Mulligan ?

Barrett Sallee longtime B.S. artist says Kirby gets his MULLIGAN THIS ENTIRE YEAR and that WE SHOULD NOT QUESTION THE HIRE OF KIRBY.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee but it seems to me that EVERY time you open your dumb mouth we disagree.  I can not think of a single article you have EVER written with which I agree.


If you consider that the areas Kirby is weakest in are special teams which he has NO EXPERIENCE at offense which he has NO EXPERIENCE in either and PLAYING FRESHMEN when he was told before he took this gig that Mark Richt returned the # 93 in the nation experienced 2-Deep this 2016 season – then there is NO HOPE that Kirby indeed will play THE BEST FRESHMEN CLASS THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HAS EVER HAD FOR THE 2017 SIGNING DATE next year either.


Therefore I asked the question how long until Kirby learns ALL THESE areas he is so weak at ?


What classes is he taking to learn these I asked ?


Who is going to teach Kirby this NOW given that his athletics’ director Greg McGarity is an average at best former tennis player and short-term erstwhile girl’s tennis coach ?


He has tried to cover-up for it as I also pointed out by ranting at the press.  He categorically refuses to accept that our fan base and our blogs and press are TRYING TO HELP HIM.




Yes sir we need to SERIOUSLY question this hire by Greg McGarity as unprepared stubborn and headstrongly against any input from ANY one.


His goal of quickly determining elite status of 85 scholarship players we gave him after 4 or 5 practices he told us has turned into mush as he is too conservative not only on offense and special teams but in playing his freshmen class who if they were not gagged like all his assistants they would ALL tell you that Kirby has been mean-spirited toward what was a great recruiting class through Brian Herrien at least # 7 in the nation.


Help across the board – yes including receivers who can catch Jacob Eason.


He is holding us back.


I say ultimatum fix ALL this NOW Kirby or move along boy.


There is no mulligan.


There is no ADDITIONAL season we can simply WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt did averaging 4-losses a season his last entire 8 years at 73-32.  No more 12 unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season as per last entire 8 years.  No more losing to 18 of last 24 top 15 game opponents # 45 nationally at that.


We hired him to fix this.


We offered him $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives 2016 not including retirement or unlimited expense account or commercials.  Instead he stayed away 6 weeks and 4 days after Greg McGarity first offered it to Kirby November 28 then with his assurance the next day then logically fired Mark Richt.


Instead he gets a mulligan.


Instead he brings his own prejudge of all freshmen desire to not play our stars on special teams and refusal to do anything but run because it makes his defense better and because he thinks fewer things can go wrong when you run.


And is 4-3 on the season loser of 3 of the last 4 games with you say Barrett Sallee more to come all season this season.


Well that isn’t what Kirby told us.


Excuse me Barrett Sallee 2016 is not that which is ACCEPTABLE according to 100 % of our fan base.  If he had played his freshmen knew anything about offense or special teams he would not be in this pickle of you asking for a mulligan for him ALL SEASON 2016.


2017 ?





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