Kirby do you want to re-think your position on freshmen now given that Jacob Eason despite no snaps # 1 unit all Spring and none until all but 3 weeks remained of Fall Practices and then none all the last week before the season and did not start, will be the # 1 Georgia Bulldogs QB of All-Time, sir ?

Jacob Eason has certainly been everything this blog said he would be.


Now how about some of these other freshmen Kirby ?


Do you see a larger role for the freshmen Kirby the remainder of this year and hopefully in your year 2 sir for those freshmen arguably already the # 1 recruiting class for The Georgia Bulldogs ever sir ?


Matthew appears turned and we to see no rain from it just some winds.  The mbar reading is showing more relaxing of the storm the best indication that the storm will not be as bad as of Wednesday at 3 p.m.  It’s still a long time until Saturday night but South Carolina calls that shot not Governor Nikki.


I look for us to run off a long run of wins with the freshmen leading the way the rest of the season as the freshmen have up until now been the bright spot for our team.


Kirby’s recruiting is the strength of this team even if it is just one class here so far.


7 Jacob Eason passes for more than 30 yards against 3 ranked teams is quite impressive.  He led us to come-from-behind winning position in all games all season except 45 to nothing # 9 Ole Miss.




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