Mark Richt LOST to an FSU team who had already lost 2 games when his # 100 special teams missed an extra point with slightly over a minute to go. Typical. FSU had already lost to North Carolina and to Louisville – neither one any good. How bad is Oklahoma ? Houston who beat OK lost to Navy. Big XII bwaah. vols lost but vols should have lost 3 games in a row with their impending loss to Alabama next Saturday. If that happens vols would be 6-2 SEC and 6-1 SEC Florida would have to beat UGA to make them play the game vs LSU that both don’t want to play. We can play in South Carolina today but FL and LSU can not play ANYWHERE today ? WTF ?

SEC League Office is out of their ever-loving minds and have been since Greg Sankey took over.


Greg Sankey was the Commissioner of the Southland Conference last century.


Greg Sankey also tried to stop other payments to student-athletes known as full cost of attendance.


As Commissioner of The Mighty SEC with no alignment or understanding of this level of play he stepped-in in today’s game and insisted Ray Tanner USCe A.D. was correct in scheduling this game there where all the victims are still not allowed to return home.


And now he has not only stood on the wrong side with the NCAA for full cost of attendance because it would give an advantage to The SEC – he did so while he worked on The SEC League Office at the very time.  Who would this give an advantage to The SEC over Greg Sankey ?  Over Southland Conference in football.  Because The SEC has the money and Southland Conference obviously does NOT.


Jeez Louise.


And of course as SEC Commissioner now today he insists he has no say about Florida playing LSU.  Either 1 of those 2 teams as a result could end-up in The SEC Championship as a result of not having to play.


What good is The SEC League Office since Greg Sankey took over last year ?


Well no good.


And Greg Sankey delayed the distribution of record SEC monies in SEC Revenue Sharing and has not released those monies either publically because he wants to KEEP $ 75 million dollars for The SEC League Office – for his money to make all these cornball decisions.


Fire Greg Sankey.


Give us our monies and tell the public if you are KEEPING $ 75 million for The SEC League Office to make all these screwball choices.


Florida does not have to play LSU Greg Sankey ?  What are you in charge for then ?




Absolutely nothing.


Greg Sankey has to MAKE Florida play LSU.  That is HIS JOB.


Or, fire Greg Sankey and give them both a loss if they do not play the game neither wants to play.


Mark Richt announced after the loss by Miami of Florida to FSU Florida State when his special teams let him down as they did HERE for 8 years in a row before being FIRED here for it that he lost to their # 1 Rival for the 7th consecutive year but that hey : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


He did not do well here vs our # 1 rival either losing 11 of his 16 games at the site of the Gator Bowl every year.


Mark Richt also did not do well for the last 8 years losing to top teams, losing to unranked teams, and losing to ranked teams on the road.


But last night’s game for Mark Richt was at Miami.


He lost A LOT of those too his last 8 years ‘Tween the Hedges.  Devastating Losses at HOME for us by Mark Richt after 2007.  Like last year 10-38 loss to Alabama.  Like 24-30 the year before to Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Like Missouri the year before 26-41.  Like losing to South Carolina 2011 by 42-45.  Like the year before that too to Arky 24-31 in his 6-7 year 2010.  Like his loss to LSU 13-20 in 2009.  Like his loss to unranked Kentucky 27-34 also in 2009.  Like his Black-Out Loss 2008 when favored to win losing by 31 to nothing at halftime. And then following that up with the loss at Sanford Stadium too also in 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup as the # 1 Consensus football team AP and Coaches’ to Georgie tek yellowjackets 42-45.


Just looking back at his last 8 years at HOME like he was in his loss last night – and for which we FIRED him only to see FSU hire him the next day in his UGA belt at the announcement.


There’s something besides winning that’s important Mark Richt ?


What would that be ?


So this is I TOLD YOU SO on that, too.


Good Luck with that down there at Miami of Florida.


You URL Linked to THIS BLOG from down there when you hired him and he showed-up with an UGA belt took off his coat and showed it off to everyone in Miami.  And you said THEN that you did not hire a good coach against # 1 rivals or top teams or even unranked teams.


You can add HOME games to that.





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