Coaches’ Poll is out 1 p.m. now Monday and Kirby is not ranked in it either but LSU 3-2 is. And Auburn is # 26 and Kirby is # 27. That’s fine. Now beat Vandie



AP Poll finally out at 12:30 p.m. Monday afternoon and Kirby is NOT RANKED but all is NOT LOST. We have bright spots. We can go 11-2. All I care about is BEAT Vandie who is really a good team.


Not ranked AP Poll.


We’re playing 13-game season 2016 and are not halfway yet then at 4-2. All I care about is beating Vandie and you must know Vandie has been playing VERY WELL and is VERY GOOD. It is hard not to consider Auburn Florida Georgie tek yellowjackets could beat us too. Vandie sure could as they’re very good. Sometimes you can’t just look at a team’s record. You have to look at how they did. Vandie did WELL this year so far and there is EVERY reason to suspect that they will bring their A-Game Saturday noon here.


There are bright spots 2016 for Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs.


All is not despair.


There will be a sense of what could have been for me because Kirby just hasn’t played his freshmen despite his 2-Deep he inherited that demanded he ready them in the Spring and failed. And which demanded he prepare them in the Fall Practices too and again did not. Despite this and despite realizing that he has NO WIDE RECEIVER Kirby has just failed to adjust his team to PLAYING the freshmen.


The Freshmen stand out in my mind for their contributions and for their attitude.


I believe this freshmen class will be exemplary only to be outdone by next year’s freshmen.


For 3 reasons I have picked on Kirby about this from the get-go :

1-because it would’ve helped his great 2017 signing class

2-because it is true that he had no choice but play freshmen game 1

3-because I didn’t want Kirby to mess-up 2016 or 2017 by NOT playing them


Well he screwed-up 2016 not playing them. So why harp on it now then ?


Because he is in the same boat 2017 that he MUST play freshmen game 1.


After a few years Kirby can be in better position and not have to play freshmen game 1. This was NOT that year and next will NOT BE either.


I am not so concerned about the hard tough-love Kirby has shown toward all freshmen ever since he got here.


I am far more concerned that Kirby has ACTED UPON those statements holding our freshmen class 2016 back.


Guys who would have HELPED US 2016 but have just simply not been played enough – held back. Yanked. Not played in natural positions of GREAT NEED for this 2016 season.


Did you know that Brian Herrien is # 17 in the nation ten thousand Division 1-A FBS football players in rushing yards per carry to lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ?


Did you know Mecole Hardman Jr. is our best wide receiver ?


Did you know that Ben Cleveland is our best freshmen Offensive Linemen and would have been a huge help by now too ?


For everything you told me about Jacob Eason – pardon me – he has been outstanding winning every game for us except for Ole Miss where only Brian Herrien shined frankly.


I always said Kirby would lose 2 games this season. My prediction was 11-3 or 12-2 but I hoped 1 of those loses would be to Alabama. Now the best we can do is 11-2. We will not make that if we do not beat every team now with our 2 biggest tests Florida and Auburn both obviously.   But Vandie is scary and our offense has been poor our special teams sorry and our defense average at best.   I saw all of this before I FIRED Mark Richt.  I said he had to win last year because of the great exodus of the last remnants of his Dream Team all left after last year.


But because we still are not playing our freshmen a seasoned coach would have recognized right-off, we all have regrets.


There is not time for regrets.


2016 is what it is.


What it is is Vandie right now only.


Beat Vandie !


Go 11-2.


This is where I say that Kirby is a poor judge of talent. He nailed it coming here December and trying to share that we don’t have what we need but he stopped there and did not go the extra point about that astute observation spot-on – that that meant he HAD TO PLAY HIS FRESHMEN 2016.


And again 2017.


He has not played them or prepared them so far and they are not ready yet as a result.


But all is not doom and gloom because they are that good and we can win-out with them.


Beat Vandie – I know tall order – but do that and we are halfway toward our 13-game season now. 11-2 is still possible which is a LOT better than the average 4 losses Mark Richt gave us his last 8 years here.


With 24 mph wind gusts yesterday and 16 mph and 9 mph winds the whole game Kirby was right about having our game plan running.  They did a poor job Jessie Palmer et al telling us that yesterday about the wind.  I had to look it up when I saw Rodrigo Blankenship kick-off OUT of the end zone once.


Kirby had that right.


Kirby is not stupid.


We’re not a very good team.


We’re missing our freshmen whom Kirby should’ve known he had to be relying on by now. He looked at it from Alabama’s point of view that they were not ready. They still aren’t. That was the improper perspective Kirby. You had to know you had to MAKE THEM READY by now. You have not Sir.




You would think a BUNCH of big-time receivers would LOVE to come play pitch and catch with Jacob Eason for 2 years. That drop for the TD Pass by Jacob Eason to Isaiah McKenzie was criminal, again. Such a perfect throw and on such a horrible wind condition with 9 mph wind up to 16 mph wind sustained and gusts up to 24 mph wind from the North. Think about the kick-offs Rodrigo Blankenship sent it OUT that end-zone. He’s just got to catch that ball. That is a MUST. He did make-up for it however stretching across the TD Pass from Jacob Eason later. Terry Godwin has been tentative all season long. I would line-up all our TE and Sony Michel OUTSIDE WIDE. We have to fix this pitch and catch. That was an easy TD Isaiah McKenzie just DROPPED. Again. Critical TD Pass. I do not understand where Mitchell Wasson is. Or Ben Cleveland. What are we saving them for ? Kirby please play our freshmen. And quit taking Brian Herrien OUT. He’s our best runner and HAS BEEN ALL SEASON.

9 mph wind North

16 mph wind North sustained

24 mph gusts North


No one actually told us what the wind was.  We heard was bad.  So I looked it up for us.



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