There is not one fan in any direction from your stadium who can be there tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. – not one from anywhere who can. 4:20 a.m. update Saturday 8 October 2016. We will : (1) offer you the gate after expenses and have the game Sunday or Monday at Sanford Stadium. (2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year. How about that University of South Carolina. Hurricane Matthew which was always on a beeline track directly for Columbia SC has its eyewall make landfall 80 miles SSW of Charleston SC with 5 feet storm surge at Fort Pulaski. Category 2 at eyewall landfall 954 mbars 105 mph sustained winds Gusts to 125 mph headed due North straight inland – it’s expected to jog to the right NE toward Charleston but not yet – just straight ahead due North right now with the Northern eyewall nothing but lightning most damaging winds huge deluge of rainfall 12 inches and 20 inches with Hurricane Strength reaching outwards 60 miles and reaching outward 200 miles huge damaging winds and storm surge up to 5 feet at landfall 7 feet 9 feet 11 feet just after high tide eyewall landfall. This was affecting Atlanta yesterday late afternoon so more than 350 miles but 200 miles of very damaging winds. 5 million without electricity. 887 dead. This game was NEVER going to happen 2:30 p.m. Sunday. I get to say I told you so from the prior to USCe announcing it would even play the game there let alone before announced as Sunday before National Guard even allows anyone to move from Columbia. Now Columbia direct hit directly to the rickety old stadium which will require our UGA Engineering Degree to study their stadium to insure structural integrity which by itself can not happen by 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. WE – The University of Georgia – are concerned only with the victims everywhere in the path of this worst Hurricane here in 118 years and WE are concerned for our own SAFETY too. You worry about whatever you want to worry about and make the decision NOW for tomorrow or Monday where it is safe to play which NEVER was going to be there.


The suffering of the victims is our # 1 concern right now other than our safety in addition.  We shall NOT travel to your old stadium other than to check its integrity before WE SCHEDULE 1 of our games there.   91 mph wind gusts Daytona Beach on land.  94 mph wind gusts Tybee Island Georgia (Savannah.) 87 mph Hilton Head Island South Carolina.  Satellite images from north of Miami show no lights all night all the way to North Carolina and in fact Hurricane Matthew continues to pound Jacksonville FL all the way to Washington D.C. at this hour.


Hurricane Dora was a Category 4 storm I remember from 1964 with 942 mbars and 130 mph sustained winds with 135 mph gusts.


But this storm is so slow.


I never liked the idea that you were above the officials telling you that you could not hold the game tomorrow at 2:30 or tonight at 7:30.  Neither were ever likely at all.


Now you must make this decision and we can offer you an alternative :


(1) hold game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will donate you the gate less expenses

(2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year.


Your choice.


In either case, YOU drive HERE on YOUR STINKING ROADS in this mess – find no gas with no electricity for the pumps to even work, through this deluge, and downed trees, cellphone service down, and otherwise forget it that we are NOT coming to your stadium tomorrow for any reason.


We all have been glued to our TV sets HD832 The Weather Channel Comcast watching the infectious smile of Maria LaRosa reporting blown-over from Folly Beach with her riveting coverage of Hurricane Matthew for many hours now in a row.  Really only her on TV.  Cute.  Awesome coverage.  Maria LaRosa thank you very much, darling.    What a doll Maria LaRosa in the middle of the night no cell phone no electricity standing legs 2-feet apart giving it all she’s got in this disaster letting us feel the pain of the victims on the Atlantic coast this historical storm.  Awards to Maria LaRosa The Weather Channel Folly Beach South Carolina.


Thank you Maria LaRosa Penn State University grad from New Jersey down here really impressing the world over with her emotional coverage.  Best I have ever seen.  Maria LaRosa has a great memory and really thinks on her feet.  Ok I admit it : I am in Love.



(×551.jpg )


10-8-2016 at 4:20 a.m. exactly where I said it would be and is and continuing beeline for Columbia from the outset for direct hit



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