Kirby do you want to re-think your position on freshmen now given that Jacob Eason despite no snaps # 1 unit all Spring and none until all but 3 weeks remained of Fall Practices and then none all the last week before the season and did not start, will be the # 1 Georgia Bulldogs QB of All-Time, sir ?

Jacob Eason has certainly been everything this blog said he would be.


Now how about some of these other freshmen Kirby ?


Do you see a larger role for the freshmen Kirby the remainder of this year and hopefully in your year 2 sir for those freshmen arguably already the # 1 recruiting class for The Georgia Bulldogs ever sir ?


Matthew appears turned and we to see no rain from it just some winds.  The mbar reading is showing more relaxing of the storm the best indication that the storm will not be as bad as of Wednesday at 3 p.m.  It’s still a long time until Saturday night but South Carolina calls that shot not Governor Nikki.


I look for us to run off a long run of wins with the freshmen leading the way the rest of the season as the freshmen have up until now been the bright spot for our team.


Kirby’s recruiting is the strength of this team even if it is just one class here so far.


7 Jacob Eason passes for more than 30 yards against 3 ranked teams is quite impressive.  He led us to come-from-behind winning position in all games all season except 45 to nothing # 9 Ole Miss.




Kirby was certainly on the big-boy stage at our house Saturday late afternoon and for all to see he personally took-out Brian Herrien on 2nd and 11 from our 5-yard line. Then we all witnessed in horror as Kirby’s rushed hire of Jim Chaney compounded that Kirby alone decision – I saw Kirby take Brian Herrien out himself – by calling a pass play and Kirby I saw disagreed with that decision by Jim Chaney with the personnel Kirby gave him to work with on that play but did not stop the play or even tell Jim Chaney to. And just as certainly we all saw Kirby send Rodrigo Blankenship BACK out there again to Kick-Off with 10 seconds on the clock when Kirby in Game 5 certainly long-since knew that he has no leg whatsoever and watched it go only 48 yards instead of 17 yards farther for any good kicker. As for Kirby saying he practices that play every Thursday 1 second them the ball at mid-field – all I can point-out once again is that well Kirby has the wrong defense called he is practicing. That too is so clear. He tried to get no pressure on the QB. He put-in small guys to defend the pass except for one guy who never has been known to even know how to defend a pass. This is Kirby’s scheme ? Management Style ? Excuse me, Kirby’s only management style is that he refused to let his QB have any snap at all with the # 1 unit all Spring and all Fall except 2 weeks. You know ? The only QB he has played since game 1. With the guy he has settled-on, Kirby gave that 1 guy zero snaps all Spring with the # 1 unit and again zero snaps with the # 1 unit again all Fall Practice until 3 weeks before Kick-Off then reluctantly gives him just 2 weeks’ worth of snaps with the # 1 unit he has played the entire season with since and then yanks him for the last week of Fall Practice and says Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason. Kirby has stonewalled the press about the freshmen – said nasty stuff about every single one of His Own Freshmen he signed – and still has Redshirted his Top OL Recruit he signed like he is punishing him too for daring to be Jacob Eason’s Best Friend Mr. Ben Cleveland. Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby has given only 2 snaps and they just in the 2 most recent games only on Special Teams – an absolute star on this team. In fact all these names are. Kirby’s only management style is to rant and rave and yell at everyone that he is in charge by himself and no one else shall challenge that including the press like Kirby is in charge of the press too. Yeah right – that is going over very well Kirby as a management style. Would Kirby beat Florida and Auburn say for example this season with all his freshmen still as in Game 5 relegated to 2nd fiddle to any and every one nobody but losers ? Let’s get even more real shall we ? Is Kirby really going to lose another game this season with 2 in the bag already both on Kirby ? Can he afford to ? I say no. I say he has to finish-out now 11-2 this 2016 inaugural season which means winning his meaningless bowl game no one watching. Only if Kirby does that will Kirby have any chance of being graded-out 2016 as an A himself – given he showed-up finally January 12 saying to Greg McGarity November 28 it would be his dream to take this job 8 weeks and 4 days later showing-up with 2 seniors and 6 juniors only on Mark Richt’s 2-Deep returning – knowing absolutely he would have to start 10 freshmen and so mistreating his freshmen that frankly his # 3 class for 2017 should be in question. “Kirby are you really going to play me 2017 or just give me lip service while you whine to the press that I don’t know diddle-e-squat without preparing me beginning Day 1 Spring Practice?” More than any coach in America in 2017 Kirby will be questioned about his policy about freshmen simply not given the chance to play. For this is what we have seen despite glaring weaknesses ahead of the freshmen on the 2-Deep. Hurricane Matthew ? We’ve already got our own Hurricane brewing here fueled mostly by Mark Richt Apologists exactly as I said they would pre-game if Kirby lost again. Especially if he made the same mistakes – not new mistakes – which is what he did do. No game Columbia. More time for Kirby to steady the ship if he can WAKE-UP about freshmen. I hold no hope on that storm-front, either. Game cancelled at 6 am Wednesday by UGA Thomas Brown as authorities will over react.

Hurricane Matthew is only 962 mb with a less than developed eye and 125 mph winds but with states of emergency declared for Friday night in Florida Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina there is no hope Columbia would be allowed inland to play the game.  It’s already beyond Cuba.  The air northward is colder further weakening it.


Columbia is outside what should be the evacuated area but precisely only by 35 miles or so.  It is inconceivable the game would be played as planned.  The upper-level lightning alone sees to that as folks in charge always over react in such conditions.


Hurricane Matthew will prevent the game as planners will not allow the game to be played between Georgia and South Carolina Saturday night at 7:30.  It’s not happening with the lightning above the storm and so many states of emergency and evacuation already in place.  Governor Nikki has no say in moving the game to Atlanta or it not happening.


Game cancelled per UGA Thomas Brown Wednesday October 5 2016 at 6 a.m.  It should be outside the affected area and still will be cancelled because Governors love to make decisions they have no education in.  This non-event at the site 135 miles from the coast will cancel our game.


Back home here we have our own storm heating-up as well as Mark Richt Apologists try to see some silver lining to all this for Mark Richt.  He’s gone.  There’s nothing there for you guys.  Get over him.  He was miserable for 8 years and fired.  Oh and by the way, you failed to shut me up to prevent it.


Mark Richt would have lost to North Carolina as well as he would still be playing only Greyson Lambert.  That is how he did that since you have forgotten.


You were warned that vols was a must-win after I warned you Ole Miss was a must win.


As for you have won the games you were supposed to win I suggest 45 to nothing last week ended all that discussion.  Did you show any respect to Brian Herrien for that performance Kirby ?


When you think you can edict any 24-hour rule on me Kirby – let me know ok son ?


I have more like a 59-year rule Kirby.


I add your glaring errors for at least 59-years and more than likely for longer than that Kirby.


Kirby since you have my degree from my alma mater do you mind explaining to me this management style in direct contradiction with every class at UGA I took Kirby ?


I was taught that it is typical for new hires to try to be too detailed in every aspect and therefore poor at all and the overall.


I can assure you that is what you are doing and that I was taught anything but.


I can also assure you Kirby that you used-up any Mulligans you thought you had.


If Kirby had won Saturday no one would be saying any of this ?


(1) that special teams kicker – I told you to get him out of the games 3 weeks ago Kirby

(2) that decision to sit-down Brian Herrien 2nd and 11 & your hire Chaney calls pass from our 5 with 2 minutes 56 seconds all remaining and vols all 3 time-outs

(3) that prevent-defense 4 seconds on clock from our 43-yard line is the single worst defensive call by any defensive coordinator ever.  Kirby you’re not trying to cover their routes with small defensive backs but have your leapers in all of them and bat the ball down in the end zone while you get after the QB with everything you’ve got.


If Kirby had won Saturday no one would be saying any of this ?  If a Bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his buns on the rocks.  Excuse me, but Kirby did not win.   And Kirby made 3 of the worst decisions in the game any coach ever would have and exactly what I would have expected from Mark Richt.


You are a stubborn man Kirby.


Inauspicious beginning.  1st impressions are lasting ones.


I advise no more losses Kirby.


Work hard Kirby forget the score all together ?


Excuse me Kirby you had better be mindful of the 31-28 score kicking-off with someone who has a leg after 15-yard penalty Kirby – mindful of the 24-21 score on 2nd and 11 with only 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining and leave-in Brian Herrien Kirby not yank him then yourself – and mindful of both the 31-28 and the 4 seconds when you practice this Thursday Kirby South Carolina at our 43-yard line to get all different guys in the end zone this time emphasizing leaping not cover skills Kirby.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


You know what Kirby ?  Your management style grinds on me son and that is what my degree is in.


See to it Kirby you make new mistakes this week not the same old mistake of no-leg kickers you send-out game on the line us winning and the same old mistake of holding back 10 freshmen you should have groomed from Day 1 to be Starters before now Kirby with the season long-since over now Kirby.


It’s too late to realize you must rely upon freshmen Kirby.  45 to nothing and then these 3 decisions by you alone Kirby vs vols.


Not good Sir.