938 mbars Hurricane Matthew continues to strengthen all day now moving 13 mph with 145 mph winds gusting to 165 mph with 289 dead so far as the Category 4 Hurricane brings with it to South Carolina storm surge of 9 feet higher than one floor meaning you would be on your roof of a ranch continuing to move slowly up the east coast of Florida along the Gulf Stream with up to 11 feet storm surge and up to 12 inches rain. All this at 8 p.m. Thursday night with the game held hostage by only just the University of South Carolina who steadfastly prefer their $ 2 million dollars revenue than announce that the kids have more value to the University of South Carolina. It’s an awfully mean-spirited non-action by The SEC League Office for the game the night after tomorrow when all this hits South Carolina with their residents trying to flee. Here in Atlanta the traffic is unbearable with I-20 and I-75 the most impacted along with I-285 as I-16 is one-way out I-985 impacted I-675 impacted I-575 impacted all with heavy delays all day long today in the worst storm to hit this area since the eighteen-nineties. Still the University of South Carolina and The SEC League Office hold us all hostage like they will play the game the night after tomorrow night. No they will not.

South Carolina officials have no control over these idiots at the University of South Carolina risking harm to all involved by failing to even cancel the game with their team 1-3 in SEC action after 1-7 SEC action last year and UGA 1-2 in SEC action and game not nearly as important as the safety of so many involved.


I do not see how the University of South Carolina can be this stupid.  Surely even they can see the game is not going to happen but they can’t cancel the scheduled date.



10-6-2016 at 8 p.m.

Make other plans for Saturday night. No game. Hurricane Matthew brings 5 inches rain near Columbia 12 inches on coast Saturday night with 125 mph winds Friday night and 105 mph winds Saturday night as I-26 from coast to Columbia is closed to southeast traffic causing congestion in Columbia on I-26 northwest intersections with I-20 I-77 and I-95 for mandatory evacuations where everyone is going to Columbia. So flooding down power lines down traffic lights down trees and lightning exacerbate long-known South Carolina road issues. Their roads are just not good in the best of conditions and never have been with some of the worst roads I have ever driven personally. They’re not safe when it is not dry and sunlit conditions. Governor Nikki Haley is providing no state police officers to support the game in Columbia Saturday night and is not in favor of this event at this designated time. South Carolina wants the revenue from the game. But it’s the travel to and from that is the major impact at just the point where folks are trying to evacuate to. Barometric pressure has intensified to 961 mbars just now at 4 am Thursday October 6 which is down slightly indicating Hurricane Matthew is actually strengthening in this slow-moving storm which sits and pounds an area for extended periods of 12 hours continuously with Major Hurricane Winds with 28 dead so far. At the very back end of the 12-hour onslaught is where the very worst of this strengthening hurricane’s most damaging winds are. The South eyewall 12 hours after you feel the north eyewall traveling only 12 mph is where the catastrophic damage happens and where the lightning is. 12 million people trying to evacuate already and where to ? Columbia and points farther inland from there. Sure Atlanta will be hit with the traffic but so too Columbia. It is hard to imagine USCe Officials can hold hostage the entire state for a game between their 1-3 SEC team and a 1-2 SEC team. University of South Carolina officials say they are in charge of this game while all this goes on right there in Columbia well after dark without regard to safety of our students coaches and fans to get to there or back afterwards on their terrible roads in the best of conditions. I do not for one moment believe University of South Carolina officials will be given any leeway on them making any decisions in this despite their musings to the contrary.

The game is not happening Saturday night in Columbia trust me.  The officials will not allow it.  Someone has to be in charge in South Carolina.  Not providing state troopers is not asserting control.  The game between a 1-3 SEC team and a 1-2 SEC team is not tomorrow night but the next while others are given no choice on mandatory evacuation for that very timeframe at the very juncture of the evacuation route on the very road that millions are using.


This makes no sense to me Thursday morning about this very unimportant game in the whole scheme of life in the very face of this frightening storm.


The University of South Carolina has never done a thing in college football and the outcome of this game already will not alter that this season either at 1-3 in The SEC after their 3-9 and 1-7 SEC last season.  Steve Spurrier quit mid-year last year this team is so under-talented.  And they can make us wait past the 4 am timeframe now as I wake-up and find no news yet for not tomorrow night but the next.


I am making other plans.  I know the outcome for their decision for the night after next at 4 am already having looked it over for them.  Some folks are just plain stupid holding-on like maybe it will not affect the game.  It already has long-since.


Why have South Carolina officials if this their level of asserting control ?


This game is not happening as planned for the night after next.


How do I know this and USC officials do not ?  961 mbars at 4 a.m. as I awake Thursday morning October 6 now.  This is more intensity to the storm than when I went to bed.  It is before it gets to the Gulf Stream and before the sun rises to heat it up even more.  This storm is following the Gulf Stream as most do unfortunately there are not many this intense and note please getting worse.


At the current rate of mbars it will be down to even stronger stronger winds stronger rain bands stronger lightning stronger damage to infrastructure.


It the mbars hit 939 which it is on-track to do by 8 am this morning then it will be a Category 4.  Again it is strengthening.  Keep your eye only on the 939 mbars.  I studied Hurricane Katrina in detail like this as it approached and clearly saw it.  Katrina went all the way down to 902 mbars.  I do not have to tell you the impact if Hurricane Matthew continues with this power intensity increase as the 961 mbars approaches 939 mbars and even worse lower than that.