5 p.m. Friday night update 135 miles south of Savannah GA which is then at 12 mph currently 11 hours until Savannah in other words 4 a.m. Saturday Savannah which is then itself 150 miles from Columbia SC which when then be 5 p.m. Saturday night when it starts there to go on for 12 hours for the large Category 3 Hurricane to pass there in other words 5 a.m. Sunday – GAME DAY – meaning no State Patrol will allow anyone back into this area at Kick-Off at 2:30 p.m. same day – Sunday. 115 mph Category 3 Hurricane Matthew 948 mbars significant major hurricane. Again 135 miles from Savannah. And we are supposed to be there at 2:30 p.m. while the Hurricane Matthew dumps 12 inches rain on Columbia and while the storm surge sends 9 feet of water and waves on top of that at the coast. It has rained all day today in Columbia SC. Atlanta traffic is gridlocked from the victims of Hurricane Matthew going into their attic to flee. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach has water driving down the street with 6 feet surge and waves on top of that. 5 million without electricity and 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew $ 100 billion damage. But a $ 2 million dollar revenue game is MORE IMPORTANT to the University of South Carolina than OUR SAFETY. Us to drive up there through all this but only some of our players not all going because we are impacting the shelter of victims – NOT SAFE FOR VICTIMS for us to travel. NOT SAFE. Gusts to 130 mph 5 p.m. Friday. 851 dead including the United States of America now. Federal disaster declaration for the state of South Carolina where all of this is headed and no time soon – game now day after tomorrow while all this hits there.

This is so we can play a game.


Not all of us.


Just those deemed to go up there in the very midst of all this.


Still Sunday all this will be going on THERE.


In that rickety old stadium.


Tornado go through that to get there.


Pass all the victims and of course stay overnight – not try to drive back through it all again in the dark with who knows how many traffic signals not working.


No one open.


Nowhere to buy gas.


In all this traffic.


Before even the victims are allowed to go back.


With all this still going on.



10-7-2016 at 5 p.m.


What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY. 8 a.m. Friday 7 October 2016 update the very brunt of Hurricane Matthew expected to be exactly closest to stadium just as game supposed to kick-off – the University of South Carolina is doing all it can do to send all the wrong messages about the game 2:30 p.m. Eastern Sunday. 938 mbars with 120 mph sustained winds 5 to 12 inches rain gusting now to 150 mph nowhere near yet even to Daytona Beach staying 25 miles off-shore with 102 mph winds at Cape Canaveral. The eyewall which was 2 became 1 since last update 30 mile radius from center 60 mile diameter Category 3 Hurricane with storm surges up to 11 feet directly at closest land point to stadium. 14 mph north northwest bearing down all this directly toward the stadium. Directly. All for $ 2 million revenue in a storm which has done multi-billions of dollars impact already before brunt of it hits in South Carolina. $ 100 billion dollars in damage already projected. 345 dead from Hurricane Matthew. 938 mbars is the very worst most strongest it has ever been. That it stays 25 miles off the east coast of Florida does not mean it will miss South Carolina Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. In fact it means it will hit hardest directly impact there. A wall of water a foot high with rain on top of that and waves above that hitting the coast of South Carolina and a game between their 1-3 SEC lousy football team who was 1-7 SEC last season before Steve Spurrier quit mid-season is MORE IMPORTANT than the SAFETY of the student-athletes students coaches fans and sends all the wrong message just exactly precisely when most everyone needs to be TOLD the exactly opposite by the lousy stinking University of South Carolina an also ran “school” sending this contradictory message about the severity of this major hurricane. Waterspout tornado are now spawning on the north side of the hurricane and extend outwards 200 miles from the eyewall. They then come from the north to the west and south. And they have lightning too. It’s not safe. These saying otherwise disagree with Obama. 5 million without electricity. Trees power poles live wires everywhere and the poor victims of this storm trying to get home. I drove yesterday around Atlanta and saw first hand how I-285 and I-75 and I-20 are impacted from the traffic. The traffic are the victims. This is what this game is doing. And we’re only a 1-2 SEC team. Why ? Why Sunday at 2:30 p.m. as it hits closest ? Why send this message oh it’s not big deal. Yeah it is. It’s the most significant event to affect anything there in over 118 years and worse than that one then. 15 million people the state patrols and national guards are responsible for getting home safely and they will NOT be allowing them home at game time 2:30 p.m. Sunday. It’s not safe and South Carolina roads bad in best conditions. Harris Pastides the University of South Carolina’s president canceled classes Wednesday on Thursday on Friday and there are no classes on Saturday or Sunday or Harris Pastides would have cancelled them for then and still might for Monday anyway. All other USC events were cancelled but this $ 2 million dollar game has to go on or mail us back our refund checks. This all about the $ 2 million revenue and $ 10 million impact on Columbia and to send the message that the University of South Carolina is ranked the # 107 best college 2016 by U.S. News and World Report. That is all this is about showing how dumb the University of South Carolina “officials” really are. That and $ 2 million revenue more important than the victims having to deal with game traffic of # 107 best college 1-3 SEC after 1-7 SEC last season Steve Spurrier quitting mid-season last year. Mail UGA fans refund ? We’ll play game – send that message we care MORE about $ 2 million revenue than safety of students fans coaches or Hurricane Matthew victims at its VERY HEIGHT here at the very moment of kick-off. Idiots. You will be known for your decision on this Ray Tanner – Harris Pastides – Greg Sankey – Nikki Haley all 4 to be fired over this trust me on this. Come on up. Everything you are being told is all just a ruse. All lies by Nikki Haley. Everything is fine. There is no lightning. No reason to fear the roads to the game. Play ball. Who cares about the victims or their homes ? And of course this reflects on The Mighty SEC who will hear about this forever. Don’t go. Greg McGarity – you’re to-blame for this too. Now some players are traveling tomorrow and some not. Which players are expendable and which should not travel because not safe ?



# 50 University of Florida

# 54 Ohio State University

# 56 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2016

# 57 University of Texas

# 66 Clemson University

# 74 Texas A&M University

# 82 Michigan State University

# 92 Florida State University

# 93 North Carolina State University

# 100 Auburn University

# 103 University of Alabama – Auburn ranked AHEAD of Alabama as school

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville vols

# 107 University of South Carolina -you’re a horrible school as this “decision” proves




( http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/page+6 )


The University of South Carolina had never accomplished anything in football ever until this.  Now they have singlehandedly sent the very worst possible message at the very worst possible moment.  It’s no big deal.  We can play with all this going on all this devastation.  Come watch us 1-7 last year SEC 1-3 so far this year.  We beat Mark Richt the last 3 years in a row up here.  Now that Kirby will beat us we want our $ 2 million revenue kept here rather than mail checks back to Georgia.


45-18-2 UGA over USCe all-time


Mark Richt loser of last 3 at Columbia Municipal Stadium renamed Carolina Stadium renamed again Williams-Brice Stadium aka “The Cock Pit.”



The only college more stupid than the University of South Carolina is # 111 Oklahoma which is why these stupid colleges are ranked as stupid colleges – making decisions like this.


We care more about the safety of all involved and want to send the proper message on this devastating hurricane to the world how important giving back $ 2 million is to us.


“Due to the potential impact of the hurricane on Columbia and the surrounding area, it is in the best interest of safety to play the game on Sunday rather than Saturday night.” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is out of his mind.


You have made a laughing stock of Governor Nikki Haley and yourselves Ray Tanner and Harris Pastides the president of the # 107 best college USCe with an assist by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.


Congratulations for sending this wrong message to everyone at the very worst possible moment.  And, for all the wrong reasons like dumbasses.  All 4  of you “officials.” You are entrusted to be in charge of protecting the safety of all involved.  


You have in fact done everything but and have further impacted the victims of the worst hurricane in your area in 118 years.  And that one in 1898 not as bad impact there in South Carolina than this.  Fools.  Congratulations.


$ 2 million in revenue is more important.


What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY.




Do you see where this huge major hurricane is headed ?  Well do you ?  Do not go to game.  Stay away.  That is the eye in red just now 8 a.m. Friday.  It will be in South Carolina Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at its very peak.


If you can not read that map let me read it to you at 14 mph directly headed to the stadium.


Only a moron college of morons would tell you to come-on up !


During the very peak of the single largest event in our recorded history right here right then.

10-7-2016 at 8 a.m.

345 dead in 5th Hurricane in 2016 in the Atlantic at 2 a.m. Friday with 938 mbars gusts up to 160 mph battering east coast of Florida for prolonged periods heading northwest at 14 mph as the University of South Carolina thinks now that they can play the game Sunday 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time SEC Network like this entire scenario is not real with South Carolina storm surges of 6 feet. University of South Carolina fool officials think there will be no traffic issues for anyone trying to get there with no state patrol support just county police only. Fiasco. This is just when Hurricane Matthew will be at its peak in storm surge of 6 feet in South Carolina and 12 inches rain South of the game and 5 inches rainfall at the stadium.


“Due to the potential impact of the hurricane on Columbia and the surrounding area, it is in the best interest of safety to play the game on Sunday rather than Saturday night.” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is out of his mind.

Potential impact ?  There are 345 dead 938 mbars biggest Hurricane since eighteen-ninety-eight and millions trying to flee being stranded on the roof tops in up to 160 mph gusts with 6 feet storm surges on top of 5 inches rain locally and 12 inches just South of the stadium.  Really smart SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.  Are you sure this is your decision and not South Carolina’s who you agreed with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey ?


Obviously the $ 2 million revenue is more important to the University of South Carolina than the safety of the kids with lighting all over the area as well Sunday – just when it all hits there.


Game SEC Network.




( http://www.wvtm13.com/article/georgia-at-south-carolina-football-game-moved-to-sunday-due-to-hurricane-matthew/4974945 )


10-7-2016 at 2 a.m.