Kirby if you were playing your freshmen more than lip service and cameo appearances EVERYONE would feel better about 2016 and expectations you would in 2017 play your freshmen too. You’d STILL have to do something about the play-calling on offense and the special teams – and that’s before many other issues with YOU Kirby sir. Why are you on the TOP ROW of Coaches’ ? If you are going to be the ONLY one talking – you’d better ADDRESS these items. Right ?


All these folks talking-it-up it’s no big deal don’t get your panties in a wad now find Kirby Top 10 nationally on Coaches’


I mean it’s one or the other.


And Kirby isn’t doing anything about (1) offensive play-calling (2) special teams (3) playing his damn freshmen.


Kirby was NOT brought here to take a vacation honeymoon mulligan years nor to average 4 losses a season too the next 8, as we have the previous 8 at just 73-32.




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