Is it a results-oriented analysis that says it is too early to judge Kirby because he lost to Vandie when YOU figured we lose to vols and Ole Miss anyway ? Or is it the PROCESS that has us here today where we are 2016 – this FOUNDATION – that is CLEAR for ALL to see that Kirby is just in-over his head ? I like Kirby. But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.

Anyone who has followed any press meeting 2016 knows Kirby is in over his head.


But is that the only area where Kirby really is criticized rightfully ?


You’re results-oriented in your analysis that it’s just too soon to judge Kirby because he lost to 2 teams you figured he’d lose to (both of whom have LESS talent according to’s rankings of the last 5 recruiting classes who with redshirt were the teams playing each other) and because he lost to Vandie. Don’t over-react we’re rather uniformly cautioned.


It’s the basis – the foundation – the PROCESS if you will that is just too plain to see. You see it’s too obvious to ignore, not the scores and not the won/lost record, but the process which has resulted in our 2016 wasted campaign.


THIS is where we’re in deep trouble.


(1)It is plain to all that Kirby joined-up the head coaching ranks having coached 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 and has no involvement with the offense ever anywhere otherwise.

(2)Likewise Kirby has not been involved with special teams anywhere at any time for any reason.

(3)Our offense is a mess. It started with Kirby stating that he STILL did not know whom it was who was his QB Monday and Tuesday after the North Carolina game still giving the # 1 snaps to Greyson Lambert. It continued with the running backs first giving Nick Chubb 38 carries vs. North Carolina coming-off a 3-ligament surgery while Nick Chubb has not been the same since instead of playing Brian Herrien whom I thought and still do should have started the North Carolina game. And it continues through the receivers who going into game 8 next Kirby also has not settled on. Has he even tried his receivers he might have on the roster who might be able to actually catch a Jacob Eason pass ? No. And then there is the offensive line and how they completely bungled not only the Vandie game but have absolutely been unable to impose their will all season long against anyone. And not to leave out the glut at tight ends Kirby is unbending there as well leaving the logjam rather than moving one of them out wide since they ALL seem fully capable of catching Jacob Eason’s passes.

(4)The biggest problem with Kirby however is that he is headstrongly against playing freshmen when he lost 22 seniors off last year’s team and knew coming-in he would have to play his freshmen. Game 8 next, he still has not.


No sir. The process which has gotten us to this mess is the problem. What mess is it we’re in ? This is our last chance for any semblance of redemption for the entire 2016-2017 season – that we beat Florida Saturday at 3:30 when basically every Bulldog fan has given-up on the season and no longer bothers doesn’t care anymore. Harsh reality.


  1. There is no excuse for not recognizing Jacob Eason.
  2. There is no excuse for redshirting Ben Cleveland.
  3. There is no excuse for not moving guys around to get best players on the field in the Spring such as tight ends to relieve the logjam there and shortfall at receiver.
  4. There is no excuse for Nick Chubb 38 carries 1st game after 3 ligament surgery.
  5. There is no excuse for not playing Brian Herrien a LOT more.
  6. There is no excuse for hiring a head coach with no experience on offense or special teams.
  7. There is no excuse for Kirby’s antics in every press meeting.
  8. There is no excuse for not playing the freshmen he himself signed here.
  9. There is no excuse for the play-calling on offense all season.


I am sorry it is so easy to see that Kirby clearly is in over his head.


You make-up whatever excuses you want for 45 to nothing vs Ole Miss whom we should have been able to play nor losing to the vols nor the loss to Vandie…


But it’s Kirby’s process which has got him to this that is not in question but is instead by stark contrast completely utterly and fully ridiculous .




On the job training ?


For $5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives for 2016 not counting retirement nor unlimited expense account ?


I am sorry Greg McGarity  Jere Morehead and the search firm but Kirby is in over his head and you and all the rest of us know that.  Who is going to teach him – you, Greg McGarity ?


I am sorry to report that Nick Saban did NOT teach Kirby offense special teams talent recognition or the basics of getting his best 11 on the field.  In short, Nick Saban did not size-up what Kirby does NOT have any experience at and teach him these areas he is WEAKEST at.  Instead Nick Saban raped Kirby for defense ONLY.  There is no development there.  These 9 numbered points are irrefutable.


Will he learn the job ?


Well he is smart enough to learn the job – although I see no AD with head coaching experience or football knowledge to steer him in the right directions.  Kirby has been unable to step-back and see the overall.  He’s been too detailed in ALL the areas of the team which is a common mistake for 1st time managers I was taught at UGA.  So the big picture has been missed.  What MOSTLY did we need to do ?  You know back in Spring when he finally showed-up.


Will Kirby, who has the capacity to learn, actually learn the job with no one to teach the job to him ?  I say Kirby will not learn the job if he doesn’t play his freshmen again in 2017 as he has not 2016.  I think this is his major hang-up and why we as a fan base have become numbed by all of his mistakes.  Yes, he has made a ton on the field too, but I remain focused on HIS PROCESS rather than those mistakes because some of those can be learned over time.  But play his freshmen when he HATES on all freshmen ?  I don’t see him learning that.  I see us 2017 having our best class ever next year and him NOT PLAYING THEM EITHER.


I have banged my head against his on the freshmen from the get-go.  Game 8.   And whom among the freshmen class has Kirby done what he SAID he would do after 4 or 5 practices – recognize if they are ELITE and play them ?  You certainly can NOT point to Jacob Eason because of all the freshmen he is the one who MAKES MY POINT that the freshmen HAD TO PLAY.


If Kirby is going to be that pig-headed about freshmen – even Jacob Eason – will Kirby torture us and all the freshmen again 2017 and not play them either when obviously Jacob Eason has done very well and hundreds of other freshmen on EVERY TEAM in America 2016.


I am sorry to report that I  do NOT see Kirby playing his freshmen 2017 EITHER.  Why would I ?


No sir.  I will FIRE HIS ASS if Kirby does this again 2017 and refuses to play his freshmen again.


And you know I can MAKE IT STICK.


I do not think Kirby is a quick study of talent.


I like Kirby.  But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.




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