5 p.m. Friday night update 135 miles south of Savannah GA which is then at 12 mph currently 11 hours until Savannah in other words 4 a.m. Saturday Savannah which is then itself 150 miles from Columbia SC which when then be 5 p.m. Saturday night when it starts there to go on for 12 hours for the large Category 3 Hurricane to pass there in other words 5 a.m. Sunday – GAME DAY – meaning no State Patrol will allow anyone back into this area at Kick-Off at 2:30 p.m. same day – Sunday. 115 mph Category 3 Hurricane Matthew 948 mbars significant major hurricane. Again 135 miles from Savannah. And we are supposed to be there at 2:30 p.m. while the Hurricane Matthew dumps 12 inches rain on Columbia and while the storm surge sends 9 feet of water and waves on top of that at the coast. It has rained all day today in Columbia SC. Atlanta traffic is gridlocked from the victims of Hurricane Matthew going into their attic to flee. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach has water driving down the street with 6 feet surge and waves on top of that. 5 million without electricity and 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew $ 100 billion damage. But a $ 2 million dollar revenue game is MORE IMPORTANT to the University of South Carolina than OUR SAFETY. Us to drive up there through all this but only some of our players not all going because we are impacting the shelter of victims – NOT SAFE FOR VICTIMS for us to travel. NOT SAFE. Gusts to 130 mph 5 p.m. Friday. 851 dead including the United States of America now. Federal disaster declaration for the state of South Carolina where all of this is headed and no time soon – game now day after tomorrow while all this hits there.

This is so we can play a game.


Not all of us.


Just those deemed to go up there in the very midst of all this.


Still Sunday all this will be going on THERE.


In that rickety old stadium.


Tornado go through that to get there.


Pass all the victims and of course stay overnight – not try to drive back through it all again in the dark with who knows how many traffic signals not working.


No one open.


Nowhere to buy gas.


In all this traffic.


Before even the victims are allowed to go back.


With all this still going on.



10-7-2016 at 5 p.m.


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