Chuks Amaechi gets sack. Trenton Thompson sacked their QB to send Will Mushchamp 1-4 vs. Georgia All-Time to drop him to 30-25 All-Time as coach and 2-4 South Carolina coach replacing legend Steve Spurrier. Tough gig South Carolina with no talent. Our Offensive Coordinator doesn’t get it Jim Chaney. We still are not getting our freshmen in the games enough and now Kirby is 4-2 after ending his 1st losing-streak at 2. Kirby did get the hard-fought win tonight and now the long trek back for all up there to get home which did not include UGA. I can’t recall when UGA missed a game last.

It is good all around for us tonight and next-up Vandie at noon back home at Sanford.


Special Teams were improved tonight.  That’s not saying much but they came through.  The Defense did well.  The Offense – well, we ran the ball on a porous run-defense team.


I still say Brian Herrien would be a Heisman Trophy Candidate for ANY other team in America.  I love the kid truly.


Brian Herrien had 9 rushes for 82 yards plus another 19-yard run called back on penalty.  8 penalties for us tonight.


Brian Herrien is our 2nd leading rusher this season with half the carries of Nick Chubb.  He got yanked every time he had a good run tonight.  Frustrating.


Who is the leading rusher for The Georgia Bulldogs 2016 season ?


Brian Herrien in my book.  I have so much respect for Brian Herrien.


Natrez Patrick and Roquan Smith lead the team in tackles with Trenton Thompson 3rd.


I am not sure why the polls are not out yet at 8 p.m. but they’re not – not that we figure to be ranked for beating 1-4 SEC South Carolina who cannot score.


Best of luck in cleaning-up South Carolina and we all send our best wishes.




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