Will The Georgia Bulldogs show-up in Jacksonville 3 p.m. the day after tomorrow ?

It certainly has been an issue with this team whom Kirby really failed to prepare and motivate us to show-up ready to play hard-nosed football against Nicholls State, Ole Miss, Vandie or Missouri.  We just kind of showed-up not motivated to get after their ass but showed good resiliency with heroics by Jacob Eason against both Nicholls State and Missouri as well as against vols.


We took away wins against Nicholls State and Missouri and came-back down nothing to 45 to Ole Miss scoring some late touchdowns with our # 1 unit against their # 3 unit.  Vandie remained a heartbreaker and vols certainly ruined our season as well.


But Saturday all that can be put behind us.


If we can just only do something which in 4 of the 7 – more than half the games so far – this team just really has not done.


To show-up ready to play Georgia Bulldogs’ Football.


5-3 would not get Kirby ranked, but 5-3 is quite a bit different from 4-4.  More than anything else Kirby has to establish himself against our # 1 Rival Florida Gators.


It would seem hard to imagine us showing-up not ready to play.


Most especially after last week.


I know I’m excited to see us have any coach who can beat Florida in Jacksonville after Vince Dooley.


That would be quite a shot in the arm for Kirby should he pull it off.


Las Vegas thinks otherwise establishing Florida Gators as 7-point favorites at the site of the annual Gator Bowl where Kirby’s predecessor Mark Richt lost 11 of 16 games.


If Kirby wants to do something about the Culture around here, this would be it.  Show-up kick some butt.