It had NOTHING to do with the half-time CBS Interview by Allie LaForce this day last year that the guy who averaged 9.7 wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT – was fired. Sure he screwed the pooch – again – on his QB at halftime saying they were not Faton Bauta’s fault and would stick with him through 4 interceptions this day last year. It was his UTTER FAILURES in the big games like this most especially his last entire 8 years losing 18 of his last 24 vs. top 15 which is # 45 nationally with # 7 talent which he WASTED. And oh yeah another 12 losses to unranked teams thrown-in for good measure his same last entire 8 years here which SEALED THAT FATE. Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE. Here is that CBS halftime interview by Allie LaForce.

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4858 is the 2 hour 36 minute 18 second mark of the game vs. our # 1 Rival whom Mark Richt lost to.  It was his 11th loss in 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl where we venture yet again now this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. for the 1st time since.



It was in fact his rationale for starting a guy whom I had called to be moved to running back the year before who has not taken the very first snap at QB all season long.  A running back who knew the play calls.  A DESPERATE as Hell move by Mark Richt.  And yet Mark Richt took the week off before the Florida game while Florida practiced every single day.  Then the following week it was reported from EVERY SOURCE that Faton Bauta would start.  Mark Richt himself stated that Greyson Lambert did not give him the better chance to win the game.  The players – every player – said Faton Bauta would start. Then he took the week off during the off week.  Then he put in a guy who on EVERY play in his entire career here was asked to run the ball and NEVER had him run once.  There was not one single running play called for Faton Bauta which is ALL Mark Richt had EVER DONE with Faton Bauta.  Mark Richt did not give Faton Bautua a single snap all season prior at QB in ANY GAME.  None.  No snaps at QB all season.  Our # 1 Rival.


There was NOTHING Mark Richt could have said – one way or the other at halftime – that would have altered the fact that he had to be FIRED.


It was his dumbass decisions which cost him his job – not that he didn’t want to remove Faton Bauta at halftime down nothing to 20.


Mark Richt is a dumbass.  He did dumbass shit.  That is ALL he EVER did here.  Good riddance to the son of a bitch.  I know no Dad who would want his son to play for such a God Damn LOSER.


Mark Richt’s halftime interview by Allie LaForce CBS Sports October 31 2015 had NOTHING to do with sealing Mark Richt’s fate here.


It was in fact nothing but further proof of his decided dumbassness.


DESPERATE as Mark Richt was.


Mark Richt knew he was in trouble for his job.  YOU knew Mark Richt was in trouble for his job.


God Damn you.


You denied it.  You denied it AFTER the halftime interview.


9.7 wins a season for 15 years ?  There were 29 teams who were 10-win seasons in 2015 alone all FBS Division 1-A teams all 29 who won 10-win seasons.  Your goal was to be # 29 ?


Well was it punk ?


Mark Richt’s best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn all of 2015 season.  They responded well ?  Stick it up your God Damned Friqin’ ASSHOLE.


There were 4 teams who were 10-win seasons 2015 who were NOT RANKED UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll.  Mark Richt AGAIN was one of those UNRANKED Final AP Poll teams 2015-2016 season.  He had four (4) such UNRANKED Final AP Poll his last God Damn 8 freaking years.  This just MORE OF THE SAME.


So today all day long GTP – get the picture Bluto senator of NOTHING made-up all kinds of God Damn BULLSHIT about how Mark Richt’s interview at halftime cost him his job.


It was OVER long before that on THIS BLOG.  Only YOUR BLOG did not want to HEAR THAT.


Said it was NOT TRUE.


Said he would STILL BE HERE.


Said he wasn’t going ANYWHERE.


AFTER Florida you said he would not be fired.


AFTER he WAS you and your entire friqin’ BULLSHIT BLOG of bullshittedness of the highest order said that Mark Richt did NOT deserve to be fired.  That a GOOD CASE can be made that HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED.


You bluto said that it COULD NOT BE JUSTIFIED that Mark Richt was fired.


Piece of shit LIAR bluto.



( )



Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE.




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