“Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “I don’t agree with firing Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt will do great coaching anywhere.” “Mark Richt was great coaching here.” “Every kid’s Dad wants his son to play for Mark Richt.” “We want Mark Richt at our Gala to end the season.” “We are holding a vigil for Mark Richt” after he was fired. “Let Mark Richt coach us in the bowl game so he can get to 10-win season” like 29 teams did unranked in the Final AP Poll half the time his last 8 years 4 of his last 8. Four teams who won 10-game seasons 2015 were unranked 2015. Mark Richt’s best win 2015 was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn. All Mark Richt needs is a 10th Coordinator – not his fault. “You can make a good case that Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “Jacob Eason coming here is contingent upon Mark Richt still being the coach here.” Why are you still writing about Mark Richt when he was fired with cause 11 months ago. “Mark Richt is the best recruiter and will win the national championship in 2015 or 2016” losing 22 seniors (Dream Team) who lost 24 games their 6 seasons here 4 per season average all 22 who STARTED for Mark Richt. “It will be Mark Richt’s crowning glory 2016 to win the NC. All he lacks.” “I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job” AFTER Florida game 2015 we were ALL told ad nauseam. “He isn’t going anywhere.” “You’re not as good a Bulldog fan as I” you told me while NOW we find out you don’t even go to the games but are in here at game time posting how great Mark Richt is again and disagreeing with posts that Mark Richt lost it after 2007. You said I “cannot deny that it is a decision which can not be justified to fire Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt did NOT deserve to lose his job.” You bullied me for 8 years on the Internet with all this. You would NOT let me say it. You wanted NO ONE to read my posts making these points that YOU SAID ALL THIS. “He isn’t going anywhere.” Mark Richt with average Scout.com # 7 recruiting rankings LOST to unranked teams EVERY year and LOST to the top 15 teams # 45 nation after 2007 losing 18 of 24 big game loser wasting his talent who all left went to NFL and did GREAT there. You made quite a bit of PREDICTIONS to me. “Guarantees” you said. “Take it to the bank.” Bank on it. “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program without Mark Richt.” “I am now a fan of Miami of Florida and guarantee he will do great there too.” “I have 2 tags on my truck now one for Georgia and one for Miami.” “Should Richt be fired? To answer this we should look at 2 things: 1. How are we recruiting? 2. Is the program headed in a positive direction? I feel good about both of these questions.” Mark Richt LOST 11 of 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl as our head coach. Mark Richt BLOWN-OUT by UNRANKED opponent AGAIN 16-37 last night.

Excuse me, Mark Richt UNRANKED in the AP Poll and UNRANKED in the Coaches’ Poll beat Florida agricultural and mining, beat FAU whatever that is and beat Appalachian State college and has lost to 3 teams in a row – multitudes of unranked teams beating Mark Richt in a ROW now this morning.


Mark Richt update.  Mark Richt lost again last night against another unranked opponent.  4-3.


I told you so.


16-37 blown-out by unranked opponent.


For 8 years you made the North End of a South Bound Horse out of yourself about Mark Richt.  So pardon me if I point-out where he actually is since you BRAGGED on Mark Richt ALL of 2016.


You’re STILL bragging on Mark Richt 11 months later.




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