938 mbars Hurricane Matthew continues to strengthen all day now moving 13 mph with 145 mph winds gusting to 165 mph with 289 dead so far as the Category 4 Hurricane brings with it to South Carolina storm surge of 9 feet higher than one floor meaning you would be on your roof of a ranch continuing to move slowly up the east coast of Florida along the Gulf Stream with up to 11 feet storm surge and up to 12 inches rain. All this at 8 p.m. Thursday night with the game held hostage by only just the University of South Carolina who steadfastly prefer their $ 2 million dollars revenue than announce that the kids have more value to the University of South Carolina. It’s an awfully mean-spirited non-action by The SEC League Office for the game the night after tomorrow when all this hits South Carolina with their residents trying to flee. Here in Atlanta the traffic is unbearable with I-20 and I-75 the most impacted along with I-285 as I-16 is one-way out I-985 impacted I-675 impacted I-575 impacted all with heavy delays all day long today in the worst storm to hit this area since the eighteen-nineties. Still the University of South Carolina and The SEC League Office hold us all hostage like they will play the game the night after tomorrow night. No they will not.

South Carolina officials have no control over these idiots at the University of South Carolina risking harm to all involved by failing to even cancel the game with their team 1-3 in SEC action after 1-7 SEC action last year and UGA 1-2 in SEC action and game not nearly as important as the safety of so many involved.


I do not see how the University of South Carolina can be this stupid.  Surely even they can see the game is not going to happen but they can’t cancel the scheduled date.



10-6-2016 at 8 p.m.


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