Kirby’s grades as head coach including now game 8. The Offense did not show-up ready to play again today. You could not run and you tried to force your will running without personnel to do that Kirby. Then you did all pass. No Kirby. That is not an offense EITHER. You have NOT shown-up ready to play HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY 4 of the 8 on special teams either. Are you getting the job done coming into the game telling everyone you are NOT DESPERATE Kirby ? Sure you were desperate. We saw your halftime interview grinding your teeth Kirby. You showed-up NOT READY TO PLAY FLORIDA on Offense nor on Special Teams Kirby. You came here with no experience on special teams or offense. You have proven that assessment. Right on target for Mark Richt’s average 4-losses a season for his last 8. This is NOT what I bargained for. Greg McGarity loses his job over this Kirby. You’re not ready to be a head coach Kirby sir. You were hired here to fix this mess Kirby not continue on unabated. Hit the road jack. It disappoints me to admit it Kirby. But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet. Maybe in a few years. Maybe not. You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.



Kirby has done a stellar job of recruiting.  He has so many holes that you can hardly really criticize him for the hole at receiver he was unable to fill last year and still somehow next year too at this point.  He would get an A+ if he had for either year and I can not picture that the next on the line for Kirby will not be reeled-in. Only a fool receiver would not want to catch Jacob Eason for his last 2 years here.  He and baller Jake Fromm.


Kirby has done very well with the defense.  It doesn’t show-up in the stats because he is so weak in EVERY other area, but no fault here on Defense.  There have been some poor defensive plays but the ones which stand-out are specialty defenses where Kirby had the wrong concept as head coach what he was trying to do in those situations.  Kirby has rotated-in some guys here who have helped as this long season has progressed.  We are in good shape on Defense and even the guys on the line are getting the job done.



The Passing Game has been particularly disappointing.   Blocking has been poor for the pass and Kirby keeps sending-out receivers who just drop the ball.  None of this get my best 22 out there.   16 first downs Kirby had Jim Chaney RUN instead last game and this game 8 no different until he was proven he could not run.  Kirby hey boy  we cannot run the ball.  Wake up.  He gained 36 yards those 16 running first downs last week and this week even worse.  This goes back to Kirby’s INCORRECT assertion that few bad things go wrong when you run the ball up the gut every First Down.

Then there is the dearth of receivers who can catch Jacob Eason’s passes.

He is offered-up such a mishmash of guys all who drop the passes that it boggles the mind.

That he has hit any of the crazy array of receivers offered-up to him is truly amazing in its own right.

Jacob Eason has not practiced with any of them.

238 days in and we are not settled on a single pitch and catch combination for the # 1 recruit nationwide at QB.

How bad is that ?



He failed to recognize – even having dominated Greyson Lambert himself last year and watching him YANKED by Mark Richt during the game early-on – that he had to prepare Jacob Eason as his only option at QB 2016.

He likewise failed to recognize – even given that Mark Richt just finished the end of his Dream Team 22 seniors gone (who averaged 4 losses a season for the 6 years they were here since they included Kolton Houston the 2010 recruit from the year before Mark Richt’s Dream Team) all 22 of whom started – that he had as his only option to prepare his entire freshmen class to play 2016.  Phil Steele rated Kirby’s returning 2-Deep this season the # 93 most experienced 2-Deep.  Still, Kirby could not be bothered to prepare his freshmen even at positions of need.


Talk about having your butt cheeks clinched Kirby about freshmen.  Maybe if you had actually taken this job the day you said it would be your dream to coach us November 28, you might have by now recognized this Kirby and prepared, practiced with the # 1 unit, and played your freshmen you yourself signed 2016 Kirby.

He as well failed to recognize what he said himself from the time he got here that he had no interior linemen offense or defense left with nothing either side of the ball by Mark Richt in the trenches and instead preferred to stand-pat rather than get Ben Cleveland his top OL recruit a single snap game 8 come and gone now.

He so failed miserably on running backs that he stood-pat there too with 2 injured running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and ONLY played those 2 despite the fact that Brian Herrien leads the team as a NATURAL BORN LEADER and in ADDITION leads the team in rush per carry.  Game 8 for Brian Herrien ?  2 times handed the ball.  When the game over and Kirby STILL trying to impose his Will running the ball.  Awful Kirby.

Perhaps given these above areas of weakness that this last one is the most criminal of ALL is saying something – Kirby from the outset said he needed to sign a big-time receiver and whiffed.  This was his BIGGEST need to complement Jacob Eason as 2016 was shaping-up as he arrived.  Jacob Eason was here before Kirby got here January 12.  Jacob Eason had already taken 2 weeks’ worth of classes.  For a team who could pass the ball finally when we have not been able to 2015 or 2014 with Greyson Lambert and Hutson Mason both # 119 passing offense and # 89 passing offense.

Then to complicate his biggest jump-out at you roster missing link, Kirby failed to look around creatively to find guys who can catch the ball from the 85 scholarship players he most certainly did have for 2016 and still has all 85 playing only 58 of them.  27 sitting on the bench.  27 who average the # 7 recruiting class including redshirt for the 5 classes Kirby was handed.


Of course Kirby could have fulfilled his need at receiver had he simply announced from the beginning that he would ONLY start Jacob Eason win or lose.  Kirby was going to have Jacob Eason practice only with the # 1 unit he could have said.  And have that unit as well-oiled as he could get it.  When Kirby arrived January 12 and Jacob Eason in classes for 2 weeks then, Kirby could have announced him as his Starter Game 1.  Come catch Jacob Eason here Kirby could have said.  He whiffed on receiver because he WHIFFED making that statement.


But no.  That was too much to ask from Kirby.




As big as his roster mismanagement has loomed all season and it has been the worst a job of roster management since Mark Richt – Kirby actually stated to press when pressed about Mecole Hardman Jr. – that Kirby would know after 4 or 5 practices if Mecole is Elite or not and would get him on the field the question was specifically about on offense and special teams – then Kirby REDSHIRTED his ass for the first SEVERAL GAMES and then was called on the carpet about it by Mecole himself.  Only then did Kirby relent and let him play one snap on special teams each game since.  2 assisted tackles all season by Mecole Hardman Jr. the consensus # 1 athlete in the nation and CLEARLY still could be a BIG HUGE HELP at receiver. In the last game for example too we were punted to 8 times.  Isaiah McKenzie missed all 8 punts and twice got his unsure hands on the ball only to bat it around back there – never catching ANY of the Vandie 8 punts.  None of the 8 punts did Isaiah McKenzie field.  There is NO QUESTION that Mecole Hardman Jr. could have done AT LEAST AS WELL.  Going into Game 8 Mecole Hardman Jr. 2 assisted tackles on special teams ONLY.  Criminal.


Could Kirby have used Mecole Hardman Jr. today trying to get open for Jacob Eason to throw to ?



Jacob Eason.  Kirby was still CONFUSED who was his QB 2016 in WEEK # 2 against Nicholls State still having Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit practicing Monday and Tuesday September 5 and September 6 of 2016.  This is then after 100 practices and 34 weeks watching the two quarterbacks.


34 weeks WASTED.


238 days WASTED.


His offense has failed to find any rhythm yet as a result of these wasted 238 days from the day Kirby got here January 12 when Jacob Eason had already been here for 2 weeks’ time in classes already.




I have personally never witnessed a head coach with this piss-poor recognition of talent.


At GLARING holes on the team.





This leads-in to the category of realizing that for the best players on ANY COLLEGE TEAM you get to see them for 3 years and then they are gone.


Kirby so wasted his FRESHMEN 2016 that it begs the question what will he do 2017 with what clearly is the # 1 football signing class The Mighty Bulldogs have ever had.


NOT PLAY FRESHMEN 2017 as well ?


The entire freshmen class 2016 have been so mistreated that as a group there never has been such a class so misused anywhere anytime in the history of college football.


Kirby allowed Charlie Woerner to have one pass thrown to him all day.  He caught it.  1 pass.


Brian Herrien got 2 rushes all day today.  All those rushes in a row by Nick Chubb telegraphing him as running the ball.  Knowing full well Kirby ONLY would do just that.


We will watch the VERY BEST of this 2016 class really only 2 years next year and the year after for we sure as SHIT did not watch them prepared – practiced – put in the game at CLEAR OBVIOUS HOLES – and see how THEY might help-out.




This is another area for Kirby where his too in-depth meddling across the gambit of his team has shown-up.  Too many penalties.  Killing penalties.  Penalties where our players look unprepared.


Kirby wouldn’t play our freshmen then he puts them out there game on the line against our # 1 Rival and we have another 49 yards of penalties again today.  Sad.




Kirby has so meddled in the Offense of Jim Chaney that the fault is Kirby’s.  Shackled with the wrong players – wrong personnel – Kirby insisted to Jim Chaney that he run the ball.  Kirby did that again today vs. Florida until he finally gave up on it.  And when he gave up on it Florida then teed-off on Jacob Eason.  Hot or Cold.  Hit or Miss.  Run or Pass.  No balance.


Particularly one-minded all season he would run.  Kirby announced he would run before the Florida game when he said he was not desperate.  Since all he has tried to do all season was run, I knew THEN that we’d lose with that mindset.  It doesn’t fit this team.


Kirby prior to the Vandie loss BRAGGED that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball.”


Anything but has been the case.


Kirby has 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 as his only experience including Pop Warner football on the offensive side of the ball.  He either has to hire a guy like Erk Russell was to Vince Dooley for that side of the ball and LEAVE HIM ALONE, or take classes and try to learn offenses 2016 for Kirby clearly has no clue to say fewer bad things happen when you run the ball when Kirby states he has no OL to block and knew his 2 top returning running backs whom he ONLY wants to run up the middle were both injured.




Kirby has never been involved in coaching special teams at all anywhere either.  And this has bit him in the butt.  Today in the Florida game Kirby gave-up an entire length of the field 100 yards advantage Florida over Kirby’s special teams. The hiring of a son of a father who had good special teams has exacerbated this as he can not turn to him to run the special teams for Kirby and make Kirby look good.  Kirby also has meddled in Special Teams unwilling to put stars out there on special teams whom any good special teams coach would have given the nod to long before Game 8 losing half his games and now SEC record 2-4.




Today Kirby your kicker kicked-off to their 5-yard line.  He returned it to the 37.


Jesus Christ.


YOU gave them a short field ALL DAY TODAY again Kirby.


Can’t you see that Kirby ?


I am the only 1 who knows about Mitchell Wasson ?


I doubt that Kirby.


Kirby signed a KICKER this 2016 class.  He stated he wanted to have him walk-on then refused through game 8 to let him even try to kick-off to see if Mitchell Wasson can kick-off out of the end zone.  Florida did it all night.  We were inconsistent at it.  Opening Kick-Off last week for example Kirby STILL has his 2 kickers both of whom were here under Mark Richt kicking and the current CHOICE who was NOT Kirby’s first pick kicked-off to their SEC leading Kick-Off man to the 3-yard line on a line drive kick-off which was returned to the 3-yard line. This week we gave Florida short field after short field.   Kirby was 3 of 7 on Field Goals and said himself he clearly made at least one bad choice as Kicker until the Vandie game.  Kirby said he was worried sick about Kicking all off-season.  That instills a lot of confidence in the group of 3, only 2 of which have we seen.  Saving Mitchell Wasson for 2017 are you Kirby ?  Or have him and another Kicker 2017 and not play the other one 2017 Kirby when you OBVIOUSLY are NOT impressed with Mitchell Wasson – not that I agree with that having NOT SEEN it myself.  But having seen your other choices Kirby, I certainly CRITICIZE not having shown ME Mitchell Wasson.




Kirby has just as clearly earned a D for his coaching of running backs – the only area of offense he has ANY previous experience with and it one year here for Mark Richt 2005 a dozen years’ ago.


Having Nick Chubb run 38 times up the gut on Top 25 North Carolina game time who is Top 25 still now too was criminal after 3-ligament surgery.


He hasn’t been the same since.


Likewise Sony Michel up the gut instead of spread out wide at his natural position of receiver and with his broken arm and pin in it with cast from July 4 horsing-around on dangerous ATV given that Sony Michel KNEW Nick Chubb was certainly in question early-on too and now lingering all season that way with multiple Nick Chubb injuries now 2016 has put Kirby behind the proverbial 8-ball; but GIVEN THOSE out of his own personal control Kirby gets an F handling both of them and a D for FINALLY letting Brian Herrien TRY to lead this team running the ball which is ALL KIRBY WANTS TO DO OFFENSIVELY.


When today against Florida Kirby hit Sony Michel out in space Kirby instead went right back to having Sony Michel run up the gut.  Run Nick Chubb up the gut until he is tired.  Bring in Sony Michel more of the same.  Oh yeah and 2 cameo runs by freshmen sensation Brian Herrien back when Kirby was ONLY trying to run every down until the game was OVER.


I would give Kirby an F for his handling of Brian Herrien.  But Brian himself has responded to the BULLSHIT of Kirby’s mishandling of him by BEING A TRUE TEAM LEADER on the field and off that I give Brian Herrien an A personally.  Some of that rubs-off onto Kirby’s grade – increasing his overall F with regard to coaching running backs – to D only because of the ONE GUY who was HEALTHY Kirby could have used for his dumbass running game strategy with 2 injured running backs every 1st down up the gut.


And behind an OL who can’t block for the run.  Thus D for Kirby at running backs’ coaching.


If I had to pick the second guy picked in the NFL Draft in the year after next it would be Brian Herrien.


But there are so many others of this 2016 Signing Class who might get to play next year for Kirby MAYBE who we have truly no idea about such as Mecole Hardman Jr. and Ben Cleveland that there might be OTHERS leaving after the year after next with Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.

Congratulations Kirby – the one guy who you have mistreated the most who is your best leader on your team enhanced your grade to a D as running backs’ coach.  How does that make you feel Kirby ?




Perfect example today vs. Florida continuing the season long refrain that fewer bad things happen when you run, Kirby just was relentless on trying to force Kirby’s Will against Florida running the ball.  It FAILED.




Kirby yanked the punter and forced trying rugby style kicks.  That cannot be the special teams’ coordinator who makes that choice today vs. Florida.  A special teams’ coordinator would KNOW who is his best punter and the style punt he is best at.  You go with your best.  We have no clue.




Kirby doesn’t know when to call time-out and when not.  This is something he can learn over time.  These head-strong biases of Kirby against letting freshmen practice with the # 1 unit are far more worrying long term.




Yanking Jacob Eason game 1 vs. North Carolina when he brought us back from down 10 is just wild and wrong Kirby.  You yanked Jacob Eason game 2 also and put in Greyson Lambert.  Figure out who your players are Kirby more quickly sir and then let them practice with the # 1 unit and go with them.




Why are you 2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


Well one of the reasons is that you perceive the press as working against you when the press for Georgia follows us.  No one else in the nation does Kirby.


We suck.


So when they ask you questions it is because they think the question deserves an answer.


Maybe it will help us.


A large part of your salary Kirby is to have scheduled press meetings where you discuss with us  what we deem necessary for you to answer us about.  We are millions of not Alabama fans but Georgia Bulldogs fans.  There are more of us than Alabama’s fans although we’re not used  to their winning ways.  We are trying to help you Kirby and our program.  And our 2016 season which is one of a very limited number of years each of these 85 a year scholarship recruits can be here.  3 years for the best.  5 years for the worst.


These antics of yours ranting and raving to the press that we dare to even ask you the tough questions is OVER Kirby.


You will answer our Questions Kirby.


You are a neophyte head college football coach Kirby unprepared and over your head.  You have disgraced The Proud University of Georgia IN EVERY PRESS MEETING since January 12.


You are NOT DESPERATE going into today’s game Kirby ?


Seriously Kirby ?


We cannot put up with these press meetings’ antics by you Kirby.


We need you to WAKE-UP Kirby.


2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


You are lucky you are not even worse than that.




It is clear that Nick Saban did not prepare you to be head coach Kirby.  He raped you for your defense and you’re good at that Kirby.



When we hold a press meeting and ask you about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby we expect honest answers.  Such as here is what they demanded when they refused to let me in my locker room with the players.


You never did tell us what their demands were from the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby.


We know they wanted more access to you and more PT by you of the players all players know are our best players but since freshmen get only casual looks.





You and Jim Chaney both can both go stick it up your asshole Kirby for your God Damn sorry-ass play-calling on offense.  You neither have a friqin’ clue on offensive play-calling tailored to your personnel  and you BOTH have failed to get your best 11 out there.  Game 8 today Kirby y’all ran and ran and ran and ran.  Once they proved to you that you could not run as you could not all year Kirby, then they were prepared for you to go all pass and just killed Jacob Eason back there.




Many of your problems stem from the fact that although November 28 you said it would be your dream job to coach us, you demonstrated that to ME Kirby by NOT SHOWING-UP for 6 weeks and 4 days.



The fact that out-of-hand you GAVE-UP on even trying to pay the monies to keep Jeremy Pruitt gave you a decided disadvantage with regard to The # 1 SEC team RIVAL Alabama.  The lone bright spot the year before you made NO EFFORT Kirby to keep Jeremy Pruitt here.  If I were to tell me that you STILL were trying to help keep Nick Saban from retiring and to help Alabama by capitulating on Jeremy Pruitt as YOUR REPLACEMENT DC at Alabama I would say Kirby that you and Nick Saban were in-collusion on this against US sir.  You know ?  Your alma mater.

If you were to prove to me what you have since Kirby that you would be this stubborn as a new manager and try to DO TOO MUCH at EVERY ASPECT of the team I would have told you then now looking back at it, that YOUR ONLY HOPE would then be to MAKE Jeremy Pruitt the head coach for the bowl game and give him half your own salary to be UGA D.C. naming him as ASSISTANT HEAD COACH and title of Coach in Waiting.  This would have freed you up to do what you have done anyway which is to meddle in every other part of the football team which you clearly are UNPREPARED for and unsuited for with your lack of experience such as notably Kirby Play-Calling, Offense, and Special Teams with a Special N.B. at recognizing talent.

While I applaud the hire of Del McGee, you should have made him your Offensive Coordinator Kirby.  Were it not for your GAG ORDER Kirby on all the coaches we as the fan base could have recognized the dumb shit the assistants on your coaching staff say.


Yes, you are smarter than they are Kirby.


But, you MUST rely on your staff and your gag order of not only freshmen but of all your assistants too has caused you to have a poorly coached 2-4 in The SEC team.


Unranked just like Mark Richt half the last 8 years in the Final AP Poll Top 25 with NOW no game you can do ANYTHING about that EITHER 2016 now long since over Kirby.




JUST LIKE MARK RICHT WHO PULLED THIS SHIT EVERY YEAR Kirby has seen fit to continue this BAD HABIT as well, AGAIN too. From the frying pan to the fire Kirby.  This is NOT what I bargained for.   Kirby was not ready for Vandie at all.  Or Nicholls State.  And Ole Miss 45 to nothing against a team we clearly could have exploited with a passing attack and absolutely can compete with.  Missouri only Jacob Eason bailed you out against that hapless team.  That’s 4 already in the first 7 games MORE THAN HALF THE GAMES KIRBY.  Today Game 8 only your defense showed-up.  You cannot tell me Kirby that your offense or special teams came ready to play against our # 1 Rival.








Frankly you did not come-out ready to play South Carolina either Kirby and I have my doubts therefore that you show-up Saturday ready to play as well.


Pre-game today I knew you would not show-up ready to play Kirby.  Actually I had no doubts.  That you will show-up today Kirby ready to play Florida was no longer in question once YOU SAID the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING left YOU with the impression that YOU WERE NOT DESPERATE.  I figured you will NOT.  I predicted you would run until you proven unable to.  Proven to you.  It was proven to me game 2 Kirby.  After ALL you have NOT shown-up ready to play MORE THAN HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY.


Kirby you have failed to meet your Goals for Coach Kirby Smart.  You have NOT MET our expectations on MANY LEVELS and I therefore expected you show-up NOT prepared for Florida too.  After all you have NOT SHOWN-UP here with the mindset that 2016 is AN IMPORTANT YEAR Kirby.  So far Kirby, and this is not an insignificant sample size of game 8 Kirby, we ALL KNEW you came as DC with no experience on offense and special teams.  Where are YOU BAD KIRBY ?  Offense special teams and talent recognition.  I would have NEVER GUESSED you could not judge talent  EITHER Kirby sir.  After bothering to show-up here January 12  and thank you for that.  You acted like this season was about a honeymoon a mulligan and another wasted season after 8 years prior us averaging 4-losses a season.  9 with your year one Kirby.


For 9 years now Georgia averages 4-losses a season.  Greg McGarity’s choice as head football coach as a former tennis player and not a good one at that, has EXTENDED this to 9 years now.


This is Not what I find acceptable across the board Kirby.  For you to say :


“Oh I will show-up and start helping full-time on MY CALLING January 12.  I spoke with Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead and THEY SAID it is ok.  I also think it is ok.  I want to finish doing a 4th time that which I have already done 3 times.  This is best for me.  This is best for Georgia.”  A total of 8 weeks and 4 days after the job was offered to you Kirby.  ALL THIS despite Nick Saban saying YOU SHOULD BE HERE AT GEORGIA Kirby.  You should have walked-out that day.  I would have coached us in the Gator Bowl were I you Kirby.  Take a new job and not bother show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time.  Good Lord.  I have frankly been all over your ass since.  I would have retracted the offer.  You getting any of this Kirby ?


Me a dumbass ?


I had a 3.88 GPA at Georgia Kirby my 3rd Quarter of my senior year with 239 credit hours 180 required for graduating.  I took EVERY law class.  I took every accounting class.  I took every course I could possibly get my dear old Dad to help pay for.  I am no dumbass.


A job which you said Kirby :


“It would be my Dream November 28 I told Greg McGarity to coach my alma mater Georgia.”


Kirby you did not make the grades I did here at UGA.  I was Honored Honor’s Day Foy Fine Arts Building my parents invited to the Ceremony me the holder of said document proving it Top 5 % of my graduating class.  You were almost that good Kirby.  Not quite.


That you therefore would not have your Offense and Special Teams prepared to play today AGAIN Kirby did not surprise me sir.


Because I gave a shit about my grades at Georgia and here are MY GRADES TO YOU KIRBY so far.


You didn’t care enough to show-up 6 weeks and 4 days.  I FIRED YOU THEN.  Right that day.  My call.  No questions about it.




You should have FIRED yourself for saying Greg McGarity told you it was ok.


You know better than that Kirby.


You have been behind the 8-ball all year.


Will 2017 be different Kirby ?


I don’t see how.  You refuse to practice your freshmen at positions of need with the # 1 unit.  Game 8.  Are you DESPERATE NOW Kirby ?


Are you studying like I did here at UGA Kirby now all of a sudden ?


When ?


When pray tell Kirby will you put forth the effort here at MY alma mater I did here ?  Ok.  I was a walk-on.  You starred as 1st Team All-SEC.


But you are not putting forth THAT EFFORT Kirby to THIS JOB.


You haven’t from the beginning but you are smart enough Kirby to HEAR what I am saying and WAKE-UP and give a shit about the rest of 2016.


A year I frankly was NOT READY to write-off like you have sir.


It disappoints me to admit it Kirby.  But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet.  Maybe in a few years.  Maybe not.  You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.


When your players called a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the week you are playing our # 1 Rival Kirby that is a VERY BAD SIGN SIR.  This indicates that your players Kirby did NOT want YOU in your own locker room Kirby.  That they wanted to talk among themselves without your meddling Kirby.


That they have grievances against you Kirby that they wanted to discuss.


Such as your tough love.  Today seriously you criticized Jacob Eason for sliding with little time on the clock before half.


Excuse me Kirby ?


You have ALL these weaknesses and you can pick on the one guy who you have no criticism which had a damn thing to do with us losing today again Kirby.


Yeah.  You’re 4-4 alright Kirby.


It could be worse were it NOT for Jacob Eason whom you failed to recognize.  Failed to give snaps to with your # 1 unit.  Failed to prepare.  Have not practiced with the guys you handed him today to throw to.  Behind an OL who can’t block.  Not for run or pass.


How do you run an offense Kirby with these limitations ?  No OL.  No running game.  No WR.    No practice of # 1 unit to be well-oiled machine game 8.


Oh, you send you coach out to blame the damn QB for sliding too soon.


That’s what you said Kirby.


Now, what was it that the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING resulted in the players presenting to YOU Kirby afterwards while you prepare for # 1 Rival Florida Kirby this week ?


What did they say to you Kirby ?


That you don’t play certain of us ?


That you criticize us in public ?


That you do all you can do to NOT LET US PLAY KIRBY ?


You came here with no experience on special teams or offense.  You have proven that assessment.





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