Kirby will be criticized again next year 2017 for not practicing the freshmen this 2016 year with the # 1 unit, for not preparing them when Kirby needed them 2016, for not putting them in the game, and for not letting the freshmen play THIS YEAR. Why ? “The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling.” Kirby

“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


Why will Kirby be criticized ?  Because he is selling that which he knows he does not want to do : To play freshmen.


Because they will kick-ass next year this 2016 freshmen class – wasted as they ALL every one are all season game 8 next.


You’re too conservative Kirby.


It all started with his criticizing of Jacob Eason by stating that he could NOT tell who was better Greyson Lambert or Jacob Eason.  So he gave Jacob Eason not one single snap all Spring with the # 1 unit.  He WAS STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice too except for 9 practices.  This is not preparing Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit and they with him.   2 weeks Kirby gave Jacob Eason snaps with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING AND ALL FALL.  Were they the last 2 weeks even in the Fall ?


Hell no.


The last entire week of Fall Practice ONLY Greyson Lambert got the snaps with the # 1 unit.


In fact, Monday and Tuesday AFTER the North Carolina win, Kirby not only did NOT recognize Jacob Eason as 1 of the top 8 best players, but in fact STILL had Greyson Lambert practicing with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday the week of the Nicholls State game.  Why did we struggle ?


Why have we struggled all year on offense ?


Then he had his issues with injured running backs and NEVER put in Brian Herrien.  Cameo appearances only for Brian Herrien is down right criminal.  Kirby said Brian Herrien needed to learn to block somewhat better.  He has done very well Kirby.  Play him more.


Ben Cleveland redshirted.  I mean Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  This is your TOP OFFENSIVE LINEMAN HELP you added for 2016.  And what did you say ?  You said that your OL sucked 2016 Kirby.  That’s right.  But Ben Cleveland is the ONLY recruit 2016 who will NEVER SEE THE FIELD.  You redshirted Kirby a possible NFL Draft Pick after 2018 season who was your BEST HOPE FOR HELP on the OL 2016.


And with THIS BLOCKING WE JUST SAW by the OL against Vandie.


These are just a few of the examples of the misuse of freshmen by Kirby.  Of the clear bias Kirby has against freshmen.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Wide Receivers ?  Kirby stood-up tall and answered the question about Mecole Hardman Jr. saying that Kirby WOULD play him if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby saw him as Elite.  Well Kirby this is GAME 8 now boy coming-up.  Not 1 punt return not 1 kick-off return not 1 pass not 1 hand him the ball.  Has Kirby played him at defensive back where Kirby said he has slotted him at ONLY ?  No sir.   Kirby Redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr. for SEVERAL GAMES until Mecole Hardman Jr. became UNGLUED and HAD IT OUT with Kirby.  Now, he gets 1 play per game tackling on special teams ONLY.  This appeases Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  No, it does not.


Do we have to break-down the ENTIRE freshmen class 2016 ?


All Kirby has done is to in public put-down, berate, admonish, chastise, and lambaste EVERY freshman ALL YEAR.  And still GAME 8 has not played them when what do we know ?  Well ladies and gentleman after ALL Kirby did and said to Jacob Eason, I do believe that Jacob Eason has PROVEN KIRBY INCORRECT on his analysis of him and that Kirby did not know what he was doing with Jacob Eason and that Kirby did NOT prepare Jacob Eason AT ALL. Not.


Hasn’t he ?


So where the HELL are the freshmen other than Jacob Eason, Kirby ?


Where ?


3 passes you threw all year is all Kirby has allowed Charlie Woerner to catch.  3.  Game 8 next week.




Riley Ridley had only 2 passes thrown to him before last week.  2.  Seriously Kirby ?


Isaac Nauta ?  Do you spread him out wide and fill-in your hole at receiver with the glut of Tight Ends as I called for January 12 Kirby ?  No sir.   Isaac Nauta has started only 1 game all season as our top threat for catching passes.  Isaac Nauta has been BENCHED not starting EITHER of the LAST 2 GAMES.  That is how bad this misuse of our Freshmen Class # 7 nationally has been.  When Kirby does give him another start, Kirby will throw maybe one pass to Isaac Nauta all game.  This how glaring the misuse of the 2016 Signing Class Kirby himself signed here this year.


Kirby has thrown the ball 30 times to Isaiah McKenzie and half of that to Isaac Nauta.  Just damn.


There is not 1 NFL talent scout who would agree with that that twice as many throws to Isaiah McKenzie and half as many to Isaac Nauta.


This is the proven proof that Kirby indeed misplays his freshmen.


Mistreats his freshmen.


Thinks the only player he has 2016 is Isaiah McKenzie.


Getting into a game and being one of the 57 players Kirby let play in the game does not mean that he really is giving his freshmen their due.  They all should revolt.


Sony Michel Game 8 next he has 11 catches all season.




2 passes all season long until last week is all Kirby has thrown to Javon Wims.


Why say you need receivers Kirby ?


You will not play the ones you do have.


Jackson Harris has 1 pass all season thrown to him.  Honestly, I see Jackson Harris as one of the very best.


Elijah Holyfield has 5 rushes and 1 pass thrown to him Game 8 next.


I swear to God Kirby.


David Marshall was not even allowed to play against vols.  It’s NOT just the offense.  It’s not just the offense and special teams.  It’s across the board that Kirby MISTREATS his freshmen.


In public.

In practice.

In games.


Kirby does NOT prepare his freshmen.  Then Kirby throws them in for a cameo appearance and they do very WELL.  Kirby yanks them.


Benches them.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has 2 assisted tackles Game 8 next.  No rush.  No catch.  No punt return.  No kick-off return.  Are we ANY good at ANY of those ?  No sir.  Is Mecole Hardman Jr. someone by GAME 8 you might have considered help at ANY of those Kirby ?




Kirby does not recognize Mecole Hardman Jr. as ANY help whatsoever at PR KR WR RB not even to play in the secondary as db.  2 assisted tackles all season game 8 next, both plays on special teams.  Really really truly awfully wonderful talent evaluation Kirby.



Talent recognition.

Talent recognition at positions of need.


Let’s see, we’re bad at running the ball, bad at catching the ball, bad at blocking, bad at kick-off return, bad at penalties putting guys out there game on the line when you refused to let them practice with the # 1 unit but now crunch time game on the line out there they go to bail you out Kirby, bad at punt return, bad at kick-off no leg kicker, bad at well… I think you get the picture.


Never crossed your stubborn I Hate Freshmen mind Kirby to consider throwing the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. or even to let Ben Cleveland play.


Roquan Smith did not even start against vols or Vandie.  Oh we LOST both of those Kirby ?


Roquan Smith leads the defense Kirby behind Natrez Patrick and he CAN NOT START for you Kirby half the games this season ALREADY ?  Seriously Kirby.  WTF ?


Half the games Trenton Thompson has NOT STARTED EITHER Kirby – same as Roquan Smith.  Excuse me Kirby ?  Trenton Thompson did not start against vols or Vandie BOTH LOSSES as well.  WTF ?  Trenton Thompson is our # 3 leader on defense and half the games SAME AS WITH ROQUAN SMITH Kirby has seen fit to bench them.


I am certain I speak for ALL these men Kirby that when you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A POINT to them to so mangle your year and their season by BENCHING THEM – that you Kirby sir, are HOLDING OUR TEAM BACK.


Kirby you are bad sir at talent evaluation.


I swear to God.

You did not start Mo Smith against Vandie Kirby.  We LOST.


What were you doing Kirby ?


Making a point to Mo Smith that you are in charge ?




Less than half the games you have even let Julian Rochester start.


Excuse me Kirby Julian Rochester is a STARTER Kirby.


Julian Rochester after Kirby says he can tell after 4 or 5 practices if the guy is Elite, did NOT start 4 of the 7 games.  WTF Kirby ?  Are you THIS BAD AT TALENT EVALUATION ?


Yes.  Yes, you are this bad at talent evaluation Kirby.


As a head coach, you are the WORST talent evaluator I have ever seen Kirby.


Do NOT write to me that Kirby is SELLING to 2017 recruits PT as freshmen.  Our 2017 recruiting class which clearly is the # 1 best recruiting class UGA has EVER HAD, will never see the field in practice with the # 1 unit no matter how badly we have needs at his position.  There is opportunity to come-in, practice with the # 1 unit, be prepared to play, and put in the games more than just casual off-the-cuff cameo appearances and then BENCHED ?  Really Kirby ?


I would make Kirby sign a document, have it notarized, and make him present it to the press, that I get snaps practicing with the # 1 unit, that I am prepared to play with the # 1 unit, and that I get in EVERY GAME all season long in the 1st quarter for more than a cameo appearance. Or else, or I would NOT sign with Kirby.


If he told ME that he is selling the concept to everyone who has not yet committed 2017 of early PT- if Kirby told me that I can come-in and play right away I would make him sign that document.


Don’t you dare write that bullshit to me for me to read as you ALL are doing right now.  Don’t you dare try to pass that off to me.


I am not buying that bullshit.


Kirby is AFRAID to put them in lest they SHOW him up for having NOT PLAYED them while we are # 75 at every aspect of a football team.


How would have the 2016 year gone had Kirby recognized right up front that Mark Richt left him nothing returning as starters on his 2-Deep and prepared his freshmen across the board as if he had no choice ?


It would have been compelling evidence to the 2017 uncommitted recruits to sign-up with Kirby to fill the holes they see they could help us at.


Kirby is TRYING to make a point to them by not playing them instead.


While what Kirby has actually done Instead is to MAKE MY POINT that Kirby has a bias against freshmen.  If he ever puts-in his freshmen class this year, we will start winning and quit all this losing.


“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


How can that be true, Kirby ?  You don’t play FRESHMEN by policy.


How can a prospect buy-in to that total bullshit Kirby ?


I certainly am not falling for it.  I know 2017 you will not let any freshman talk to anyone, practice with the # 1 unit, play in the games more than a cameo appearance, and therefore not prepare him at all.


That’s what I know Kirby.


We can look forward to seeing these 2016 freshmen in 2017.


And 2017 recruiting class, we can see in 2018.