Kirby who told Offense to waste 35 rushes with 9 in the box sir ? Is that you Kirby or Jim Chaney ? Kirby who told you that a guy who made a living on special teams had a son you should hire to do that for you sir ? I see no Ben Cleveland. Home Game beautiful day and you are averaging 58 players played 85 on Scholarship. 27 Scholarship Players not played at all. Kirby sir you have WASTED the freshman class. Throw ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. All you want to do is run. I understand it makes defense better. Pass ball to WR who can catch. PLAY FRESHMEN. Stubborn running all these games 9 in box sir. Run ball minute go before half LOSING Kirby ? Kirby you can MOVE ALONG if that all you know about Offense and Special Teams. Better take some classes Kirby. Here let me let you carry MY clipboard Kirby.



I’d say Greg McGarity loses his job before you do Kirby.


But it’s close.




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