AME CKS is all that is left of their battered Gamecocks’ stadium sign. USCe Athletics’ Director who made this decision to play this game today several days before residents will even begin to be allowed to return in Hurricane Matthew ravaged South Carolina, Ray Tanner, had his neighbor’s tree fall down in his yard. How fitting is that ? Sunday morning update : October 8 2016 Hurricane Matthew is a Category 1 Hurricane which has killed 899 including 16 in the United States. Victims are not allowed on the roads as over 170 roads in South Carolina have fallen trees mostly pine trees and flooding according to DOT. Flooding will subside today so that emergency personnel only can get in and the area affected is wide as you saw on Hurricane reports of South Carolina covering damage throughout the state as the north eyewall battered inland South Carolina for 12 hours as a Category 2 Hurricane. 3 deaths in North Carolina Saturday all happened with folks ignoring the no travel edict. But we can have a game just as long as none our fans can get there safely. Our team drove-up Saturday by bus. There are no motel rooms. There haven’t been any. Electricity will not be restored for Sunday to many areas. Cell phone towers for Verizon and at&t both are down. 3 dams failed in South Carolina. Over 1 million without electricity in South Carolina alone. The entire north eyewall sat over South Carolina for 12 hours where all the lightning and most damaging winds and where all the heaviest rain and flooding was. Hilton Head South Carolina was hit with 88 mph winds and Charleston Harbor the 3rd highest flooding stage in recorded history as the seawall was breached. 15 inches of rain closer to the coast and 10 inches midland South Carolina. Columbia South Carolina saw big rains yesterday. Winds were recorded in Columbia SC by weather service at 46 mph yesterday alone. Curfews for Saturday to Sunday morning were variously 6-6 7-7 or 8-8 across many areas of South Carolina. Other areas have no gas as the pumps don’t work without electricity. The University’s Fall Break starts next Friday. A pier is gone bridges out facilities deemed unsafe. 100 trees are down in Columbia alone. But the game is on for 2:30 p.m. today despite the residents not allowed to return today at all. All of this for a game this afternoon 2:30 p.m. SEC Network. I will not be there. It is irresponsible for USCe A.D. Ray Tanner to have insisted this game happen before victims can safely drive their lousy stinking horrible South Carolina roads. All of this is because he wants the $ 2 million dollars revenue and doesn’t want to send refund checks to us. And who will be at game other than South Carolina fans ? We are to think we can drive there ? That is not clear at all that that would be safe at all. Congratulations Ray Tanner.

Mark Richt lost his last 3 games at South Carolina.


At 3:30 a.m. Sunday game 11 hours away there is no traffic on the roads in Columbia SC at all.  I am looking at the cameras.  7 of the 12 state of South Carolina cameras are out :


There are 170 road closures all the way to Georgia with all lanes blocked due to flooding.


Columbia would be accessed from the North and I-85 NE expressway is moving slowly but steadily.


State of South Carolina road resources are very limited in number and they will awake this morning and head to the coast from their reports to assess what the 8 crews I count do there.  That is one mighty small state of South Carolina road crew total.



If I were going I would take I-85 NE and come down.  I would however not want to be driving back after dark as would be the case with limited gas due to no electricity for the pumps to operate nor on side streets trying to find one open nor dealing with the traffic Sunday night.  There were 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew.  And they are all out there driving around and at some point next week trying to get home.  In the meantime you have no rooms to sleep.


My firm belief is that this game is in contradiction to prudent decisions to play it there this afternoon impacting all the victims.  That is all we are doing.  And acting like a game is more important than them.


It’s like a 3rd world South Carolina this morning.  If you have an emergency their resources have to be at the coast.


1-3 SEC team vs 1-2 SEC team.





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