You would think a BUNCH of big-time receivers would LOVE to come play pitch and catch with Jacob Eason for 2 years. That drop for the TD Pass by Jacob Eason to Isaiah McKenzie was criminal, again. Such a perfect throw and on such a horrible wind condition with 9 mph wind up to 16 mph wind sustained and gusts up to 24 mph wind from the North. Think about the kick-offs Rodrigo Blankenship sent it OUT that end-zone. He’s just got to catch that ball. That is a MUST. He did make-up for it however stretching across the TD Pass from Jacob Eason later. Terry Godwin has been tentative all season long. I would line-up all our TE and Sony Michel OUTSIDE WIDE. We have to fix this pitch and catch. That was an easy TD Isaiah McKenzie just DROPPED. Again. Critical TD Pass. I do not understand where Mitchell Wasson is. Or Ben Cleveland. What are we saving them for ? Kirby please play our freshmen. And quit taking Brian Herrien OUT. He’s our best runner and HAS BEEN ALL SEASON.

9 mph wind North

16 mph wind North sustained

24 mph gusts North


No one actually told us what the wind was.  We heard was bad.  So I looked it up for us.



( )




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