This RUN-RUN-PASS 3 and OUT 9 straight possessions 2nd half Florida and Vandie game TOO 15 first down RUNS for 36 yards ARE KIRBY. This is not Jim Chaney. THIS IS KIRBY. Kirby is the one TELLING JIM CHANEY that “if you run fewer bad things happen.”

The most common mistake made by a new manager in any endeavor when he is promoted from a lower position to being in charge of all aspects of an organization when he never has before is to TRY TO DO TOO MUCH Kirby.  Too much in too many areas Kirby.  Overwhelmed.  With only 1 year as an assistant on the offensive side of the ball Kirby you should have STAYED-OUT of the offense completely entirely.  You have accomplished NOTHING with your 2016 season because you did not manage the organization but instead managed every small minor detail of EVERY part of the team.




Kirby has lost 4 out of the last 5 games. Mark Richt has lost 4 in a row. Miami of Florida fans who include Georgia Bulldogs fans who ALSO are Miami Hurricane fans NOW are really really really really really really really really unhappy. Seen any bumper stickers for MIAMI and Georgia ?

Happy Halloween