted in our 2016 wasted campaign.


THIS is where we’re in deep trouble.


(1)It is plain to all that Kirby joined-up the head coaching ranks having coached 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 and has no involvement with the offense ever anywhere otherwise.

(2)Likewise Kirby has not been involved with special teams anywhere at any time for any reason.

(3)Our offense is a mess. It started with Kirby stating that he STILL did not know whom it was who was his QB Monday and Tuesday after the North Carolina game still giving the # 1 snaps to Greyson Lambert. It continued with the running backs first giving Nick Chubb 38 carries vs. North Carolina coming-off a 3-ligament surgery while Nick Chubb has not been the same since instead of playing Brian Herrien whom I thought and still do should have started the North Carolina game. And it continues through the receivers who going into game 8 next Kirby also has not settled on. Has he even tried his receivers he might have on the roster who might be able to actually catch a Jacob Eason pass ? No. And then there is the offensive line and how they completely bungled not only the Vandie game but have absolutely been unable to impose their will all season long against anyone. And not to leave out the glut at tight ends Kirby is unbending there as well leaving the logjam rather than moving one of them out wide since they ALL seem fully capable of catching Jacob Eason’s passes.

(4)The biggest problem with Kirby however is that he is headstrongly against playing freshmen when he lost 22 seniors off last year’s team and knew coming-in he would have to play his freshmen. Game 8 next, he still has not.


No sir. The process which has gotten us to this mess is the problem. What mess is it we’re in ? This is our last chance for any semblance of redemption for the entire 2016-2017 season – that we beat Florida Saturday at 3:30 when basically every Bulldog fan has given-up on the season and no longer bothers doesn’t care anymore. Harsh reality.


  1. There is no excuse for not recognizing Jacob Eason.
  2. There is no excuse for redshirting Ben Cleveland.
  3. There is no excuse for not moving guys around to get best players on the field in the Spring such as tight ends to relieve the logjam there and shortfall at receiver.
  4. There is no excuse for Nick Chubb 38 carries 1st game after 3 ligament surgery.
  5. There is no excuse for not playing Brian Herrien a LOT more.
  6. There is no excuse for hiring a head coach with no experience on offense or special teams.
  7. There is no excuse for Kirby’s antics in every press meeting.
  8. There is no excuse for not playing the freshmen he himself signed here.
  9. There is no excuse for the play-calling on offense all season.


I am sorry it is so easy to see that Kirby clearly is in over his head.


You make-up whatever excuses you want for 45 to nothing vs Ole Miss whom we should have been able to play nor losing to the vols nor the loss to Vandie…


But it’s Kirby’s process which has got him to this that is not in question but is instead by stark contrast completely utterly and fully ridiculous .




On the job training ?


For $5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives for 2016 not counting retirement nor unlimited expense account ?


I am sorry Greg McGarity  Jere Morehead and the search firm but Kirby is in over his head and you and all the rest of us know that.  Who is going to teach him – you, Greg McGarity ?


I am sorry to report that Nick Saban did NOT teach Kirby offense special teams talent recognition or the basics of getting his best 11 on the field.  In short, Nick Saban did not size-up what Kirby does NOT have any experience at and teach him these areas he is WEAKEST at.  Instead Nick Saban raped Kirby for defense ONLY.  There is no development there.  These 9 numbered points are irrefutable.


Will he learn the job ?


Well he is smart enough to learn the job – although I see no AD with head coaching experience or football knowledge to steer him in the right directions.  Kirby has been unable to step-back and see the overall.  He’s been too detailed in ALL the areas of the team which is a common mistake for 1st time managers I was taught at UGA.  So the big picture has been missed.  What MOSTLY did we need to do ?  You know back in Spring when he finally showed-up.


Will Kirby, who has the capacity to learn, actually learn the job with no one to teach the job to him ?  I say Kirby will not learn the job if he doesn’t play his freshmen again in 2017 as he has not 2016.  I think this is his major hang-up and why we as a fan base have become numbed by all of his mistakes.  Yes, he has made a ton on the field too, but I remain focused on HIS PROCESS rather than those mistakes because some of those can be learned over time.  But play his freshmen when he HATES on all freshmen ?  I don’t see him learning that.  I see us 2017 having our best class ever next year and him NOT PLAYING THEM EITHER.


I have banged my head against his on the freshmen from the get-go.  Game 8.   And whom among the freshmen class has Kirby done what he SAID he would do after 4 or 5 practices – recognize if they are ELITE and play them ?  You certainly can NOT point to Jacob Eason because of all the freshmen he is the one who MAKES MY POINT that the freshmen HAD TO PLAY.


If Kirby is going to be that pig-headed about freshmen – even Jacob Eason – will Kirby torture us and all the freshmen again 2017 and not play them either when obviously Jacob Eason has done very well and hundreds of other freshmen on EVERY TEAM in America 2016.


I am sorry to report that I  do NOT see Kirby playing his freshmen 2017 EITHER.  Why would I ?


No sir.  I will FIRE HIS ASS if Kirby does this again 2017 and refuses to play his freshmen again.


And you know I can MAKE IT STICK.


I do not think Kirby is a quick study of talent.


I like Kirby.  But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.




Kirby will be criticized again next year 2017 for not practicing the freshmen this 2016 year with the # 1 unit, for not preparing them when Kirby needed them 2016, for not putting them in the game, and for not letting the freshmen play THIS YEAR. Why ? “The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling.” Kirby

“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


Why will Kirby be criticized ?  Because he is selling that which he knows he does not want to do : To play freshmen.


Because they will kick-ass next year this 2016 freshmen class – wasted as they ALL every one are all season game 8 next.


You’re too conservative Kirby.


It all started with his criticizing of Jacob Eason by stating that he could NOT tell who was better Greyson Lambert or Jacob Eason.  So he gave Jacob Eason not one single snap all Spring with the # 1 unit.  He WAS STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice too except for 9 practices.  This is not preparing Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit and they with him.   2 weeks Kirby gave Jacob Eason snaps with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING AND ALL FALL.  Were they the last 2 weeks even in the Fall ?


Hell no.


The last entire week of Fall Practice ONLY Greyson Lambert got the snaps with the # 1 unit.


In fact, Monday and Tuesday AFTER the North Carolina win, Kirby not only did NOT recognize Jacob Eason as 1 of the top 8 best players, but in fact STILL had Greyson Lambert practicing with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday the week of the Nicholls State game.  Why did we struggle ?


Why have we struggled all year on offense ?


Then he had his issues with injured running backs and NEVER put in Brian Herrien.  Cameo appearances only for Brian Herrien is down right criminal.  Kirby said Brian Herrien needed to learn to block somewhat better.  He has done very well Kirby.  Play him more.


Ben Cleveland redshirted.  I mean Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  This is your TOP OFFENSIVE LINEMAN HELP you added for 2016.  And what did you say ?  You said that your OL sucked 2016 Kirby.  That’s right.  But Ben Cleveland is the ONLY recruit 2016 who will NEVER SEE THE FIELD.  You redshirted Kirby a possible NFL Draft Pick after 2018 season who was your BEST HOPE FOR HELP on the OL 2016.


And with THIS BLOCKING WE JUST SAW by the OL against Vandie.


These are just a few of the examples of the misuse of freshmen by Kirby.  Of the clear bias Kirby has against freshmen.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Wide Receivers ?  Kirby stood-up tall and answered the question about Mecole Hardman Jr. saying that Kirby WOULD play him if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby saw him as Elite.  Well Kirby this is GAME 8 now boy coming-up.  Not 1 punt return not 1 kick-off return not 1 pass not 1 hand him the ball.  Has Kirby played him at defensive back where Kirby said he has slotted him at ONLY ?  No sir.   Kirby Redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr. for SEVERAL GAMES until Mecole Hardman Jr. became UNGLUED and HAD IT OUT with Kirby.  Now, he gets 1 play per game tackling on special teams ONLY.  This appeases Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  No, it does not.


Do we have to break-down the ENTIRE freshmen class 2016 ?


All Kirby has done is to in public put-down, berate, admonish, chastise, and lambaste EVERY freshman ALL YEAR.  And still GAME 8 has not played them when what do we know ?  Well ladies and gentleman after ALL Kirby did and said to Jacob Eason, I do believe that Jacob Eason has PROVEN KIRBY INCORRECT on his analysis of him and that Kirby did not know what he was doing with Jacob Eason and that Kirby did NOT prepare Jacob Eason AT ALL. Not.


Hasn’t he ?


So where the HELL are the freshmen other than Jacob Eason, Kirby ?


Where ?


3 passes you threw all year is all Kirby has allowed Charlie Woerner to catch.  3.  Game 8 next week.




Riley Ridley had only 2 passes thrown to him before last week.  2.  Seriously Kirby ?


Isaac Nauta ?  Do you spread him out wide and fill-in your hole at receiver with the glut of Tight Ends as I called for January 12 Kirby ?  No sir.   Isaac Nauta has started only 1 game all season as our top threat for catching passes.  Isaac Nauta has been BENCHED not starting EITHER of the LAST 2 GAMES.  That is how bad this misuse of our Freshmen Class # 7 nationally has been.  When Kirby does give him another start, Kirby will throw maybe one pass to Isaac Nauta all game.  This how glaring the misuse of the 2016 Signing Class Kirby himself signed here this year.


Kirby has thrown the ball 30 times to Isaiah McKenzie and half of that to Isaac Nauta.  Just damn.


There is not 1 NFL talent scout who would agree with that that twice as many throws to Isaiah McKenzie and half as many to Isaac Nauta.


This is the proven proof that Kirby indeed misplays his freshmen.


Mistreats his freshmen.


Thinks the only player he has 2016 is Isaiah McKenzie.


Getting into a game and being one of the 57 players Kirby let play in the game does not mean that he really is giving his freshmen their due.  They all should revolt.


Sony Michel Game 8 next he has 11 catches all season.




2 passes all season long until last week is all Kirby has thrown to Javon Wims.


Why say you need receivers Kirby ?


You will not play the ones you do have.


Jackson Harris has 1 pass all season thrown to him.  Honestly, I see Jackson Harris as one of the very best.


Elijah Holyfield has 5 rushes and 1 pass thrown to him Game 8 next.


I swear to God Kirby.


David Marshall was not even allowed to play against vols.  It’s NOT just the offense.  It’s not just the offense and special teams.  It’s across the board that Kirby MISTREATS his freshmen.


In public.

In practice.

In games.


Kirby does NOT prepare his freshmen.  Then Kirby throws them in for a cameo appearance and they do very WELL.  Kirby yanks them.


Benches them.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has 2 assisted tackles Game 8 next.  No rush.  No catch.  No punt return.  No kick-off return.  Are we ANY good at ANY of those ?  No sir.  Is Mecole Hardman Jr. someone by GAME 8 you might have considered help at ANY of those Kirby ?




Kirby does not recognize Mecole Hardman Jr. as ANY help whatsoever at PR KR WR RB not even to play in the secondary as db.  2 assisted tackles all season game 8 next, both plays on special teams.  Really really truly awfully wonderful talent evaluation Kirby.



Talent recognition.

Talent recognition at positions of need.


Let’s see, we’re bad at running the ball, bad at catching the ball, bad at blocking, bad at kick-off return, bad at penalties putting guys out there game on the line when you refused to let them practice with the # 1 unit but now crunch time game on the line out there they go to bail you out Kirby, bad at punt return, bad at kick-off no leg kicker, bad at well… I think you get the picture.


Never crossed your stubborn I Hate Freshmen mind Kirby to consider throwing the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. or even to let Ben Cleveland play.


Roquan Smith did not even start against vols or Vandie.  Oh we LOST both of those Kirby ?


Roquan Smith leads the defense Kirby behind Natrez Patrick and he CAN NOT START for you Kirby half the games this season ALREADY ?  Seriously Kirby.  WTF ?


Half the games Trenton Thompson has NOT STARTED EITHER Kirby – same as Roquan Smith.  Excuse me Kirby ?  Trenton Thompson did not start against vols or Vandie BOTH LOSSES as well.  WTF ?  Trenton Thompson is our # 3 leader on defense and half the games SAME AS WITH ROQUAN SMITH Kirby has seen fit to bench them.


I am certain I speak for ALL these men Kirby that when you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A POINT to them to so mangle your year and their season by BENCHING THEM – that you Kirby sir, are HOLDING OUR TEAM BACK.


Kirby you are bad sir at talent evaluation.


I swear to God.

You did not start Mo Smith against Vandie Kirby.  We LOST.


What were you doing Kirby ?


Making a point to Mo Smith that you are in charge ?




Less than half the games you have even let Julian Rochester start.


Excuse me Kirby Julian Rochester is a STARTER Kirby.


Julian Rochester after Kirby says he can tell after 4 or 5 practices if the guy is Elite, did NOT start 4 of the 7 games.  WTF Kirby ?  Are you THIS BAD AT TALENT EVALUATION ?


Yes.  Yes, you are this bad at talent evaluation Kirby.


As a head coach, you are the WORST talent evaluator I have ever seen Kirby.


Do NOT write to me that Kirby is SELLING to 2017 recruits PT as freshmen.  Our 2017 recruiting class which clearly is the # 1 best recruiting class UGA has EVER HAD, will never see the field in practice with the # 1 unit no matter how badly we have needs at his position.  There is opportunity to come-in, practice with the # 1 unit, be prepared to play, and put in the games more than just casual off-the-cuff cameo appearances and then BENCHED ?  Really Kirby ?


I would make Kirby sign a document, have it notarized, and make him present it to the press, that I get snaps practicing with the # 1 unit, that I am prepared to play with the # 1 unit, and that I get in EVERY GAME all season long in the 1st quarter for more than a cameo appearance. Or else, or I would NOT sign with Kirby.


If he told ME that he is selling the concept to everyone who has not yet committed 2017 of early PT- if Kirby told me that I can come-in and play right away I would make him sign that document.


Don’t you dare write that bullshit to me for me to read as you ALL are doing right now.  Don’t you dare try to pass that off to me.


I am not buying that bullshit.


Kirby is AFRAID to put them in lest they SHOW him up for having NOT PLAYED them while we are # 75 at every aspect of a football team.


How would have the 2016 year gone had Kirby recognized right up front that Mark Richt left him nothing returning as starters on his 2-Deep and prepared his freshmen across the board as if he had no choice ?


It would have been compelling evidence to the 2017 uncommitted recruits to sign-up with Kirby to fill the holes they see they could help us at.


Kirby is TRYING to make a point to them by not playing them instead.


While what Kirby has actually done Instead is to MAKE MY POINT that Kirby has a bias against freshmen.  If he ever puts-in his freshmen class this year, we will start winning and quit all this losing.


“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


How can that be true, Kirby ?  You don’t play FRESHMEN by policy.


How can a prospect buy-in to that total bullshit Kirby ?


I certainly am not falling for it.  I know 2017 you will not let any freshman talk to anyone, practice with the # 1 unit, play in the games more than a cameo appearance, and therefore not prepare him at all.


That’s what I know Kirby.


We can look forward to seeing these 2016 freshmen in 2017.


And 2017 recruiting class, we can see in 2018.



Recruiting does not mean a hill of beans, if you don’t put them in the game and let them play.

We are using the same recruiting shtick next year 2017 recruiting signing date as we used 2016 signing date and that is that there is opportunity to play here at Georgia as a freshman.


Wouldn’t Kirby have had to have played some freshmen this year for anyone to believe that ?


Come here and no matter how badly we need you here, we will chide you and refuse to let you play as a freshman and we’ll also gag you.


No wonder there is a lot of opportunity here to play early as a freshman.  Even next year because he won’t let them play this year to show everyone how much depth he does have.


Kirby has a great recruiting class 2016 and has steadfastly refused to play ANY of them.  NONE OF THEM.


If he ever did, we would kick some butt.


Next year, he will play the freshmen as sophomores.


Then the good ones of this 2016 class will leave the year after next.  So the best ones you will really only see for 2 years with nothing but cameo appearances 2016 season – wasted as freshmen – EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Next year when this year’s class finally gets RECOGNIZED for what they are and get to play football finally and really help us, he will CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to play the even better 2017 class because they will be freshmen.


He will hold press conferences where he tells us where each of next year’s 2017 signing class is weak.  All of them will be chided in public.




How do I know that ?


Because only that has gone on all year 2016.


This is NOT how I envisioned 2016 game 8.


It has stymied his recruiting for 2017 right where it is for a LONG TIME NOW.


He better start playing his freshmen.


By the way, I would have practiced Jacob Eason ONLY with the # 1 unit January 12.


I would have STARTED Brian Herrien game 1 vs North Carolina and been cautious with Nick Chubb.  Brian Herrien was the ONLY running back healthy for North Carolina.  38 carries for Nick Chubb after THAT 3 ligament surgery.  Criminal.  He’s not been the SAME since.


We’ve just steadfastly refused to play freshmen.


And what’s up with this all we have is Isaiah McKenzie ?


Why Ben Cleveland with the sorry OL we saw vs Vandie in the last game still redshirted when he leaves to NFL with his best friend Jacob Eason after the year after next.  WTF ?


Mecole Hardman Jr. was redshirted for SEVERAL GAMES to begin this season and he had a come to Jesus meeting with Kirby and now gets to play one play on special teams each game TACKLING people NOT kick return or punt return both of which we SUCKED AT again vs Vandie.


Mecole also has not been handed the ball once.  Nor thrown to once.


Nice use of the # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby sir and his WASTED freshmen year.


Are you afraid to let us see how good Mecole Hardman Jr. is Kirby so that he doesn’t make you look bad because you said you would and then game 8 STILL HAVE NOT.


And thanks too Kirby for having such a out-of-sync offense too Kirby because of your feet-dragging about Jacob Eason.


I swear if you say one more word Kirby about your hating on your freshmen crap, I will really get this out there so as to CHANGE YOU KIRBY.


You hard-headed stubborn pig-headed hater of all freshmen Kirby.


MARK MY WORDS these freshmen this year will have a GREAT NFL DRAFT the year after next when the top ones leave early.  This is 2016.  You SAW what Jacob Eason was despite all the B.S. from Kirby and nothing but dragging his feet – kicking and screaming.


What my real concern is now game 8 is that Kirby will NOT play his even better recruiting class 2017 next year, EITHER.


And to think Kirby guaranteed us about Mecole for example that after 4 or 5 practices he’d recognize if he is Elite or not and play him on special teams and offense.  No, he has NOT.


It’s ALL been a recruiting shtick he is employing again 2017 already.


Game 8 next our # 1 Rival.






It doesn’t mean you will play as a freshman.  Ask any of those who are freshmen this year and report back to me.





How do you make Southern Fig Preserves? When the football season is over, I will be out.

Buy brown turkey fig tree.   Small is fine.  They grow very fast and will have more fruit every year.  If you can not find brown turkey fig tree, any fig tree will be just fine.  They will just be smaller figs.  If you know someone with a big one, root one down low with spade being certain to get the roots – by pulling on them and cut them as long as you can on the root and then plant them immediately.


Plant 1 fig tree front yard and 1 back yard so that you spread out the risk from squirrels and birds.  Fig trees like a lot of water but not hard-streamed because you will knock off the small green figs.


Once you see a fig turn not green and not the yellow color they get next, but the brownish red color, pick it. Wash them by putting them in washed sink and fill with water.  Put loosely in plastic grocery bags with stems still on them.  Store them in the refrigerator, and pick the ones which ripen the next day and do the same until you have a batch.


They will continue to ripen in the kitchen if you want them slightly darker by putting them on a paper towel on the window sill.  Birds and squirrels are no problem then.  I see lots of folks having trouble having any figs left to pick.  They do not do this step.  Pick them when they change color.


At the end of July in Atlanta you will harvest so many figs that you should get 100 lbs. of figs on 2 trees after a few years.  I tug on the taller limbs to bring them down so I can pick higher-up figs.  I prune them so I can mow under them – so I have a lot of limbs very high up.


As with any fruit or nut tree, you want to insure you keep the area under the fig trees clean.  It attracts bees elsewise.  Yellowjackets will make a hole in the ground and take-up residence. Then you have to buy a yellowjackets’ killer with a long stem plastic nozzle and go out before sunrise and put it into the hole to eradicate them.  Smoke is also a deterrent so you can use smoke to make picking the figs easier.  And Wasps will be everywhere from the time the morning is warm until dusk.   Keeping it clean under the fig tree helps prevent these issues. Pecan trees, you can not tell what you have if you leave old pecans under the tree right now when they are all about to drop.  So for different reasons you must keep fruit and nut trees clean under the trees before harvest.


You are going to need a pup ladder and 2 layers of clothes and half a day to pick them all.  Use mosquito netting they sell cheaply at Walmart to protect yourself from bees.  I wear a hat and wrap mosquito netting around my head.  The ripened figs on the tree eaten by birds and squirrels leave behind a small amount of very ripe figs which bees will swarm you for mid morning to nearly dusk.  You have to pick figs every day.  And you have to throw figs away far from tree which are half eaten.  No shorts.  Wear gloves.  Long sleeves shirts and jeans. Tuck socks into the jeans at the shoes.


When picking figs do not stand on the limbs or they will come loose from the bottom of the tree and spread-out too much.  I pull the limbs down and pull the figs off in a motion that breaks the stem without damaging the fig tree either.  And you will want to run hard nozzle under the fig trees to cut down on bees.  This will clean the land under fig trees of over ripe figs.   I find one tree or the other gets hit pretty hard by the birds and squirrels.  You may need 3 trees with one in the side yard.

But, if you pick the figs every day when they turn brown, the squirrels and birds will not have made up their mind to eat that fig yet.  They want them really to be just before fall off the tree ripe.  That is too late to bring them into the kitchen and wash them off and see which ones need to sit on a paper towel on the window sill for a day because you will not win that battle trying to get them just at the perfect moment.  That is all they have to do is to eat.  They have nothing better to do than that.  You will lose.

If you find one half ripe and half green – those never turn ripe and must be discarded far away from the tree.

Walmart also sells a mosquito net hat for $ 1.50 in camping goods.  Don’t pick figs without it and wear a hat underneath.  Fruit flies and other insects you can not see will eat you alive picking figs.  Figs are great.  But unfortunately not just for us.  Why wear 2 layers of long sleeves shirts and a T-Shirt under all that  and long pants with something layers of underwear and maybe gym shorts on top of the blue jeans ?  They will get through one layer.


Pick figs for 59 years and you will see what I mean.  I cringe to think about picking figs.


You are trying to cover yourself up completely every inch or you will itch and have to stop picking and take a hot shower for relief.  Hot water will draw the itch out and frankly nothing else works.  Leave any skin visible and you will pick figs for about 2 minutes before you just have to stop.  Even with all these layers, picking them every day – some days I find I have to stop for that day and go use-up all my hot water.  It’s that maddening.  Trust me.  If you are going to make figs someone needs to tell you this.  All of this.


When ready to make the fig preserves, get a soup kitchen pot.  This is a pot which is 20 quarts.


This will not fit eye of stove and 8 hours of boiling will mar the surface of your stove, so cook on propane on screen porch.


Without one of those large pots there is no need to plant 2 fig trees.  You’ll have too many.    Stem the figs.  Wash out the kitchen sink put the figs in and put cold water on them.  Wash them.  Take a serrated metal utility vegetable knife (not sharp) in your right hand and pick out a fig with your left.  Hold the stem near your right thumb and cut.  I can wash and cut 22 lbs. of figs in half an hour.   Some years I cut the figs in half and I think I prefer them that way.  Put the figs in a measuring cup and when full put in pot and write it up as one cup.  You need half as much white sugar as figs so you have to measure them before putting them into the large soup kitchen pot.  This method of washing them will just leave water all over the figs no matter how much you drain them.


Fig Preserves require 5 ingredients. 1- a shake of salt.  2- a Small amount of lemon juice in bottle.  3-water (careful not too much.)  4- half as much sugar in measuring cup as 5 -figs.


However, if you wash them as I you will have more than enough water on the figs.  And if you use sugar substitutes, you have to cut way down on the water.  You can add water to them as they nearly boil slow simmer.  But you really can’t get water out later. It lengthens the time to cook if you add too much water because you are trying to make a fig syrup.


Measure :


8 cups figs washed and stems removed

4 cups of white sugar (brown sugar and sugar substitutes will require maybe half the water)  If you are using other sugars other than white sugar the package must give you equivalents to this recipe which is why I break it down several ways for you herein, so that you have half a much sugar as figs.

1  cup cold water will give you a good syrup (if you wash then cook, use almost no water – just be careful not to burn the bottom by stirring every few minutes entire cooking time)

Shake some sea salt on top

1 Tablespoon liquid lemon juice

Turn the burner on where you can turn it up to get it up-to temperature, but then quickly turn it down to medium low for 3 hours or longer depending on how much water you have to turn to syrup.


Do not let it boil.


Stir every 15 minutes or so with long wooden spoon so you stir it up from the bottom so it does not stick.


Boil your jars lids and rings and keep them hot.


Use a $ 1.50 canning funnel also found at Walmart by the Ball jars.


I wear a pair of oven mitts which are made of what looks like rubber for high heat.


A jar grabber found beside the Ball jars is really not necessary with these gloves to fill the jars but you really can not possibly get them out of the water vat after you fill the Ball jars with fig preserves without a jar grabber.  You can not get a hold of the jar.  I can hold the bottle in my left hand and ladle the figs into the funnel to the Ball jars.  Remember that you are getting rid of germs in the water bath and many sites will warn you of these dangers.


Wipe the jar.  Place the hot lid on the jar.  Put the ring on the jar.  Tighten.  Heat that in a second 20-quart pot of all water this time a long time.  The longer the better.  The lemon juice really helps in this process but 3 minutes is not long enough.  45 minutes is recommended to insure safe storage of the figs.  You can spend all day doing this.


Let them cool.


I refrigerate mine then.


Throw the lids and rings away after each year and remind everyone to return the jar.


I toast bread in the morning, spread butter on it, and then put figs on it with my coffee.  Yum !


If the figs are mushy when you stem them you do not need to cut them in half, because when you put them in the jar they will spread well anyway.


Mine are gone before Winter gets here.  I am making my second batch now.  I picked figs this morning and I just picked figs tonight.


I just picked 11 lbs. of figs from the 2 mature fig trees this morning and another 11 lbs. of figs tonight. I could pick that many figs frankly every day if I wanted to.  I just can not stand picking them.   This measured 23 pints of figs for 22 lbs. which is 46 cups.  I used quart Ball jars.  I did the same exact totals last weekend too and that filled 12 quart Ball jars.  I am making the same recipe tonight and could do it again if I want next weekend.  Or let the birds squirrels bees and neighbors have them.  I find they like my fig preserves better each year but they last a day or two at the most before I get my Ball jar back.  I pick the figs for as many days as it takes to have what I think will fill one 20-quart soup kitchen pot.  Some days near the end of July early August there are so many figs I could still pick but it is beyond my endurance to handle being bit any more that day and just have to stop.


These are delicious.  This is all well worth the effort.  If you ever got a jar of these, you would go pick them yourself and see just how easy this recipe is – although I have never seen a recipe that really spells-out the steps.  Everyone assumes you know how to put figs in a jar or how to pick them or what to wear or what to do about insects or how to grow or which tree to buy and how many trees.  They give you mixed measurements of dry to liquid.  They put junk in the figs which ruin the taste.  They don’t tell you how to safely store the fig preserves.  I had to learn this the hard way with mom’s and Aunt Mary Lee’s guidance.  When I go look for a recipe, frankly there is not a complete one anywhere.  I have written all this down.  I use recipes.  I do not cook without recipe. You only make fig preserves once a year.


This is a simple straight-forward Classic Southern Fig Recipe.


Yes, I have tried many variations.


If you pick the figs daily and then make them in batches like this you will spend a good 8 hours making a batch from washing them to finish.  Cooking times vary depending on the amount of water you need to boil down to make the syrup.


So for :


46 cups washed stemmed halved figs 22 lbs. I over-filled each cup because of space between the raw figs

23 cups white sugar

4 cups cold water or less (I wash my figs last moment so really add about no water)  Once it starts to simmer, the figs which have loads of water in them, will make it obvious how much water you need.  Until then you can not tell and can easily draw this cooking time out trying to make it into a syrup.

6 shakes of sea salt

6 tablespoons liquid lemon juice which is 3 eights of a cup less than half a cup which is 3 ounces.  You can use real lemons and slice them thinly which in the syrup taste great by themselves.  Lemon slices should be put into the fig preserves in each jar to assist in making certain that you do not have germs in the jar.  The acid in the lemon helps.  I just use lemon juice.  I don’t care for lemon slices on my fig preserve toast with coffee each morning.  Lemon is too acidic to my taste in the mornings even if it is prudent from germs point-of-view.

Cook 3 hours or longer on medium low stirring every 15 minutes until you have a syrup.  You will get these quantities correct from this recipe on sugar half as much in a measuring cup as in same measuring cup of figs.  You will probably end-up with too much water and may need to cook for 8 hours instead of 3 hours to get the water to boil-down enough to have the syrup.  It is a fine line between burning the bottom of the pot without enough water, and waiting all night for it to turn to syrup because you put too much water.  If you are stirring the pot however, frequently, you can tell if it is too thick and easily add a little water until it is not too thick when stirring it.


Since a pound of white sugar is 2 cups I used 11 and a half pounds white sugar for 46 cups of figs.  You have to measure this or you will not have syrup.


You may need to drain the water out of the pot before adding water to it to see that there might be cups of water already in the pot following this recipe.


The way I do this is again I wash the figs in clean sink and put them into a measuring cup and mark-up 1 cup figs so I know to use half cup sugar filling the measuring cup up over the top to allow for space between raw figs.


Therefore I added 4 cups since when I measured I already had 2 cups of water from washing the 22 lbs. 46 cups of stemmed figs.  You are not going to do that step of measuring how much water you have in the bottom of the pot, but I do.  So I know there is a ton of water in the bottom.  If you add too much water it could take 8 hours or longer simmering to evaporate enough of the water to make the fig syrup.  I figure if you follow this recipe that you will need to add no water to the recipe and will have a beautiful lovely syrup.  You want to have a syrup.  Syrup is the water.  Too much water, never get syrup.  Too little water, burn bottom of pot.


Big pot too big for eye ruins stoves.  Heat for 3 hours or longer is transferred from the outside edges of the pot to the painted surface so as when I make boiled peanuts I do use propane on screen porch.  Or a smaller pot that fits the eyes of the stove I am using.  This is why I broke-down the exact quantities for you so you can make smaller batches.  I like making them all at a time and mine are wildly popular.


You can begin picking figs at the very end of July in Atlanta.  October 21 and it is 87 degrees outside today.  You can wait no more than one day between picking figs or you will lose them to the animals notably birds and squirrels however if you have planted 2 fig trees one in back yard one in front yard, you will find the tree that they do not hit as hard has more than enough figs for you after about 3 years of growth.  Mature fig trees grow and grow so you do have to prune them before they start the new year’s growth.


My mom taught me how to make Southern Fig Preserves she and Aunt Mary Lee.  Since mom made dinner for 7 I had mom teach me all her recipes.  Want to know how to make Squash Casserole ?  Sweet potato soufflé ?  Beef stroganoff ?  Lasagna ?  Prime Rib of Beef ?  I worked my way through college at Georgia as a chef.  I was in charge of 60 employees.  Everyone in tipped services reported to me.  But I ran it from the kitchen until I closed the kitchen, then on the floor.  Then the office. Then the bank.  I can serve 600 people at a time.  Chef Gurley Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills taught me and I taught everyone else myself.   After college all I did was computers, travel, and Georgia Bulldogs !  I have a lot of fun.  My Dad said that I had to get out of kitchen work but honestly were it not for him I would have stayed in the kitchen.  I love it.


I keep the majority of the Southern Fig Preserves I make so every batch I get 6 quarts or so out of the 12 quart jars I make using this exact recipe every year.  I find myself adding-in less and less water each year to speed-up cooking time.


I spend so much time picking the figs and cooking fig preserves that I encourage my friends relatives and neighbors if they want more than 1 jar they should follow the recipe here from my mom and Aunt Mary Lee.  It is gruesome getting the figs off the fig tree.  If they want to eat them raw after I have been picking figs, I hand them a grocery plastic bag and tell them to pick their own.  It’s that much hassle from the ants bees spiders and general itch picking figs.


When the football season is over I should be out.  So when Practice starts for football that is when you can begin this process.  I just had Southern Fig Preserves on buttered toast with my coffee.  Southern Fig Preserves and Georgia Bulldogs’ football go hand-in-hand.




“Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “I don’t agree with firing Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt will do great coaching anywhere.” “Mark Richt was great coaching here.” “Every kid’s Dad wants his son to play for Mark Richt.” “We want Mark Richt at our Gala to end the season.” “We are holding a vigil for Mark Richt” after he was fired. “Let Mark Richt coach us in the bowl game so he can get to 10-win season” like 29 teams did unranked in the Final AP Poll half the time his last 8 years 4 of his last 8. Four teams who won 10-game seasons 2015 were unranked 2015. Mark Richt’s best win 2015 was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn. All Mark Richt needs is a 10th Coordinator – not his fault. “You can make a good case that Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “Jacob Eason coming here is contingent upon Mark Richt still being the coach here.” Why are you still writing about Mark Richt when he was fired with cause 11 months ago. “Mark Richt is the best recruiter and will win the national championship in 2015 or 2016” losing 22 seniors (Dream Team) who lost 24 games their 6 seasons here 4 per season average all 22 who STARTED for Mark Richt. “It will be Mark Richt’s crowning glory 2016 to win the NC. All he lacks.” “I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job” AFTER Florida game 2015 we were ALL told ad nauseam. “He isn’t going anywhere.” “You’re not as good a Bulldog fan as I” you told me while NOW we find out you don’t even go to the games but are in here at game time posting how great Mark Richt is again and disagreeing with posts that Mark Richt lost it after 2007. You said I “cannot deny that it is a decision which can not be justified to fire Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt did NOT deserve to lose his job.” You bullied me for 8 years on the Internet with all this. You would NOT let me say it. You wanted NO ONE to read my posts making these points that YOU SAID ALL THIS. “He isn’t going anywhere.” Mark Richt with average # 7 recruiting rankings LOST to unranked teams EVERY year and LOST to the top 15 teams # 45 nation after 2007 losing 18 of 24 big game loser wasting his talent who all left went to NFL and did GREAT there. You made quite a bit of PREDICTIONS to me. “Guarantees” you said. “Take it to the bank.” Bank on it. “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program without Mark Richt.” “I am now a fan of Miami of Florida and guarantee he will do great there too.” “I have 2 tags on my truck now one for Georgia and one for Miami.” “Should Richt be fired? To answer this we should look at 2 things: 1. How are we recruiting? 2. Is the program headed in a positive direction? I feel good about both of these questions.” Mark Richt LOST 11 of 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl as our head coach. Mark Richt BLOWN-OUT by UNRANKED opponent AGAIN 16-37 last night.

Excuse me, Mark Richt UNRANKED in the AP Poll and UNRANKED in the Coaches’ Poll beat Florida agricultural and mining, beat FAU whatever that is and beat Appalachian State college and has lost to 3 teams in a row – multitudes of unranked teams beating Mark Richt in a ROW now this morning.


Mark Richt update.  Mark Richt lost again last night against another unranked opponent.  4-3.


I told you so.


16-37 blown-out by unranked opponent.


For 8 years you made the North End of a South Bound Horse out of yourself about Mark Richt.  So pardon me if I point-out where he actually is since you BRAGGED on Mark Richt ALL of 2016.


You’re STILL bragging on Mark Richt 11 months later.




Interview with Kirby

Kirby : Thanks Thomas for your call.

me : I am humbled Kirby sir.

K : Do you think since it’s Thursday now that you could give it a rest about Vanderbilt ?

me : I have not spoken about Vandie since Sunday Kirby.

K : I am redshirting Ben Cleveland because I spoke with him and told him where he needs to improve.

me : You need help on the OL and he is going to NFL with Jacob Eason after 2018.

K : I am glad you brought-up Jacob Eason Thomas.  I have been playing him exclusively and you were on a longtime agenda about me doing so.

me : Yes Kirby but why did you not let him have any snaps with # 1 unit all Spring to have a well-oiled offense by now game 8 coming-up ?  And none in Fall until 3 weeks before kick-off ?  And then yank him the last week Fall Practices ?  And then yank him when he WON the UNC game for you ?  And then give Greyson Lambert the snaps with # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday before Nicholls State ?

K : I asked for this interview.  Not you Thomas.

me : No sir.  This is my dime.  I called you.  You sent me an e-mail and asked me to call this number.

K : I gave you my number to clear the air.

me : No sir.  You gave me your number Kirby because you want to tell me you are in charge.  And that I should not be harping on Vandie when we are trying to build a program here better than 4 losses a season the last 8 when I am (1) not subject to your 24-hour rule and (2) I am asking Kirby sir about (a) freshmen (b) offensive play calling and (c) special teams.  Why couldn’t we have had this conversation before now Kirby when you might have learned something from our questions as fans and done something about at least one of these glaring issues with you and your inexperience and frankly unprepared to be head coach paid the salary of one and getting nothing close to it.  So many seasoned coaches proven as head coach we could have had and now LSU gets one and we can’t ?  We should give up football.  Set us all loose free to the wind without a football program at all with this Greg McGarity cat in charge and he the worst AD we’ve ever had all sports across the gambit not the least of which is now you on top of all the other growing concerns about Greg McGarity installed as a puppet replacement by Mike Adam$ for his other puppet replacement red panties do you even know who I am jumbotron don’t drink and drive leaving today’s game.

K : I am talking about freshmen.  I played Jacob Eason like you wanted me to Thomas.

me : No sir.  I have no answer from you Kirby sir that if you are playing Jacob Eason, then why did you not prepare him as I said you should have January 12 ?

K : Because I considered Mark Richt had chosen Greyson Lambert as # 1 QB.  I want to play the more seasoned guys.

me : Fair enough but since you brought it up, you have done that across the board haven’t you Kirby sir ? Shying away from freshmen sir ?

K : Sure.  That is my policy.

me : Even if you have a real need at the position and even if you have seen him in 75 practices and in game situation as well Kirby game 1 vs UNC ?

K : Well I did change on Wednesday Nicholls State and went to Jacob Eason then.

me : No sir you did not Kirby sir.  You yanked him in Nicholls State and put in Greyson Lambert AGAIN.

K : I am coach.

me : But why then Kirby this predilection sir against freshmen ?

K : I thought Greyson Lambert had better command.

me : He was losing by double-digits when you finally put in Jacob Eason to bail you and Greyson Lambert both out or you lose to UNC.

K : I did not lose to UNC.

me : Why is that Kirby sir ?

K : Because I am in charge the coach I won.

me : Kirby sir this is really about all your freshmen too isn’t it ?  Not just Jacob Eason ?  You want to tell freshmen that you are in charge right Kirby ?  Show them ?

K : Yes, my Daddy was a high school coach and he taught me that Freshmen lose games.

me : When was that ?  Decades ago Kirby sir ?

K : Well yeah.  Jacob Eason has lost 3 games.

me : No sir he won every game except Ole Miss.  How did you fall behind 48 to nothing in that game ?

K : I am not talking about Ole Miss.  That is 24-hour rule of mine.

me : You talked about winning North Carolina game Kirby.

K : I am coach.  I am in charge.

me : So when it suits you there is no 24-hour rule ?

K : I am coach.

me : Kirby let me ask you this sir : When Nick Chubb had surgery did you think 38 carries 1st game back was good for him ?

K : The doctors cleared him Thomas.

me : The doctors expected you to run the 1 guy 38 times Kirby ?

K : I had Sony Michel too.

me : No sir Sony Michel had broken arm.

K : Well that is all Mark Richt left me.

me : No sir, you recruited Brian Herrien.  Why not play him some instead of running ragged these 2 injured guys ?

K : Brian Herrien is a freshman.  I have played him some.

me : Not really Kirby.  He got only a cameo appearance in Vandie loss.

K : I am not discussing Vanderbilt because of my 24-hour rule.

me : You’re kind of defensive aren’t you Kirby ?  I mean you did ask me to call you, right ?

K : I thought I could do you like the press and tell you what to ask and not ask ?

me : No sir my readers expect me to ask and to negotiate an answer from you.

K : My answer is that Brian Herrien is not better than Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.

me : Even with both of them coming-off injuries Kirby ?

K : When healthy they are the best 2 running backs in The SEC.

me : That’s the point that they were not healthy either one so why rely on them ?

K : I get a mulligan for 2016.  I want to save Brian Herrien for his senior year.

me : Kirby he will be gone after 2018 like a good bit of your recruiting class this year.  He is leading the team in rush per carry but you refuse to play him much.  Yank him back out as soon as he has a great run and none of the others are running the ball well early-on this season.  Seriously Kirby you ran a guy who clearly is NEVER going to be a running back on 4th and 1 to lose the game and kept-on keeping freshman Brain Herrien and freshman Elijah Holyfield on the bench.

K : Well after 4 or 5 practices I can tell if a player is Elite or not and play him on offense get him the ball then.  I want our 2 horses returning to get all the snaps really.  I moved a lot of guys around yesterday.

me : More bad things have been happening running the ball because you are in 2nd and long all the time Kirby.   Sony Michel is better out in space and you send him in and make him run right up the gut too.   And, you saw Mecole Hardman Jr. 60 practices Kirby and still had not played him.  And, yeah now before game 8 you made wholesale changes to a dozen guys and now have tied-up your coaching staff teaching ALL of them a new position.  But, you have done so Kirby sir without any move of any impact player to do anything about winning 2016.  They were cosmetic changes and why I asked if I could do this short interview and see if I couldn’t actually get you to answer the questions rather than kowtow to your demands that you can run roughshod over the rest of the press out there Kirby.  You made no move to get any of your freshmen class into a position to play them Kirby sir.  You said you would.  You promised them you would and sold it as a reason they come here 2016 and now again 2017 that you obviously have holes and need help and they can get immediate playing time.  Your idea of PT and mine, differ sir.  Isaac Nauta ?  Why not spread him out wide ?  Your receivers all drop the ball and the one good receiver you could sign you whiffed-on losing out to California Golden Bears and their # 76 recruiting class Kirby.  Julian Rochester why hold him back ?  Riley Ridley – didn’t he catch the ball against vols Kirby ?  Why he forgotten man at receiver ?  Charlie Woerner you have thrown all of 3 passes to. Why keep the logjam at TE when they are ALL better than the receivers you do play, when instead you could get your best 11 out there on offense at one time ?  Javon Wims Kirby ?  Why isn’t he played more ?  Everyone is dropping Jacob Eason’s passes, aren’t they all Kirby sir ?  Solomon Kindley you ripped the redshirt off of 4 games into the season for one game.  Now that is all he gets is one snap all year ?  Why all this misuse of your 2016 signing class at least # 7 nationally Kirby sir ?  Michail Carter you stole from Alabama the last moment.  Why can’t he get more PT too Kirby ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  David Marshall.  Tyler Clark.  And now you have 2 starting linebackers at least one of whom is going to be suspended for the rest of the season.  Why have him practice like you are Kirby when # 1 Rival Florida is next ?  Don’t you EVER practice the guy at the position you KNOW you have to play him at anyway ?  You make no sense for such a great student who made all A here at Georgia Kirby.  This has to be by design ?  You are purposely scuttling this 2016 season.  Alabama in 2007 was on Probation.  You have no excuse for ANY of this other than your hatred of freshmen.

K : I like Isaiah McKenzie.  And, I want Mecole to focus on defensive back and when he learns that we can talk about spreading him out wide on offense.  These other freshmen too will get to play some next year as sophomores and then as juniors even more.

me : We can all see you like Isaiah McKenzie Kirby.  You were left the # 93 experienced 2-Deep by Mark Richt Kirby.  You do have other options.  He is one of 85 scholarship players.  We’re not used to having 85.  You do.  And, you clearly play 58 instead.  Why ?  You refuse to play Mecole in your secondary. You are holding back Mecole Hardman Jr. just like you did Jacob Eason and like you are Brian Herrien.  And like you are Ben Cleveland. And all the other freshmen.

K : You said it Thomas that Mecole is a freshmen.

me : Yes and gone after 2018.

K : I am playing Mecole.

me : No sir you are not.  You redshirted him for the first several games and then only cameo role on special teams but not punt returner and not kick-off returner.

K : I am in charge as the coach Thomas.

me : So you really don’t want to discuss any of your decisions on the freshmen Kirby sir ?

K : No sir I do not Thomas.

me : Ok.  Let’s discuss the Offensive Play-Calling then, ok Kirby sir ?

K : I like to run the ball.

me : It makes your defense better.

K : Yes that’s right Thomas.

me : What about your Offensive Line blocking ?  And, do you think Jim Chaney presents a positive role model for the kids.  What does he weigh anyway ?

K : We’ve struggled in that offensive line area.  We need bigger guys.  Jim Chaney was a nose guard so he’s going to be big-boned.

me : So, if you need bigger guys to impose your will and run the ball, why are you running the ball ?  As for Jim Chaney’s bones, he seems to me to have enough fat on him to weigh over 400 lbs and why was he laughing during the Vandie game losing the whole game ?

K : Because I want to run.  I think that fewer bad things happen when you run the ball Thomas.  I told Jim Chaney to run the ball.  That’s why I hired him.  He was laughing because he told me that we’re not doing well running the ball and I pointed to the scoreboard and showed our defense is holding them because we’re running the ball controlling the clock and establishing field position by running the ball.

me : You have had eight nine and even ten in the box against you Kirby.  Again, Kirby sir, you TELEGRAPH your plays are to run the ball and say so in interviews. So Jim Chaney was laughing because he was proving his point that we’re not running the ball ?  As for you say your offensive line struggles to block, do you assimilate what you say Kirby – or, are just overwhelmed with it all with so many OBVIOUS areas you are unprepared to be a head coach at sir ?  And we have established your tailbacks both had injuries.  Therefore more bad things happen when you force an offensive strategy on a # 1 unit which frankly has been very poor running the ball.  There isn’t any one part of this I want to run the ball which was fitting with your team you do have.  And you would not let the freshmen play so we don’t know if they would have helped you to run the ball.

K : I want to run the ball Thomas, ok ?  Can I do that as the coach ?

me : No sir – you’ve been unable to do that all season long sir.  You even ran the ball with a minute to go before half losing.

K : Excuse me Thomas, may I run the ball if I want to ?

me : You’re the coach.  You’re in charge Kirby.

K : Ok so that is an answered question then isn’t it Thomas sir ?

me : Yes sir.  You are going to run the football.

K : Right.

me : Even if your personnel is wrong you say to even try to do that.  Even if you are losing.  Even if on 16 first down plays, you ran the ball only 36 yards them all stuffing the box on you.

K : A healthy Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are as good as any at running the ball.

me : Ok Kirby.  Ok.  That question is answered.

K : Thank you Thomas.

me : What about special teams Kirby ?

K : I hired the son of a coach who made his living for decades on special teams.

me : So let me ask you this Kirby sir : Do you feel your area of expertise as a coach is defense ?

K : Yes.

me : And no real experience offensively ?

K : I coached running backs 2005 here at Georgia.

me : Is that your only experience ever on offense Kirby ?

K : Yes.

me : And as running backs’ coach then that 1 year, you want to run the football ?

K : Correct.

me : And special teams Kirby sir ?

K : I have not been involved in special teams until this 2016 season.

me : How is it going ?

K : Ups and downs but we are headed in the right direction.

me : You kicked-off to the 3-yard line had it returned to our goal line, returned a kick-off to your own 3-yard line and gave up 10 points those 2 plays alone.

K : We did some areas of special teams well Thomas.  I have Isaiah McKenzie human joy stick back there returning punts.

me : Yes you made 3 field goals after missing 4 of the first 7.  And you had 8 balls punted to your lousy special teams and your one punt return man bobbled two of those and let all 8 roll past him.  He uses his body to catch the ball rather than his hands.  Reggie Davis is the only guy you have to return kick-offs or some of these freshmen we have been discussing would be great choices at kick-off returning Kirby sir ?

K : See ?  We made 3 field goals.

me : Pardon me sir ?

K : We’re headed in the right direction as a team on the whole.

me : You’ve lost 3 of the last 4 games.  You like to duck questions and change the topic don’t you Kirby ?

K : Those 3 of the last 4 games I’ve lost are all beyond the 24-hour rule.

me :  Then why did you JUST SAY  Kirby that you made 3 field goals 5 days ago Kirby ?  And, what is your record Kirby sir ?

K : We are nearly 6-1.  Things happen in The SEC Thomas.

me : Kirby sir you are 4-3.

K : We could have been 6-1.

me : You are NOT 6-1 Kirby sir.  And you could have lost to North Carolina too like Mark Richt.

K : We did not lose to North Carolina Thomas.

me : Because Jacob Eason came in and bailed you out you and Greyson Lambert.

K  : Right.  Good move by me.  Right Thomas ?

me: You took him back out Kirby sir after he got the lead.  Greyson Lambert didn’t do anything.

K : I think we’re slightly stronger running the ball with Greyson Lambert.

me : Kirby sir Greyson Lambert has in his career 29 rushes for minus 39 yards and leads the team with 7 fumbles all last season leading the team in fumbles except for Isaiah McKenzie.

K : I wasn’t here last year.

me : Don’t remind me Kirby, sir.  Did you get a call from Greg McGarity November 28 after Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game ?

K : Yes.

me : Did he offer you the job ?

K : I told Greg McGarity that it would be my dream to be head coach at my alma mater and my wife’s alma mater where she starred as starting guard on our basketball team which was so good.

me : Then why did you wait 6 weeks and 4 days to show-up ?

K : I wanted to win the national championship.  I owed it to those recruits there on Alabama’s team.

me : We offered you five times your salary there to be here.

K : Money isn’t everything Thomas.

me : Money isn’t everything ?  Neither is being here to see our team, coach our team, help our team get prepared for this year.  Being here isn’t everything to you either then is it Kirby sir ?

K : This year is a mulligan.  I wanted to be at Alabama.

me : You felt we could throw-away this season Kirby, sir ?  If you wanted to be at Alabama why did you say it would be your dream to come here and coach ?  I am confused.

K : I did not say that we could afford to throw-away this season Thomas.

me : Yeah, you did Kirby sir.  You tacitly said so because you would rather be there than to get a head start on 2016.  I have never even heard of anyone being allowed to take a job and then say hey can I do this at my old job for the next 6 weeks and 4 days ?  That’s really poor commitment to your new job and a bad omen to your success here Kirby. You know Kirby ?  Your job.  Your profession.  Your calling.  Head Coach Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re top 10 on Coaches’ Kirby because you are so far behind and so over-rated as a coach without really any experience at anything except defenses and surprisingly horrible as quick determination of ANY of your players as elite.  Maybe if you had been here November 28 when you lied to Greg McGarity it would be your dream TO BE HERE you might have figured-out by now to play your freshmen.

K : I owed Alabama’s players to finish what I started there.  Ok I have made some mistakes on the field and at practice forcing the wrong plays on the wrong guys and not looking at other alternatives along with poor clock management and frankly a bad defense I set-up on the Hail-Mary  vs. the vols.  I was trying to have cover guys out there not realizing all we had to do was line end zone and keep them out knock it down that they had to pass.  But being here in November would not have helped that.

me : No, sir, you owed fiduciary responsibility to UGA Kirby.  If we fire you here because you are not ready and let you learn how to be head coach at some place like Weeber State agricultural college, would you tell them that you want to stay here for 6 weeks and 4 days finishing-up your job here before you go there and learn how to be committed to a new job and the excitement of that Kirby sir ? And you don’t know if being here 6 weeks and 4 days earlier would have helped you or not.  What we definitely do know is you showing-up here so LATE sent the message to the fan base that you really didn’t want to be here and work on THIS TEAM.  You refused to be here even after Nick Saban said you should be here.  You’re just stubborn, aren’t you Kirby ?  You want to do what you want to do.  I am glad we’re having this heart-to-heart Kirby.  We all needed to hear these answers.  Why all the ranting and raving to the press when it is clear you could have answered these questions before now, couldn’t you have Kirby ?

K : No sir Thomas.  I owed fiduciary responsibility to Alabama.  I was their Defensive Coordinator.  I recruited those kids.  I needed to finish it out there Thomas.  I hoped I would not be forced to answer these questions honestly Thomas.  You’re not like the other press.  You hang right with it and demand the answer.

me : No sir.   You just didn’t want to answer.  They tried to get you to.   You needed to get here and get a top-notch staff and find out what you have and make sure you fill the holes.  And get ready to win 2016.  You have done whatever you want to whomever you want especially the freshmen since you got here and haven’t given a hang about the energy vampire you’ve been to the freshmen class – who could have so positively affected this 2016 season now over.

K : I am winning 2016 Thomas.

me : You did not get here until January 12.  And you’ve made a ton of mistakes with time-outs and adjustments and being bull-headed.

K : I did get here January 12 and I am from South Georgia so yes we’re conservative.  I’ve made some mistakes.  Are you a city boy Thomas ?

me : You said this would be your dream job to be our head coach Kirby sir and then did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time sir.  And yes I live in Atlanta.  And yes you have made some mistakes Kirby and continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

K : Greg McGarity talked it over November 28 with Jere Morehead and both of them said it was ok for me to finish like I said I wanted to.

me : Nick Saban said in public it was a big mistake on your part to not be here at Georgia and stubbornly wanting for odd reasons to not be excited about your new job but do a 4th time that which you had already done 3 times.  Kirby, sir, are you saying that there was NO SEARCH FIRM ?  That on November 28 Greg McGarity offered you the job and you accepted ?  Shouldn’t we do an open records’ request and find-out just what that SERACH FIRM RECOMMENDATION DOES SAY ?

K : I saw that statement that Nick Saban said I should leave Alabama and be at my new job and I well ignored it.  I have not seen any SEARCH FIRM knowledge made public.  It should be.  All I know is I wanted this job badly and am ecstatic to be here.  Tom Herman wanted this job ?  We all knew at the time he was a top candidate for the job and that he was probably the top choice as proven head coach who might actually leave and be our coach instead of me.  There was a long list of coaches for the job I took here at Georgia and was not the only assistant looking to be promoted to our first head coaching job.  What did the search firm report actually say ?  I’d love to see that myself Thomas.  Yes do an open records’ request and my new law will get you an answer by the time the final record for 2016 is also finalized.  I hold little hope that I can win-out.

me : You’re good at that, aren’t you Kirby sir ?

K : I am good at defense.

me : There are 3 sides to the ball Kirby sir.

K : I got here.  We’re doing just fine Thomas.

me : You got here late Kirby sir and you and the team have been trying to play catch-up ever since.

K : We’re working on the culture here now.

me : No you started working on the culture here 6 weeks and 4 days after you could have.

K : We’ve got to throw the ball better that was what stuck with me about last year for Georgia.

me : So you put back in the same QB who could not throw ?

K : I was not playing a freshman QB.

me : You had to.

K : I don’t have to do anything.  I am the coach Thomas, sir.

me : Shane Beamer has done very poorly Kirby sir.

K : Shane Beamer is a great special teams’ coordinator who will do well in-time here at Georgia too. And I will be very involved in special teams.

me : You’re too involved in all aspects of the team.  Why not hire someone who is good at special teams and let him coach them since you admit you are weak in special teams’ experience yourself sir.  You are too involved in offensive play-calling telling Jim Chaney to just run the ball 16 times on first downs the last game you lost.  You know the third loss in the last 4 games Kirby ?  And not having the personnel in who can run it.  And against a stacked box.  Good Lord Kirby.  Give up some control of the small details to get a managerial overall view of the team.  Move some guys around at impact positions and change our fortunes the 2nd half of this season.  Quit making Jim Chaney laugh that he should have been doing anything BUT those 16 first downs you insisted he run on all 16 Kirby.  For Heaven’s Sake Kirby, I would have laughed at you openly to the homecoming crowd too making my point while you have some preconceived notion that WE MUST RUN EVERY PLAY because fewer bad things happen you say repeatedly Kirby.  More bad things happen when you do that – ESPECIALLY when you telegraph every play as a run.  Even on 4th down you kept the same play – Isaiah McKenzie to run.  I saw Isaiah McKenzie on the 2nd time-out there saying : “This is Vandie.  Come-on guys.  Let’s not LOSE to Vandie” with his poor body language.  You were too involved in your one player team Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to even see the negative effect that had in the huddle on all 85 scholarship players Kirby.  You should have run ANYONE but him because of that.  And what was that running play one minute before half where we all stood and booed YOU Kirby not Jim Chaney.  Instead again you act like all you have to run with or pass to is Isaiah McKenzie.  You really get stuck in your ways don’t you Kirby ?  One track mind.  You brag of making 3 field goals more than 24 hours ago today Kirby but you don’t discuss that a field goal at half would have given you the lead and therefore the win. Instead you throw a Hail Mary to the shortest smallest guy on the team with speed.  His prowess is out in space not jump balls Jesus Christ Kirby.  You had 8 more penalties willy-nilly sending in play calls and personnel that don’t fit the situation and frankly have been slow on the uptake Kirby to make necessary adjustments in-game.  You had a penalty at the end of the game that cost you the game when Jacob Eason ran to the 19-yard line red zone and had it called back.

K : They need to do their job.  That is all they need to concentrate on.  I am in charge Thomas not you.  And I am sure I am doing well at this as head coach at Georgia.  What are you Thomas ?  What do you do ?

me : Well they aren’t, are they Kirby sir – doing their job ?  I was a computer salesman.  Now this is my hobby and frankly it isn’t any fun with a lying coach forcing his will against the grain of his personnel and acting like he can recruit this great class coming-in telling them all too the same message you gave this year’s class that they should all come here and we obviously need them so they can get early playing time.  No they can’t.  Not next year any more than this year.  All you have done this morning Thursday morning Kirby is say that you are NOT playing any freshmen.  Do you even stop and consider the negative energy that is to these or indeed any ever who are freshmen with you establishing this precedent that you prefer seasoned guys who are not as good or as talented as the new guys.  And what was this moving around of so many of your personnel just prior to game 8 Kirby ?  Late to do that ?  Why not some of these IMPACT players we’ve discussed Kirby ?  Why no moves to get any of them involved finally ?  Why same play calls and only lip-service by you toward the freshmen instead of play calls designed to take advantage of the # 1 athlete Mecole Hardman Jr. on offense for example Kirby ?  Can’t you as coach design your strategies around the talent you do have instead of just always only forcing your own will on me, on the other press, on the freshmen, on Jim Chaney to only run the ball, on Shane Beamer to just play the guys back there on special teams who Mark Richt played back there as the # 100 special teams last year too ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  Do you even know sir ?

K : “You do whatever you have to do to win the game.”  As for me moving around a dozen players including multiples I made a mistake on moving them from one side of the ball to the other, I wasn’t going to play them anyway.  Good move on my part to move them Thomas.  And I am not going to play them on the other side of the ball I moved them too either.  I want all their dozen scholarships back. I’m out and have some more guys I want to come in and help us we can sign but I’m out of scholarships for more commitments 2017.

me : You have redefined grey-shirting Kirby.  I expected that coming from Alabama.  Jerk them around make them all unhappy, sign another big class with same promise of PT and not play them either.  Par for the course.  You will have no problem having MORE scholarships Kirby.  A ton of unhappy freshmen will just leave – Ben Cleveland for example.  Frankly, any and all your existing 2016 freshmen class Kirby all jerked around like at Alabama.  Here where there is TALENT unlike the state of Alabama, we DO PLAY our freshmen Kirby.  This is 2016 sir. Across the board in every category of your team all 3 sides of the ball Kirby sir you are NOT doing what you need to do to win the games.  You purposely categorically refuse to play any freshmen Kirby.  The more you talk and lie the more I am convinced you were right in the first place to NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS Kirby.  Who told you they prepared you to talk to the press ?  You’re a freshmen Kirby and should not be allowed to speak with the press and certainly have made a grave error in smarting-off to me that you wanted me to call you this morning Kirby.  You wanted ANYTHING but.

K : “We had kids here last year that were talented enough their freshman year who couldn’t get out there because of the complexity of the scheme.  I’m going to sell the scheme as a way to lead a kid there knowing he can get to the next level once he learns it but not be stupid on my part and not have the best players out there. It is a fine line between the two.”

me : It’s a fine line between what 2 Kirby ?

K : Freshmen and having the best players on the field.

me : I thought so since you don’t play the freshmen – only if kicking and screaming you are forced to.

K : I hold private practices Thomas.

me : They all come running to us to tell us.

K : I gag all the freshmen and all the assistant coaches.

me : They all run to us Kirby and tell us everything.

K : The freshmen don’t talk to y’all because I monitor their Twitter and Facebook etc.

me : It’s a good thing you gag all the freshmen Kirby because they would be none too kind to you if you did not.

K :  I would just not play them if they did Thomas.

me : You do that already Kirby.

K : “I’m looking for great competition because there’s some young talent that may be as talented or more talented than a guy ahead of them when it comes to jumping, running fast, but maybe they don’t have as much experience. There’s great competition there. We told them yesterday nobody’s job is safe on defense or offense. This is going to be a totally competitive environment where every position is up for competition. If you don’t compete every day then you’ll be moved. We want to create that competition. I think competition breeds a little more success. We’re going to challenge those guys to compete out there. The guys that have been around and played a lot of snaps, they have no guarantee of keeping those snaps because there are some talented guys behind them and we’re going to let them play. We’ll keep it simple for them and let them go.”

me : Unless they are freshmen.

K : “I Like Jacob’s arm talent. We know that. He can make a lot of throws” I said after just the 3rd Spring Practice at Sanford Stadium.

me : Then why didn’t you give him reps with # 1 unit to have a well-oiled offense by now then ?

K : Because he is a freshmen and has room to improve.  I wanted him to not feel everything is handed to him.

me : You had no choice Kirby.

K : I am the only one who does have a choice Thomas, sir.

me : You said you want a unified fan base.

K : That is a big part of the culture here that folks want Mark Richt to be coach and not me.

me : No sir.  We offered the job to you, you said it would be your dream, then you did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time when we then fired him the very next day.

K : My job did not start here until January 12 and Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said that would be fine with them.

me : Then, they both need to be fired and then after that you need to be put on a short-leash with the press, and your antics with them and made to improve your team THIS YEAR.  You better use this coming-clean interview this morning Kirby to clear the air as you say and belly-up to the questions from all of us – as you are this morning.  I do so appreciate you finally answering these burning questions Kirby sir we all have about you.  Why did you try to hide these answers sir ?  We’re all love you and respect you and want nothing but the best for you and our program.  You should not be so adversarial with all of us trying to help by asking questions.

K : This year is toast.  I might as well answer these questions, which is why I Kirby Smart head coach Georgia Bulldogs asked you to call me UGA Thomas Brown.

me : You got that right on both counts – that the season is wasted and that you asked me to call you to get these answers and that you should have and are glad you did.

K : How did Greyson Lambert having 7 fumbles last year have anything to do with me Thomas sir ?

me : Because it taught you of all folks with 3 of those fumbles against your Defense Kirby that Greyson Lambert DOES NOT make us slightly better running the ball than Jacob Eason.

K : You just want to disagree with me Thomas.

me : No sir.  I just want you to win some games and not lie to us and play the freshmen if they are better like you said you would, not punish them for being freshmen.

K : Freshmen make mistakes.

me : One Kirby you don’t have any seniors or juniors and two Kirby if you did they make mistakes too.

K : You said Thomas that freshmen make mistakes.

me : No sir Kirby what I said is that YOU SAID that if they are the most talented that you would know that after 4 or 5 practices and would play them and if on offense would get them the ball.

K : I am in charge and the freshmen can not play for me.  That is my mindset.

me : Thank you Kirby sir.  I appreciate your candor for once on questions asked.

K : You’re welcome Thomas sir.  This was refreshing to have a press conference on the phone.  I should do this more.

me : You should answer questions more Kirby.  Then we would all know where you are weak and could help you Kirby coach our team better.  What about the kicker you got Mitchell Wasson ?

K : I am in charge and we are changing the culture here which is like a steamship in the night.  Mitchell Wasson is a freshman.  I am redshirting him.

me : It’s like a steamship alright Kirby – out of date out of touch too slow to react and no plans to even try to win this year.  You don’t have a kicker who kicks the ball out of the end zone.  Does Mitchell Wasson do that or not Kirby ?

K : I will play the freshmen more Thomas.

me : Mighty convenient about your 24-hour rule Kirby where you say after the games that you haven’t seen the tape yet and then when you have the next day, is taboo to discuss beyond 24-hours.  And no, you won’t play the freshmen more this year Kirby.  And you won’t play the freshmen in next year’s 2017 signing class either.  Or the freshmen in the 2018 class.  By then, as a result, you will be gone when you had no upper class and had to play the freshmen no matter how long you stonewall everyone only now coming clean that freshmen make mistakes so even if they’re better you prefer the seasoned guys which you were afforded none of.  I do appreciate however for a brief moment in time here this Thursday morning Kirby that you did dispense for a change with ALL your non-answers.   You were better-off NOT answering them Kirby.  Boy are we in a mess for a long time coming.



Kirby if you were playing your freshmen more than lip service and cameo appearances EVERYONE would feel better about 2016 and expectations you would in 2017 play your freshmen too. You’d STILL have to do something about the play-calling on offense and the special teams – and that’s before many other issues with YOU Kirby sir. Why are you on the TOP ROW of Coaches’ ? If you are going to be the ONLY one talking – you’d better ADDRESS these items. Right ?


All these folks talking-it-up it’s no big deal don’t get your panties in a wad now find Kirby Top 10 nationally on Coaches’


I mean it’s one or the other.


And Kirby isn’t doing anything about (1) offensive play-calling (2) special teams (3) playing his damn freshmen.


Kirby was NOT brought here to take a vacation honeymoon mulligan years nor to average 4 losses a season too the next 8, as we have the previous 8 at just 73-32.



Like I said Kirby is slow on the uptake. Game 8 next and NOW he moves around players but does he do it at positions of need with IMPACT players moved so they can PLAY ? No sir. Suspensions of 2 starting linebackers or just one of them suspended – the one caught last year too. This is where Mark Richt should’ve kicked him off last year ? I mean he did kick-off one last year with him and this is really 3 times for him right ? One is Suspended for rest of the year instead Kirby practiced both starting linebackers yesterday. Wake up Kirby. Speaking of waking up : What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.

Here all my assistants game 8 next and instead of you DOING SOMETHING to IMPACT our 4-3 season down the stretch here.  Take ALL THESE GUYS I want the scholarships of to recruit BETTER players with and quit working on what you need to do to fix ALL this and instead here take ALL these guys and teach them ALL  a new position too.  That is my answer to the OBVIOUS wholesale changes of IMPACT players to make a difference the remainder of the season.  Oh and both starting linebackers get out there at your STARTING positions both of you at starting linebacker.  Let me send THAT MESSAGE just before The University has to step in on AT LEAST ONE for the remainder of the season.  I realize he is going to be suspended for the rest of the season but since he is the 1 guy I want starting at LB let him at least practice there so our # 1 Rival can beat the ever-living bejesus out of us too – you know like 48 to nothing Ole Miss – picking on a guy you don’t practice with the # 1 unit now. Seriously ?


Too early to draw conclusions ?  How do you figure that ?


If it were about losing to Vanderbilt, which it is not, then I could understand that it is too soon to draw conclusions.  But that is not the case at all.


After all in the last 25 years we have lost to Vanderbilt now 3 times.  Twice by Mark Richt.  So losing to Vanderbilt is NOT why Kirby is on the hot seat.


It is the whole entire package of not understanding offenses or special teams at all and his absolute wasting of freshmen because of his clear bias against them even at positions of need.


No the base position of Kirby is all wrong.  I want to be in charge Kirby screams.  Then Kirby makes some minor changes and tweaks for a whole entire host of players game 8 next.  Late Kirby ?  And right after I said it is OVER with you sir if you don’t fix this NOW.  You don’t get it Kirby.  Wholesale changes to KEY FRESHMEN finally turning them ALL LOOSE including Ben Cleveland who after 2018 goes to NFL with Jacob Eason – learn offense or hire offensive GURU in-shape OC and stay out of it – and learn special teams or hire FATHER not son who actually did something on special teams and stay out of that too.  Or MOVE-ON.


And try making some changes that mean something.  This wasting of time teaching players new positions at every part of the team prior to game 8 is counter-productive to what you should have done now.  Guys who you really don’t want on your 85 scholarships and are tacitly asking to leave.


These cosmetic changes of personnel from one side of the ball to the other are what you should’ve done with KEY PLAYERS before Spring.  You do not do that game 8 next Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  And what you had to do in the Spring we are TELLING you to do now finally Kirby while you procrastinate and think you can weather the storm and screw-up the rest of your mulligan year too was not to run-off a dozen guys prior to # 1 Rival game down there in JAX but to move KEY FRESHMEN to IMPACT POSITIONS.


Why do I always get addressed ?


Because I am CONSTANTLY right.


It’s too little too late now Kirby.


Make some significant shake-ups of inserting freshmen into the line-ups both sides of the ball and on special teams – you know Kirby the 3rd side of the ball.


Hello ?


And where did you say something about the play calls Kirby ?  Did you figure you could DUCK that issue as well by gagging every assistant coach and telling ALL of them NONE of them can speak to the press at ALL Kirby ?


Answer the questions Kirby.


I removed you from being in charge Kirby if you can not fix ANY of your 3 weaknesses.  You don’t know what you’re doing offensively special teams nor with freshmen and it has gone on since January 12.


I told you BIG CHANGES in your base position offense special teams and Freshmen and you respond with this that guys you never intended to play one side of the ball you are moving to the other side where you also have no intentions of ever sending any of them out there on that side of the ball too.  And what about figuring out your top 22 players and get them ALL 22 on the field at SOME POSITION any position Kirby ?  Good Lord Kirby.  Hello.  Is anyone home ?


Nice opening kick-off Kirby to the 3-yard line.  Where did you say Mitchell Wasson is whom you recruited as your ONLY KICKING RECRUIT 2016 Kirby ?  If you have so much confidence in your kicker that you eschew the field goal after running a running play with one minute to go before half to hear all of us boo Kirby and throw to a 5 feet 4 inch tall guy who drops them anyway instead where is Mitchell Wasson ?  I have NOT seen him.  I care NOT about your PRIVATE personal practices Kirby as you sir are IN QUESTION.  I want to see Mitchell Wasson Lassiter whom you STOLE from Nick Saban at the last moment Kirby the # 26 best kicker in America.  I can assure you kicking-off to the 3-yard line is why you LOST the game that and eschewing the field goal in favor of your FAVORITE Isaiah McKenzie.  Isaiah is the ONLY player we have according to you Kirby.


Nice punt returns by him too 8 that all 8 got by him including 2 MORE bobbles.


Oh yeah and great kick-off return by # 100 KR man Reggie Davis.  I see we still have not taught him which ones to return and which not to Kirby.  You are TOO involved in the details of EVERY area to be good at ANY of them.  Work on the most important items that day.


Such as should I play a freshmen PR and Kick-Off man Mecole Hardman Jr. ?


Look Kirby you can either make these changes in your base positions offensively on special teams and with freshmen or move along.  I see you don’t understand Kirby.  I said do THESE or move along.


As for the suspensions, one is suspended for the rest of the year.  If Kirby doesn’t The University of Georgia will do it for Kirby.  Both practiced Kirby ?  Excuse me ?


Kirby still has not unredshirted Ben Cleveland moved Mecole Hardman Jr. to getting a rush or a pass thrown to him nor even looked at to return kick-offs or punts wasted Elijah Holyfield’s freshmen year gives cameo appearance to Brian Herrien only the leading rusher per rush all season not moved around his logjam at TE to get 3 of them on the field every down playing games at receiver when game 8 next and clear none holding on to ball etc.


You are stubborn Kirby about the very weakest areas you have – total blind spots offensively on special teams and freshmen.


Getting nasty with the press about these 3 key areas of weakness for you Kirby only serves to make the point on ALL 3 all the more clear to everyone and why I called for you to move along if you don’t it fix all 3.  Why ?  Because I knew you would announce you aren’t doing ANYTHING about ANY of the 3 Kirby.  I have you down boy.


You’re too conservative Kirby like most folks in South Georgia.


And be a man and apologize to the freshmen Kirby for this harangue you have had against them ALL from the beginning because by God I am NOT PUTTING UP with THAT AGAIN 2017 with those freshmen or 2018 when you announce after 4 or 5 practices you can determine if the player is elite and get them on the field on offense and get them the ball.


And then going into game 8 in 2018 still having NOT PLAYED ANY FRESHMAN really at ALL just nasty statements about EVERY FRESHMAN all 2016 and 2017 and 2018…


Acted upon nasty statements about EVERY freshman by Kirby all 2016 Spring Fall and into # 1 Rival Rivalry week wasting time of your assistants to teach new positions to a dozen players instead of FIXING this.  Acted upon nasty statements by NOT letting them play.


Your shtick of tough-love to freshmen reminds me Kirby of Rodney Garner.  He coached in the 2 previous regimes here prior to you and that was ALL he did too.  That does NOT work.  He is living proof.


When do you pull the plug ?  Oh let him continue THESE POLICIES such as notably hating on ALL FRESHMEN and then if after 2018 still the same – then well yeah I guess he has to go.  But ONLY then.  I mean I was satisfied with Mark Richt the last 8 years averaging 4 losses 73-32.


So I fully expected you to say that it’s too early to come to any CONCLUSIONS.


And I really loved the blog post yesterday on Bulldog Illustrated former Leather Helmet Dawg saying that Mark Richt is gone so whining about having him still here instead of this by Kirby would be SO GREAT is counter-productive. Must be getting a lot of those e-mails right I’mYourHuckleberry ?


After you said that it was unacceptable what Mark Richt was doing his last entire 8 years 4 loss average and now announce the same for Kirby across the board the # 75 team in America with the # 7 average recruiting rankings.


Frying pan to fire.


What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.




Mulligan ?

Barrett Sallee longtime B.S. artist says Kirby gets his MULLIGAN THIS ENTIRE YEAR and that WE SHOULD NOT QUESTION THE HIRE OF KIRBY.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee but it seems to me that EVERY time you open your dumb mouth we disagree.  I can not think of a single article you have EVER written with which I agree.


If you consider that the areas Kirby is weakest in are special teams which he has NO EXPERIENCE at offense which he has NO EXPERIENCE in either and PLAYING FRESHMEN when he was told before he took this gig that Mark Richt returned the # 93 in the nation experienced 2-Deep this 2016 season – then there is NO HOPE that Kirby indeed will play THE BEST FRESHMEN CLASS THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HAS EVER HAD FOR THE 2017 SIGNING DATE next year either.


Therefore I asked the question how long until Kirby learns ALL THESE areas he is so weak at ?


What classes is he taking to learn these I asked ?


Who is going to teach Kirby this NOW given that his athletics’ director Greg McGarity is an average at best former tennis player and short-term erstwhile girl’s tennis coach ?


He has tried to cover-up for it as I also pointed out by ranting at the press.  He categorically refuses to accept that our fan base and our blogs and press are TRYING TO HELP HIM.




Yes sir we need to SERIOUSLY question this hire by Greg McGarity as unprepared stubborn and headstrongly against any input from ANY one.


His goal of quickly determining elite status of 85 scholarship players we gave him after 4 or 5 practices he told us has turned into mush as he is too conservative not only on offense and special teams but in playing his freshmen class who if they were not gagged like all his assistants they would ALL tell you that Kirby has been mean-spirited toward what was a great recruiting class through Brian Herrien at least # 7 in the nation.


Help across the board – yes including receivers who can catch Jacob Eason.


He is holding us back.


I say ultimatum fix ALL this NOW Kirby or move along boy.


There is no mulligan.


There is no ADDITIONAL season we can simply WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt did averaging 4-losses a season his last entire 8 years at 73-32.  No more 12 unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season as per last entire 8 years.  No more losing to 18 of last 24 top 15 game opponents # 45 nationally at that.


We hired him to fix this.


We offered him $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives 2016 not including retirement or unlimited expense account or commercials.  Instead he stayed away 6 weeks and 4 days after Greg McGarity first offered it to Kirby November 28 then with his assurance the next day then logically fired Mark Richt.


Instead he gets a mulligan.


Instead he brings his own prejudge of all freshmen desire to not play our stars on special teams and refusal to do anything but run because it makes his defense better and because he thinks fewer things can go wrong when you run.


And is 4-3 on the season loser of 3 of the last 4 games with you say Barrett Sallee more to come all season this season.


Well that isn’t what Kirby told us.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee 2016 is not that which is ACCEPTABLE according to 100 % of our fan base.  If he had played his freshmen knew anything about offense or special teams he would not be in this pickle of you asking for a mulligan for him ALL SEASON 2016.


2017 ?




15 First Down Runs by Jim Chaney and Kirby Homecoming. 36 net yards per Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation today. Why did we lose ? That does NOT work Kirby. What is this B.S. Kirby you said that you run in such situations 91 % of the time because “fewer bad things happen.” Excuse me Kirby ? You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.

What do YOU consider not being something bad happening on 1st Down running the ball 91 % of the time Kirby ?


When you are in 2nd and long EVERY time you run the ball, that is bad Kirby.  Really really bad.  Jesus Christ.


I am NOT going to put-up with it Kirby.  For the last 8 years we averaged 4 losses per year because we lost to 12 teams unranked either time game or season AND lost to 18 of 24 top 15 teams # 45 in the nation with # 7 average recruiting rankings.  I fired him for that.


I would be INCONSISTENT which I am NOT to fail to point-out that this is totally unacceptable on many levels Kirby.  I’mYourHuckleberry yesterday said he too is disappointed and that he too finds ALL THIS UNACCEPTABLE Kirby.


He asked us all what are we going to do about it ?


I guess I am going to point-out what we need to do.


Same as I tried to do with Mark Richt.


I am certainly NOT going to sit here and be 2-faced and say out of one side of my mouth that you are doing an UNACCEPTABLE JOB KIRBY and then say I am 100 % committed to you.  I find these dubious beginnings built-upon a bad base mindset on your part Kirby.


Yes sir I am judging you Kirby.


I am NOT judging you based on Mark Richt.  He was unacceptable as well.




I am judging you not on what he NEVER DID which was EVER put us on the national stage at the end of the season both teams ranked at the very top of the Final AP Poll – the nation watching.  THAT is our goal accomplished 16 times prior and you have shot this season to hell Kirby.  I gave you no Honeymoon.  No season you could just WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt has been doing and is again this season down there at Miami of Florida.  Hell he lost to North Carolina as I GUARANTEED on my blog he would’ve here too in game 1.




I do not see you learning what is needed Kirby and frankly I don’t have the time to.


Move along.  Again, I am NOT putting up with it Kirby.  If you took some solace from ImYourHuckleberry yesterday Kirby – here is MY REPLY then thereto.  You either fix this Kirby or move-on.  Those are the 2 choices.



If the ones you do allow to play Offensive Line such as NOT Ben Cleveland can not block for the run and you have TELEGRAPHED to EVERY opponent that you think Offensive Strategy 2016 is to ONLY RUN THE FOOTBALL, then guess what Kirby ?


MORE BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you run the football 16 First Downs against really a not all that great Vanderbilt team Kirby.


Yes I did warn you every post all week long Kirby that Vandie is a good team.  I also told you every other word in this post this morning too every post all week long.  You don’t listen Kirby because you are stubborn and because you are too conservative.


Ben Cleveland has been redshirted because he dared to be a true freshman.


Brian Herrien leads the team in yards per rush but since he is a freshman you gave him only a cameo appearance Homecoming Kirby.  He is generally considered the # 19 best running back in America Kirby.


Elijah Holyfield is considered the consensus # 6 best running back in America.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is the # 1 athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Charlie Woerner is the # 6 best athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Ben Cleveland you have not played at all.

Mecole Hardman Jr. you did not play at all the first several games after entire Fall Practice – not 4 or 5 practices Kirby.  You have not handed him the ball nor thrown to him either.

Elijah Holyfield dared to be a freshman.

Charlie Woerner you have thrown 3 balls to all year and no rushes.

Brian Herrien you gave a cameo appearance to Saturday when you COULD NOT RUN the ball on 1st down Kirby.




Mecole Hardman Jr. can run the football a LOT better than Isaiah McKenzie.  But a freshmen he also does not get to play.


36 Net Yards Kirby on 16 First Down Runs vs unranked 0-3 SEC never won on the road in The SEC in 3 years for their coach Derek Mason.


What we have here is a failure to communicate with you Kirby.  All season long we have TOLD YOU your opponents know this about you ALREADY Kirby.  That you TOLD Jim Chaney to RUN THE BALL.


Now this Saturday at Homecoming you come right out and say it aloud : “When you run fewer bad things happen.”  That is a FAILED OFFENSE Kirby – not that you know anything about offenses or special teams Kirby.


Or what constitutes looking at a player after 4 or 5 practices and knowing if he is elite or not – either Kirby.


There is no reason to keep you around to watch your antics with the press when they ask you questions about your knowledge of offenses, special teams, and why certain what we ALL THOUGHT are top players are NOT PLAYING Kirby.


All these proven head coaches we could have at least asked : How much ?


Yeah, we can pay you $ 6 million.  Let me see now we will have a former middling tennis player who later became women’s tennis coach for a year to ask you what you know about football offense special teams and recognizing elite talent after 4 or 5 practices Kirby.


Let him decide whom the “search firm” offers-up for choices to choose from.  This Greg McGarity lousy tennis player and girl’s tennis coach for a year.


Kirby who do you think knows more about talent offense and special teams you or ALL OF US sir ?


I have news for you Kirby : Collectively, we know a LOT more about offense, special teams and quick talent recognition than you sir.  You better start listening to us and quit being so conservative and stubborn about all this Kirby.


Seriously “Fewer bad things happen when you run the football.” Kirby ?


This is 2016 Kirby wake up.


Do you have ANY idea what an ENERGY VAMPIRE you have been to your FRESHMAN CLASS Kirby ?  Obviously you do NOT care.  When Mark Richt only handed you on his returning 2-Deep 2 seniors and 6 juniors any seasoned coach would have instantly recognized that he HAD TO PLAY his freshmen.  Game 8 next game and you STILL HAVE NOT.  However, I dug up your QUOTE yesterday Kirby that you said after 4 or 5 practices you would recognize whether a player was an ELITE PLAYER OR NOT.  Excuse me you said that about Mecole Hardman Jr. when we ASKED YOU KIRBY if you were planning on redshirting him since you HAVE NOT even given him a snap the first SEVERAL games this season and THEN only put him in on special teams but NOT AN IMPACT POSITION.


A detailed study of ANY of your freshmen class Kirby reveals CLEARLY that you have SAID in public that they ALL are NOT Elite players.  Because you PROMISED US Kirby if they ARE ELITE PLAYERS that you would GET THEM ON THE FIELD and you said if on Offense would GET THEM THE BALL.


The problem with me Kirby is that I remember what everyone says.


I assimilate that.  I took you at your word.


You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.


You have completely and fully disappointed all Bulldogs Kirby.  That includes Mary Beth Lycett Smart.  Kirby you are not ready to be a head coach sir.


How long do we WAIT until you do learn to be one Kirby ?  Who is going to teach you now ?  Greg McGarity ?  A former tennis coach for a year – girl’s tennis and former less than average tennis player ?  I certainly would have thought with your grades here all A Kirby all 4 years all A that by now you would have learned that your freshmen had to play.  Honestly Kirby that is your # 1 mistake – which is saying something.


These 3 glaring weaknesses you have Kirby : Offense, Special Teams, Recognizing Elite talent and putting them on the field freshman or not – have ruined this season.


( )



Next game is game 8 this season. Florida after our bye week this week. Why have our opponents out-scored us ? Why have our opponents returned kick-offs better than we do ? Why do we have more penalties than our opponents ? Why do our opponents have better Net Punting than we do ? Why do our opponents have a better Net Kick-Off than we do ? Why do our opponents have more sacks than we do ? Why have our opponents scored more touchdowns than we have ? “It won’t take us long. You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.”

Well on Offense it is because of what Kirby did all Spring and all Fall Practices not getting the # 1 unit set and together to become a well-oiled machine.  This was because Kirby waffled at QB like he did not know who would be his QB.  In fact he said as much.


“I think it’s going to go into August. I need to use the G-Day Game to judge.”


Kirby said this about 1 of his players he brought in this season but not about others he brought in :


“I’m looking for him to come in and compete right away. It’s not like it’s a deal where you can sit down there and say You’re coming in fourth string. You’ve got to come in and compete.”


Kirby they ALL need to come in and compete.  No one you bring-in should be considered 4th string Kirby.  Why bring him in if that is your expectations of him Kirby ?  Why treat him or you to that ?


Kirby you were the # 93 most experienced team left you by Mark Richt 2016.  You knew right then that you had to play your freshmen.  Only you failed to practice and prepare them and it


HAS SHOWN on offense Kirby.


“If Mecole Hardman Jr. is one our best 11 players on either side of the ball he needs to be on the field. To determine that I don’t think it takes real long. Now will he have a lot to learn? A lot. A lot more than he knows. But that’s our job. That’s why they pay us as coaches to educate players and get them on the field. I think he’s a great athlete. It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite OK or if he’s going to be able to handle this. I do think he’s a very mature kid that’s going to be able to handle a little bit of the pressure because he kind of likes that. He’s always been that way.”


Really Kirby ?


So what you are saying is that you think Jacob Eason is not elite and you think Mecole Hardman Jr. is not elite and you think that Ben Cleveland is not elite.  Kirby that is what you have told us.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Practices Monday September 5 and Tuesday September 6 2016 Greyson Lambert took the snaps with the # 1 unit and Jacob Eason did NOT. This is AFTER the 1st game this season for Kirby. And before Nicholls State.



September 8 2016 “We’ve got to make some decisions as we go. It’s hard to get two guys enough reps – more or less one. So we’ll have to make a decision.”  This is AFTER Kirby’s 1st game where he started Greyson Lambert and before Nicholls State.


Why is the offense in disarray ?


And it’s not just Jacob Eason Kirby has held-back and made insignificant to 2016 :


Ben Cleveland – redshirted with the blocking demonstrated by Kirby’s OL vs. Vanderbilt yesterday. You are kidding me right ? We don’t need Ben Cleveland Jacob Eason’s best friend at all. I mean he is only the ONLY OL Kirby signed 2016 and the best OL Kirby signed 2016 and Kirby says Nah I don’t need Ben Cleveland. Folks will say that Mark Richt left me with no talent so I can write-off 2016. Ben Cleveland leaves after 2018 anyway so now we only get to see Ben Cleveland 2017 and 2018 only just like Knowshon Moreno – no difference.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Tyler Simmons – Kirby rips the redshirt off Tyler Simmons last week vs South Carolina only. He got 1 snap on offense. That is all season long. Game 8 coming-up next for Kirby and this 4-star wide receiver from McEachern has been put in for one play in one game and that is it.



Chauncey Manac not played one snap


Isaac Nauta – a beast among men Kirby has only given him one start all year. You will watch him on Sundays set records for decades but Kirby sparingly has used him. Does Jacob Eason have any receivers who can catch the ball ? No. Does Kirby put Isaac Nauta out wide ? Never crosses his mind. Mecole Hardman Jr. either. Kirby has not put him out wide either. Sony Michel ? Do we line-up Sony Michel outside or tell him to run the ball up the middle ? I ask you ?   Sony Michel has only 11 catches while being forced to run the ball up the middle 73 times when in every game they have stuffed our run.  It is hard to imagine a worse offense in this much disarray game 8 next. Whom does Kirby design his offense around ? Really it is Isaiah McKenzie. That’s right. That is the featured Kirby player on Offense 2016 season : Isaiah McKenzie. Kirby has thrown the ball to Isaiah McKenzie MORE than the next 2 targets combined.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Charlie Woerner – game 8 next game and Kirby has seen fit to throw Charlie Woerner 3 passes all season long. 3. You would NEVER know you will be watching him on Sundays after just 2 more seasons after this one. Not with Kirby as coach.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Mecole Hardman Jr. did not get even one snap until SEC schedule started then only playing bit role cameo appearance last few games at all.  This Sunday NFL player # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby does not think is elite at all.  That’s what he said.  Game 8 next.  Mecole Hardman Jr. has played a snap or 2 on special teams  but not at any impact position even on special teams and that is IT.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Elijah Holyfield – not allowed to play even 1 snap vs Vanderbilt. Benched – sat down by Kirby. Kirby has WASTED his season and should have redshirted him hoping he does not leave after 2018 season.   Next game is game 8 this season and Elijah Holyfield has 5 carries all season long. 5. Elijah 2016 has 5 carries and 1 catch. That’s it.


Michail Carter not given any snaps at all 2 of the games already this season barely used when he was in a game


Brian Herrien when The SEC schedule began after his stupendous start for us 2016 Kirby did not even put him in the game – sat him down – benched him for Missouri game. Cameo role vs Vanderbilt. Who has the highest average per rush 2016 for The Georgia Bulldogs ? That’s right Brian Herrien. This has just been awful.

“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Solomon Kindley – Kirby ripped the redshirt off Solomon Kindley for the Missouri game – gave him a couple of snaps and benched him no snaps any other game before or after. Why waste his redshirt either Kirby ? Criminal misuse of 2016 for Solomon Kindley by Kirby.


Greyson Lambert – Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason so I am choosing Greyson Lambert as my QB for the 2016 season Kirby told us all. He started Greyson Lambert vs North Carolina whom he promptly went 10-points down to. Then Kirby brought-in Jacob Eason who is not as good a QB as Greyson Lambert Kirby told us all and all he did was put us ahead by several points in short-order. What did Kirby do ? Kirby benched Jacob Eason in the North Carolina game and brought BACK in Greyson Lambert his starter once Jacob Eason bailed him out and put us ahead finally in the game. What happened to Jacob Eason the next week after this great start by Jacob Eason ? That’s right. Right back to Greyson Lambert. Monday and Tuesday AFTER Jacob Eason bailed his butt out against North Carolina, Kirby had Greyson Lambert BACK taking the snaps with the # 1 unit on BOTH Monday and Tuesday. Criminal ? You tell me ? Then Kirby continues this harangue against Jacob Eason not getting to take the snaps with the # 1 unit to have a cohesive offense 2016 and YANKS Jacob Eason in game 2 and puts BACK-IN Greyson Lambert. Waffling indecisive. Poor judge of talent. Yet Kirby tells us in 4 or 5 practices if the guy is elite I will recognize it right-off. No Kirby you will NOT sir.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby





Kirby who told Offense to waste 35 rushes with 9 in the box sir ? Is that you Kirby or Jim Chaney ? Kirby who told you that a guy who made a living on special teams had a son you should hire to do that for you sir ? I see no Ben Cleveland. Home Game beautiful day and you are averaging 58 players played 85 on Scholarship. 27 Scholarship Players not played at all. Kirby sir you have WASTED the freshman class. Throw ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. All you want to do is run. I understand it makes defense better. Pass ball to WR who can catch. PLAY FRESHMEN. Stubborn running all these games 9 in box sir. Run ball minute go before half LOSING Kirby ? Kirby you can MOVE ALONG if that all you know about Offense and Special Teams. Better take some classes Kirby. Here let me let you carry MY clipboard Kirby.



I’d say Greg McGarity loses his job before you do Kirby.


But it’s close.



“But the bottom line is this: Things would have to get a whole lot worse for UGA administrators or the athletic board to take any action to fire Mark Richt.” – by Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation 2015 October 16 six weeks before he was fired. Then February 2016 Chip Towers followed that gem up with this : “In November Greg McGarity finally pulled the trigger and fired Mark Richt. And anybody who thinks that was an easy decision is kidding themselves.” It was a clear decision to fire Mark Richt – in fact it took TOO LONG.

Move along Chip Towers – your shtick has grown old and moldy boy.


It was writers like you Chipper Towers who held this program back for 8 long years of losing to top teams and losing to unranked teams every year.


You were wrong about Mark Richt Chip Towers – weren’t you ? You’re still wrong defending Mark Richt Chip Towers – aren’t you ? It was long since over October 16 2015 when the decision was already long since clear. He did not do anything for 8 long excruciating years and all you EVER did was cover his butt Chip Towers. Have his back.  Make-up lies as excuses for Mark Richt’s losing ways after 2007.  If Mark Richt had stopped too quickly, you would have had shit all over your nose so up his asshole as you were and still are Chip Towers.


I am not kidding myself Chipper Towers. I told you he had to be fired for his record against top teams and for his many inexplicable losses to unranked teams – both after 2007. You deleted my post. I quit writing on your blog after calling you to discuss it. I made you put your boss on the phone Chip Towers about censoring your detractors because you are just one of those pussies who can not stand to hear the other viewpoint.


When you worked at the Athens Banner-Herald before taking the job from Bogart to the AJ-C DawgNation, you could not handle the truth there about Mark Richt either Chipper Towers. That’s your bio Chip Towers.


Go to Miami of Florida Chip Towers and root for him down there. It’s miserable in Miami. Cuban goulash bugs that never die because it stays too hot year-round hurricanes damn Yankees who stay down there – not part of the South as the farther South you go past Jacksonville – the farther North you travel. I would not live in Miami if you gave me the whole damn town. Crime. Drugs. Drug cartels. Cocaine alley. I want no part of any of it. Help yourself Chipper Towers.


“But the bottom line is this: Things would have to get a whole lot worse for UGA administrators or the athletic board to take any action.” – by Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation 2015 October 16 six weeks before he was fired.


( )



“In November Greg McGarity finally pulled the trigger and fired Mark Richt. And anybody who thinks that was an easy decision is kidding themselves.”  February 2016 Chip Towers.





You can not handle the truth Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation and NEVER have been able to. Quit telling us how great Mark Richt is. I fired him 2015 November 29 scantly right after you wrote he was doing just fine in fact VERY WELL and neither the UGA Administration nor the Athletic Board would fire him.  Just six scant weeks later indeed as I had been trying to say for 8 years on your blog Chip Towers in fact I was proven correct and you proven to be a liar Chip Towers.


You did not want me to remember this in your on-going continuing love-fest of Mark Richt did you Chip Towers you God damned LIAR.


Guess what ?


I remember it plainly and clearly.


As I do all the loses to top teams and inexplicable losses to unranked teams his last entire 8 years of average 4 losses a season at just 73-32.


You are interviewing with Miami papers since we do have Seth Emerson who has to do your job for you since you refuse to do so – right Chip Towers ?


Listening to you Chipper Towers is like listening to Mark Richt tell lies to us – no difference.


10-15-2016 at 4 a.m.

Mike Ekeler says Mark Richt LOST CONTROL. His staff held a mutiny with in-fighting among his staff he hired and for whom Mark Richt was alone responsible for. Mark Richt himself had a big huge fight with Jeremy Pruitt at Mark Richt’s home. And Mark Richt had 2 big huge fights with Todd Grantham on the field. Mark Richt was our Leader ? Mark Richt was IN CONTROL ? For Mark Richt’s last 8 years here : Averaged 4 loses per season, lost to the top 15 teams with his # 7 recruiting ranking at # 45 in the nation rate losing 18 of 24, and threw in for good measure 1 or 2 losses per year to unranked teams – 12 such losses alone his last 8 years. Mark Richt has DIFFERENT GOALS than we : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.” Mark Richt retitled himself CEO after 2007, and just LOST IT. No CEO, Mark Richt LOST CONTROL across the board in every conceivable measurement. Instead while Mark Richt LOST CONTROL, his staff hired and fired their own staff with OUT his permission and against his authority. If you want to be a Mark Richt fan – go to Miami of Florida. All I care about is BEATING VANDIE. It’s GREAT to BE a Georgia Bulldog ! Mike Ekeler comes clean on the MUTINY against Mark Richt.

A mutiny is when the crew of a rudderless ship, according to the crew, openly oppose then demand change by the captain and finally overthrow the captain.  They do so because they say the captain has incorrect authority.  They believe in their heart of hearts they are the authority because by God Above – they just have to be.  The crew has to be in charge because the captain is interested in different goals than their PURPOSES.  They are at odds with the captain on the very essence of their existence.   There is so much vitriol by the crew toward the captain that the captain is NO LONGER IN CONTROL.


That he can not be in control any longer.


In our case, our purpose was to win his staff said, while Mark Richt said repeatedly that There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


The mutineers were correct.


Don’t tell me how you view how Mark Richt is doing at Miami of Florida.  I do NOT care.


So you spent all day long on Get the Picture senator bluto blog today all saying how badly you wanted to read the book on all this.


Here is then for you.


It is a short book.  There is not much to it really.  He coached well from 2002 to 2007 then quit coaching and became CEO.  It was a long 15-years where he won 2002-2007 and lost to EVERYONE after 2007.  Any way you slice-up his wins and losses, he lost to EVERYONE after 2007.  He was 73-32 his last 8 years after 2007.  This was made-up of 37-1 vs. non-bowl teams (nobodies)  and 36-32 vs. teams who played in one of the 42 bowl games – barely above the Mendoza Line.  36-32 vs EVERYONE his last 8 years.


You slice it up for me ?


You tell me that Mike Ekeler did not just say what he did just say ?


I am NOT here to talk about 2002-2007.  You do that well enough for ALL of us.  How do you talk about 2002-2007 ?  You LUMP in what he did do 2002-2007 when we ALL LOVED THE GUY with what he did NOT do after 2007 and say here Mark Richt was THIS over his entire 15-year career.




The mutiny happened by his coaching staff as ALL CAN NOW CLEARLY SEE because he was a shell of himself after 2007.


Why lump in then what he did 2002-2007 ?


Did not I root for Mark Richt and BRAG on Mark Richt 2002-2007 ?


Damn right I did.  On every blog in America.


As for your continued LIES that it will be hard to match what Mark Richt did from 2001-2015 of only 145 wins in 15-game seasons for the top teams which we were NOT, we were trying to tell you that he LOST IT after 2007 and you categorically refuse to focus on our point that he was FIRED for what he did NOT do after 2007.


He reported to Greg McGarity for 6 years.  He LOST 24 games.  That is 4-losses per season for 6 seasons.  It was the backdrop to the hire of Greg McGarity that he had lost 4 games per season for the two seasons prior to Greg McGarity being hired as well.


But all you can say is that it will be hard to beat 145 wins for Kirby or anyone else the next 15 years.


Be real.


You can not be that stupid that you think you can stonewall us all that Mark Richt wasn’t going anywhere and what sorry fans we are for saying he had to be FIRED.


Get on the bus you admonished me.


You bullied me on the Internet to TRY to shut me up about Mark Richt.  Now the truth all comes out.


Look Mark Richt LOST CONTROL. His goal of something here besides winning that’s important was not a proper goal for an employee at the state’s highest public institution. It’s against the United States Constitution.  And it was NOT his goal.  MR only thought that it was and said it was for his last 8 years here.  I want to lead the boys to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Winning ?  I do not care what happens at Georgia in wins and losses for that is NOT how I am judged.  If I were judged solely on being just a football coach, that would be a disaster.   I am comfortable in my Walk with Jesus and know that that is more important than whatever happens at Georgia in terms of wins and losses.  If it is God’s Will that we win the game, great.  If not, it is all to God’s Glory anyway because here at Georgia there’s something besides winning that’s really important.


  1. # 45 vs Top 15 teams his last 8 years losing 18 of 24
  2. # 42 vs Top 25 season his last 8 years here
  3. Only beat the teams who went on to a bowl game 53 % of the time last 8 years
  4. Lost to 12 unranked teams game or season his last 8 years here
  5. Mark Richt averaged 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years
  6. All this with the average # 7 recruiting ranking


And you said I could not talk about Mark Richt and Religion on YOUR BLOG.


That was the whole entire point.


These WERE his goals and he FAILED MISERABLY for 8 years. He found that out that indeed these ARE his goals when Mark Richt ADMITTED to Aaron Murray in the AM interview to DawgNation after he was fired, that Mark Richt was genuinely surprised and DISAPPOINTED he was FIRED.


Mark Richt thought that his goals were something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


You can not focus on that, either.


Mark Richt JUST LOST IT from the time he said he was no longer Offensive Coordinator, but CEO he called himself after 2007.


Mike Bobo was a puppet offensive coordinator, too – as were ALL the “offensive coordinators” listed in my media guide each year.


Mark Richt called ALL the shots on offense.  In fact, he told Vince Dooley that December 20 of 2000 when he told VD that he would come here and coach our quarterbacks and run our offense.


Then he quit doing that and became CEO he called himself.  What a joke.  CEO.


Mike Bobo LOST to every ranked team every big game.


I told you he would NOT be a great head coach.


He has been in fact EXACTLY what I told you as has Mark Richt continuing to lose to EVERY ranked team EITHER ever plays.


Mike Ekeler said that Brian Schottenheimer was not running any variation of his BS offense, but Mark Richt’s Offense. Mike Ekeler said that it’s your gig or it’s not your gig. Be judged ME said on an offense that was NOT your offense ?  Note that it was the MR offense and MR was unwilling to do it any longer.  So MR hired BS to do it for him.  Here run this offense BS.  Here is the play book.  Run these plays.  Here is your QB.  Use him.  Now here is your new QB.  Run those plays.  Oh and we have the week off this week BS.


BS held a press meeting prior to the season and said he would NEVER start a game manager.  This was before MR announced that Greyson Lambert after 5 practices with the # 1 unit was his starter 2015 and would have been right now today in 2016.


The plays were drawn-up by MR.


We certainly KEPT the MR terms for HIS plays during the entire MR 15-year career.


We are NOT talking about the MR 15-year career however : That is just only you who are.  That’s right.  You STILL ARE talking about his entire 15-year career.  Not once have you been able to argue.  We say for 8 long years he quit being involved and became CEO he said.  He stepped back gave up quit and had OTHER GOALS than ours to win after 2007.  He did NOT CARE what happened in terms of wins or losses and said openly that he thought that he was NOT JUDGED on wins and losses and that it would be a DISASTER if he were.  We were all very happy with MR 2002-2007 and therefore it is OUR FOCUS to discuss his last 8 years.


All you can say is it impossible for ANYONE to match Mark Richt’s 145 wins in 15 years.  That is so utterly ridiculous that no one has ever taken you on on that.  But I shall.  Seasons have been 15-game seasons for the top teams.  Winning 10 is NOT our goal and 73-32 his last 8 years is NOT having 10-win seasons.  It is seven (7) shy of 10-win seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams.


He had the # 7 average recruiting class and was the Charlie Brown of College Football with it – wasting it.


All he needs is to replace BS as OC you said.


All he needs is Jacob Eason you said.


Mark Richt would NOT be playing Jacob Eason as his QB right now today and you know it.


You TRIED to tell me Kirby should not be either.


It is the period after 2007 where he LOST CONTROL.


Some of us can, and others of us can not, focus on just these most recent 8 years.


Mark Richt averaged 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years.


All everyone ever says about MR is that he is a nice guy.


And a dumbass coach without leadership who did not care about wins and losses any longer.  Not important to him.  Not how he is judged he said.


MR coaches were fighting not only with each other but with MR.

MR hated Todd Grantham but did not fire him – kept him despite it.

Bobby Petrino hired TG while MR still had TG as his DC.

MR hired ANOTHER guy MR hated, to replace TG.

MR and Jeremy Pruitt had a huge big fight at the MR home.

These are NOT rumors. None of these are rumors.  This is all fact.

You do NOT like facts.  You like opinions.  Just as long as they agree with you.

One of your blog authors actually took MY WORDS and rewrote them as mine and left MY NAME on his post as ME.

YOU did not want to hear ANY OF THIS.

You still do not.

Now you want to read the book.

Uh huh.  I believe that.

You want to believe that Mark Richt a fine Christian is a great coach.  You actually think since MR is 5-1 and Kirby 4-2 that now is time to hit the iron while the iron is hot.  Yet MR beat # 65 Official NCAA schedule strength so far.  And in 2001 MR first year at 5-1 then too LOST THE NEXT 2 GAMES 2001.  Kirby is # 15 schedule so far. MR lost 1 game to 1 ranked team as he did here.  And, Kirby has beat 1 ranked and lost to 2 ranked while beating 3 unranked teams.

MR decided to bench Greyson Lambert for 3rd game vs ranked teams last year.

MR had seen enough of GL vs the first two ranked teams AL and TN (4-loss # 22.)

MR is not impressed with Brice Ramsey, who never sets his feet to throw.  This is because neither Mark Richt nor Mike Bobo taught him how to follow-through on his throws.  Not in 4 years did Mark Richt care to teach Brice Ramsey himself how to throw a football pass nor to have someone on his staffs for 4 years to teach him to including Mike Bobo for 3 years before taking his DEMOTION out of here to a program with all-time losing record where he has done nothing to fix that either.  Exactly as I said he would not.  And as I said Mark Richt would not.


And NEITHER have.

MR decided to give his team the week off before FL.

FL was practicing every day on their off-week before us as well.  They took MR to the damn cleaners.

MR lost 11 of his 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.

Our # 1 Rival cared about NOTHING but winning.  MR was more interested in anything but winning.

GA took the week off from practice our off-week while FL on their off-week too the same time, practiced EVERY DAY.  Maybe you don’t remember that.  I do.  Mark Richt had a half-hearted practice only at the end of the 1st week which was our off-week and our # 1 Rival’s off-week.  The Off-Week.  Mark Richt took the week off the off-week. His LOST his job over it.  A job we paid him OVER $ 50 million dollars to do.  A job to win games.  A job we measured him not on leading the boys to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior but on wins and losses during his career which coincided with his boss as his boss. Not the time from 2002-2007.  Greg McGarity could not measure Mark Richt on 2002-2007 nor LUMP-IN what he had done 2002-2007 to what Mark Richt had in fact done while Greg McGarity was here.

You can not argue.

To argue is to restate the position of the person with whom you are arguing and then put perspective on that position.  You can not even bring yourself to admit that 4 losses a season for 8 years is unacceptable.  When you did discuss that with me your most ardent Mark Richt Apologists admitted to me that yes UGA Thomas Brown that is unacceptable with the # 7 average recruiting class to average 4 losses per season for 8 years and be # 45 vs top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 for 8 years.


There was a MUTINY among the Mark Richt Apologists.


By your own polls at the time, you faced a large reduction in your ranks.


TENS OF THOUSANDS a day starting showing up in MY BLOG.


Why ?


Because THEY wanted to HEAR if I would rub SALT in your wounds.


Damn right I will.

MR decided that he would start Faton Bauta vs FL.

Faton Bauta had zero snaps at QB all season long.

FB is a running back who threw 4 interceptions in the MR pro-style offense.

MR never yanked FB.

MR designed every single play that FB ran.  It was the MR play book, Mark Richt wrote.


David Greene said MR has no concept of where we are or what to do. DESPERATE.

It’s NOVEMBER David Greene continued.  This is how bad it is after 15 years.  Out of touch.

We have no idea on offense or special teams, David Greene pointed-out. Not just the offense.

All the defense did was play 3 ranked teams, and lose to all 3.

MR quit beating ranked teams after 2007.

8 years of losing to ranked teams.

4 losses a year for 8 years because he ALSO lost to 1 or 2 unranked.  73-32.


MR Coaches were fighting.

MR was fighting with coaches too.

MR coaches were trying to hire and fire the staff MR hired.

Without permission by MR they attempted to counter-mind his authority.

And he did not care.

Acted like all was well.

Told Aaron Murray the day after he was fired that he was disappointed that he was fired.

BS held a press interview which ended-up being his last, which was prior to the season, where he said he would NEVER start a game manager.

MR the VERY NEXT DAY announced that he had decided on his starter game manager GL.  MR stated to the press that BS and he had talked at length.  And MR made it sound like – speaking for BS – that BS had decided on GL.  Excuse me, BS JUST HAD HIS PRESS INTERVIEW the DAY BEFORE.  He said he would NEVER start a game manager.  We ALL knew EXACTLY what that meant.

So Mark Richt put the GAG ORDER on BS.  No more press meetings EVER for BS.  He has not had one since.

BS did not decide on Greyson Lambert.

GL cost MR his job.

MR did not develop his quarterbacks.

MR quit doing that after 2007.

MR decided that Hutson Mason was his QB 2014.

MR decided that Greyson Lambert was his QB 2015.

In charge of the Offense ?  MR only.

If MR were still here 2016, he would have lost to UNC too with GL his only QB vs North Carolina – losing by 10 points as he was for Kirby.

Your blog asked that question today bluto what if Mark Richt were still our coach ?

Give it a rest.

MR coaching staff HE HIRED were in conflicting cliques.

Clique # 1 : MR and Thomas Brown.

Clique # 2 : Jeremy Pruitt and Nick Saban who hired JP before Kirby took this job.  Nick Saban told Kirby when Kirby told Nick Saban he was coming here that Nick Saban was hiring Jeremy Pruitt to replace Kirby at Alabama.  Then after that Nick Saban said he was seriously considering retiring that very day.

Clique # 3 : Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Ekeler.

This guy Mike Ekeler hated all of them and felt sorry for BS. He is a fiery quick-tempered guy.

Mike Ekeler LOST to every ranked team he ever coached against here or anywhere else he coached.  It was NOT his # 10 defense.

ME says he was top 10 defense at Southern Cal and UGA.  Excuse me, he BEAT NO ONE either place.  All Southern Cal did while he was there was lose to every ranked team.  All he did here was lose to every ranked team.

MR allowed all this in-fighting even between JP and himself.  MR didn’t care about any of it.  Not important.  Not what he was focused on or even cared about.

JP is another fiery quick-tempered guy who had a big fight with MR and gave MR hell after FL.  This was done in-house.  When no satisfaction with that, JP took it to the press.

MR said that BS is a GREAT OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.  Well if he is or was, MR never let him write the offensive play book or label terms to the play book nor decide on whom it was who even would be his starting QB.  Nor did MR allow BS to design any plays for said starting quarterbacks.


THAT is NOT an Offensive Coordinator.


Mike Ekeler told you THAT yesterday on DawgNation by some guy who has NEVER written anything for the AJ-C ever.


Did you hear Mike Ekeler say this that this is NOT an Offensive Coordinator ?


That the ENTIRE STAFF was in mutiny and that he HATED EVERYONE at EVERY MEETING ?


If you did, all you said on senator bluto Get the Picture all day long was to say that no one can match what Mark Richt did here.


When Nick Saban had to hire JP, he said publically that he considered then retiring instead.

MR did not like JP.

ME said he thanked MR for hiring him, but that his staff was dysfunctional and in mutiny mode.

It is what it is.

You can NOT rewrite what ME said today.  It was as poor a job of leadership managerial skills by MR as by any coach ever in the history of the game.

MR is a nice guy.

MR :  Thanks for hiring me.

The MR staff is a complete and utter mess.  Everyone fighting.  I hated to be in the meetings with them.  1 coordinator fired 1 of the assistants MR hired.  That doesn’t resonate with you.

MR needed a 9th coordinator ?  This was his fix ?

The greatest UGA coach ever?

Kirby can NOT match MR in 15 years in 15-game seasons to win 145 ?

Who do you think believes that ?

Anyone in 15-game seasons can take this talent we give our coaches and win 145 games next 15 years.

MR is not a fiery guy and hates all those folks who are.

NOT his goal in life.

Completely against everything that MR stands for.

“There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.” MR

2015 was a long end to nothingness in Athens.

Mediocrity averaging 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years.

Who wants to talk about the UGA era after Vince Dooley ? Mark Richt Apologists.

Why ?

So that the Mark Richt Apologists can try to sell you on the idea MR is a great coach by comparison with Ray Goff.

No sir  you shall not compare Ray Goff to Mark Richt.  We FIRED both for cause.

Nice guy.

Mediocre coach with different goals than our own.

Dumbass in charge who has no leadership because he never was in charge of anything anywhere.

Mark Richt was not even a leader like Kirby was – let alone a good one – of his own football team in college.

MR was a perennial back-up QB who never played.


What a damn joke.

No coach has ever been less in charge than Mark Richt.


As now you readily can see.

Mark Richt had to be FIRED, and you tried to shut me up so I could not make it happen.


I Won. I FIRED Mark Richt right here on this blog.

I listed a long list of replacements among whom all were proven head coaches except Kirby.

Kirby has proven to be fiery quick-tempered and stubborn.

Stubborn is a trait of Mark Richt too.

Kirby has been set in his ways against Freshmen.

Kirby has out-recruited Mark Richt this 2016 class # 7 Kirby to # 39 Mark Richt according to rankings.


Mark Richt was completely shut-out in state of GA.

You said to me that MR would rack-up in Georgia.

You said to me that Jacob Eason coming here was contingent upon MR being coach.

MR beat # 65 Strength of Schedule 2016 – all cupcakes, and lost to his 1 ranked team he played.

Kirby 2016 beat 1 ranked team, lost to 2 ranked teams, and  lost to no unranked teams.

You told me Mark Richt still be here today.

You told me Mark Richt is not going anywhere.

You told me I was not as good a fan of Georgia Bulldogs as you.

Now you root for Miami of Florida.

You told me it was not justified that Mark Richt was fired.

You told me that YOU could make a good case that he shouldn’t have been fired.

You told me, while all of this was going on Mike Ekeler tells us about now, that Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere.

You have been WRONG on EVERY WORD out of your mouth.

Mark Richt LOST his BIG GAMES just like he is at Miami of Florida.

I told you so.



Excuse me Mark Richt’s staff fired and hired whomever they wanted to without Mark Richt’s permission or agreement.  His coaching staff had knock down drag-out fights with each other as Mike Ekeler said that he hated everyone in the room.  They were dysfunctional.  It was a mutiny.  Several of them had confrontations with Mark Richt himself including on the field during LOSSES.  They were this in disagreement about basic life positions and coaching philosophies.  And make no mistake about it that Mark Richt was FIRED because he lost to ranked teams and unranked teams and was only 53 % win percentage against any team who made it that year to any one of the 42 bowl games all this for his last entire 8 years.


Mark Richt is a dumbass CEO, a  joke of a poor leader, and a  poor coach – but a nice guy.


A lovable LOSER – the anathema Charlie Brown of college football who all fans who are fans of the program and want to win and have some expectations of winning vehemently disagree –  not whining about 10-win seasons which he did not average anyway but 9 in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was not.


We HATED the LOSING of Mark Richt and after 8 years of it, it became unbearable.


JP wanted no part of it but if you are arguing that 2015 was any different for Mark Richt on the field you are just going to have a really hard time making anyone buy-in on that either.  For 2015 on the field was exactly as it had been for 8 years under Mark Richt.  A guy who did not care for winning and was not he thought how God Judges Mark Richt.  Unimportant.  So he played 3 ranked teams and lost to all 3 again.


As he did after 2007.


EXACTLY the same.


No different 2015.


The only difference was in 2015 no longer could YOU bluto senator of nothing TELL US that it was ACCEPTABLE.  Mike Ekeler now shares as The Gospel that it was UNACCEPTABLE after the 2015 season.  After the Florida game when the season was over.  After all Mark Richt could do was be UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll for the 4th time his last 8 years here.  After the Florida game after which we could only play in another meaningless bowl game – the same every year of the Mark Richt era – against another team unranked or ranked maybe about # 19 in the Final AP Poll.  That how high the bar.


That what you are SATISIFIED with.


Different 2015 ?


Yes sir.


No longer could you insist that you would ONLY HEAR that which was acceptable to you.  That you said Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere.  You said that In NOVEMBER bluto.


Don’t try now to rewrite your history.


Your statements sit here with URL LINKS to your VERY WORDS cut and pasted here for ALL.


A good case can be made by you that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.




Even after all this Mike Ekeler tells us about today, you still think that 2015 season for Mark Richt was somehow different.


No sir.  It was the same as ALL HIS OTHER YEARS after 2007 which you seem fully incapable of addressing.


Yet you were arguing it was DIFFERENT 2015 bluto because FINALLY someone heard what ALL the rest of us were saying ALL ALONG in total DISAGREEMENT with you bluto that Mark Richt was ACCEPTABLE – that what Mike Ekeler is saying is that THE COACHES ON THE STAFF all DISAGREED with Mark Richt and DEMANDED he TRY TO WIN.


That is the only difference in 2015 and all the other years after 2007.


Tell us again about your degrees bluto and where all you went to college sir ?


Tell us about all the teams you root for today senator bluto ?


Do not let UGA Thomas Brown repeat his lies (with URL Links to their proof) that Mark Richt is a bad coach when he is our greatest coach ever.  He is just a troll and way wrong about Mark Richt – who is great.  Here let me phrase Mark Richt’s first year 2001 up to now and compare that with Kirby his first year up until now.  Let me compare Mark Richt’s 2016 season with Kirby’s – let me try to sway the opinion that MR is in fact great.  Oh 2015 was  a different season for Mark Richt on the field than the others prior.  Is that what you are saying that it was no different 2015 season for Mark Richt as for his seasons in fact after 2007 ?


No.  Let’s us not talk about that.


For heaven’s sake.


On the field.


For the season.


There was NO DIFFERENCE between the 2015 season and ALL the rest of his seasons after 2007 for which you STOOD BEHIND MARK RICHT and disagreed with ME right down the damn line bluto – that he HAD TO BE FIRED for it all being the same.  Mediocrity.  Lousy stinking # 45 vs top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 time game with # 7 average recruiting rankings for # 11 All-Time UGA Bulldogs’ football program.


The only difference was that SOME FOLKS got heard over your deafening defense of Mark Richt ten times a day for 8 years disagreeing with me on this.


And, now, Mike Ekeler tells you the truth – that the coaches ALL were in MUTINY against Mark Richt.  And all the fans I could MUSTER against the lowly loud few you could in SUPPORT of Mark Richt, bluto.  That he isn’t going anywhere in November you said bluto.  That he should not be fired.  That he should not have been fired.  That you could in YOUR MIND make a case for NOT FIRING MARK RICHT.


That’s what you said when you said it, bluto.


Difference 2015 ?  None from all his other seasons after 2007 which you called acceptable – keep him – not going anywhere.


But there WAS A DIFFERENCE 2015 – not in Mark Richt’s seasons – but in the dissatisfaction with Mark Richt.




Mutiny by Mark Richt Apologists AGAINST Mark Richt, finally.  Not all Mark Richt Apologists.  There still remain even then with the mutiny by MANY of the Mark Richt Apologists on your Mark Richt Apologists’ Haven Blog, hold-outs.  Hold-outs you cater to.


Want to find the Mark Richt Apologists October 14, 2016 eleven months after he was fired ?  Go read the COMMENTS by them ALL on bluto’s blog senator gtp Get the Picture.  BLUTARSKI – you know the village idiot with a 0.0 GPA fat ugly and stupid and wrong on everything out of his mouth.




Mutiny by his own coaching staff he hired.


Mutiny by the fans – all agreeing with me that I was right all along.


You over there on your haven for Mark Richt Apologists.


Let them tell you to ban me that I should NOT be allowed to say that Mark Richt had to be fired.


Cultivate Mark Richt Apologists.


Cater to them.


There isn’t ANY difference in Mark Richt’s 2016 season from his 2015 season or his seasons after 2007.


Just as there isn’t any difference in the opinions ALLOWED on your blog.  If this or that Mark Richt would still be here.  What then if he were ?


Give it up.


The only difference is that I FIRED Mark Richt for that which you said you not only would NOT have but would in fact have kept him and state you can make the case that he SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED.


Yeah he should’ve been as Mike Ekeler just told you.  Only you can not properly read and focus on what he said either.


The Mark Richt Apologists will NEVER change.


But 2015 was different bluto.  It was different that MORE of those AGREEING with me about what Mike Ekeler just said to all took charge.  Mutiny against Mark Richt and MUTINY against the last remnants of the Mark Richt Apologists – your blog THEIR haven.


That is ALL your blog is.


All your blog was all 2015.


All your blog is 2016.


All your blog has ever been or will ever be.


Haven for Mark Richt Apologists gtp Get the Picture senator bluto.


No more difference 2016 on that either bluto than all the years after 2007.


Ban him.


Don’t let him say Mark Richt has to be fired.


Censor his posts.  Remove them.  AllOW ONLY us to have our opinion Mark Richt should STILL be here.


Agree with US bluto.


Now go away.


We don’t care to hear you tell us again how great he is.


He isn’t.




He just LOST IT after 2007.


Mark Richt after 2007 lost to 12 unranked time game or season, # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game. Kirby going to be like that?


Here is what you said to me : “Should Richt be fired? To answer this we should look at 2 things: 1. How are we recruiting? 2. Is the program headed in a positive direction? I feel good about both of these questions.”


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


Not much.  I mean you were SATISFIED with what Mark Richt was doing.


You are so FOS on this matter bluto and your haven for Mark Richt Apologists you cater to with your comments 10 times a day for 11 months after I fired him still promoting him as our coach that you have rendered yourself moot on the discussion and them left out in the cold with nowhere to hide for their comments today on your blog promoting him as great.


Nigh impossible your blog promotes today bluto that Mark Richt’s 145 wins will be achieved the next 15 years without Mark Richt.


Hogwash.  He was horrible.  He is horrible 2016 same as 2015 and same as his last entire 8 years here.  Miserable.  Unacceptable.  There is no difference in your blog today 2016 or 2015 or any of his last 8 years.  The only difference bluto ?  That I was proven correct sir and you wrong sir on EVERY world out of your mouth on this matter.  Oh and that EVERYONE agrees with me except you and your hold-out contingent of Mark Richt Apologists bragging there on your blog today how much better Mark Richt to this point 2001 his first year here than Kirby so far to this point his first year here.  How much better Mark Richt 2016 than Kirby.  Where would we be 2016 if we had Mark Richt ?  We’d be 2-3 and Greyson Lambert still starting.


It was no difference to me 2015 than any of his other seasons after 2007.  And it is no different on your blog 2016 than it was 2015 all defending Mark Richt.  And the same as it has been on BOTH your blog bluto and Mark Richt as coach after 2007.  It’s the same every day.  MR is great.


Now we learn the truth from his coaches he hired that it was a totally out of control coaching staff Mark Richt had here for which he was summarily FIRED.  And a good many of your Mark Richt Apologists you cater to with your comments bluto, all Mark Richt’s coaches, and all the rest of us fans of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football would all like to move-on to Vandie and beating them and maybe be 11-2 since that is all we can be 2016 after what MR left us on the 2-Deep as returning starters are 2 seniors and 6 juniors # 93 experienced team in America.


Just imagine how your Mark Richt Apologists haven there on your blog do not want to discuss that Mike Ekeler says today that Mark Richt’s coaching staff was all hating and fighting each other – total unadulterated mutiny.


Amen Mike Ekeler.  Amen.



“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.” – by some Vandie fan who thinks he is smart. If Kirby turns our # 7 rated 2016 freshmen class loose one day, we’re going to blow some teams out.

Vandie is such a joke.  And this Vandie fan even more so.  Vandie thinks they can compete when they haven’t recruited in football EVER.


I surf the blogs with Google and found this Vandie blog today believe it or not.  Believe it or not there actually is one Vandie football blog.


Still today their Vandie fans have banded together to talk about beating Mark Richt in 2006 when Mark Richt said that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford – who did not start.  Vandie 2006 went 1-7 in The SEC beating only Mark Richt.  That was game seven 2006 when Vandie beat Mark Richt because he started Joe Tereshinski III instead of Matthew Stafford.


When a coach does that, he sends all the wrong unintended messages to the team to play tight.  And, it sends the message to the team that the player they KNOW is the better player is being punished by the coach playing FAVORITES instead.


Coaches like to have their seniors and juniors be rewarded by being ahead on the 2-Deep to build a program.  The problem with that is Kirby was handed only 2 seniors and 6 juniors on his 2-Deep Mark Richt handed Kirby ranked then the # 93 team in America on experience coming-into this season.


So Kirby HAD TO PLAY his true freshmen.  Not wait until game 7 of 2006 and still even then not starting Matthew Stafford bragging to all of us pre-game that Joe Tereshinski III is a great QB and better than Matthew Stafford who was just all hype and no good as Mark Richt’s QB Mark Richt told us all Spring all Summer and all Fall even into game 7.


It was not until after game 7 of 2006 when Mark Richt WOKE-UP and finally recognized the talent he did have with Matthew Stafford and did NOT have with Joe Cox and Joe Tereshinski III both of whom he started instead of Matthew Stafford.


Big mistake.


He continued to make these type of mistakes on roster mismanagement and finally was recognized as a coach who just lost it as a coach and frankly never was a good judge of QB talent.  He looked at QB talent signed QB talent and WASTED THEM – frequently whining to them that they all could play ANY OTHER POSITION on his team EXCEPT QB when they his only hope to keep his job.


At least Kirby figured it out after game 1.  Even if by MISSING THE BOAT on ALL TRUE FRESHMEN, he didn’t prepare them for game 2 either.  He will need them the day after tomorrow against a fine Vandy defense.


But a few fans thought that they could shut me up on that.  Then, I proved them as incorrect on that as they are on EVERY STINKING WORD out of their two-faced lips.


So here we are more than a decade later and Vandie fans are still bragging how great they are today because they over a decade ago today beat Mark Richt.


Well they actually beat him twice.


The only 2 losses the last 24 games by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs against HAPLESS Vandie.


So that is the topic of their blog today with this gem that with their recruiting they are every bit as good as we are.  That you should take the points.


My problem with that and calling our mascot a melted version of a better dog is not so much that your team really is good as I already said myself repeatedly that you have a very good team, but that you have the unmitigated gall to call our mascot a melted version of a better dog and follow that up with you are so great when no one comes to your games except for us and when you have no talent.


Oh and that no one bothers to follow Vandie football and that includes MOST ESPECIALLY the lot of you banding together to act so great comparing yourself to an opponent whom you are 2 wins against in the last 24 years – both against Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt.


Dream on.


Your team is made-up of 2-star nobody recruits who every once in a while gets a 3-star.  Maybe one on offense and one on defense.




I have said all along that Vandie is a very good team but your recruiting makes it clear that big-talk by your fans pre-game is NOT YOU.


They talk about what Georgia is ranked.


Excuse me just where is Vandie ranked ?


“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.”


Smart ass.  Smack Talk which caught my attention.


Today on this same blog you ALL are whining about Vandie needing a new football stadium.  Excuse me ?  If I were your Athletic Director I would tell you I will spend our SEC Revenue Sharing monies on a new stadium when 1 of you shows-up to a game NOW.  Just when you Vandie fans (both of you anywhere) think you are so great because you beat only 2 teams all season Western Kentucky whatever that is and Middle Tennessee State college whatever that is.  You want to whine today you want your A.D. to buy you a new stadium ?  What the hell for ?


You are the joke of The SEC and have been your and my entire lifetime.


You have NO BUSINESS in The SEC and you get together all your Vandie fans all in one place and all chime-in about how superior you are to Georgia because we beat a team by 1 point whom everyone else beat by 50 ?


Moral Victories are what are best taught on Vandie blogs – excuse me on the ONLY Vandie blog anytime anywhere.


I know that Derek Mason is a fine coach who one day really soon will be recognized for this fact and end up as head coach at a real football school who gives a shit about football, which of course Vandie is NOT.    Derek Mason only took the job to get hired somewhere anywhere by a real football program.  I think the world of Derek Mason as a coach.  He would be doing far better anywhere else.  I will be proven as right on this as I have been on EVERY OTHER prediction I have EVER made.


Derek Mason was a fine football player as defensive back.  He has tried to go hire some offensive coaching help and I applaud that effort as well.  If Vandie fans would recognize what you do have you might actually go to a game sometime like we all do here where you venture your team here to take-on.  But you do NOT.  So no new stadium for you.


You don’t get a new stadium because you let James Franklin go when your good A.D. had the foresight to hire Derek Mason.


He will be gone soon.


But I would hesitate to call your “program” a breeding-ground for head football coaches because you Vandie fans (again both of you ever anywhere) don’t go to the games and don’t follow Vandie football – but sit there all smug about how bad our mascot is and how bad our team is beating a team by one point.  Therefore it is very rare for a Vandie coach to get recognized as I have both James Franklin and now Derek Mason.  This is solely because your “Vandie fan base” doesn’t get involved in supporting your “program.”


By the way it was by 2 points not one and in the 1st start by a true freshmen QB with no wide receivers and 2 injured tailbacks.  Not that I did not pick on Kirby about that myself because I did but only because he refused then and now to even play our other freshmen despite Jacob Eason’s proven true freshmen prowess.  As for his last game I’d like to see a Vandie QB do what he did in 24 mph gusts and 9 and 14 mph sustained wind from Hurricane Matthew off their coast Sunday.


UGA is cute and cuddly.  What the hell is a commodore anyway ?  Is that anything like a commode ?


UGA is the # 1 mascot all sports all nations.


You think he looks like a MELTED version of a BETTER dog ?


Hey.  I’ve got one for you : Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE.



Top Colleges Georgie tek yellowjackets # 35 and UGA # 56 U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT new 2017 Rankings. They aren’t Princeton – quit acting like you are and we are NEARLY HIGHEST RATED for football schools which yellowjackets have NOT been after 1955 and you know it.



Now that you’ve freed Jonathan Ledbetter from your doghouse Kirby – how about Ben Cleveland gets a snap against Vandie too Kirby ? Let Ben Cleveland out of your doghouse too please Kirby.

Ben Cleveland turns pro after the 2018 season same as his best friend Jacob Eason whether you redshirt him or not Kirby.


You will only have him 2 years Kirby.



Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll former Official BCS Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 25 with Miami of Florida Mark Richt # 28 and Florida # 15 with Auburn # 30 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 56. Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia # 20 with Auburn # 16 and Florida # 23 in fact with 9 SEC teams in the Top 25. Kenneth Massey Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia with Schedule Strength # 14 toughest so far while Florida has Schedule Strength # 65 so far and with Miami of Florida # 60 Schedule Strength so far . The Georgia Bulldogs of course are # 26 in the AP Poll this week and # 27 in the Coaches’ Poll.

The OFFICIAL College Football Playoff RANKINGS come-out after week 8 which is our bye week.  We will not give up our bye week before Florida because they saw fit not to play Sunday against LSU when they certainly could have as we had to.  So we have to beat Vandie to possibly make the Official Football Play-Off Rankings after week 8 and then we’d have to beat Florida to remain in or make it in the top 25 of the College Football Play-Off Rankings November 1.


Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll former Official BCS Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 25 :


Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia # 20 and 9 SEC Top 25 :


Kenneth Massey Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia with Schedule Strength # 14 toughest so far while Florida has Schedule Strength # 65 so far and with Miami of Florida # 60 Schedule Strength so far :


Georgia of course is # 26 in the AP Poll this week and # 27 in the Coaches’ Poll :


Mark Richt only was 8-4 his first season here 2001.  After 5-1 start while Kirby is 4-2 Mark Richt then lost 2 in a row to drop to 5-3 in route to his 8-4 season 2001 when he was left a lot more to work with than he left Kirby.


Kirby’s 4-2 start is more akin to Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here.  Kirby was not hired because of what Mark Richt did 2002-2007 but for what Mark Richt did NOT do after 2007.  There is no doubt the pressure is on Kirby to beat a very good Vandie team here noon Saturday.



AP Poll finally out at 12:30 p.m. Monday afternoon and Kirby is NOT RANKED but all is NOT LOST. We have bright spots. We can go 11-2. All I care about is BEAT Vandie who is really a good team.


Not ranked AP Poll.


We’re playing 13-game season 2016 and are not halfway yet then at 4-2. All I care about is beating Vandie and you must know Vandie has been playing VERY WELL and is VERY GOOD. It is hard not to consider Auburn Florida Georgie tek yellowjackets could beat us too. Vandie sure could as they’re very good. Sometimes you can’t just look at a team’s record. You have to look at how they did. Vandie did WELL this year so far and there is EVERY reason to suspect that they will bring their A-Game Saturday noon here.


There are bright spots 2016 for Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs.


All is not despair.


There will be a sense of what could have been for me because Kirby just hasn’t played his freshmen despite his 2-Deep he inherited that demanded he ready them in the Spring and failed. And which demanded he prepare them in the Fall Practices too and again did not. Despite this and despite realizing that he has NO WIDE RECEIVER Kirby has just failed to adjust his team to PLAYING the freshmen.


The Freshmen stand out in my mind for their contributions and for their attitude.


I believe this freshmen class will be exemplary only to be outdone by next year’s freshmen.


For 3 reasons I have picked on Kirby about this from the get-go :

1-because it would’ve helped his great 2017 signing class

2-because it is true that he had no choice but play freshmen game 1

3-because I didn’t want Kirby to mess-up 2016 or 2017 by NOT playing them


Well he screwed-up 2016 not playing them. So why harp on it now then ?


Because he is in the same boat 2017 that he MUST play freshmen game 1.


After a few years Kirby can be in better position and not have to play freshmen game 1. This was NOT that year and next will NOT BE either.


I am not so concerned about the hard tough-love Kirby has shown toward all freshmen ever since he got here.


I am far more concerned that Kirby has ACTED UPON those statements holding our freshmen class 2016 back.


Guys who would have HELPED US 2016 but have just simply not been played enough – held back. Yanked. Not played in natural positions of GREAT NEED for this 2016 season.


Did you know that Brian Herrien is # 17 in the nation ten thousand Division 1-A FBS football players in rushing yards per carry to lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ?


Did you know Mecole Hardman Jr. is our best wide receiver ?


Did you know that Ben Cleveland is our best freshmen Offensive Linemen and would have been a huge help by now too ?


For everything you told me about Jacob Eason – pardon me – he has been outstanding winning every game for us except for Ole Miss where only Brian Herrien shined frankly.


I always said Kirby would lose 2 games this season. My prediction was 11-3 or 12-2 but I hoped 1 of those loses would be to Alabama. Now the best we can do is 11-2. We will not make that if we do not beat every team now with our 2 biggest tests Florida and Auburn both obviously.   But Vandie is scary and our offense has been poor our special teams sorry and our defense average at best.   I saw all of this before I FIRED Mark Richt.  I said he had to win last year because of the great exodus of the last remnants of his Dream Team all left after last year.


But because we still are not playing our freshmen a seasoned coach would have recognized right-off, we all have regrets.


There is not time for regrets.


2016 is what it is.


What it is is Vandie right now only.


Beat Vandie !


Go 11-2.


This is where I say that Kirby is a poor judge of talent. He nailed it coming here December and trying to share that we don’t have what we need but he stopped there and did not go the extra point about that astute observation spot-on – that that meant he HAD TO PLAY HIS FRESHMEN 2016.


And again 2017.


He has not played them or prepared them so far and they are not ready yet as a result.


But all is not doom and gloom because they are that good and we can win-out with them.


Beat Vandie – I know tall order – but do that and we are halfway toward our 13-game season now. 11-2 is still possible which is a LOT better than the average 4 losses Mark Richt gave us his last 8 years here.


With 24 mph wind gusts yesterday and 16 mph and 9 mph winds the whole game Kirby was right about having our game plan running.  They did a poor job Jessie Palmer et al telling us that yesterday about the wind.  I had to look it up when I saw Rodrigo Blankenship kick-off OUT of the end zone once.


Kirby had that right.


Kirby is not stupid.


We’re not a very good team.


We’re missing our freshmen whom Kirby should’ve known he had to be relying on by now. He looked at it from Alabama’s point of view that they were not ready. They still aren’t. That was the improper perspective Kirby. You had to know you had to MAKE THEM READY by now. You have not Sir.




You would think a BUNCH of big-time receivers would LOVE to come play pitch and catch with Jacob Eason for 2 years. That drop for the TD Pass by Jacob Eason to Isaiah McKenzie was criminal, again. Such a perfect throw and on such a horrible wind condition with 9 mph wind up to 16 mph wind sustained and gusts up to 24 mph wind from the North. Think about the kick-offs Rodrigo Blankenship sent it OUT that end-zone. He’s just got to catch that ball. That is a MUST. He did make-up for it however stretching across the TD Pass from Jacob Eason later. Terry Godwin has been tentative all season long. I would line-up all our TE and Sony Michel OUTSIDE WIDE. We have to fix this pitch and catch. That was an easy TD Isaiah McKenzie just DROPPED. Again. Critical TD Pass. I do not understand where Mitchell Wasson is. Or Ben Cleveland. What are we saving them for ? Kirby please play our freshmen. And quit taking Brian Herrien OUT. He’s our best runner and HAS BEEN ALL SEASON.

9 mph wind North

16 mph wind North sustained

24 mph gusts North


No one actually told us what the wind was.  We heard was bad.  So I looked it up for us.



( )



Chuks Amaechi gets sack. Trenton Thompson sacked their QB to send Will Mushchamp 1-4 vs. Georgia All-Time to drop him to 30-25 All-Time as coach and 2-4 South Carolina coach replacing legend Steve Spurrier. Tough gig South Carolina with no talent. Our Offensive Coordinator doesn’t get it Jim Chaney. We still are not getting our freshmen in the games enough and now Kirby is 4-2 after ending his 1st losing-streak at 2. Kirby did get the hard-fought win tonight and now the long trek back for all up there to get home which did not include UGA. I can’t recall when UGA missed a game last.

It is good all around for us tonight and next-up Vandie at noon back home at Sanford.


Special Teams were improved tonight.  That’s not saying much but they came through.  The Defense did well.  The Offense – well, we ran the ball on a porous run-defense team.


I still say Brian Herrien would be a Heisman Trophy Candidate for ANY other team in America.  I love the kid truly.


Brian Herrien had 9 rushes for 82 yards plus another 19-yard run called back on penalty.  8 penalties for us tonight.


Brian Herrien is our 2nd leading rusher this season with half the carries of Nick Chubb.  He got yanked every time he had a good run tonight.  Frustrating.


Who is the leading rusher for The Georgia Bulldogs 2016 season ?


Brian Herrien in my book.  I have so much respect for Brian Herrien.


Natrez Patrick and Roquan Smith lead the team in tackles with Trenton Thompson 3rd.


I am not sure why the polls are not out yet at 8 p.m. but they’re not – not that we figure to be ranked for beating 1-4 SEC South Carolina who cannot score.


Best of luck in cleaning-up South Carolina and we all send our best wishes.



Brian Herrien takes us down the field and Isaiah McKenzie makes up for his TD pass drop by catching this one from Jacob Eason and reaches across to go up on the road vs good defense 21-7

Brian Herrien takes us down the field and Isaiah McKenzie makes up for his TD pass drop by catching this one from Jacob Eason and reaches across to go up on the road vs good defense 21-7 with 11 minutes to go.


Then, Rodrigo Blankenship kicks-off 5 yards deep.  What’s that all about ?


Then, Mo Smith throws his man down on 4th down.


Go Dawgs !



Mark Richt LOST to an FSU team who had already lost 2 games when his # 100 special teams missed an extra point with slightly over a minute to go. Typical. FSU had already lost to North Carolina and to Louisville – neither one any good. How bad is Oklahoma ? Houston who beat OK lost to Navy. Big XII bwaah. vols lost but vols should have lost 3 games in a row with their impending loss to Alabama next Saturday. If that happens vols would be 6-2 SEC and 6-1 SEC Florida would have to beat UGA to make them play the game vs LSU that both don’t want to play. We can play in South Carolina today but FL and LSU can not play ANYWHERE today ? WTF ?

SEC League Office is out of their ever-loving minds and have been since Greg Sankey took over.


Greg Sankey was the Commissioner of the Southland Conference last century.


Greg Sankey also tried to stop other payments to student-athletes known as full cost of attendance.


As Commissioner of The Mighty SEC with no alignment or understanding of this level of play he stepped-in in today’s game and insisted Ray Tanner USCe A.D. was correct in scheduling this game there where all the victims are still not allowed to return home.


And now he has not only stood on the wrong side with the NCAA for full cost of attendance because it would give an advantage to The SEC – he did so while he worked on The SEC League Office at the very time.  Who would this give an advantage to The SEC over Greg Sankey ?  Over Southland Conference in football.  Because The SEC has the money and Southland Conference obviously does NOT.


Jeez Louise.


And of course as SEC Commissioner now today he insists he has no say about Florida playing LSU.  Either 1 of those 2 teams as a result could end-up in The SEC Championship as a result of not having to play.


What good is The SEC League Office since Greg Sankey took over last year ?


Well no good.


And Greg Sankey delayed the distribution of record SEC monies in SEC Revenue Sharing and has not released those monies either publically because he wants to KEEP $ 75 million dollars for The SEC League Office – for his money to make all these cornball decisions.


Fire Greg Sankey.


Give us our monies and tell the public if you are KEEPING $ 75 million for The SEC League Office to make all these screwball choices.


Florida does not have to play LSU Greg Sankey ?  What are you in charge for then ?




Absolutely nothing.


Greg Sankey has to MAKE Florida play LSU.  That is HIS JOB.


Or, fire Greg Sankey and give them both a loss if they do not play the game neither wants to play.


Mark Richt announced after the loss by Miami of Florida to FSU Florida State when his special teams let him down as they did HERE for 8 years in a row before being FIRED here for it that he lost to their # 1 Rival for the 7th consecutive year but that hey : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


He did not do well here vs our # 1 rival either losing 11 of his 16 games at the site of the Gator Bowl every year.


Mark Richt also did not do well for the last 8 years losing to top teams, losing to unranked teams, and losing to ranked teams on the road.


But last night’s game for Mark Richt was at Miami.


He lost A LOT of those too his last 8 years ‘Tween the Hedges.  Devastating Losses at HOME for us by Mark Richt after 2007.  Like last year 10-38 loss to Alabama.  Like 24-30 the year before to Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Like Missouri the year before 26-41.  Like losing to South Carolina 2011 by 42-45.  Like the year before that too to Arky 24-31 in his 6-7 year 2010.  Like his loss to LSU 13-20 in 2009.  Like his loss to unranked Kentucky 27-34 also in 2009.  Like his Black-Out Loss 2008 when favored to win losing by 31 to nothing at halftime. And then following that up with the loss at Sanford Stadium too also in 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup as the # 1 Consensus football team AP and Coaches’ to Georgie tek yellowjackets 42-45.


Just looking back at his last 8 years at HOME like he was in his loss last night – and for which we FIRED him only to see FSU hire him the next day in his UGA belt at the announcement.


There’s something besides winning that’s important Mark Richt ?


What would that be ?


So this is I TOLD YOU SO on that, too.


Good Luck with that down there at Miami of Florida.


You URL Linked to THIS BLOG from down there when you hired him and he showed-up with an UGA belt took off his coat and showed it off to everyone in Miami.  And you said THEN that you did not hire a good coach against # 1 rivals or top teams or even unranked teams.


You can add HOME games to that.




AME CKS is all that is left of their battered Gamecocks’ stadium sign. USCe Athletics’ Director who made this decision to play this game today several days before residents will even begin to be allowed to return in Hurricane Matthew ravaged South Carolina, Ray Tanner, had his neighbor’s tree fall down in his yard. How fitting is that ? Sunday morning update : October 8 2016 Hurricane Matthew is a Category 1 Hurricane which has killed 899 including 16 in the United States. Victims are not allowed on the roads as over 170 roads in South Carolina have fallen trees mostly pine trees and flooding according to DOT. Flooding will subside today so that emergency personnel only can get in and the area affected is wide as you saw on Hurricane reports of South Carolina covering damage throughout the state as the north eyewall battered inland South Carolina for 12 hours as a Category 2 Hurricane. 3 deaths in North Carolina Saturday all happened with folks ignoring the no travel edict. But we can have a game just as long as none our fans can get there safely. Our team drove-up Saturday by bus. There are no motel rooms. There haven’t been any. Electricity will not be restored for Sunday to many areas. Cell phone towers for Verizon and at&t both are down. 3 dams failed in South Carolina. Over 1 million without electricity in South Carolina alone. The entire north eyewall sat over South Carolina for 12 hours where all the lightning and most damaging winds and where all the heaviest rain and flooding was. Hilton Head South Carolina was hit with 88 mph winds and Charleston Harbor the 3rd highest flooding stage in recorded history as the seawall was breached. 15 inches of rain closer to the coast and 10 inches midland South Carolina. Columbia South Carolina saw big rains yesterday. Winds were recorded in Columbia SC by weather service at 46 mph yesterday alone. Curfews for Saturday to Sunday morning were variously 6-6 7-7 or 8-8 across many areas of South Carolina. Other areas have no gas as the pumps don’t work without electricity. The University’s Fall Break starts next Friday. A pier is gone bridges out facilities deemed unsafe. 100 trees are down in Columbia alone. But the game is on for 2:30 p.m. today despite the residents not allowed to return today at all. All of this for a game this afternoon 2:30 p.m. SEC Network. I will not be there. It is irresponsible for USCe A.D. Ray Tanner to have insisted this game happen before victims can safely drive their lousy stinking horrible South Carolina roads. All of this is because he wants the $ 2 million dollars revenue and doesn’t want to send refund checks to us. And who will be at game other than South Carolina fans ? We are to think we can drive there ? That is not clear at all that that would be safe at all. Congratulations Ray Tanner.

Mark Richt lost his last 3 games at South Carolina.


At 3:30 a.m. Sunday game 11 hours away there is no traffic on the roads in Columbia SC at all.  I am looking at the cameras.  7 of the 12 state of South Carolina cameras are out :


There are 170 road closures all the way to Georgia with all lanes blocked due to flooding.


Columbia would be accessed from the North and I-85 NE expressway is moving slowly but steadily.


State of South Carolina road resources are very limited in number and they will awake this morning and head to the coast from their reports to assess what the 8 crews I count do there.  That is one mighty small state of South Carolina road crew total.



If I were going I would take I-85 NE and come down.  I would however not want to be driving back after dark as would be the case with limited gas due to no electricity for the pumps to operate nor on side streets trying to find one open nor dealing with the traffic Sunday night.  There were 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew.  And they are all out there driving around and at some point next week trying to get home.  In the meantime you have no rooms to sleep.


My firm belief is that this game is in contradiction to prudent decisions to play it there this afternoon impacting all the victims.  That is all we are doing.  And acting like a game is more important than them.


It’s like a 3rd world South Carolina this morning.  If you have an emergency their resources have to be at the coast.


1-3 SEC team vs 1-2 SEC team.




There is not one fan in any direction from your stadium who can be there tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. – not one from anywhere who can. 4:20 a.m. update Saturday 8 October 2016. We will : (1) offer you the gate after expenses and have the game Sunday or Monday at Sanford Stadium. (2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year. How about that University of South Carolina. Hurricane Matthew which was always on a beeline track directly for Columbia SC has its eyewall make landfall 80 miles SSW of Charleston SC with 5 feet storm surge at Fort Pulaski. Category 2 at eyewall landfall 954 mbars 105 mph sustained winds Gusts to 125 mph headed due North straight inland – it’s expected to jog to the right NE toward Charleston but not yet – just straight ahead due North right now with the Northern eyewall nothing but lightning most damaging winds huge deluge of rainfall 12 inches and 20 inches with Hurricane Strength reaching outwards 60 miles and reaching outward 200 miles huge damaging winds and storm surge up to 5 feet at landfall 7 feet 9 feet 11 feet just after high tide eyewall landfall. This was affecting Atlanta yesterday late afternoon so more than 350 miles but 200 miles of very damaging winds. 5 million without electricity. 887 dead. This game was NEVER going to happen 2:30 p.m. Sunday. I get to say I told you so from the prior to USCe announcing it would even play the game there let alone before announced as Sunday before National Guard even allows anyone to move from Columbia. Now Columbia direct hit directly to the rickety old stadium which will require our UGA Engineering Degree to study their stadium to insure structural integrity which by itself can not happen by 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. WE – The University of Georgia – are concerned only with the victims everywhere in the path of this worst Hurricane here in 118 years and WE are concerned for our own SAFETY too. You worry about whatever you want to worry about and make the decision NOW for tomorrow or Monday where it is safe to play which NEVER was going to be there.


The suffering of the victims is our # 1 concern right now other than our safety in addition.  We shall NOT travel to your old stadium other than to check its integrity before WE SCHEDULE 1 of our games there.   91 mph wind gusts Daytona Beach on land.  94 mph wind gusts Tybee Island Georgia (Savannah.) 87 mph Hilton Head Island South Carolina.  Satellite images from north of Miami show no lights all night all the way to North Carolina and in fact Hurricane Matthew continues to pound Jacksonville FL all the way to Washington D.C. at this hour.


Hurricane Dora was a Category 4 storm I remember from 1964 with 942 mbars and 130 mph sustained winds with 135 mph gusts.


But this storm is so slow.


I never liked the idea that you were above the officials telling you that you could not hold the game tomorrow at 2:30 or tonight at 7:30.  Neither were ever likely at all.


Now you must make this decision and we can offer you an alternative :


(1) hold game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will donate you the gate less expenses

(2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year.


Your choice.


In either case, YOU drive HERE on YOUR STINKING ROADS in this mess – find no gas with no electricity for the pumps to even work, through this deluge, and downed trees, cellphone service down, and otherwise forget it that we are NOT coming to your stadium tomorrow for any reason.


We all have been glued to our TV sets HD832 The Weather Channel Comcast watching the infectious smile of Maria LaRosa reporting blown-over from Folly Beach with her riveting coverage of Hurricane Matthew for many hours now in a row.  Really only her on TV.  Cute.  Awesome coverage.  Maria LaRosa thank you very much, darling.    What a doll Maria LaRosa in the middle of the night no cell phone no electricity standing legs 2-feet apart giving it all she’s got in this disaster letting us feel the pain of the victims on the Atlantic coast this historical storm.  Awards to Maria LaRosa The Weather Channel Folly Beach South Carolina.


Thank you Maria LaRosa Penn State University grad from New Jersey down here really impressing the world over with her emotional coverage.  Best I have ever seen.  Maria LaRosa has a great memory and really thinks on her feet.  Ok I admit it : I am in Love.



(×551.jpg )


10-8-2016 at 4:20 a.m. exactly where I said it would be and is and continuing beeline for Columbia from the outset for direct hit


Good morning. Saturday morning now. 70 miles SSE of Savannah. 948 mbars. 105 mph sustained winds. Category 2 Hurricane Matthew. This still means 4 a.m. when it starts hitting Savannah which will last 12 hours at current still too 12 mph. Tonight then is when it will be where the game is and that will last until 4 a.m. Sunday morning tomorrow when supposedly the game is tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. Gusts to 125 mph. 887 dead. Don’t go to the game. It is not safe and you will be in the way of emergency personnel trying to get the victims home to protect what is left of their property. This is all wrong by the University of South Carolina the # 107 best (think smartest) college.


That is a very well developed eye.  See all the rain all around Columbia ?


That is lightning and tornado weather depicted in orange.


The entire state of South Carolina is completely inundated with Hurricane Matthew.


This is not smart even saying they were going to play this game tomorrow afternoon.


It’s not worth it.


Oh and it is raining in Atlanta and has been all afternoon Friday and Friday night as you can see the advance bands of rain.  So you would be in floods lightning rain on bad roads in the best of conditions and this the worst.  And there is no electricity which means there is NO GAS.


And 4512 flight cancellations all here and in South Carolina.


And, nowhere to spend the night.  All beds long since taken-up.


I will bet you this game NEVER happens at 2:30 p.m. Sunday that the authorities will step-in and force the University of South Carolina to give it up that 100,000 folks would be too many for the conditions.


Which is more important our game 1-2 SEC vs 1-3 SEC South Carolina or the victims and all the devastation caused already and continuing by Hurricane Matthew ?


I ask you?


You expect the emergency personnel to help you get to a game in the middle of all this ?


Never happen.


10-8-2016 at 12:06 a.m.

5 p.m. Friday night update 135 miles south of Savannah GA which is then at 12 mph currently 11 hours until Savannah in other words 4 a.m. Saturday Savannah which is then itself 150 miles from Columbia SC which when then be 5 p.m. Saturday night when it starts there to go on for 12 hours for the large Category 3 Hurricane to pass there in other words 5 a.m. Sunday – GAME DAY – meaning no State Patrol will allow anyone back into this area at Kick-Off at 2:30 p.m. same day – Sunday. 115 mph Category 3 Hurricane Matthew 948 mbars significant major hurricane. Again 135 miles from Savannah. And we are supposed to be there at 2:30 p.m. while the Hurricane Matthew dumps 12 inches rain on Columbia and while the storm surge sends 9 feet of water and waves on top of that at the coast. It has rained all day today in Columbia SC. Atlanta traffic is gridlocked from the victims of Hurricane Matthew going into their attic to flee. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach has water driving down the street with 6 feet surge and waves on top of that. 5 million without electricity and 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew $ 100 billion damage. But a $ 2 million dollar revenue game is MORE IMPORTANT to the University of South Carolina than OUR SAFETY. Us to drive up there through all this but only some of our players not all going because we are impacting the shelter of victims – NOT SAFE FOR VICTIMS for us to travel. NOT SAFE. Gusts to 130 mph 5 p.m. Friday. 851 dead including the United States of America now. Federal disaster declaration for the state of South Carolina where all of this is headed and no time soon – game now day after tomorrow while all this hits there.

This is so we can play a game.


Not all of us.


Just those deemed to go up there in the very midst of all this.


Still Sunday all this will be going on THERE.


In that rickety old stadium.


Tornado go through that to get there.


Pass all the victims and of course stay overnight – not try to drive back through it all again in the dark with who knows how many traffic signals not working.


No one open.


Nowhere to buy gas.


In all this traffic.


Before even the victims are allowed to go back.


With all this still going on.



10-7-2016 at 5 p.m.

What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY. 8 a.m. Friday 7 October 2016 update the very brunt of Hurricane Matthew expected to be exactly closest to stadium just as game supposed to kick-off – the University of South Carolina is doing all it can do to send all the wrong messages about the game 2:30 p.m. Eastern Sunday. 938 mbars with 120 mph sustained winds 5 to 12 inches rain gusting now to 150 mph nowhere near yet even to Daytona Beach staying 25 miles off-shore with 102 mph winds at Cape Canaveral. The eyewall which was 2 became 1 since last update 30 mile radius from center 60 mile diameter Category 3 Hurricane with storm surges up to 11 feet directly at closest land point to stadium. 14 mph north northwest bearing down all this directly toward the stadium. Directly. All for $ 2 million revenue in a storm which has done multi-billions of dollars impact already before brunt of it hits in South Carolina. $ 100 billion dollars in damage already projected. 345 dead from Hurricane Matthew. 938 mbars is the very worst most strongest it has ever been. That it stays 25 miles off the east coast of Florida does not mean it will miss South Carolina Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. In fact it means it will hit hardest directly impact there. A wall of water a foot high with rain on top of that and waves above that hitting the coast of South Carolina and a game between their 1-3 SEC lousy football team who was 1-7 SEC last season before Steve Spurrier quit mid-season is MORE IMPORTANT than the SAFETY of the student-athletes students coaches fans and sends all the wrong message just exactly precisely when most everyone needs to be TOLD the exactly opposite by the lousy stinking University of South Carolina an also ran “school” sending this contradictory message about the severity of this major hurricane. Waterspout tornado are now spawning on the north side of the hurricane and extend outwards 200 miles from the eyewall. They then come from the north to the west and south. And they have lightning too. It’s not safe. These saying otherwise disagree with Obama. 5 million without electricity. Trees power poles live wires everywhere and the poor victims of this storm trying to get home. I drove yesterday around Atlanta and saw first hand how I-285 and I-75 and I-20 are impacted from the traffic. The traffic are the victims. This is what this game is doing. And we’re only a 1-2 SEC team. Why ? Why Sunday at 2:30 p.m. as it hits closest ? Why send this message oh it’s not big deal. Yeah it is. It’s the most significant event to affect anything there in over 118 years and worse than that one then. 15 million people the state patrols and national guards are responsible for getting home safely and they will NOT be allowing them home at game time 2:30 p.m. Sunday. It’s not safe and South Carolina roads bad in best conditions. Harris Pastides the University of South Carolina’s president canceled classes Wednesday on Thursday on Friday and there are no classes on Saturday or Sunday or Harris Pastides would have cancelled them for then and still might for Monday anyway. All other USC events were cancelled but this $ 2 million dollar game has to go on or mail us back our refund checks. This all about the $ 2 million revenue and $ 10 million impact on Columbia and to send the message that the University of South Carolina is ranked the # 107 best college 2016 by U.S. News and World Report. That is all this is about showing how dumb the University of South Carolina “officials” really are. That and $ 2 million revenue more important than the victims having to deal with game traffic of # 107 best college 1-3 SEC after 1-7 SEC last season Steve Spurrier quitting mid-season last year. Mail UGA fans refund ? We’ll play game – send that message we care MORE about $ 2 million revenue than safety of students fans coaches or Hurricane Matthew victims at its VERY HEIGHT here at the very moment of kick-off. Idiots. You will be known for your decision on this Ray Tanner – Harris Pastides – Greg Sankey – Nikki Haley all 4 to be fired over this trust me on this. Come on up. Everything you are being told is all just a ruse. All lies by Nikki Haley. Everything is fine. There is no lightning. No reason to fear the roads to the game. Play ball. Who cares about the victims or their homes ? And of course this reflects on The Mighty SEC who will hear about this forever. Don’t go. Greg McGarity – you’re to-blame for this too. Now some players are traveling tomorrow and some not. Which players are expendable and which should not travel because not safe ?



# 50 University of Florida

# 54 Ohio State University

# 56 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2016

# 57 University of Texas

# 66 Clemson University

# 74 Texas A&M University

# 82 Michigan State University

# 92 Florida State University

# 93 North Carolina State University

# 100 Auburn University

# 103 University of Alabama – Auburn ranked AHEAD of Alabama as school

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville vols

# 107 University of South Carolina -you’re a horrible school as this “decision” proves


( )


The University of South Carolina had never accomplished anything in football ever until this.  Now they have singlehandedly sent the very worst possible message at the very worst possible moment.  It’s no big deal.  We can play with all this going on all this devastation.  Come watch us 1-7 last year SEC 1-3 so far this year.  We beat Mark Richt the last 3 years in a row up here.  Now that Kirby will beat us we want our $ 2 million revenue kept here rather than mail checks back to Georgia.


45-18-2 UGA over USCe all-time


Mark Richt loser of last 3 at Columbia Municipal Stadium renamed Carolina Stadium renamed again Williams-Brice Stadium aka “The Cock Pit.”



The only college more stupid than the University of South Carolina is # 111 Oklahoma which is why these stupid colleges are ranked as stupid colleges – making decisions like this.


We care more about the safety of all involved and want to send the proper message on this devastating hurricane to the world how important giving back $ 2 million is to us.


“Due to the potential impact of the hurricane on Columbia and the surrounding area, it is in the best interest of safety to play the game on Sunday rather than Saturday night.” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is out of his mind.


You have made a laughing stock of Governor Nikki Haley and yourselves Ray Tanner and Harris Pastides the president of the # 107 best college USCe with an assist by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.


Congratulations for sending this wrong message to everyone at the very worst possible moment.  And, for all the wrong reasons like dumbasses.  All 4  of you “officials.” You are entrusted to be in charge of protecting the safety of all involved.  


You have in fact done everything but and have further impacted the victims of the worst hurricane in your area in 118 years.  And that one in 1898 not as bad impact there in South Carolina than this.  Fools.  Congratulations.


$ 2 million in revenue is more important.


What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY.




Do you see where this huge major hurricane is headed ?  Well do you ?  Do not go to game.  Stay away.  That is the eye in red just now 8 a.m. Friday.  It will be in South Carolina Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at its very peak.


If you can not read that map let me read it to you at 14 mph directly headed to the stadium.


Only a moron college of morons would tell you to come-on up !


During the very peak of the single largest event in our recorded history right here right then.

10-7-2016 at 8 a.m.

345 dead in 5th Hurricane in 2016 in the Atlantic at 2 a.m. Friday with 938 mbars gusts up to 160 mph battering east coast of Florida for prolonged periods heading northwest at 14 mph as the University of South Carolina thinks now that they can play the game Sunday 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time SEC Network like this entire scenario is not real with South Carolina storm surges of 6 feet. University of South Carolina fool officials think there will be no traffic issues for anyone trying to get there with no state patrol support just county police only. Fiasco. This is just when Hurricane Matthew will be at its peak in storm surge of 6 feet in South Carolina and 12 inches rain South of the game and 5 inches rainfall at the stadium.


“Due to the potential impact of the hurricane on Columbia and the surrounding area, it is in the best interest of safety to play the game on Sunday rather than Saturday night.” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is out of his mind.

Potential impact ?  There are 345 dead 938 mbars biggest Hurricane since eighteen-ninety-eight and millions trying to flee being stranded on the roof tops in up to 160 mph gusts with 6 feet storm surges on top of 5 inches rain locally and 12 inches just South of the stadium.  Really smart SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.  Are you sure this is your decision and not South Carolina’s who you agreed with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey ?


Obviously the $ 2 million revenue is more important to the University of South Carolina than the safety of the kids with lighting all over the area as well Sunday – just when it all hits there.


Game SEC Network.


( )


10-7-2016 at 2 a.m.

938 mbars Hurricane Matthew continues to strengthen all day now moving 13 mph with 145 mph winds gusting to 165 mph with 289 dead so far as the Category 4 Hurricane brings with it to South Carolina storm surge of 9 feet higher than one floor meaning you would be on your roof of a ranch continuing to move slowly up the east coast of Florida along the Gulf Stream with up to 11 feet storm surge and up to 12 inches rain. All this at 8 p.m. Thursday night with the game held hostage by only just the University of South Carolina who steadfastly prefer their $ 2 million dollars revenue than announce that the kids have more value to the University of South Carolina. It’s an awfully mean-spirited non-action by The SEC League Office for the game the night after tomorrow when all this hits South Carolina with their residents trying to flee. Here in Atlanta the traffic is unbearable with I-20 and I-75 the most impacted along with I-285 as I-16 is one-way out I-985 impacted I-675 impacted I-575 impacted all with heavy delays all day long today in the worst storm to hit this area since the eighteen-nineties. Still the University of South Carolina and The SEC League Office hold us all hostage like they will play the game the night after tomorrow night. No they will not.

South Carolina officials have no control over these idiots at the University of South Carolina risking harm to all involved by failing to even cancel the game with their team 1-3 in SEC action after 1-7 SEC action last year and UGA 1-2 in SEC action and game not nearly as important as the safety of so many involved.


I do not see how the University of South Carolina can be this stupid.  Surely even they can see the game is not going to happen but they can’t cancel the scheduled date.



10-6-2016 at 8 p.m.

Make other plans for Saturday night. No game. Hurricane Matthew brings 5 inches rain near Columbia 12 inches on coast Saturday night with 125 mph winds Friday night and 105 mph winds Saturday night as I-26 from coast to Columbia is closed to southeast traffic causing congestion in Columbia on I-26 northwest intersections with I-20 I-77 and I-95 for mandatory evacuations where everyone is going to Columbia. So flooding down power lines down traffic lights down trees and lightning exacerbate long-known South Carolina road issues. Their roads are just not good in the best of conditions and never have been with some of the worst roads I have ever driven personally. They’re not safe when it is not dry and sunlit conditions. Governor Nikki Haley is providing no state police officers to support the game in Columbia Saturday night and is not in favor of this event at this designated time. South Carolina wants the revenue from the game. But it’s the travel to and from that is the major impact at just the point where folks are trying to evacuate to. Barometric pressure has intensified to 961 mbars just now at 4 am Thursday October 6 which is down slightly indicating Hurricane Matthew is actually strengthening in this slow-moving storm which sits and pounds an area for extended periods of 12 hours continuously with Major Hurricane Winds with 28 dead so far. At the very back end of the 12-hour onslaught is where the very worst of this strengthening hurricane’s most damaging winds are. The South eyewall 12 hours after you feel the north eyewall traveling only 12 mph is where the catastrophic damage happens and where the lightning is. 12 million people trying to evacuate already and where to ? Columbia and points farther inland from there. Sure Atlanta will be hit with the traffic but so too Columbia. It is hard to imagine USCe Officials can hold hostage the entire state for a game between their 1-3 SEC team and a 1-2 SEC team. University of South Carolina officials say they are in charge of this game while all this goes on right there in Columbia well after dark without regard to safety of our students coaches and fans to get to there or back afterwards on their terrible roads in the best of conditions. I do not for one moment believe University of South Carolina officials will be given any leeway on them making any decisions in this despite their musings to the contrary.

The game is not happening Saturday night in Columbia trust me.  The officials will not allow it.  Someone has to be in charge in South Carolina.  Not providing state troopers is not asserting control.  The game between a 1-3 SEC team and a 1-2 SEC team is not tomorrow night but the next while others are given no choice on mandatory evacuation for that very timeframe at the very juncture of the evacuation route on the very road that millions are using.


This makes no sense to me Thursday morning about this very unimportant game in the whole scheme of life in the very face of this frightening storm.


The University of South Carolina has never done a thing in college football and the outcome of this game already will not alter that this season either at 1-3 in The SEC after their 3-9 and 1-7 SEC last season.  Steve Spurrier quit mid-year last year this team is so under-talented.  And they can make us wait past the 4 am timeframe now as I wake-up and find no news yet for not tomorrow night but the next.


I am making other plans.  I know the outcome for their decision for the night after next at 4 am already having looked it over for them.  Some folks are just plain stupid holding-on like maybe it will not affect the game.  It already has long-since.


Why have South Carolina officials if this their level of asserting control ?


This game is not happening as planned for the night after next.


How do I know this and USC officials do not ?  961 mbars at 4 a.m. as I awake Thursday morning October 6 now.  This is more intensity to the storm than when I went to bed.  It is before it gets to the Gulf Stream and before the sun rises to heat it up even more.  This storm is following the Gulf Stream as most do unfortunately there are not many this intense and note please getting worse.


At the current rate of mbars it will be down to even stronger stronger winds stronger rain bands stronger lightning stronger damage to infrastructure.


It the mbars hit 939 which it is on-track to do by 8 am this morning then it will be a Category 4.  Again it is strengthening.  Keep your eye only on the 939 mbars.  I studied Hurricane Katrina in detail like this as it approached and clearly saw it.  Katrina went all the way down to 902 mbars.  I do not have to tell you the impact if Hurricane Matthew continues with this power intensity increase as the 961 mbars approaches 939 mbars and even worse lower than that.





Kirby do you want to re-think your position on freshmen now given that Jacob Eason despite no snaps # 1 unit all Spring and none until all but 3 weeks remained of Fall Practices and then none all the last week before the season and did not start, will be the # 1 Georgia Bulldogs QB of All-Time, sir ?

Jacob Eason has certainly been everything this blog said he would be.


Now how about some of these other freshmen Kirby ?


Do you see a larger role for the freshmen Kirby the remainder of this year and hopefully in your year 2 sir for those freshmen arguably already the # 1 recruiting class for The Georgia Bulldogs ever sir ?


Matthew appears turned and we to see no rain from it just some winds.  The mbar reading is showing more relaxing of the storm the best indication that the storm will not be as bad as of Wednesday at 3 p.m.  It’s still a long time until Saturday night but South Carolina calls that shot not Governor Nikki.


I look for us to run off a long run of wins with the freshmen leading the way the rest of the season as the freshmen have up until now been the bright spot for our team.


Kirby’s recruiting is the strength of this team even if it is just one class here so far.


7 Jacob Eason passes for more than 30 yards against 3 ranked teams is quite impressive.  He led us to come-from-behind winning position in all games all season except 45 to nothing # 9 Ole Miss.