“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.” – by some Vandie fan who thinks he is smart. If Kirby turns our # 7 rated 2016 freshmen class loose one day, we’re going to blow some teams out.

Vandie is such a joke.  And this Vandie fan even more so.  Vandie thinks they can compete when they haven’t recruited in football EVER.


I surf the blogs with Google and found this Vandie blog today believe it or not.  Believe it or not there actually is one Vandie football blog.


Still today their Vandie fans have banded together to talk about beating Mark Richt in 2006 when Mark Richt said that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford – who did not start.  Vandie 2006 went 1-7 in The SEC beating only Mark Richt.  That was game seven 2006 when Vandie beat Mark Richt because he started Joe Tereshinski III instead of Matthew Stafford.


When a coach does that, he sends all the wrong unintended messages to the team to play tight.  And, it sends the message to the team that the player they KNOW is the better player is being punished by the coach playing FAVORITES instead.


Coaches like to have their seniors and juniors be rewarded by being ahead on the 2-Deep to build a program.  The problem with that is Kirby was handed only 2 seniors and 6 juniors on his 2-Deep Mark Richt handed Kirby ranked then the # 93 team in America on experience coming-into this season.


So Kirby HAD TO PLAY his true freshmen.  Not wait until game 7 of 2006 and still even then not starting Matthew Stafford bragging to all of us pre-game that Joe Tereshinski III is a great QB and better than Matthew Stafford who was just all hype and no good as Mark Richt’s QB Mark Richt told us all Spring all Summer and all Fall even into game 7.


It was not until after game 7 of 2006 when Mark Richt WOKE-UP and finally recognized the talent he did have with Matthew Stafford and did NOT have with Joe Cox and Joe Tereshinski III both of whom he started instead of Matthew Stafford.


Big mistake.


He continued to make these type of mistakes on roster mismanagement and finally was recognized as a coach who just lost it as a coach and frankly never was a good judge of QB talent.  He looked at QB talent signed QB talent and WASTED THEM – frequently whining to them that they all could play ANY OTHER POSITION on his team EXCEPT QB when they his only hope to keep his job.


At least Kirby figured it out after game 1.  Even if by MISSING THE BOAT on ALL TRUE FRESHMEN, he didn’t prepare them for game 2 either.  He will need them the day after tomorrow against a fine Vandy defense.


But a few fans thought that they could shut me up on that.  Then, I proved them as incorrect on that as they are on EVERY STINKING WORD out of their two-faced lips.


So here we are more than a decade later and Vandie fans are still bragging how great they are today because they over a decade ago today beat Mark Richt.


Well they actually beat him twice.


The only 2 losses the last 24 games by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs against HAPLESS Vandie.


So that is the topic of their blog today with this gem that with their recruiting they are every bit as good as we are.  That you should take the points.


My problem with that and calling our mascot a melted version of a better dog is not so much that your team really is good as I already said myself repeatedly that you have a very good team, but that you have the unmitigated gall to call our mascot a melted version of a better dog and follow that up with you are so great when no one comes to your games except for us and when you have no talent.


Oh and that no one bothers to follow Vandie football and that includes MOST ESPECIALLY the lot of you banding together to act so great comparing yourself to an opponent whom you are 2 wins against in the last 24 years – both against Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt.


Dream on.


Your team is made-up of 2-star nobody recruits who every once in a while gets a 3-star.  Maybe one on offense and one on defense.




I have said all along that Vandie is a very good team but your recruiting makes it clear that big-talk by your fans pre-game is NOT YOU.


They talk about what Georgia is ranked.


Excuse me just where is Vandie ranked ?




“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.”


Smart ass.  Smack Talk which caught my attention.


Today on this same blog you ALL are whining about Vandie needing a new football stadium.  Excuse me ?  If I were your Athletic Director I would tell you I will spend our SEC Revenue Sharing monies on a new stadium when 1 of you shows-up to a game NOW.  Just when you Vandie fans (both of you anywhere) think you are so great because you beat only 2 teams all season Western Kentucky whatever that is and Middle Tennessee State college whatever that is.  You want to whine today you want your A.D. to buy you a new stadium ?  What the hell for ?


You are the joke of The SEC and have been your and my entire lifetime.


You have NO BUSINESS in The SEC and you get together all your Vandie fans all in one place and all chime-in about how superior you are to Georgia because we beat a team by 1 point whom everyone else beat by 50 ?


Moral Victories are what are best taught on Vandie blogs – excuse me on the ONLY Vandie blog anytime anywhere.


I know that Derek Mason is a fine coach who one day really soon will be recognized for this fact and end up as head coach at a real football school who gives a shit about football, which of course Vandie is NOT.    Derek Mason only took the job to get hired somewhere anywhere by a real football program.  I think the world of Derek Mason as a coach.  He would be doing far better anywhere else.  I will be proven as right on this as I have been on EVERY OTHER prediction I have EVER made.


Derek Mason was a fine football player as defensive back.  He has tried to go hire some offensive coaching help and I applaud that effort as well.  If Vandie fans would recognize what you do have you might actually go to a game sometime like we all do here where you venture your team here to take-on.  But you do NOT.  So no new stadium for you.


You don’t get a new stadium because you let James Franklin go when your good A.D. had the foresight to hire Derek Mason.


He will be gone soon.


But I would hesitate to call your “program” a breeding-ground for head football coaches because you Vandie fans (again both of you ever anywhere) don’t go to the games and don’t follow Vandie football – but sit there all smug about how bad our mascot is and how bad our team is beating a team by one point.  Therefore it is very rare for a Vandie coach to get recognized as I have both James Franklin and now Derek Mason.  This is solely because your “Vandie fan base” doesn’t get involved in supporting your “program.”


By the way it was by 2 points not one and in the 1st start by a true freshmen QB with no wide receivers and 2 injured tailbacks.  Not that I did not pick on Kirby about that myself because I did but only because he refused then and now to even play our other freshmen despite Jacob Eason’s proven true freshmen prowess.  As for his last game I’d like to see a Vandie QB do what he did in 24 mph gusts and 9 and 14 mph sustained wind from Hurricane Matthew off their coast Sunday.


UGA is cute and cuddly.  What the hell is a commodore anyway ?  Is that anything like a commode ?


UGA is the # 1 mascot all sports all nations.


You think he looks like a MELTED version of a BETTER dog ?


Hey.  I’ve got one for you : Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE.