Mulligan ?

Barrett Sallee longtime B.S. artist says Kirby gets his MULLIGAN THIS ENTIRE YEAR and that WE SHOULD NOT QUESTION THE HIRE OF KIRBY.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee but it seems to me that EVERY time you open your dumb mouth we disagree.  I can not think of a single article you have EVER written with which I agree.


If you consider that the areas Kirby is weakest in are special teams which he has NO EXPERIENCE at offense which he has NO EXPERIENCE in either and PLAYING FRESHMEN when he was told before he took this gig that Mark Richt returned the # 93 in the nation experienced 2-Deep this 2016 season – then there is NO HOPE that Kirby indeed will play THE BEST FRESHMEN CLASS THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HAS EVER HAD FOR THE 2017 SIGNING DATE next year either.


Therefore I asked the question how long until Kirby learns ALL THESE areas he is so weak at ?


What classes is he taking to learn these I asked ?


Who is going to teach Kirby this NOW given that his athletics’ director Greg McGarity is an average at best former tennis player and short-term erstwhile girl’s tennis coach ?


He has tried to cover-up for it as I also pointed out by ranting at the press.  He categorically refuses to accept that our fan base and our blogs and press are TRYING TO HELP HIM.




Yes sir we need to SERIOUSLY question this hire by Greg McGarity as unprepared stubborn and headstrongly against any input from ANY one.


His goal of quickly determining elite status of 85 scholarship players we gave him after 4 or 5 practices he told us has turned into mush as he is too conservative not only on offense and special teams but in playing his freshmen class who if they were not gagged like all his assistants they would ALL tell you that Kirby has been mean-spirited toward what was a great recruiting class through Brian Herrien at least # 7 in the nation.


Help across the board – yes including receivers who can catch Jacob Eason.


He is holding us back.


I say ultimatum fix ALL this NOW Kirby or move along boy.


There is no mulligan.


There is no ADDITIONAL season we can simply WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt did averaging 4-losses a season his last entire 8 years at 73-32.  No more 12 unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season as per last entire 8 years.  No more losing to 18 of last 24 top 15 game opponents # 45 nationally at that.


We hired him to fix this.


We offered him $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives 2016 not including retirement or unlimited expense account or commercials.  Instead he stayed away 6 weeks and 4 days after Greg McGarity first offered it to Kirby November 28 then with his assurance the next day then logically fired Mark Richt.


Instead he gets a mulligan.


Instead he brings his own prejudge of all freshmen desire to not play our stars on special teams and refusal to do anything but run because it makes his defense better and because he thinks fewer things can go wrong when you run.


And is 4-3 on the season loser of 3 of the last 4 games with you say Barrett Sallee more to come all season this season.


Well that isn’t what Kirby told us.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee 2016 is not that which is ACCEPTABLE according to 100 % of our fan base.  If he had played his freshmen knew anything about offense or special teams he would not be in this pickle of you asking for a mulligan for him ALL SEASON 2016.


2017 ?




15 First Down Runs by Jim Chaney and Kirby Homecoming. 36 net yards per Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation today. Why did we lose ? That does NOT work Kirby. What is this B.S. Kirby you said that you run in such situations 91 % of the time because “fewer bad things happen.” Excuse me Kirby ? You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.

What do YOU consider not being something bad happening on 1st Down running the ball 91 % of the time Kirby ?


When you are in 2nd and long EVERY time you run the ball, that is bad Kirby.  Really really bad.  Jesus Christ.


I am NOT going to put-up with it Kirby.  For the last 8 years we averaged 4 losses per year because we lost to 12 teams unranked either time game or season AND lost to 18 of 24 top 15 teams # 45 in the nation with # 7 average recruiting rankings.  I fired him for that.


I would be INCONSISTENT which I am NOT to fail to point-out that this is totally unacceptable on many levels Kirby.  I’mYourHuckleberry yesterday said he too is disappointed and that he too finds ALL THIS UNACCEPTABLE Kirby.


He asked us all what are we going to do about it ?


I guess I am going to point-out what we need to do.


Same as I tried to do with Mark Richt.


I am certainly NOT going to sit here and be 2-faced and say out of one side of my mouth that you are doing an UNACCEPTABLE JOB KIRBY and then say I am 100 % committed to you.  I find these dubious beginnings built-upon a bad base mindset on your part Kirby.


Yes sir I am judging you Kirby.


I am NOT judging you based on Mark Richt.  He was unacceptable as well.




I am judging you not on what he NEVER DID which was EVER put us on the national stage at the end of the season both teams ranked at the very top of the Final AP Poll – the nation watching.  THAT is our goal accomplished 16 times prior and you have shot this season to hell Kirby.  I gave you no Honeymoon.  No season you could just WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt has been doing and is again this season down there at Miami of Florida.  Hell he lost to North Carolina as I GUARANTEED on my blog he would’ve here too in game 1.




I do not see you learning what is needed Kirby and frankly I don’t have the time to.


Move along.  Again, I am NOT putting up with it Kirby.  If you took some solace from ImYourHuckleberry yesterday Kirby – here is MY REPLY then thereto.  You either fix this Kirby or move-on.  Those are the 2 choices.



If the ones you do allow to play Offensive Line such as NOT Ben Cleveland can not block for the run and you have TELEGRAPHED to EVERY opponent that you think Offensive Strategy 2016 is to ONLY RUN THE FOOTBALL, then guess what Kirby ?


MORE BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you run the football 16 First Downs against really a not all that great Vanderbilt team Kirby.


Yes I did warn you every post all week long Kirby that Vandie is a good team.  I also told you every other word in this post this morning too every post all week long.  You don’t listen Kirby because you are stubborn and because you are too conservative.


Ben Cleveland has been redshirted because he dared to be a true freshman.


Brian Herrien leads the team in yards per rush but since he is a freshman you gave him only a cameo appearance Homecoming Kirby.  He is generally considered the # 19 best running back in America Kirby.


Elijah Holyfield is considered the consensus # 6 best running back in America.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is the # 1 athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Charlie Woerner is the # 6 best athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Ben Cleveland you have not played at all.

Mecole Hardman Jr. you did not play at all the first several games after entire Fall Practice – not 4 or 5 practices Kirby.  You have not handed him the ball nor thrown to him either.

Elijah Holyfield dared to be a freshman.

Charlie Woerner you have thrown 3 balls to all year and no rushes.

Brian Herrien you gave a cameo appearance to Saturday when you COULD NOT RUN the ball on 1st down Kirby.




Mecole Hardman Jr. can run the football a LOT better than Isaiah McKenzie.  But a freshmen he also does not get to play.


36 Net Yards Kirby on 16 First Down Runs vs unranked 0-3 SEC never won on the road in The SEC in 3 years for their coach Derek Mason.


What we have here is a failure to communicate with you Kirby.  All season long we have TOLD YOU your opponents know this about you ALREADY Kirby.  That you TOLD Jim Chaney to RUN THE BALL.


Now this Saturday at Homecoming you come right out and say it aloud : “When you run fewer bad things happen.”  That is a FAILED OFFENSE Kirby – not that you know anything about offenses or special teams Kirby.


Or what constitutes looking at a player after 4 or 5 practices and knowing if he is elite or not – either Kirby.


There is no reason to keep you around to watch your antics with the press when they ask you questions about your knowledge of offenses, special teams, and why certain what we ALL THOUGHT are top players are NOT PLAYING Kirby.


All these proven head coaches we could have at least asked : How much ?


Yeah, we can pay you $ 6 million.  Let me see now we will have a former middling tennis player who later became women’s tennis coach for a year to ask you what you know about football offense special teams and recognizing elite talent after 4 or 5 practices Kirby.


Let him decide whom the “search firm” offers-up for choices to choose from.  This Greg McGarity lousy tennis player and girl’s tennis coach for a year.


Kirby who do you think knows more about talent offense and special teams you or ALL OF US sir ?


I have news for you Kirby : Collectively, we know a LOT more about offense, special teams and quick talent recognition than you sir.  You better start listening to us and quit being so conservative and stubborn about all this Kirby.


Seriously “Fewer bad things happen when you run the football.” Kirby ?


This is 2016 Kirby wake up.


Do you have ANY idea what an ENERGY VAMPIRE you have been to your FRESHMAN CLASS Kirby ?  Obviously you do NOT care.  When Mark Richt only handed you on his returning 2-Deep 2 seniors and 6 juniors any seasoned coach would have instantly recognized that he HAD TO PLAY his freshmen.  Game 8 next game and you STILL HAVE NOT.  However, I dug up your QUOTE yesterday Kirby that you said after 4 or 5 practices you would recognize whether a player was an ELITE PLAYER OR NOT.  Excuse me you said that about Mecole Hardman Jr. when we ASKED YOU KIRBY if you were planning on redshirting him since you HAVE NOT even given him a snap the first SEVERAL games this season and THEN only put him in on special teams but NOT AN IMPACT POSITION.


A detailed study of ANY of your freshmen class Kirby reveals CLEARLY that you have SAID in public that they ALL are NOT Elite players.  Because you PROMISED US Kirby if they ARE ELITE PLAYERS that you would GET THEM ON THE FIELD and you said if on Offense would GET THEM THE BALL.


The problem with me Kirby is that I remember what everyone says.


I assimilate that.  I took you at your word.


You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.


You have completely and fully disappointed all Bulldogs Kirby.  That includes Mary Beth Lycett Smart.  Kirby you are not ready to be a head coach sir.


How long do we WAIT until you do learn to be one Kirby ?  Who is going to teach you now ?  Greg McGarity ?  A former tennis coach for a year – girl’s tennis and former less than average tennis player ?  I certainly would have thought with your grades here all A Kirby all 4 years all A that by now you would have learned that your freshmen had to play.  Honestly Kirby that is your # 1 mistake – which is saying something.


These 3 glaring weaknesses you have Kirby : Offense, Special Teams, Recognizing Elite talent and putting them on the field freshman or not – have ruined this season.


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