Mike Bobo as head coach 9 wins 10 losses Colorado State competing against the Mountain West Conference. Mike Bobo is 2-4 this 2016 season after going 7-6 last season. Faton Bauta has thrown 26 passes completing 12 for 1 TD and 114 yards and has run 14 times for 111 yards 8 per carry for -0- TD. I said Faton Bauta should have been moved to TB here in 2014 when we were thin and he knew the plays when Mark Richt said he was “standing pat at TB” despite being thin at TB 2014. I also said Mike Bobo, who had a very good year 1997 his senior year but not before that, was not good here beating top 15 teams top 10 teams top 25 teams or even beating unranked teams as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator and therefore would not be a good head coach. I see Mark Richt beat Georgie tek yellowjackets here where he never lost to them in Atlanta. And I presume therefore that our Athletics Director Greg McGarity is NEXT to be fired for thinking that UGA could not afford 1 of the top PROVEN head coaches like LSU is doing now – us # 11 All-Time in Wins. Search firm said hire Kirby ? Congratulations to vols – you still lose twice to Alabama this year now.



Well we’re 3 games behind vols for SEC East now.    I got to see a fine football game between 2 teams going nowhere.


Nice play call Jim Chaney from 7 yards deep in your end zone ahead in the game after the great vols’ punt to our 6-yard line with 3 minutes 43 seconds to go in the game on 2nd down and 11 yards to go to pass the ball Jim Chaney.  Good hire Kirby.  Ahead 24-21 with 2 minutes and 56 seconds to go in the game.  None of the players in on that play had practiced with Jacob Eason all Spring, all Fall Practices except for 10 practices and have not been starting.  But on that play that is who you relied upon to block them on a pass play from 7 yards deep in the end zone with 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining in the game winning by 24-21.


Not after that play call were we winning any longer and required the heroics once again of Jacob Eason.  Fire Jim Chaney promote Del McGee to Offensive Coordinator.


vols scored 3 TD in the 4th quarter.


It was a beautiful day today on my campus in full splendor for me to get to come back and see it even if we had 8 penalties for 44 yards none worse than Nashville Rico McGraw # 36 taking his helmet off on the field of play when he was not even playing after Jacob Eason threw the TD to put us ahead with 10 seconds to go in the game ahead with Georgia winning 31-28.  On the kick-off Mark Richt recruit Rodrigo Blankenship kicked-off then only 48 yards when top kickers kick the ball off 17 yards farther to only the vols’ 32-yard line who then only had an even shorter field returning it into Georgia territory and of course the guys Kirby has not been practicing with the team stepped over the line on his kick-off too taking it to our side of the field for vols to be at our 43-yard line with 4 ticks on the clock.


I guess Mitchell Wasson must be a really weak-legged kicker Kirby recruited to be our Place Kicker if a guy kicks the ball – game on the line – only 48 yards.  I am so over Rodrigo Blankenship Mark Richt brought here.


They called time-out after seeing our coverage and threw the Hail Mary with our tall defender in the back of the end zone and all our short secondary in front not our leapers and not our tall guy in front.


It’s not coverage you are playing with 4 ticks on the clock and them gifted our 43-yard line.  This is a specialty defense.  You practice that.  We have guys who can leap 39″.  They were not playing that play.  We have guys 6′ 10″ tall.  They too were not in on the play to bat the ball downwards.  A seasoned coach would have prepared his team for that play.  And no Mark Richt is not a seasoned coach because he did not care after 2007.  If he cares now he did not from 2008 to 2015 and would have lost to both North Carolina and to vols because he would still only be playing Greyson Lambert.  That is how he did that.  In case you have forgotten.  Kirby said he practiced that but his play call was wrong.


Don’t let them practice with the # 1 unit all Spring all Fall and don’t play them but others in the season because they dared to be freshmen and then with the season over if we lose to vols too these the very ones out there getting these penalties called on them to allow them to only have to heave it 43 yards after the weak leg kick-off and 2 penalties applied to the kick-off.


Brian Herrien only had 15 carries but for 77 yards and I still say he rushes for 1000 yards whenever Kirby decides to run him.  If Kirby had run him when we had healthy TB he would be well on his way to being # 17 Bulldog to rush for 1000 yards in a season already and we would not have lost this game.


Kirby played only 58 of his 85 Scholarship players and had Mecole Hardman Jr. play a play on special teams only again.  Kirby has redshirted his top OL recruit Ben Cleveland who is Jacob Eason’s best friend.


Kirby I thought you were going to ready our freshmen play our freshmen and win with 10 of our freshmen clearly stars on this 2016 season now over sir.  You failed to prepare them Kirby.


This is when Mark Richt Apologists for what he did even worse than Kirby so far his last 8 years here would say all our goals for 2016 are still there.


Not for me.


You have to run the ball with 2 minutes 56 seconds and vols with all 3 of their time-outs remaining on your 5-yard line ahead 24-21.  If we do run that play vols lose.


Jacob Eason with 59 seconds remaining in the game hit Terry Godwin to our 35-yard line after the punt from their 40-yard line to our 19-yard line.  Isaiah McKenzie caught the ball from Jacob Eason with 42 seconds to our 46-yard line.  Jeb Blazevich caught Jacob Eason’s pass to the 42-yard line with 29 ticks remaining in the game.  Then Jacob Eason calmly hit Riley Ridley for the TD with 10 seconds to go on 4 plays 81 yards 31-28 the good guys.


Then Juwan Taylor was off-sides on a kick-off for us.


Kirby is now 3-2 and unranked in the polls.


We out-rushed vols and were dominating vols on the ground.  Since Brian Herrien was tailback we would have won the game had we run it on a bunch of plays we failed eschewing the run – obvious running down plays that we had Dominated vols with running with Brian Herrien.  The most glaring a failed 4th down and another short yardage where he again was not called upon despite his proven prowess as our # 1 TB this season.  And, of course, the dumbass pass play with 2  minutes 56 seconds and them 3 time outs us on the 5-yard line.  Run Brian Herrien.  Instead I saw Kirby on the sidelines TAKE BRAIN HERRIEN OUT for that play and we tried a deep pass from 7  yards back in the end zone with 2 guys blocking who were undersized and over-manned and should NOT have been in the game on that play either one.  vols dominated the 2 and let their best pass rusher kill Jacob Eason.


It is the single worst play-call in the history of Georgia Football and it lost the game for us up by 24-21 with 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining in the game to pass from 7-yards deep on deep pass when all we have to do is hand it to Brian Herrien to run out the clock and vols lose rather than win with 4 seconds remaining.


The 2nd worst play-call all-time for us was not preparing the team for last gasp TD only play from 43 yards away.  You don’t play your secondary.  You are NOT covering wide receivers on their routes.  You are simply defending the end zone.  You line up 8 guys in the end zone who are all tall and great vertical leap.  And you put-in 3 guys up front who only have 1 goal to hit the QB. We did neither Kirby.  That is easy to defend Kirby and your practice behind hidden curtains of that play is wrong and I would have told you it was wrong if you had let us see your practices before you lost the game because of it.  You did not have pressure on the QB and you had the wrong guys in the end zone Kirby.




Awful coaching Kirby.  Simply awful sir.


That is my analysis of what I saw.  Mark Richt would have lost this game by only playing Greyson Lambert who would have also lost to North Carolina.


Congratulations vols.

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