Bulldog fans bummed-out about 45 to nothing deflowering the decisions about freshmen not practicing or playing and about offensive game strategies – took the edge off the career of Kirby 45 to nothing given his heavy-handed approach. Now we all are discouraged at all of this and with all this wasted talent not properly utilized. # 68 passing offense every play run up the gut never mind the talent used so far is obviously incapable of that one play every down.

24 hour rule ?


45 to nothing.


I don’t believe for one moment that any coach player or fan is over 45 to nothing today welcoming vols to our stadium this beautiful Fall afternoon.


The criticisms of the freshmen by Kirby has become very old very fast.


We have ill-conceived offense.


We have ill-conceived bias against freshmen practicing with the # 1 unit.


We have ill-prepared our team.


We act like we want to compete without 12 of our stars on this team.  Why recruit well ?  To badger the press when they ask about them and complain the freshmen are no good anyway – just freshmen ?


If our depth chart is so weak it was incumbent on Kirby to practice them with the # 1 unit and have them ready to play.


45 to nothing is not that.


So forget about it ?


And, do what Kirby ?


Concentrate on vols ?


Your lack of experience Kirby on Offense and on Special Teams is showing Sir.


You put us in this position this afternoon.


Now, we have to beat vols must-win or they go up with a 3-game lead on us now in The SEC East.


vols would have to lose 3 games now Kirby in The SEC while you go undefeated in SEC action all the rest of the season.


You better damn win this afternoon Kirby.


Your bullshit of competing without the freshmen damn well better be over Sir.


And you better find you a kicker because neither one you have played so far has any leg at all.


I do not think you are a good judge of talent Kirby.


That’s where I stand about 24-hour rules.


This is not what you were hired to do Kirby.


You have only established you are in charge.  That and that you don’t have a clue about judging talent, offensive game strategies, special teams at all either Kirby, nor how to deal with the press at all.


Your weaknesses are so glaring Kirby that your headstrong attitude about everything has left you stubborn without adjustments to obvious weaknesses you have which your team certainly proves you are weak in most especially offense and special teams.


Your hires either you don’t let take the reigns on offense and special teams or your heavy-handed too much detail in their areas – or both – have proven to be your Achilles heel.


45 to nothing 24-hour rule issued to press players presumably coaches since we never hear from any of them ever and I guess you intend that for all The Great Bulldog Nation too all of us totally discouraged 45 to nothing.


Thanks Kirby.


Nice job.


45 to nothing really ended that Honeymoon period for you, didn’t it Kirby ?


Ultimatum beat vols.


You average # 8 talent in the nation Kirby and vols # 14 according to 247Sports.com Composite Rankings of the 5 classes including redshirts making up these 2 teams ‘Tween the Hedges today.


I am going to be looking for the players to see their body language especially of offensive players today Kirby.


You don’t know what you’re doing on offense Kirby.


There is no Excuse for 45 to nothing.


24-hour rule.


Your Special Teams do not feature our best players.


Because you are a poor judge of talent when you see it and because of your total lack of experience on offense to deploy the talent we gave you on offense in plays designed to take advantage of the massive talent you have on this team, our Offense is a Halloween Nightmare.