When the regular season is over and you played 7 cupcakes and yet all season long there was only 1 game we were NOT LOSING in – Louisiana Lafayette – well we’re NOT a good football team. Biggest off-season concerns ? Will all the OL be gone ? Is stubborn Kirby going to FIRE Jim Chaney ? Is any receiver going to come here who doesn’t DROP the passes to him ? Is Kirby planning on telling the God Damn Press how freaking HORRIBLE every freshman is NEXT YEAR 2017 too ? How many of the Juniors declarer ? Six ?

And oh yeah where is the athletic directors’ hot seat.com ?


I see this morning where Kirby Smart is # 28 on coaches’ hot seat.com but what about Greg McGarity ?




( http://coacheshotseat.com/ )


  1. Nicholls State had a LOSING SEASON 5-6
  2. Missouri had a LOSING SEASON 4-8
  3. Ole Miss had a LOSING SEASON 5-7
  4. South Carolina 6-6
  5. Vandie 6-6
  6. Kentucky 7-5
  7. Louisiana Lafayette had a LOSING SEASON 5-6



On the positive side after 100 days of no rain and Lake Lanier officially down more than 11 feet we got several inches of rain today.  That’s it for the good news.





We are 6 points from being 4-8 and only 12 points from being 3-9. And we don’t know what the future with Kirby may bring or not ? Excuse me ? I’m an alumnus too. Let’s talk about that. We “GEORGIA’D” another game this weekend. We have ALL THIS TALENT here. We “Georgia” a game ALL THE TIME and ALWAYS HAVE. It’s what we do. It is what defines us. It is what HAS DEFINED us. It is who we ARE. It is who we WILL BE with KIRBY. I mean Kirby is the guy who HIRED Jim Chaney and Shane Beamer. And made NO ADJUSTMENTS all season long. We averaged # 8 recruiting class under Mark Richt and # 7 under Kirby and IMPROVING on THAT yet we “Georgia” games. I said for 8 long excruciating years that we “pulled ANOTHER Mark Richt” and LOST AGAIN. Kirby is no better. The REAL PROBLEMS are Mike Adam$’ two (2) Athletic Directors first Damon Evans now Greg McGarity. And that he chose a head coach who isn’t one. Harrison Martin calls for JIM CHANEY and SHANE BEAMER to both be FIRED. But ALL of us know the problem with special teams is that the WRONG PLAYERS are playing the WRONG POSITIONS and that Kirby ALSO DRAGGED his feet about playing OTHER notable freshmen across the board from the time of Spring Practice until TODAY. Kirby is stubborn. That is not going away. He’s conservative. That’s not going away. He wants ONLY to be IN-CHARGE. That’s not going away either. But Greg McGarity can HIT THE ROAD. And that could be GOING AWAY – couldn’t it ?

Here are our HOME GAMES 2017 next year :

Appalachian State Moutaineers

Samford Bulldogs

Missy State


South Carolina



You want to improve our HOME-GAME environment ? How about IMPROVE our OPPONENTS we spend all this money to come see play ? Is there one good game there ?


One ?


If we had Florida on HOME-AND-HOME we’d have a GREAT GAME AT HOME every other year.






( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/at-second-glance-why-georgia-couldnt-finish-and-what-it-says-about-the-program-and-its-future )





( http://www.dawgsports.com/2016/11/27/13756808/rant-from-a-disgruntled-uga-fan )


Having Florida at Sanford every other year would invigorate our entire program.



vols had 8 HOME GAMES AGAIN this year and we had 6 again.


We always have 6.


It’s what we do.


We Georgia our schedule then we Georgia the games.


Thanks Kirby.  It’s no longer that we “Mark Richt’d another game to a lesser opponent.”


Now it’s we Georgia’d another game against a lesser opponent AGAIN.


It’s habitual now Kirby – so thanks for that Kirby.  Really.  Thanks.


Good job Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead you dumbasses.



Birmingham Bowl December 29 Thursday of 2016 featuring Georgia and Houston. Houston lost to 5-7 SMU lost to Navy and lost to Memphis and their coach took the Texas job Tom Herman after he had said he wanted THIS JOB when Greg McGarity hired instead Kirby. The game is at LEGION FIELD. It used to be called the Compass Bowl then Papa Johns now just Birmingham Bowl. The SEC is 4-2 in the bowl and GEORGIA HAS NEVER PLAYED IN IT so that is another check mark for UGA playing in MORE DIFFERENT BOWLS than ANY PROGRAM.



( http://www.birminghambowl.com/ )


Houston is UNRANKED in ANY POLL.


American Athletic Conference vs. SEC – this is my prediction.



Here are Kirby’s OFFENSE numbers now that 2016 regular season is over. # 62 on 3rd Down Conversions. # 62 on 4th Down Conversions. # 77 on 1st Downs made. # 77 on Fumbles Lost. # 99 Passing Offense. # 73 Red Zone Offense. # 89 Total Offense. # 55 Rushing Offense. # 107 Scoring Offense. Special Teams : # 106 on Kick-Off Return Defense. # 54 Kick-Off Returns. . # 111 on Net Punting. Kirby just doesn’t have any background knowledge of OFFENSE or SPECIAL TEAMS. He’s not ready to be head coach knowing only 1 of the 3 aspects of a football team.

Plus One +1 which I called for for 20 years finds that this season once again THERE ARE ONLY 4 TEAMS.  We do NOT need a 5th team.  I do not think Washington belongs in the Play-Offs but that only leaves 3.  Any way you slice it +1 works again.


If you can beat North Carolina and Auburn 2016 then well you should not be losing 5 games including the regular season finale who average the # 52 recruiting rankings.  Mark Richt averaged the # 8 recruiting ranking and Kirby # 7 and improving.  There is no excuse for all this except that Kirby has blind spots on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and that he also HIRED POORLY for BOTH.


Kirby is stubborn about that which he does NOT KNOW and made no move to correct his obviously POOR CHOICES for Special Teams and OFFENSE coaching.


He added extra help during the season ONLY on DEFENSE.


Now he faces a BLEAK YEAR next year on OFFENSE with potentially losing EVERY SINGLE OFFENSIVE LINEMAN after this season.


Kirby had a  VERY EASY SCHEDULE 2016.


Officially the NCAA Official Strength of Schedule for the entire season of only # 42 and that does not take into account FCS teams which drags it down even worse.


vols played Strength of Schedule # 2 for example.

Alabama # 5 Strength of Schedule.

LSU # 6 Strength of Schedule.

The ENTIRE SEC played a tougher Strength of Schedule than Kirby 2016.


And yet this is what he did on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS against a SOFT SCHEDULE.


Nicholls State had a LOSING SEASON 5-6

Missouri had a LOSING SEASON 4-8

Ole Miss had a LOSING SEASON 5-7

South Carolina 6-6

Vandie 6-6

Kentucky 7-5

Louisiana Lafayette had a LOSING SEASON 5-6


Kirby was LOSING in EVERY GAME ALL SEASON LONG except for Louisiana Lafayette.


And YET these are his OFFENSIVE NUMBERS and his SPECIAL TEAMS production against this EASY CUPCAKE SCHEDULE for Kirby 2016.


We’re not a good team.


We stood pat on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS when it was apparent we did NOT KNOW WHAT WE WERE DOING.


That is what is really disconcerting.




We offered him $ 5 million 400 thousand 2016 to coach defense offense and special teams.


Greg McGarity hired a coach who knows only 1 aspect of football because he was only a girls’ tennis coach 1 year.


Installed into that position by Mike Adam$ to determine if Kirby knew OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS which are the 1st two questions Vince would have asked him.


Greg McGarity as a result is averaging MORE than 4 losses a season in football at a FOOTBALL SCHOOL # 11 all-time in wins and # 3 all-time in bowl games since Greg McGarity was hired by Mike Adam$ to replace a guy Mike Adam$ also hired Damon Evans.


Where are we at ?


Not a good place.


  1. And what is Kirby doing about his OFFENSIVE LINE who all might leave en masse after this season ?
  2. What is Kirby doing about receivers who all they did all season long was DROP PASSES ?


I don’t see Kirby doing ANYTHING on EITHER FRONT do you ?

What is Kirby doing ?


Well he is in charge and the fan base no longer has questions – we have pretty much made up our mind.


I’d say Kirby is on a SHORT LEASH.


And that Greg McGarity will NOT weather this.










Who is it Kirby does lose or potentially could lose after our bowl game ? Is it really just Nick Chubb Sony Michel Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy ? How many of the 24 Juniors or Redshirt Sophomores therefore eligible will declare for the NFL Draft April 27 ? Six ? Let’s look at 46 could be former Bulldogs who could have just played their last home game at Sanford on a beautiful day today shall we ?

Kirby stands to lose every single offensive lineman truly. There are sites which we all read who list in order the prospects for the up-coming NFL Draft after the season on April 27.


I still can’t get over we have a 13 point lead and are driving and lose.   Kirby could lose so much more now.  It is so unacceptable to everyone that I fear an exodus.




  1. # 79 NFL Draft Prospect Nick Chubb JUNIOR
  2. # 125 Davin Bellamy redshirt JUNIOR with 11 starts for Kirby
  3. # 181 Greg Pyke redshirt SENIOR
  4. # 246 Dominick Sanders JUNIOR
  5. # 342 Brandon Kublanow SENIOR
  6. # 532 Greyson Lambert SENIOR
  7. # 572 Quincy Mauger SENIOR
  8. # 593 Mo Smith SENIOR
  9. # 967 Reggie Davis SENIOR
  10. Tyler Catalina Graduate Senior
  11. Glenn Welch Senior
  12. Brendan Douglas Senior
  13. Chuks Amaechi Senior and he had a start 2016 for Kirby
  14. Josh Harvey-Clemons # 93 kicked-off by Mark Richt might be highest drafted former Bulldog
  15. Shattle Fenteng did get Medical Redshirt 2014 On-Scholarship 2014 2015 Senior
  16. OLB Lorenzo Carter Junior had 8 starts for Kirby 2016
  17. Sony Michel Junior
  18. Reggie Carter (6-1, 230, Jr.) had 8 starts for Kirby 2016
  19. Isaiah Wynn (6-2, 285, Jr.) had 11 starts 2016 for Kirby
  20. Isaiah McKenzie (5-8, 175, Jr.)
  21. Jeb Blazevich (6-5, 242, Jr.)
  22. Javon Wims Junior
  23. Malkom Parrish (5-10, 185, Jr.)
  24. Dyshon Sims (6-4, 309, Jr.) got 2 starts 2016 for Kirby
  25. Brice Ramsey (6-3, 210, Jr.)
  26. Christian Payne (6-1, 242, Jr.)
  27. Aaron Davis Junior started 10 games 2016 for Kirby
  28. John Atkins (6-4, 315, Jr.) had 8 starts 2016 for Kirby
  29. Aulden Bynum (6-5, 292, Jr.)
  30. Jordan Davis Jr.
  31. Shakenneth Williams Junior and he got a start 2016 for Kirby
  32. Reggie Wilkerson Junior
  33. Shaun McGee redshirted by Kirby 2016 as a Junior
  34. Trent Frix Junior
  35. Lamont Gaillard as Redshirt Sophomore 12 starts 2016 for Kirby
  36. Kendall Baker Redshirt Sophomore



There are 16 Scholarship Seniors on this team you know ? And another 5 walk-ons seniors. Besides those listed already above there are :


  1. Ryne Rankin 0
  2. Tommy Long –
  3. Johnny O’Neal 0
  4. Charlie Hegedus 0
  5. Kenneth Towns 0
  6. Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Ridge Underwood
  7. Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Kyle LeStrange
  8. Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Thomas Pritchard
  9. Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Billy Seward
  10. Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Jonah Guinn




Paul Johnson 3-2 record at Sanford as Georgia gives up 2 unanswered TD to end the game 27-28 as Kirby drops to 7-5 on the season. In the meantime Tom Herman says he was interested to come coach here. Tom Herman NOT interested in going to LSU. Tom Herman takes Texas job. Kirby now 0-1 vs. 5 teams FL GT Vandie vols and Ole Miss. Hey Greg McGarity I hardly see this as any improvement son. Thank you Mike Adam$ for Greg McGarity now 63-29 in 7 years as our AD appointed by Mike Adam$ to replace Damon Evans Mike Adam$ also hired NEITHER of whom should EVER have been AD here.

The tipped pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin costs us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD on what appeared to me to be a fumble midair after they broke the plane.


That’s how I saw it.


That is too many of these this year Kirby.  7-5 is unacceptable Kirby.


And Greg McGarity that is too many of these in your sad career here.


63-29 Greg McGarity record as our Athletics’ Director a former girl’s tennis coach for a year promoted to this position by Mike Adam$ to replace Mike Adam$ previous puppet AD Damon Evans – neither of whom should EVER have been A.D. of The Georgia Bulldogs Athletics’ Department.


No way.


63-29 Greg McGarity record in football as our A.D.  7 years 63 wins 7 years 29 losses.  You do the math.


Greg McGarity MORE than 4 losses a year for his 9 years as our AD.


Mark Richt was fired for averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire 8 years here and this is no improvement Greg McGarity.


Fire Greg McGarity.





“Mark Richt’s triumphs over Georgia Tech weren’t so much about his mastery over the Yellow Jackets as they were an indicator of the growing imbalance between the two programs.” Brandon Adams AJ-C DawgNation.

Brandon Adams AJ-C DawgNation :


“Mark Richt’s tenure as Georgia’s coach was often good, but rarely great. He won a lot of games, but frequently lost the ones that mattered most. Mark Richt’s triumphs over Georgia Tech weren’t so much about his mastery over the Yellow Jackets as they were an indicator of the growing imbalance between the two programs. For instance Georgia Tech’s 2017 recruiting class is currently ranked No. 53 in the country by 247sports. UGA’s is ranked third. For now it’s about Georgia Tech, and the challenge of living up to the expectations that comes from coaching in a game no one thinks you should ever lose.”  




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/papa-johns-preview-kirby-smart-looks-to-continue-ugas-dominance-over-georgia-tech )



They whine they really don’t care about football until they beat us when starting 1964 when Vince Dooley first got here there have been 52 games and this would be win number forty (40) for us. After they win 1 they crawl back under the woodwork like cockroaches bugs in the slums when the lights come-on while we win the next 3.

We should be playing at HOME every 2 years against FLORIDA this morning instead.  It’s rivalry week and FLORIDA is our # 1 Rival.  That game would not be on at noon as this one always is nowadays.

Not only that but we have nothing to gain and EVERYTHING to lose playing these nerds.

We need to :

(1) Cancel the games with this trade school

(2) Move Florida to HOME and wherever they want their year to be played as last game.  I hardly think Florida considers Florida State the game they want to end their season with either.

It’s hardly a rivalry when starting 1964 when Vince Dooley first got here there have been 52 games and this would be win number forty (40) for us.

Just because the other team hates our guts does not make this our # 1 Rival.

They whine that they really do not care about football.  That is until they beat us.  3 wins us then they win 1.  Then they crawl back under the woodwork like cockroaches bugs in the slums when the lights come-on and we win the next 3.


This opponent we play this morning looks at us and THEY say WE underachieve BUT the facts are that for these current latest 9 seasons now Georgie tek yellowjackets have only been ranked in the Top 25 for the season once besides 2009 when they went on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL again back-to-back with 3 games to go that year.


AND they are STILL on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL today.


And now as a RESULT 5 of the current latest 6 seasons’ games between us 2 have been at noon. 


In fact 3 of the current latest 4 seasons BOTH teams have been unranked at game time.


Matt Green Dawn of the Dawg says today :  ” A big contributor to this rivalry losing some of its luster is that it has been very one-sided.  Since 1964 The Bulldogs are 39-13 against the Yellow Jackets. So if you’re a 52-year-old Tech fan you’ve only seen your team win 13 times in your lifetime. Ouch! ” 


Is Georgia/Georgia Tech still a major rivalry?


( http://dawnofthedawg.com/2016/11/25/georgiageorgia-tech-major-rivalry/ )


The reason for their arrogance ?




It is they think they’re # 1 Princeton or Harvard at # 36 U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT 2017 best colleges while we are up to # 51 this morning and gaining MORE every year on them.





About this shit that Georgie tek yellowjackets are our MAJOR RIVAL bullshit. Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Kyle Funderburk .


Hate.  What is hate ?  Hate is when you think the other person hates you.  THAT does NOT make them OUR rival; it makes US their rival.


You are just a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan Kyle Funderburk.  You and THEY should try kissing a girl if you can find one.  You’d like it.


Otherwise, just Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Kyle Funderburk .


Dawn of the Dawg.com Fansided all total dumb shits Kyle Funderburk.


Look dumbass if your ENTIRE LIFETIME it is win 3 for us win 1 for them then THAT is certainly NOT a RIVALRY.


Florida is.


Auburn is.


There is NO REASON  to play Georgie tek yellowjackets.  We have NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to lose.


They don’t give a shit if they LOSE EVERY GAME as long as they beat us.  In fact 7 seasons they have lost every game all season long.  They would have considered all 7 successful had they beat us.  They did not.


They don’t even go to their games with less than HALF our attendance and yet they in a city of more than 7 million.


The fact that THEY call us their # 1 Rival does not mean it is to us.  It’s NOT.


That does NOT make them ours.


Dumb shit.


It ALSO is NOT A REASON why it is for us.


Starting 1964 they have won 13 of 52 games.  Are you 52 years’ old Kyle Funderburk ?  I didn’t think so.


As for your total unadulterated bullshit Kyle Funderburk that they led the series 1963 they did NOT.  When Charley Trippi is over FIGHTING in World War II with my Dad and Georgie tek yellowjackets were PLAYING FOOTBALL with PLAYERS who were NOT ENROLLED at Georgie tek but STATIONED there during the war does NOT make those games count.


You piece of shit.


We have won 65 times.


They have won 38.


They did the same thing in World War I too.  Look up their records for Hall of Fame players and see they played for OTHER TEAMS not them and then during World War I also they played there.  THAT is cheating too.


Bobby Dodd is a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville who could NOT beat Vince Dooley and LOST EVERY GAME, so he DROPPED-OUT of The SEC he said over Revenue Sharing.  The SEC is about to share two-thirds a billion dollars.  Could they USE that ?  THAT was not why they dropped-out of The SEC but that we stood between them and the conference championship which they have not won ANY of since 1952.


I try to explain these points to y’all because I was HERE.  I would know.  And I damn sure remember.


Both have 7-4 records.  What hogwash.


We beat North Carolina who beat the ever-living shit out of them and we beat Auburn both ranked in the very top of EVERY POLL.  They beat NO ONE.


Your entire premise and EVERY WORD in it is totally biased one-sided and full of shit.


Not only that Kyle Funderburk you are a God Damn LIAR.




( http://dawnofthedawg.com/2016/11/23/why-should-non-georgia-georgia-tech-fans-care-about-their-rivalry/ )


Is there NO ONE EVER on Dawn of the Dawg who will CORRECT this bullshit this Kyle Funderburk just wrote today ?


I am succinctly calling YOU ALL OUT on these specific precise salient sagacious points.


Know what the fok you are writing about before you open your God Damn Mouth Kyle Funderburk.


Jesus Christ.


And you have the freaking gall to call your blog Dawn of the DAWG.


North Georgia does not have a football team.  When it does root for them.  Until then at least know about UGA before talking about US.




( http://ungathletics.com/index.aspx )


You just made an F in journalism class at UNGa for this entire article of lies Kyle Funderburk.


“Why Georgia Tech is still one of the Georgia Bulldogs biggest rivals” by Kyle Funderburk.

“Both the Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets enter the contest 7-4”

“Georgia is 13-3 against the team that is supposed to its biggest rival.”  THAT IS NOT EVEN A SENTENCE Kyle Funderburk sir.  If it were a sentence it is STILL not true.

“Georgia fans don’t have to deal with other Florida, Auburn or Tennessee fans on a daily basis, but they probably have a few Tech fans in their life.”  I know no one who roots for Georgie tek yellowjackets.

“Prior to 1964, Georgia Tech led the series 27-26-5.”  God damn lie too.

“They did win a national title in 1990”  They did NOT.  Colorado did.  In fact Georgie tek yellowjackets claim 6 national championships and in ALL everyone of the SAME POLLS who ranked UGA # 1 six times too but we have an AP POLL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 1980 and they have won 1 nc in the AP Poll ever in ANY sport and that girl’s tennis a long time ago.  They could not even beat North Carolina a 6–4–1 team in 1990.  That is why they are NOT nc.  Colorado lost to a ranked team and tied # 8 vols 1990.  Get over it.

“They even have the most recent conference championship.”  They do NOT.  Their most recent conference championship is 1952.  Georgia Tech defeated Atlantic Division champion Clemson in the championship game, but the NCAA later vacated their win.  So too did Georgie tek yellowjackets themselves vacate their win.  No one is ALLOWED to say they did WIN ACC Championship 2009.  2009 in fact both Clemson and they BOTH lost the week prior to South Carolina and to us during the NCAA Probation Georgie tek yellowjackets earned for lying to the NCAA and CHEATING – something they do ALL THE TIME. Even then they can not compete – which is WHY they cheat.  Had they NOT LOST to us they would have had to VACATE that too.  Had they NOT lost to Iowa they VACATE that too but they LOST THAT GAME TOO.  They also lost 2009 to Miami of Florida.  God Damn LIAR Kyle Funderburk.  They are STILL on Probation for that shit Kyle Funderburk and HERE you assign them ACC Champions for that very FACT 2009.   A “Win” ?  “Latest conference championship” ?  Bullshit.  The ACC CHUMPionship Game 2009 was NOT a win for Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Where the hell do you get your information from Kyle Funderburk ?  Make it up ?  You can NOT show me a URL Link to THESE LIES by YOU.  Georgia Institute of Technology is on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL back-to-back REPEAT OFFENDERS today.  Today Kyle Funderburk for this and you say they won 2009 when they DID NOT.  Did they LIAR ?




HAPPY THANKSGIVING 21 Seniors 16 of whom are scholarship seniors being honored Senior Day Saturday the 26th November 2016 except for Shattle Fenteng – not sure why that would be ? We are certainly LOSING our Offensive Line after this season.



16 Scholarship Seniors 4 primary Starters :

3 more who got Starts for Kirby 2016

Greg Pyke 11

Brandon Kublanow 11

Quincy Mauger 2

Chuks Amaechi 1

Brendan Douglas 0

Reggie Davis 1

Ryne Rankin 0

Tommy Long –

Glenn Welch 0

Johnny O’Neal 0

Charlie Hegedus 0

Kenneth Towns 0

Mo Smith 9

Tyler Catalina 11

Greyson Lambert 1

Shattle Fenteng 0 starts played 6 games 2016 including last 4 not sure why he is not listed honored Senior Day 11-26-2016 :





Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Ridge Underwood

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Kyle LeStrange

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016  Thomas Pritchard

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Billy Seward

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Jonah Guinn


We are certainly LOSING our Offensive Line after this season.




Brian Kelly 8-5 for 7 years average at Notre Dame who is # 18 in wins starting 1978 to UGA # 7 decides way to make HIM look good is to fire Brian VanGorder like it is all HIS fault. And Kirby who sorely needs help on the Offensive Side of the Ball such as HINES WARD hires instead Brian VanGorder to help on his Defense which is our strongest point.


# 7 UGA

# 18 Notre Dame


Ranking in Wins starting 1978 :




Notre Dame has not played football starting 1978 and they have not come to grips with that even yet.


38 years of futility at Notre Dame and Brian VanGorder is the scapegoat for Brian Kelly.


And just when it would seem appropriate to make some move to assist our OFFENSE instead Kirby goes out and hires more help for our Defensive coaching staff ?


Strange indeed.


Where is Jim Chaney’s help Kirby ?


You ?


Our Offense is a failed model much like our rainfall 2016.  It hasn’t rained since September and Lake Lanier is double-digits down more than 10 feet today.  For the year now we are 32 inches of rain.  Last year 2015 we got 68 inches.  Last year we got 20 inches of rain in November and December.  This year we haven’t gotten any.  While the rain is a departure from last year our Offense has been miserable for 3 years now.


Get us some help on Offense please Kirby.  Jim Chaney needs help Kirby.

At least Alabama can not steal our water this year.  My yard is a mess and there is little I can do.  On Offense there clearly is something we can do.  Kirby get us some help on our woebegone Offense. We don’t have any game strategies and no in-game adjustments while we continue to not call productive plays in the booth or on the field.


Losing 3 starters on the OL after this season as Seniors just makes this critical Kirby that you do SOMETHING about our Offensive Woes.



Mark Bradley picks Georgie tek yellowjackets. Laugh out loud. Does THAT make this a meaningful rivalry that this would be Win # 40 for us while they have only won 13 times starting 1964.

52 years.


13 wins Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation cough cough says Georgie tek yellowjackets win.


Laugh out loud.





From 1929 to 1942 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 2 games against us. Two. 14-game stretch. From 1964 to 1976 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 3 games. 13-game stretch 3. From 1964 to 1983 a 20-game stretch Georgie tek yellowjackets won 4 games. 20-game stretch 4. From 1964 to 1997 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 8 in 34-game stretch. From 2001 to 2014 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 2 at HOME for Georgia leaving Paul Johnson Fish-Fry with NOT a losing record at Sanford vs Mark Richt and were 2 of the most devastating losses in UGA history. 2008 we were consensus # 1 in the nation for the 1st time in our history pre-season but Mark Richt LOST to Georgie tek yellowjackets and in 2014 Florida had lost 10 of their previous 13 games Will Mushchamp coach yet beat Mark Richt knocking him from possible Play-Off berth and then Mark Richt LOST to Paul Johnson HERE at HOME for us AGAIN – leaving Paul Johnson NOT a losing record at Sanford vs. Mark Richt.

So don’t give me this shit about Mark Richt vs. Georgie tek yellowjackets’ Paul Johnson.


At some point you will wake-up one day and realize that Mark Richt is not was not and never will be perceived as our Savior.


Mark Richt was ANYTHING but.



Kirby is always talking about finding his top 50 players – so who are those top 50 players here already now who Kirby has for next season ?

Juniors :

Dominick Sanders 11  the number indicates number of starts in 2016 for Kirby

Isaiah Wynn 10

Dyshon Sims 1

Nick Chubb 9

Sony Michel 2

Christian Payne 6

Isaiah McKenzie 3

Javon Wims 2

Jeb Blazevich 9

Shakenneth Williams 1

Aulden Bynum 2

Trent Frix 0

Malkom Parrish 10

Aaron Davis 9

John Atkins 7

Reggie Carter 7

Davin Bellamy 10

Lorenzo Carter 7

Redshirt Sophomores :

Lamont Gaillard 11


Sophomores :

Jackson Harris 1

Terry Godwin  3

Jayson Stanley 5

Michael Chigbu  6

Trent Thompson  5

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle  5

Roquan Smith  8

Natrez Patrick 8

Jonathan Ledbetter 3

Juwuan Briscoe  4

Deandre Baker 6

D’Andre Walker 0



Freshmen :

Mecole Hardman Jr.  0

Jaleel Laquins 0

Michail Carter 0

Julian Rochester 6

Tyler Clark 0

David Marshall 3

Tyrique McGhee 0

Marshall Long 0

Elijah Holyfield 0

Riley Ridley 0

Tyler Simmons 0

Charlie Woerner 2

Brian Herrien 0

Isaac Nauta 3

Jacob Eason 10

Solomon Kindley 0

Freshmen Redshirted 2016 :

Ben Cleveland –


Walk-Ons who played 2016 :

Rodrigo Blankenship RF K still walk-on Primary Kicker now. 0



These above then are the top 50 producers for Kirby for next season who are here already.


NEXT group after the top 50 here now :

Juniors :

Brice Ramsey 0

Reggie Wilkerson 0

Jordan Davis 0

Sophomores :

Juwan Taylor 0

Rashad Roundtree  0

Rico McGraw 0

Jarvis Wilson 0

Kirby Choates 0

15 Scholarship OTHERS who are on the outside of top 50 players looking to move into that :

Shaun McGee Redshirted as Junior 2016

Kendall Baker played 2016 as Redshirt Sophomore

Shaquery Wilson Redshirted as Sophomore in 2016

Michael Barnett Redshirted as Sophomore in 2016

Jake Edwards not played 2016 as Redshirt Freshman

Sam Madden not played 2016 as Redshirt Freshman

Sage Hardin 0 starts but played 2016 as Redshirt Frosh

Justin Young 0 starts but played 2016 as Redshirt Frosh

Pat Allen 0 starts but played 2016 as Redshirt Frosh

Tae Crowder 0 starts but played 2016 as Redshirt Frosh

Chauncey Manac Freshman Redshirted for 2016

Prather Hudson Freshman Redshirted for 2016

Chris Barnes Freshman Redshirted for 2016

Rico Johnson medical disqualified doesn’t count as scholarship

10 Walk-Ons who are looking to move into Kirby’s top 50 players 7 who played in 2016 :

Tim Hill Walk-On Senior db Played one game this season.

William Ham Walk-On Redshirt Sophomore K still walk-on played 3 games.

Nick Moore Walk-On Sophomore had tackle last year played 3 games 2016 walk-on still.

Steven Van Tiflin Walk-On redshirt sophomore WR played one game 2016 walk-on.

Thomas Swilley Walk-On Junior OG played one game 2015 one game 2016 walk-on.

I believe I recall we provided Keyon Brown Walk-On Redshirt Sophomore a Scholarship and he has played in one game 2016.

Mitchell Wasson F K still walk-on has not played 2016.

I believe I recall we provided Mirko Jurkovic Walk-On Redshirt Freshman a Scholarship but he has not played in 2016 and would appear to have loads in front of him at TE.

Daniel Gothard Freshman on roster preferred walk-on still – has not played 2016.


Of course there is quite a class coming-in 2017 whom I have long-since listed as our # 1 recruiting class of all-time none ever any better already committed for 2017.



Kirby’s on Scholarship Starters for 2016 Season shows : 12 % of primary Starters 2016 Kirby loses as seniors. 37 % of primary Starters are juniors and some may leave. 35 % of primary Starters are sophomores. 16 % of primary Starters are freshmen.

Scholarship Breakdown :

16 seniors 4 primary Starters 3 more who got Starts.

22 juniors 12 primary Starters 5 more who got Starts.

21 sophomore 11 primary Starters 1 more who got a Start.

24 freshmen 5 primary Starters.

7 walk-ons who got to play 2016 for Kirby 1 RF 4 S 1 J 1 S


12 % of primary Starters 2016 Kirby loses as seniors.

37 % of primary Starters are juniors and some may leave.

35 % of primary Starters are sophomores.

16 % of primary Starters are freshmen.


16 Scholarship Seniors 4 primary Starters :

3 more who got Starts for Kirby 2016

Greg Pyke 11

Brandon Kublanow 11

Quincy Mauger 2

Chuks Amaechi 1

Brendan Douglas 0

Reggie Davis 1

Ryne Rankin 0

Tommy Long –

Glenn Welch 0

Johnny O’Neal 0

Charlie Hegedus 0

Kenneth Towns 0

Mo Smith 9

Tyler Catalina 11

Greyson Lambert 1

Shattle Fenteng 0 starts played 6 games 2016 including last 4 not sure why he is not listed honored Senior Day 11-26-2016 :


22 Scholarship Juniors 12 primary Starters :

5 more who got Starts for Kirby 2016

Dominick Sanders 11

Isaiah Wynn 10

Dyshon Sims 1

Brice Ramsey 0

Nick Chubb 9

Sony Michel 2

Christian Payne 6

Isaiah McKenzie 3

Javon Wims 2

Jeb Blazevich 9

Jordan Davis 0

Shakenneth Williams 1

Aulden Bynum 2

Reggie Wilkerson 0

Shaun McGee –

Trent Frix 0

Malkom Parrish 10

Aaron Davis 9

John Atkins 7

Reggie Carter 7

Davin Bellamy 10

Lorenzo Carter 7

2 Scholarship Redshirt Sophomores 1 primary Starter :

Lamont Gaillard 11

Kendall Baker  0

19 Scholarship Sophomores 10 primary Starters :

1 more who got a Start for Kirby 2016

Jackson Harris 1

Terry Godwin  3

Jayson Stanley 5

Michael Chigbu  6

Shaquery Wilson –

Trent Thompson  5

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle  5

Michael Barnett –

Roquan Smith  8

Natrez Patrick 8

Jonathan Ledbetter 3

Juwan Taylor 0

Rashad Roundtree  0

Juwuan Briscoe  4

Rico McGraw 0

Deandre Baker 6

D’Andre Walker 0

Jarvis Wilson 0

Kirby Choates 0

6 Scholarship Redshirt Freshmen :

4 who played 2 who didn’t

Sage Hardin 0

Justin Young 0

Pat Allen 0

Tae Crowder 0

Jake Edwards –

Sam Madden –

16 Scholarship Freshmen 5 primary Starters :

Mecole Hardman Jr.  0

Jaleel Laquins 0

Michail Carter 0

Julian Rochester 6

Tyler Clark 0

David Marshall 3

Tyrique McGhee 0

Marshall Long 0

Elijah Holyfield 0

Riley Ridley 0

Tyler Simmons 0

Charlie Woerner 2

Brian Herrien 0

Isaac Nauta 3

Jacob Eason 10

Solomon Kindley 0

4 Scholarship Freshmen Redshirted 2016 :

Ben Cleveland –

Chauncey Manac –

Prather Hudson –

Chris Barnes –



Rico Johnson medical disqualified doesn’t count as scholarship


7 Walk-Ons played 2016 :

Rodrigo Blankenship RF K still walk-on Primary Kicker now. 0

Tim Hill Senior db Played one game this season. 0

William Ham Redshirt Sophomore K still walk-on played 3 games. 0

Nick Moore Sophomore had tackle last year played 3 games 2016 walk-on still. 0

Steven Van Tiflin redshirt sophomore WR played one game 2016 walk-on. 0

Thomas Swilley Junior OG played one game 2015 one game 2016 walk-on. 0

I believe I recall we provided Keyon Brown Redshirt Sophomore a Scholarship and he has played in one game 2016. 0

Mitchell Wasson F K still walk-on has not played 2016. –

I believe I recall we provided Mirko Jurkovic Redshirt Freshman a Scholarship but he has not played in 2016 and would appear to have loads in front of him at TE. –

Daniel Gothard Freshman on roster preferred walk-on still – has not played 2016. –


Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Ridge Underwood

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Kyle LeStrange

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016  Thomas Pritchard

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Billy Seward

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Jonah Guinn




Nick Chubb has 986 yards on the season Isaiah McKenzie 925 and Sony Michel 687 all-purpose yards. Jacob Eason has 13 TD Passes to 6 Interceptions 3 of which were off the hands of our receivers and has now 2075 yards total offense. Brian Herrien has 376 all-purpose yards and 3 TD and is destined to be our top running back. He goes forward.

Evander Holyfield did not graduate from college but his older son did from Auburn Evander Jr. Evander has the 2 Bulldog puppies named Chubbs and Girly whom Elijah used to commit.



This has been a largely unsuccessful offense despite the stars. And the defense certainly got gashed today.


Georgie tek yellowjackets are 7-4 on the season too while J.J. Green started the first 8 games and has 477 all-purpose yards but Georgie tek yellowjackets have been gashed all season in the air in addition to their 23 fumbles in 11 games in front of 47 thousand 503 fans in a city of 7 million downtown in the slums where it is not safe.


But this game is HERE at noon Saturday with no week off this year for us to prepare for their high school offense. Coming off this performance on defense this week that is not a good sign going into a triple option.


Although our special teams had their game of the season today Georgie tek yellowjackets are solid across the board on special teams.


Kirby plays 71 players in the win while he usually only plays 58. But they weren’t played before today so they did not do well.


Georgie tek yellowjackets have not beat any team all season while we have wins over # 17 College Football Play-Off Ranking and 8-3 on the season North Carolina who beat the shit out of Georgie tek yellowjackets. And Kirby has also beat # 15 College Football Play-Off Poll Auburn who goes into Tuscaloosa Saturday before Alabama plays Florida and then on to try to win their 5th national championship in the last 9 years while we’ve been averaging 9-4 these same last 9 years here.


There is a lot on the line Saturday where it will be 62 degrees and windy all week.



Game 11 we’ve been losing in EVERY game all season. But not today. While Kirby cleared the bench the back-ups allowed 2 late TD by Anthony Jennings who was arrested few years back. The former back-up to Zach Mettenberger at LSU now Louisiana Lafayette Anthony Jennings QB whose Dad Willie E. Jennings, Jr. was Bulldogs Nose Tackle from 1990-1993 a four-year letterman UGA from Banneker High in College Park and now lives in Marietta. But this day Anthony Jennings was beat by Isaiah McKenzie Jacob Eason Nick Chubb on a windy day today.

While the back-ups let us down at the end of the game 35-21 Isaiah McKenzie flashed another All-America day today and Nick Chubb too.  Jacob Eason 13-19 for 165 and 2 TD Passes.


There was a pass to Isaac Nauta which went flying-up off his hands believe it or not and right into the hands of ULL.  But they did not score.


The Black-Out was an utter failure.  One-third of the seats were empty and yet the day was last good day to watch Georgia Bulldogs’ football when it is not cold.  It was 80 yesterday and tomorrow night 29 degrees.


A lot of people will be sick Monday or Tuesday.


Of those who did come on out today we had a good time until the end actually never trailing believe that or not too.  But the crowd of two-thirds was maybe half black half red and no Black-Out was recorded.


Another failure for messing with our uniform.


Greyson Lambert contributed to the poor performances by the back-ups given his 1st chance to shine since game 2.


That is a long time ago Game 12 next.


Greyson Lambert botched the exchange and then lobbed a floating pass to the flats which he is not capable of executing which was nearly picked-off with 3:01 second left. They would go right back down the field and score AGAIN after that 3 and out.


Brian Herrien got us a first down and that finally ended it 35-21.


More than the usual 58 got to play but they haven’t been played and Game 12 next so they understandably were not good as back-ups.


We’re on-target for 9-4 now the very average of Mark Richt for the last 8 years so this is now right on-target for 9-4 again for the last 9 years now.


We sure have had some good football players through here these last 9 years now if we can make it to that point of 9-4 average for 9 years now.


3-game win streak for us while other teams struggled today.  Ohio State for example who has already lost a game played a 3-8 team and won 17-16.  They’ll drop in the polls again.  Did I mention Bobby Petrino lost 10-36 Thursday night.  Lol.  Unranked team beat Louisville 36-10.  LSU lost again so they drop out of the polls.


We had this game won 21 to nothing then at the end of both halves we let them back in the game.


When you are up 21 to nothing the other team should not make the score look close.


Beautiful Day in Athens if you love wind and leaves.



How many Scholarships does Kirby have remaining ?



16   Seniors

22   Juniors

2     Redshirt Sophomores

19   Sophomores

6    Redshirt Freshmen

16  Freshmen

4    Freshmen Redshirted 2016

85  Scholarships  – NO OTHER NUMBER


16 Seniors :

Greg Pyke Senior 1

Brandon Kublanow Senior 2

Quincy Mauger Senior 3

Chuks Amaechi Senior 4

Brendan Douglas Senior 5

Reggie Davis Senior 6

Ryne Rankin Senior 7

Tommy Long Senior 8

Glenn Welch Senior 9

Shattle Fenteng Senior 10

Johnny O’Neal Senior 11

Charlie Hegedus Senior 12

Kenneth Towns Senior 13

Mo Smith Graduate Senior 14

Tyler Catalina Graduate Senior 15

Greyson Lambert Graduate Senior 16

22 Juniors :

Dominick Sanders Junior 17

Isaiah Wynn Junior 18

Dyshon Sims Junior 19

Brice Ramsey Junior 20

Nick Chubb Junior 21 staying

Sony Michel Junior 22 staying

Christian Payne Junior 23

Isaiah McKenzie Junior 24

Javon Wims Junior 25

Jeb Blazevich Junior 26

Jordan Davis Junior 27

Shakenneth Williams Junior 28

Aulden Bynum Junior 29

Reggie Wilkerson Junior 30

Shaun McGee Junior 31

Malkom Parrish Junior 32

Aaron Davis Junior 33 no longer interested in leaving since he graduated

John Atkins Junior 34

Reggie Carter Junior 35

Davin Bellamy Junior 36 staying

Lorenzo Carter Junior 37 staying

2 Redshirt Sophomores :

Lamont Galliard Redshirt Sophomore 38

Kendall Baker Redshirt Sophomore 39

19 Sophomores :

Jackson Harris Sophomore 40

Terry Godwin Sophomore 41

Jayson Stanley Sophomore 42

Michael Chigbu Sophomore 43

Shaquery Wilson Sophomore    abdicated

Trent Thompson Sophomore 44

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Sophomore 45

Michael Barnett Sophomore 46

Roquan Smith Sophomore 47

Natrez Patrick Sophomore 48

Jonathan Ledbetter Sophomore 49

Juwan Taylor Sophomore 50

Rashad Roundtree Sophomore 51

Juwuan Briscoe Sophomore    abdicated

Rico McGraw Sophomore     abdicated

Deandre Baker Sophomore 52

D’Andre Walker Sophomore 53

Jarvis Wilson Sophomore 54

Kirby Choates Sophomore    academics abdicating

6 Redshirt Freshmen :

Sam Madden Redshirt Freshman 55

Sage Hardin Redshirt Freshman 56

Justin Young Redshirt Freshman 57

Patrick Allen Redshirt Freshman 58

Tae Crowder Redshirt Freshman 59

Jake Edwards Redshirt Freshman 60

16 Freshmen :

Jaleel Laquins Freshman 61

Michail Carter Freshman 62

Julian Rochester Freshman 63

Tyler Clark Freshman 64

David Marshall Freshman 65

Tyrique McGhee Freshman 66

Marshall Long Freshman 67

Elijah Holyfield Freshman 68

Riley Ridley Freshman 69

Tyler Simmons Freshman 70

Charlie Woerner Freshman 71

Brian Herrien Freshman 72

Isaac Nauta Freshman 73

Mecole Hardman Jr. Freshman 74

Jacob Eason Freshman 75

Solomon Kindley Freshman 76

4 Freshmen Redshirted 2016 :

Chris Barnes Freshman 77

Ben Cleveland 2016 Redshirted Freshman 78

Chauncey Manac 2016 Redshirted Freshman 79


Rico Johnson medical disqualified doesn’t count as scholarship


Walk-Ons :

Rodrigo Blankenship RF K still walk-on

Trent Frix Junior Walk-On

Prather Hudson Freshman Preferred Walk-on 2016

Tim Hill Senior db Played this season

Mitchell Wasson F K still walk-on –

William Ham Redshirt Sophomore K still walk-on played 3 games

Nick Moore Sophomore had tackle last year played 3 games 2016 walk-on still.

Steven Van Tiflin redshirt sophomore WR played one game 2016 walk-on.

Thomas Swilley Junior OG played one game 2015 one game 2016 walk-on.

I believe I recall we provided Keyon Brown Redshirt Sophomore a Scholarship and he has played in one game 2016.

I believe I recall we provided Mirko Jurkovic Redshirt Freshman a Scholarship but he has not played in 2016 and would appear to have loads in front of him at TE.

I believe I recall Mark Richt provided a scholarship to Joseph Ledbetter to get his younger brother to sign with us too but he is no longer playing with us this year so that is over.

I believe I recall Mark Richt provided a scholarship NEXT YEAR to J.R. Reed who had to sit-out this year so does that count as a Scholarship for this year ?  This is a Scholarship committed for 2017 by Mark Richt. Sophomore.  6′ 195 db played Tulsa 2015. Dad Jake Reed NFL not J.R. Reed NFL db.

Daniel Gothard Freshman on roster preferred walk-on still – has not played 2016.


79 On-Scholarship  – 16 seniors are 63 plus J.R. Reed is 64 for 2017 plus 20 commitments = 84 for 2017.


Juwan Parker 3 of 8 made both free throws snagged 5 boards with 3 assists and no turnovers to add to Yante Maten’s 27 pts and 7 boards along with J.J. Frazier’s 28 points to will us to victory at home tonight.

Furman is a team of just all seniors and juniors as starters so they’re not like we are.


Hoops’ Dawgs improve to 2-1 on the season for Mark Fox.


Jarvis Hayes and Jonas Hayes are 2 fine-looking young men.  They both did a great job tonight.  Jarvis says he is 5 minutes older.  I sure remember them here.  I think they are both better looking young men now than then.


That was back when Mike Adam$ was meddling in the not only the Athletic Directors but also the coaches back then.  Vince Dooley had said he had his reservations about hiring that coach from Pepperdine Jim Harrick and his son but Mike Adam$ insisted as he did on Damon Evans and then Greg McGarity.


You see ?


Mike Adam$ and Jim Harrick both worked together at Pepperdine from 1982 all the way through 1988 when they both left together from Pepperdine.



# 79 NFL Draft Prospect Nick Chubb JUNIOR. # 125 Davin Bellamy redshirt JUNIOR with 10 starts for Kirby. # 181 Greg Pyke redshirt SENIOR. # 246 Dominick Sanders JUNIOR. # 342 Brandon Kublanow SENIOR. # 532 Greyson Lambert SENIOR. # 572 Quincy Mauger SENIOR. # 593 Mo Smith SENIOR. # 967 Reggie Davis SENIOR. 32 teams 7 rounds so any NFL DRAFT PROSPECT ranked higher than # 253 is most likely not going to be drafted April 27. Do you realize we could lose the ENTIRE OL after 2016 to the NFL Draft ? Everyone can leave if they want. en masse

Tyler Catalina Graduate Senior is not listed by CBS.  At least NFL Draft Scout.com lists Tyler Catalina.



No player from Rhode Island is listed by CBS.


Glenn Welch Senior is not listed by CBS.

Brendan Douglas Senior is not listed by CBS.

Chuks Amaechi Senior is not listed by CBS and he had a start this year for Kirby.


I would not think these 4 players appreciate that CBS with all the others you do list who you consider the top 1000 available CBS.


It is pretty hard to make a name for yourself when you are not even listed by CBS.  That list is read.  It is studied.


Deshawn Watson # 8

Josh Harvey-Clemons # 93

12 Alabama players projected by CBS to be Drafted in the First 7 Rounds especially in the trenches.




OLB Lorenzo Carter also could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014 and 2015 because it was not in his nature to get after guys.  Not declared yet.  Kirby tried to teach him lessons too 2016 with only 7 starts but STILL that is 7 starts for Kirby.  High Praise for a guy we all know is a PRO.  He is top special teams’ player too.  Kirby held us back with his LESSONS he taught 2016 to the detriment of the team.  Lorenzo Carter games NOT STARTED were LOSSES.  Clearly 1 of top 11 on D AND on special teams.  When he STARTS in the NFL for 15 years Kirby will LOOK BADLY for 7 starts 2016.  Especially when folks look at the games he did NOT start in.


Sony Michel could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014. Not declared yet.


Reggie Carter (6-1, 230, Jr.) could declare. Not declared yet.  Kirby started him 7 games already 2016 with 2 more to come and frankly could have had more if Kirby wasn’t trying to teach him a lesson to get after their asses every down.  Look pro players take plays off ALL THE TIME.  Maybe not at LB and he is too small to play NFL DE.  But he can help on Special Teams


Isaiah Wynn (6-2, 285, Jr.) could declare.   You never know all the details why one does and another not.  And the OL would be decimated.   He started 10 games for Kirby this season.


Isaiah McKenzie (5-8, 175, Jr.) maybe does not declare.


Jeb Blazevich (6-5, 242, Jr.) probably does not declare.


Javon Wims Junior could declare but I think comes back bright future here.


Malkom Parrish (5-10, 185, Jr.) probably does not declare but Kirby certainly started him 10 games this year already.  That is high praise from a guy in Kirby whose opinion MATTERS to the NFL.  Well his opinion on talent no talent on DEFENSE anyway certainly matters.  He certainly did NOT nail the QB as I January 12 and held us back as a result all season.


Dyshon Sims (6-4, 309, Jr.) probably does not declare.  Think about the OL if he declares too and he can.  He started a game for Kirby this year.


Brice Ramsey (6-3, 210, Jr.) probably does not declare but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him invited to the Combines 2018 not 2017.  I would also not be surprised to see him do well.  He should have been Jacob Eason’s back-up QB this year and not only would I have prepared him as the back-up this year but I would have STARTED him last year not Greyson Lambert THEN EITHER. I also would have EITHER started Brice Ramsey 2014 or I would have started Jacob Park 2014 not Hutson Mason and his floating passes for 4 yards and # 89 Passing Offense 2014.  Greyson Lambert NOR Hutson Mason has the arm that Brice Ramsey has.  Mark Richt LOST HIS JOB over this slight of Brice Ramsey more than ANYTHING ELSE.  And that’s a fact.


Christian Payne (6-1, 242, Jr.) probably does not declare.


Aaron Davis Junior probably does not declare but he started 9 games for Kirby already this year.  Again that is HIGH PRAISE for a guy who has made his name deciding on defensive prowess.


John Atkins (6-4, 315, Jr.) probably does not declare but with 7 starts for Kirby he just might.  He could.


Aulden Bynum (6-5, 292, Jr.) He isn’t declaring.

Jordan Davis Jr isn’t declaring. 0 starts for Kirby yet.

Shakenneth Williams Jr isn’t declaring and he got a Start this year for Kirby.


Reggie Wilkerson Jr no starts for Kirby yet isn’t declaring.

Shaun McGee was redshirted Jr. by Kirby 2016 so he isn’t declaring.

Trent Frix no official starts for Kirby isn’t declaring.  Move him to OL ?





Lamont Gaillard as Redshirt Sophomore can CERTAINLY DECLARE.  With 11 starts he just might as well.  That would possibly leave us with NO ONE who Started a single game on the OL back next year.  en masse.  Think about it.  And Ben Cleveland not one snap experience.  Sad.


Kendall Baker  redshirt sophomore isn’t declaring with -0- starts for Kirby.




The NFL Scouting Combine will be held February 28 – March 6, 2017.




( http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2017/all )


CBS usually does a pretty good job of this and have a host of experts who have input into their listings of NFL Players by each school and how they are considered by the NFL as to moving-forward to the list of players in the NFL by school.  It is a good database I use frequently every year and always have.


I have no idea why no one but myself is capable of listing who might and who might not declare for us after this season.  Your list is WRONG.  My list here is complete.


But I forget how much better everyone else’s blog is.  Right.


You just might want to know what I have to say on the topic of us.




Bernie : “Ultimately I hope we are more likely to compare Jacob Eason to someone like Aaron Murray who lead the team to two SEC Championship Games.”

Ok Bernie.


I’ll compare Jacob Eason to Aaron Murray for you if that is what you want.


Aaron Murray was a DGD.  It was the worst period of the Mark Richt Era, but a DGD.


6 feet 0 inches and 3/8 of an inch Official NFL Combines stat.  The only stat he allowed the NFL Combines to measure.  Standing beside him I could see he was not 6′ and one half an inch.  Not.


Jacob Eason 6′ 6″


Jacob Eason has little to do here to compare unfavorably with Aaron Murray Bernie.


Thanks for the laugh.


35-17 Starting QB here the dead last worst Starting QB of the Mark Richt era Aaron Murray.


In Key Moments in Key Games Aaron Murray called his OWN number and lost the game.  50% of the play calls Aaron Murray either checked-out of the play at the line of scrimmage to his number or if his number called kept the play in.  10 % of Aaron Murray’s plays here were a SACK a FUMBLE or an INTERCEPTION.


He ran his stats up on cupcakes and lost to the good teams.


The average Scout.com recruiting ranking of the team around him was # 7 every year.  Yet he won 2 lost 1 for 4 years.  Personally he called HIS OWN NUMBER 50% of his snaps DESPITE all this talent around him.  10 percent of Aaron Murray’s snaps here at UGA were Interceptions, Fumbles or Sacks. He has not and appears unlikely to ever throw a pass in the NFL as I pointed-out to you across the Internet when he was here.    Now that he is gone and STILL DOING NOTHING you want to heap upon him still all these accolades which he just didn’t earn.  If anyone 1 player is responsible for Mark Richt being fired it would be in fact Aaron Murray.  He lost to unranked teams lost to top 15 teams and lost to any ole team who went to any bowl game.


Hello ?


Wake up.  Anyone home ?


He did not do nearly as well as DJ Shockley Matthew Stafford or David Greene.  Now did he ?


52 Starts

2-10 vs. Year Top 10, FL 2012 when threw 3 Interceptions, South Carolina 2013 when Todd Gurley II had a career high number of carries with 30 rushes while Aaron Murray rushed the ball 5 times for minus 12 yards and only completed 17 passes, 16% Win %.

5-15 vs. Year Top 25 for 25 % Win % vs teams made Top 25 these years


Where the Hell were you Bernie


Aaron Murray by himself cost Mark Richt his job.  He was horrible.  Now he was a BALL HOG.  Is that your measurement ?  Sure it is.  HE LOST THOSE GAMES.  Wake up.


You want to brag about his stats when he LOST those games.


Got it now ?



0-7 on road vs teams made Top 25 these years, lost every one at opponent’s field, as Visitor

35 Wins Starting Quarterback.

17 Losses Starting Quarterback .67 Win Percentage.

41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles, 0-2 SEC Championship Games 1-2 bowl games

35-17 as Starting QB, not Top 25 for all 4 years for UGA as our Starting QB


2009 – redshirted because of shoulder injury Fall 2009 leaving Joe Cox to go 8-5

2010 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2011 – not 1st team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP, is 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ & AP

2012 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2013 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP


Career – not 1st team or 2nd team All-America by ANY organization ANY year 2010-2013.


6’ and 3/8” tall

Losses to UnRanked Teams Time of Game Aaron Murray :

(1)   10/19/2013 Lost to Vanderbilt UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Polls Top 25 Time of Game, 4 of 14 Third Down Conversions, Interception, 16 of 28, 4 rushes for 10 yards total, Zero Touchdown Passes.

(2)   10/12/2013 Lost to Missouri UnRanked Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 2 Interceptions, 4 of 11 on 3rd Down Conversions, 3 of 6 in Touchdowns in the Red Zone, 4 Rushes for 5 yards total, 55 % Completion Percentage, Lost the Fumble that cost us the game.

(3)   10/30/2010 Lost to Florida UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 4 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 18 of 37, 3 Interceptions, 2 sacks, 9 rushes for 16 yards total, 2 Fumbles.

(4)   10/2/2010 Lost to Colorado UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 5 of 12 Third Down Conversions, 16 of 27, Interception, 2 sacks, 7 rushes for 13 yards total, Fumble.

(5)   9/25/2010 Lost to Mississippi State UnRanked AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 7 of 15 Third Down Conversions, 18 of 31, Sack, 7 rushes 32 yards

(6)   12/31/2010 Lost to UCF UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 3 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 21 of 38, 2 Interceptions, 3 sacks, 12 rushes 4 yards total, number of touchdowns zero, 1 Fumble.

Aaron Murray’s own Performances in these Six (6) games vs teams who were not ranked Time of Game in the specific polls listed, are why we LOST these Six (6) games. This, in addition, to his 0-7 on the road away as Visitor vs Teams Ranked for the year. These are his career totals. Good Luck with that Philadelphia now has him age 26.  He still has not thrown a pass in the NFL.


Combined Totals for Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to Time of Game UnRanked Teams in these specific Polls :


27 of 80 Third Down Conversions

33 percent 3rd Down Conversion sending Defense right back out 2/3 time

9 Interceptions in 6 Losses to teams UnRanked Time of Game

206 Pass Attempts, not counting Sacks which were Pass Plays

114 Completions of 206 Passes

55 percent Pass Completion in 6 Losses to 6 UnRanked Teams

10 Sacks of Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

5 Fumbles by Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

43 rushes by Aaron Murray for 80 yards total

1.9 yards per rush by Aaron Murray on 43 carries in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

7 carries game average each of the 6 Losses UnRanked teams

250 plays called his own non-athletic number at line in 6 Losses UnRanked Teams

42 plays game avg called his own number 6 Losses UnRanked teams

Why did we lose these 6 games ? Aaron Murray had a bad day, didn’t he ?

13 Losses to Top 25 Ranked Teams Time of Game Aaron Murray Starting Quarterback :


Here are the 13 games LOST by Aaron Murray to Ranked Teams time of game, with Aaron Murray’s scrambling abilities in the 13 games LOST to Game Time Top 25 Ranked teams: In the Order in Which They Occurred :




Missouri # 25 AP Poll (UnRanked Coaches’’ Poll Top 25), 4 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 4 rushes 5 yards total, Fumble, 2 Sacks, 2 Interceptions. Loss.


Clemson # 8, Aaron Murray 35, eight rushes minus 21 yards, 4 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Alabama # 2, Aaron Murray 28, four rushes minus 12 yards, 3 sacks, Interception. Loss.


South Carolina # 6, Aaron Murray 7, six rushes minus 17 yards, 2 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Michigan State # 12, Aaron Murray 30, nine rushes minus 14 yards, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, fumble. Loss.


LSU # 1, Aaron Murray 10, nine rushes minus 6 yards, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, fumble. Loss.


South Carolina # 12, Aaron Murray 42, seven rushes 9 yards, 2 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Boise State # 5, Aaron Murray 21, seven rushes minus 33 yards, 6 sacks, interception. Loss.


UCF whatever that is # 24 Coaches’ Poll Time of Game UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, Lost to UCF UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 3 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 21 of 38, 2 Interceptions, 3 sacks, 12 rushes 4 yards total, number of touchdowns zero, 1 Fumble. Loss.


Auburn # 2, Aaron Murray 31, seven rushes minus 5 yards, 3 sacks, fumble. Loss.


Arkansas # 12, Aaron Murray 24, fourteen rushes 35 yards, 6 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


South Carolina # 24, dropped us out of Top 25 losing this game # 22 prior, Aaron Murray 3 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble, 6 Rushes for minus 15 yards total.


Auburn # 7, dropped us out of Top 25 again losing this game # 25 prior, Aaron Murray 9 Rushes 37 yards, 1 interception, 1 Sack, 2 TD passes, 49 passes thrown, 1 Fumble, while Nick Marshall Rushed for 89 yards and was 15-26 passing, Todd Gurley II only given the ball 15 times to Run the ball, while Auburn had 323 yards rushing, we had only 117 and that the difference along with the Nick Marshall pass to win to the game against Aaron Murray throwing it 49 times, again.  And then slamming his helmet to the ground when Nick Marshall threw the hail Mary.


Quit, Cease and Desist with the Excuses in his Losses as Aaron Murray’s Performances against Time of Game Top 25 Ranked Teams, speak for themselves. Aaron Murray had poor days himself these 13 games, didn’t he ?


Not even 6 feet and half an inch.

As for dual-threat, at no time did Aaron Murray demonstrate he was a dual-threat QB at UGA.


A back-up QB was not summoned in a game no matter how bad a game Aaron Murray was having, and he had 18 stinkers as our Starting QB. 18 Stinkers, 17 of which he LOST.


Coddled as Starting Quarterback, Aaron Murray started 52 games the same as David Greene Started for us, but David Greene – we say set the NCAA record for Most Wins, and for diminutive Aaron Murray, dual-threat cough, cough, we have a completely different set of criterion. 81 % Win Percentage David Greene 42-10 in 52 Starts, Aaron Murray was by Stark Contrast, only 67 % Win Percentage 35-17. Same number of Starts, both.


Tough as Nails, did better against UnRanked Teams than against ranked teams running up his stats against Cupcakes, against even them, he was not taken out to prepare a Back-Up QB any of the 4 years here. Not 6’  half an inch NOT as I stated repeatedly standing beside him able to measure. His struggles in key moments of key games are Legendary, and would have resulted in Steve Spurrier yanking his butt at least 18 different games. At least. Instead,


35-17, fifty-two games .6731 win percentage with # 7 recruiting class around him all 4 years, Top 10 average recruiting class and not even in the Top 25 in Won/Loss Record for the Aaron Murray Era.


Aaron Murray had bad games. A lot of bad games. At least 18 bad games.


Aaron Murray lost to teams he should never have lost to, and Aaron Murray under-performed in the big games in his career. Didn’t he ?


Aaron Murray had a bad case of heebie-jeebies here inconsistently playing  –  yet calling his own number over half the total plays.








32-5 record

65 % completion percentage

96 TD Passes

56 Sacks

27 Interceptions

22 Fumbles




vs Ranked Teams Time of Game :




3-12 record

54 % completion percentage

25 TD Passes

42 Sacks

14 Interceptions

10 Fumbles


35-17, Aaron Murray at the most in-opportune time threw interceptions, fumbled and got sacked.


41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles


171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 9 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed.


Costing us games. I do not see the NFL repeating this mistake.


How can a guy who threw 121 Touchdown Passes, be criticized ?


Because we have had better Quarterbacks than Aaron Murray in just the Mark Richt Era.


Aaron Murray was a ball-hog who was not an athlete. And, for 5 long years, you’ve defended him. I do not think Hutson Mason is as good a quarterback as Aaron Murray. I hope for another 4-year starter, and we shall compare that with Aaron Murray.

Aaron Murray is inconsistent as Hell.

Watching all these Quarterbacks out-perform Aaron Murray in All 17 Losses and in several of our wins.

David Greene 42-10 as our Starting Quarterback for 10 years after that you touted him as the Winningest Starting Quarterback in history, but for Aaron Murray, his 35-17 is somehow irrelevant. B.S. it is beside the point.


.8077 David Greene Starting QB UGA 42-10

.6731 Aaron Murray Starting QB UGA 35-17


7 more losses and 7 fewer wins, you want me to list those 7 he lost for us ?


I just listed 17 he cost us and several others we should have lost with his performances in those games too.

Extraneous is what 96 TD Passes against UnRanked Opponents Time of Game are.

Relevant is his propensity at key moments in key games to fumble, be sacked and throw interceptions.

David Greene did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

DJ Shockley did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Matthew Stafford did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Joe Cox, even, did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Aaron Murray threw zero TD Passes against Vanderbilt and LOST.

I am of the Camp, that you call it like it is.

Bad Performance ?

Call them out.

Tell them they need to do better.

When they do better, you Admire their Accomplishments.

Not when they suck.

That’s what that is called, not Fair Weather Fan.

Pollyanna like Chuck Dowdle, WSB, is the only other choice for a fan.

And, which kind of a fan is better for us ?

I ask you, how has this been working-out for us ?

Well ?

Which is better for us as a fan ?

Call it like it, and ask them to do better ?

I mean give me a break.


Aaron Murray TOO FREQUENTLY 6 TIMES LOST TO UnRanked teams.



I am not loving-up that performance.

I am calling it like it is.

I praise him, after great games he has.

Too frequently, now, he has turned-in this kind of performance against Vandy.

Hasn’t he ?

One of the benefits of being a fan of a program, is that I do not have to fall in Love with a Coach or a Quarterback.

I can call it like it is, over time.

It’s still my team.

They are still my Coach and my QB.

I will make no excuses for any.

Were I to, I would have no credibility.

The facts are the facts, and they are irrefutable.


Signature Wins by Aaron Murray :

2013 LSU # 14, Aaron Murray 4 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 5 rushes 7 yards total, Interception, 20 of 34, frankly Zach Mettenberger better again. Win.


2013 South Carolina # 4, Aaron Murray, two sacks, 5 rushes minus 12 yards total. 6 of 13 Third Down Conversions. Win. Todd Gurley II had 30 rushes for his Career High Number of Rushes vs USCe 2013.


2012 Florida # 9, Aaron Murray, three interceptions, 2 rushes 3 yards total. 1 of 10 Third Down Conversions. Win.


3 Signature Wins Aaron Murray Starting Quarterback combined he was 11 of 34 Third Down Conversions 32 % Third Down Conversions in his 3 Signature Wins.


Wins over Ranked Teams 18 games :  Florida ended-up # 9 in 2012, LSU # 14 in 2013, and South Carolina # 4 in 2013; he also beat # 25 AP Poll Nebraska 2012 who had no business in the Top 25 beating only Northwestern, who beat no one.


His Legacy. Aaron Murray’s Legacy is that after a dismal career against top teams, he beat South Carolina and LSU his redshirt 5th senior year surrounded by horrid losses and terrible personal performances before and after these good games including 0 TD passes against Vanderbilt, for example.

Mindboggling that a guy can be this inconsistent.

Inept at the most crucial instant.

171 interceptions, sacks and fumbles.  Good God Almighty !

Dual-Threat QB, my butt : he’s no athlete.


Gutsy all get-out, and smart.


Clutch ?

Oh, my God, he’s Joe Montana.  Aaron Murray that’s it let’s compare Aaron Murray to Jacob Eason.


Aaron Murray against Alabama, looked to the sidelines and asked should he spike it, and then had his pass batted-down at the line of scrimmage as we saw so many times in college for him, and the pass landed in Chris Conley’s hands too far from the sidelines, not intended for him at all. He had 4 rushes for minus 12 yards, 1 TD Pass, 3 sacks and 18 of 33 passing. He knew he should be spiking the ball, and instead questioned himself as he does in such moments, and asked : Do I spike it ? Do I spike it ? Now, in a frantic Do I spike it ?


SEC Championship Games ? He NEVER won one.  Why talk about that ?


13,166 Yards Passing.

121 Touchdown Passes.

921 Pass Completions.

1,478 Pass Attempts.

62 % Pass Completion Percentage.

0 Tackles

1,875 Total Passes, Catches, Rushes, Total Plays by Player.

295 Made 3rd Down Conversions.

688 Opportunities 3rd Downs on Offense.

42 % for 3rd Down Conversion Percentage.

16 Touchdowns Rushing.

137 Passing Plus Rushing Touchdowns.

1 Passes Caught.

– 3.0 Yards Catching Passes.

0 College Football Hall of Fame – ineligible – no Major 1st Team All-America.

Graduated 3.3 Grade Point Average .58 worse than my own as walk-on at UGA.

No Suspensions

No Arrests

No Start Missed until Georgie tek 11/30/2013 & Nebraska.

Bowl Games Won 1.

Bowl Games Lost 2.

Lost to 6 UnRanked Cupcakes.

0 Passes Thrown in the NFL.

7 Number of Quarterbacks Taken NFL Draft before he is taken.

0 SEC Championships.

0 National Championships.

0 All-SEC 1st Team.


.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2



0 All-America 1st Team nor 2nd Team All-America.


396 Yards Rushing.

286 Rushing Attempts.

1.3 Yards Per Rush.


41 Interceptions

32 Fumbles

98 Sacks

171 Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles.

9 % Interception Sack Fumble Percentage of Total Player Plays.

DGD – worst Period of Mark Richt Era, but DGD.



Bernie : “Ultimately I hope we are more likely to compare Jacob Eason to someone like Aaron Murray who lead the team to two SEC Championship Games.”







Lady Bulldogs add # 9 Top Recruiting Class in the Nation for 2017 season next year. Wow ! Way to go Joni Taylor. The Lady Bulldogs are Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time and last year and this year we did not recruit like this. This is GREAT NEWS ! Gabby Que Malury and Maya WOW ! 349 teams compete for Women’s Final 4 and Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90 ladies in America. I hope someone out there notices with me ? Taja Cole noticed too.

This is as exciting a recruiting signing as I can recall with Gabby Que Malury and Maya all signing in the early signing period today for The Lady Bulldogs Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program of All-Time.  It seems that Joni Taylor does resonate with the gals.  We certainly thought she would.


Joni Taylor an Alabama star went out-of-state and in-state and signed 4 top players in one year today.  Joni got in-state star Que Morrison whom everyone wanted out of McEachern.


Joni Taylor went in to talent-rich Texas and stole Gabby Connally to join Que Morrison in the backcourt for the 4 years following this one.


These 4 gals certainly put Joni Taylor on the map as an up-and-comer.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Andy Landers’ pick himself.


To outdo herself Joni Taylor went into North Carolina and stole from them Maya Caldwell who is 6′ 1″ and can play wing.


And to top all this off Joni Taylor went into Virginia and stole one of their top players too Malury Bates a 6′ 3″ inside man who also thinks The SEC is the place to play and Georgia a GREAT SCHOOL.


I am so excited.


When I was growing-up I practiced basketball and loved it when the women would come-out and watch us then practice themselves.  They brought the ball up to mid-court and passed it across.  It wasn’t basketball the women played.  Nowadays the WNBA has jumped onto the scene and our Lady Dawgs are a huge part of that and always have been.


Although I don’t give a hoot about NBA because you can get in free at the end of the games and the games are always won or lost at the very end only I find myself clicking some to see our heroes here in the WNBA and how well our gals do after following them every day here.


I dated a gal on LSU’s women’s basketball team and she was taller than I so I took her inside and dominated her.  She never beat me – not in basketball one-on-one.


I don’t miss our women’s games EVER.  I love it !


Joni Taylor is the # 4 best Alabama player ever after being the 1997 Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Mississippi as a high school top recruit herself.  So she can play the game and the top recruits in the nation are certainly watching her success and listening to her when she talks.  Andy Landers’ endorsement in hand Joni Crenshaw TAYLOR was his right-hand man at the of end of his career as Top 7 All-Time in Basketball Wins Men’s or Women’s at one school The Lady Bulldogs.


Dad took me to all the games at Cross Keys at Oglethorpe and at Georgie tek yellowjackets when I was a child and I grew-up with a fine basketball court which I still maintain and play on.  But after college I became a huge women’s basketball fan because of how good Andy Landers is to University of Georgia Women’s Basketball.  I would never go to Georgie tek and I love our sports.  That Joni Taylor won the Whack Hyder Coach of the Year Award last year does mean something to me.


I had wondered about Holly Warlick with the vols and know she wishes she had signed what Joni Taylor just did.


Then the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) awarded first Holly Warlick  4 years ago and now Joni Taylor both The Maggie Dixon Division I Rookie Coach of the Year Award.


Now Joni Taylor goes out and signs this class today.


This is the highlight of Joni Taylor’s illustrious career in women’s basketball and I just think the gals think that Joni Taylor is a stronger player at Alabama than Holly Warlick was way back when for Pat Summitt.


I still cry when I think of Pat Summitt.


Maybe this class will get us the gym I have wanted since I was at UGA.


We are allowed 15 scholarships and there are 349 teams.


Did you hear me ?


349 teams in women’s college basketball Division 1 all competing for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Women’s Division I Basketball Championship.


We’re # 5 All-Time.


# 5 of 349 teams.


I do not recall when we had a class this great and I have followed our women’s basketball program from the day we started it.


We’ve had great players of that there is no doubt but we’ve NEVER signed 4 in one class.


Of the top 10 thousand ladies in the nation Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90.


If that does not make you stand-up and notice it certainly should.





349 teams compete for Women’s Final 4 and Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90 ladies in America.  I hope someone out there notices with me ?




( https://prospectsnation.com/class-rankings-2017-november-1 )





( http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/school/_/id/61/class/2017/georgia )


Joni Taylor also is getting after a year lay-off because of NCAA rules on transferring Taja Cole a transfer from Louisville coach Jeff Walz.  A 5-Star Guard Taja Cole is one of two players Louisville coach Jeff Walz lost over the off-season both transferring-out.  Taja Cole only got to play 3 points and 2 assists per game for Jeff Walz who was ousted in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament.


In Round one where Louisville won Taja Cole played 20 minutes then in Round 2 when Louisville lost she logged only 6 minutes playing time for one of the very best players in the nation.  You just can not lose an All-American like Taja Cole Ranked 13th overall by Prospects Nations and 26th overall by espnW in the nation last year.  With her transferring this year she won’t get to play 2016-2017 but will in 2017.


Taja Cole was the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Virginia averaging 20 points and 6 assists and also was a McDonald’s All-American where she scored 13 points, five rebounds, and two steals in 17 minutes in the McDonald’s All-American Game.  Taja Cole also was invited to the 2013 U.S. U-16 National Team Trials.


Thank you Taja Cole.




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/w-baskbl/mtt/taja_cole_1016690.html )



Only 1 hitter last year hit over .300 and only 1 pitcher had a winning record. Our baseball team has loads of room for improvement at just 11-19 in The SEC. Scott Stricklin has had a losing record every year and looks to break through with good recruiting when we begin February 17 of 2017. His most wins in The SEC are 11 and is 21-37-1 vs. The SEC in his 4th year now this next season. I can not see where Scott Stricklin is any better than our previous coach in baseball either Greg McGarity. We give you all this money all these facilities this great school and frankly Greg McGarity you are not getting the job done in our sports. In fact we have gone downhill since you got here Greg McGarity.



( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-basebl/stats/2015-2016/teamcume.html )


What do you need to be successful as our Athletics’ Director appointed as Mike Adam$’ puppet Athletics’ Director Greg McGarity.  To get lucky in a hire for once ?


Greg McGarity you are unsatisfactory as Athletics’ Director.


Since when did a girls’ tennis coach for one year get to be Athletics’ Director at The University of Georgia ?


Frankly that you replace another Mike Adam$ hire as Athletics’ Director UGA Damon Evans before you is reason enough to have you MOVE ON.



Stephanie Paul is a tremendous inside player and should be a big help in our long season this year. Obviously Joni Taylor wants her to play within herself and first game jitters are really to be expected especially of a true freshman unless your name is Jacob Eason.

Stephanie Paul was given a big role in The Lady Dawgs’ first game this season and nearly got benched game 2 for missing all her shots adding 4 turnovers, but she got to play some in game 2 anyway and has promise.


Stephanie Paul can put up double-doubles in rebounds and points if she gets the rebounds she shows she can get in the 2 games already and gets open underneath. The SEC is a tough league to play in. We are going to need her to contribute rebounds without turning the ball over another area troubling her start and to get open under the offensive glass for dishes.


We need to drive the lane well in order to find Stephanie Paul and she needs to be looking for the ball and practicing the shots she will get under pressure. One of the keys to that is using the backboard underneath. You don’t shoot for the hoop in The SEC underneath but bank it. So work on those shots and the scoring will come in time.


Driving the lane and kicking it is key to basketball.


What Stephanie Paul also contributes as we have seen in the game already here are steals on defense. She is a presence inside. 4 years from now I expect Stephanie Paul to be a solid player for us. It’s always so exciting to get a shot put and discus state champion from the state of Florida to play on our women’s basketball team.


No team can play well without an inside game and you must have a 6th man or 7th man contributing in The SEC and throughout the long seasons the next four years.


I’d say Joni Taylor is bringing her along well and doing a great job of recruiting for year 3.  I am really excited about our players coming-in for next year.  I was a little disappointed in our class year 2 Joni Taylor.


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time – Andy Landers gave you a LOT for year one last year Joni Taylor.  When the season was over your gals were worn-out and we didn’t achieve what we needed to just when we had to at the end of the season.


Congratulations to you and your husband Darius on the exciting birth of your daughter Jacie to our 2nd head coach ever Joni Taylor.


When we promoted you I told you then you had to recruit well.  You have certainly come through on that for next year Joni. Thank you.


We’re rooting for you Stephanie Paul. We’re going to need you this year more than next year with the outstanding class Joni Taylor has coming-in 2017. This off-season we added far less than next year already signed with the early signing period just now November 15 2016 for the 2017 season beginning this time next year.


Stephanie Paul comes from a family of 11. Eleven ! Her mom Marie and dad Jean have 9 kids so Stephanie Paul is used to having to work for what she gets. I came from a big family myself so I know you have to want it to succeed and frankly if you are timid you’ll go hungry.


I’m not.


Hungry or timid.


I assert myself in life and learned that at home.


I am looking forward to seeing Stephanie Paul being an even bigger contributor as this season progresses.


There is no pun intended.


Well maybe there is.


She’s a big gal. She is only 6’ 1” tall but her presence inside is an immovable object and one we can set the post with down low or up high. And she dishes the ball well.




The Longest Professional Sports’ Drought is now NFL Cardinals who last won the NFL in 1947 Charley Trippi running for a Touchdown a lead they never relinguished and Returning a Punt for a TD named NFL Championship Game 1947 MVP demonstrating an amazing display of running and dodging. Charley Trippi Overall 1st Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Pick paid $ 100 Thousand won 2 National Championships with Georgia and in the NFL was defensive back receiver quarterback running back and punt returner. But not since December 28 1947 have the Cardinals won the Championship. Longest Drought in Professional Sports.

In a time before Television the NFL Championship Game now called the Super Bowl was on radio only.


Charley Trippi MVP.


We got our 1st Color TV in 1957 and the neighbors would come over to watch Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color which it came to be known.  We had a large picture frame glass in the living room and others stood outside the window to watch. Walt Disney’s Disneyland we visited when it opened and the show was shown on Sunday Night 7:00 p.m. Prime Time.  It was hosted by Walt Disney Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan. But that was a different time a decade after Charley Trippi Won the last championship for now the oldest and longest no championship drought by any Professional Sports’ Franchise.


December 28 1947 Cardinals Won NFL Championship Game and not since have they won anything although they moved from Chicago playing games at Comiskey Park Wrigley Field and Soldier Field where no one would go to the games in Chicago and moved to St. Louis and now to Arizona.


The oldest and longest no championship drought by any Professional Sports’ Franchise.


Not since December 28 1947 have the Cardinals won the Championship which is now the Longest Drought in Professional Sports.


Thought you should know.


Charley Trippi who was 26 years old December 28 1947 will be 95 years old December 14 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame.  Charley Trippi is the only player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to throw for 1000 yards receive passes for 1000 yards and run for 1000 yards.


Charley Trippi won the National Championship for The Georgia Bulldogs in 1942 then he went to war with my Dad then he and Dad returned to Georgia from World War II and Charley Trippi won another National Championship for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 11-0 undefeated 1946.


The Georgia Bulldogs have (4) four # 1 NFL 1st Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Picks and Charley Trippi was a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Crackers at the time and still feels that although he batted .464 for The Diamond Dawgs that he is better at football.


The Georgia Bulldogs have had (4) four NFL Championship Game MVP Winners and Charley Trippi is one winning NFL MVP NFL Championship Game (now called Super Bowl) as a Rookie 1947.


I recall when the NFL and AFL joined together.  Those were tumultuous times 1966 at a time when music was so important and when war again the backdrop to the greatest then of Georgia Bulldogs being so huge in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Colts and Green Bay Packers.  Highlighting the superiority of the NFL then Green Bay won the 1st two Super Bowls then Alabama QB Joe Willie Namath did a panty hose commercial and beat the Baltimore Colts as he said he would.


In 1973 Jake Scott won the MVP Super Bowl Game and many feel that another Bulldog Bill Stanfill should have won the MVP Super Bowl Game VII Miami Dolphins.


Super Bowl XXXII Terrell Davis Super Bowl MVP Denver Broncos.


Hines Ward won Super Bowl MVP 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers.  Does anyone think he might be able to assist our receivers 2016 season ?  Kirby obviously disagrees.  Kirby is wrong.


Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004 I was certain Richard Seymour would win the Super Bowl MVP but they stole that from him too and gave it to Tom Brady who was not nearly as good as Richard Seymour 2004 Super Bowl.  Richard Seymour dominated the game and won the game for New England.


Tom Brady and Loretta Lynn both voted for Donald Trump.


Charley Tippi too won this award didn’t he ?







The NFL has NEVER honored Charley Trippi during the Super Bowls acting like 1947 was before the NFL but he is an NFL Championship Game MVP no different from Super Bowl MVP winners and no one with the Cardinals has done it since since they have not won since.







Kirby knocked Auburn all the way down from # 8 to # 18 but there are still 5 SEC ranked teams in the AP Poll and we still have 3 losses to unranked teams vols Ole Miss and Vandie. In all fairness vols Ole Miss and North Carolina are in others receiving votes but we are not. Oh and Mark Richt is UNRANKED EVERY POLL too. I’d still love to ask Kirby more about the Play Calls 2016. You just don’t get it do you Kirby ? When do you think you might come-around to the theory that Jacob Eason is the guy who should just maybe be passing the football for you Kirby ? Is Jim Chaney getting the job done as Offensive Coordinator ?

My throat is a little sore but we need to flush this out with Kirby and Jim Chaney about PLAY CALLS 2016.


Florida is the only team ranked today who beat us and we shouldn’t have lost to them.


This Auburn win is a feel-good story but we need to cement this Play-Call Problem we have 2016 with Kirby and Jim Chaney.


I have seen several different takes on the plays when Jacob Eason took us all the way down the field to their goal line and then we YANKED JACOB EASON EVERY TIME.


He not the one throwing the football.  On a night he was perfect, instead this brain trust of Play Calls 2016 Kirby and Jim Chaney, said :


Nah let’s have a guy who has not thrown a single pass all year long throw the pass for the TD.  It was intercepted and Auburn converted that interception for the score on that possession which were their only points all night long.

Then, Jacob Eason took us back down the field AGAIN all the way to their goal line again and AGAIN they YANKED Jacob Eason and said AGAIN we want to have the guy who has not faced Auburn all night long except to have thrown an interception and want him to throw the ball for the TD.  That pass was high and incomplete when the receiver was open early for the TD but his timing and throw were BOTH off to Jacob Eason.


You just don’t get it do you Kirby ?


Jacob Eason is the NFL # 1 Draft Pick the season after next.


He was that before you got here.


He will remain that until he’s gone.


He has done everything to prove himself to you as MANY FRESHMEN 2016 have.


But you just don’t get it.


You refused to let him practice with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING.  He was your Starting QB and you BLEW that Kirby.


Fall Practice AGAIN no snaps with the # 1 unit for Jacob Eason until 3 weeks prior to Kick-Off.


Press Meeting after Press Meeting.


Stubborn Kirby.


Then with 1 week before Kick-Off AGAIN you YANK Jacob Eason and don’t let him be with the # 1 unit.


Then after he came from behind for you Kirby and won the game against # 22 North Carolina who is still # 22 in the Coaches’ Poll today again Kirby you benched Jacob Eason not only for the rest of the game HE WON but Monday and Tuesday practices AFTER North Carolina.


Then you YANKED HIM in the Nicholls State game Kirby and put in a guy who hasn’t done a thing – NOTHING – since he showed-up on this campus.  A halting QB who again sent all the wrong messages to the Offense and continued to mess-up the timing of our Offense.  It caused our Offense do not do well against Nicholls State Kirby.


Game 11 next Kirby.


When do you think you might come-around to the theory that Jacob Eason is the guy who should just maybe be passing the football for you Kirby ?


Jacob Eason is 1st Team All-America Freshman Team Kirby.  There are 14 quarterbacks – none of whom are Freshmen – who have thrown fewer Interceptions 2016 season than Jacob Eason.


What does he have to do to have the ball Kirby ?


What ?


Go ahead.


I will WAIT on that answer Kirby.


In the coaches’ poll North Carolina is still ranked # 22 so Kirby has wins over # 22 North Carolina and # 16 coaches’ poll Auburn.


Ole Miss has no votes in the coaches’ poll.


Richard Billingsley Poll today has Kirby up to # 29 and Auburn # 30.




( http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-report-48/ )


The Wes Colley Poll has Auburn # 15 and Kirby # 38.




The Kenneth Massey Poll has Auburn # 16 and Kirby # 43.




I have asked for Jim Chaney to be fired.  I saw nothing last night to alter my opinion.


Did you ?




Caliya Robinson gets to play in the second game but not the first game and comes-up huge after sitting-out a game. She made 76% of her shots including 77% from the field and 75% from the free throw line – just AWESOME. Caliya Robinson added 4 blocks 4 rebounds only 1 foul and a steal for 24 points. The Lady Dawgs are now 2-0 on the season and face-off again Wednesday at 7 p.m. the 16th and then the 20th Sunday against Georgie tek yellowjackets whom The Lady Bulldogs OWN at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Caliya Robinson really put-on a show today on both ends of the court in the win for the undefeated Lady Bulldogs.



Jacob Eason THROWS the passes not try to CATCH them as Trevor Lawrence 6’ 6” and 200 lbs. of # 1 football player in the nation Pro-Style QB watches Kirby’s upset of # 8 Auburn who on 22 plays in the 2nd half could not muster a single 1st Down against Kirby. But when we were down there ready to score we whiffed on the Play Calls puckered our assholes unable to figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake. I mean. Let’s discuss please who throws the freaking football for this team for God’s Sake. The Next Game is Game 11. When is it we figure out who throws for the football for us Kirby ? Next year ?

I don’t think Auburn has even offered Trevor Lawrence.  Auburn was never in the picture for Trevor Lawrence anyway but Jeremy Pruitt is recruiting him and so is Clemson.


Why is Jim Chaney the guy recruiting Trevor Lawrence 2018 ?


All Jim Chaney did was nothing all night long. If there were any plays by the Offense it was because of sheer willpower on the part of Jacob Eason and Nick Chubb against that stout Auburn defense who gave up only 2 field goals on the night and was that only despite the Play Calls whoever thought them up and whoever agreed with them when we puckered on Play Calls in the Red Zone.


Figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake.


You go with the guy who brought you to the Dance.  You know ?  They guy who was flawless all night long.  Take the ball out of his hands ?  God Damn it No.


You got this down about who do you give it to on 3rd and short.  We had to TELL you.  Now you have to learn this.  Who do you have throw the ball ?


Shit I have been telling you that since January 12.


On the 2 scoring chances you have BOTH passes thrown by Terry Godwin not Jacob Eason ?  How to put this delicately.  Bullshit.


Besides the attempt to hit Jacob Eason on a delayed jump-ball in the end zone with several Auburn players covering him with the ball dribbling off his fingers, Jim Chaney benched Jacob Eason on another scoring try too having Terry Godwin throw Auburn the pass in the end zone 3 of their men there and our WR on the ground before he lofted the floating pass.


What were we thinking ?


Excuse me, what was Jim Chaney thinking ?


And Tray Matthews gets the interception that led to Auburn’s only score all night long. Tray Matthews. I am glad I am at Auburn Tray Matthews. Here let me help you all I can find where you can go to play including our Bitter Rival Auburn after I kick you off the team here Mark Richt Tray Matthews. 4th and Forever time expiring on the clock Nick Marshall Hail Mary TD Pass to beat us Tray Matthews cough cough defending Tray Matthews.


Kirby said : “Jim Chaney agreed with me on the call.”


If it was Kirby who suggested both or either of those plays it was Jim Chaney’s Offense and he had to make the call. All I know is that that is the SINGLE WORST use of Jacob Eason there could be.


Auburn has a GREAT DEFENSE.


But to take the ball out of Freshman All-America 1st Team QB Jacob Eason and have him NOT be the one throwing the pass when only 14 quarterbacks in the all the nation have thrown for fewer interceptions than Jacob Eason this year and none of those freshmen – that is blame stupid.


Look Kirby if you and Jim Chaney come-up with plays for a SCORE how about you have Jacob Eason THROW it.


Good Lord.


Trevor Lawrence saw that Kirby.


Why do we keep stalling in the red zone ?




Have ANYONE throw the football but Jacob Eason.


Jesus Christ.


On another critical 3rd and 1 and a half I saw Jim Chaney got Nick Chubb the ball this time not Isaiah McKenzie.  On the crucial 3rd and short you gave it to Nick Chubb who converted not Isaiah McKenzie.


I do believe WE made that point to Jim Chaney.


Now on the fumble by Senior Center Brandon Kublanow where he dribbled the ball and then turned and ran after it yes it was Jacob Eason AGAIN who recovered that fumble as he does. Jacob Eason always recovers those fumbles doesn’t he ? Even in the end zone it is Jacob Eason who recovers the fumbles.


Brandon Kublanow 6’ 3” and 293 lbs. that is no way to try to increase your chances of being drafted to have the entire nation watching on Prime Time on CBS and see you dribble the ball only to be bailed-out by Jacob Eason.


Auburn upset.


But it wasn’t the Play Calls.


It was DESPITE the Play Calls.


I expected Kirby to bring a Defense like that calling for Junkyard Dawgs the win in Honor of Bill Stanfill.  What I didn’t know what to expect was of Jim Chaney.  I am learning more every day on that one.


Kirby gets upset DESPITE the Play Calls as this win was on the Defense and on the sheer willpower of Jacob Eason who had over 200 yards passing and no interceptions and of Nick Chubb who finished with 101 yards rushing.



We were LOUD. Having the game at Home was HUGE tonight Prime Time. Well I nailed that one. Under a full moon Kirby gets HUGE WIN over Top 10 team # 8 Auburn who throws PICK-6 to Mo Smith and our secret weapon Rodrigo Blankenship provides the difference in the game 13-7 making 2 of 3 field goals. 7 possessions for Auburn entire 2nd half of the game and not one 1st Down. How about that defense ?

Jacob Eason was awesome tonight 20 of 31 passing for 208 yards and no interceptions AGAIN while Auburn’s QB was 6 of 20 for 27 yards and a PICK-6.


Auburn 7-2 on the season with only 1 SEC loss coming in 5-1 SEC runs into buzz saw as Kirby shut them down.


Nick Chubb ended with 101 yards rushing.

Rodrigo Blankenship kicked-off twice 6-yards deep. That works.

On the other side of the coin Isaiah McKenzie had another off night. He got bailed-out by the refs who did not have one of their better nights on a punt where he turned sideways on his own and again flailed-away with this arms at the ball fumbling it only to be bailed-out by the refs who said he was interfered with. He might have been but it was still a HORRIBLE PLAY by him and what I have come to expect from him on Punts to him. Earlier several times he let punts hit and roll 20-yards and lose field position in a field position game.


Terry Godwin too screwed-up. One of the nation’s Elite Quarterbacks in terms of Interceptions not thrown Jacob Eason was doing great. We were in the Red Zone. We’re ready to score and we get cute. Terry Godwin floated a pass to no one but Auburn in the end zone which they converted to 7 points.  If it were not for that play we shut them out 13-0 or even 20 to nothing.


Their only 7 points.


6-4 on the season now we have wins over North Carolina Top 25 team and Auburn Top 10 team.




Malkom Parrish caught a punt at the 2-yard line. That was a great play.


The game started-out with a missed call by the refs. Nick Chubb was out of bounds for 3 seconds and 6 yards when he got tackled again and no call to set the tone and get me into the game.  I wanted this game.


Then we all stood-up and booed for a good ten or fifteen minutes at the refs when they man-handled Riley Ridley on a sure TD Pass only to have no call. He called for it. We called for it. The refs stood there all of them and saw him get wrapped-up and tackled at the goal line without any flag.


It might have been a Prime Time Game on TV but all of us at the game hated these Officials. We took the game over in the stands. We felt we had to. We came up big in the stands and helped us to the win tonight.


All of the mauling of our players all night long by Auburn and when Jacob Eason hit Javon Wims at the 16-yard line they called that back too on a holding call by Tyler Catalina. That had nothing to do with the play.


In keeping with us being behind every game, we were again this night.


Then Isaiah McKenzie had a pass right to him. He let it bounce off of him. Drop. 3rd and 10 hit him right in the hands.


Then a punt to Isaiah McKenzie at the 38-yard line and he lets it hit and roll all the way down to the 21-yard line. Another 17-yards of field position just wasted.


Get someone else back there returning punts Kirby.


Kirby did put Mecole Hardman Jr. back there returning Kick-Offs. Game 10.


Game 10.


Come on Kirby. You’re quicker than that.


We had lots of penalties again.


We take a 2-game lead over Auburn in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry now.


Kirby beat a Top 10 team. Huge.


15 extra practices. All December. The recruits get to come watch us practice. If Kirby lets anyone watch any practices.


I saw Dancing with the Stars Phenom Hines Ward on the sidelines today. He even pranced-around on the field in front of all of us. Kirby hugged him. He hasn’t hired him yet but he should have.


Game Ball ?


Defense A+

Mo Smith A+

Trenton Thompson A+

Malkom Parrish A+

Jacob Eason A+

Nick Chubb A+

Sony Michel A+

Roquan Smith A+

Jonathan Ledbetter A+

Reggie Carter A+

Davin Bellamy A+

Riley Ridley A+

Isaac Nauta A+

Javon Wims A+


Special Teams A+


We got after Auburn tonight.


A+ for Kirby for having his men ready to play this night.


It worked-out well that the refs were so horrible all night long tonight. Those guys need to be FIRED. It fired me up I know that. It fired us all up tonight. We were the 12th man tonight and had our guys’ backs.


We made tackles behind the line of scrimmage tonight.


We did everything I said we could and should.


Kirby even put in Brian Herrien.


I have no idea what dumbass Gary Danielson said but I know this we manhandled Auburn and despite the refs beat the shit out of Auburn the entire second half.


We rammed the ball right down their throats all night long.


We Won.


Kirby beat a Top 10 team.






20 of 31 for 208 yards True Frosh Freshman All-America Jacob Eason Georgia Bulldogs UGA beating Top 25 team North Carolina and Top 10 team Auburn both in come-from-behind fashion. On the winning drive Jacob Eason completed 7 of 8 passes with the score knotted 7-7 to pull-out the win. Then kept hitting his receivers to play keep-away from Auburn. Auburn’s defense was worn-out by Jacob Eason who had the ball and kept the ball all night long.


Jacob Eason is doing so much better than y’all said he would.


We came to play and Jacob Eason brought his lunchpail. Kirby’s Defense brought its lunchpail. Kirby brought our team ready-to-play and hopefully this is the 1st of Many Wins over Top 10 Teams for Kirby.


Kirby’s really got some momentum now.


We out-rushed Auburn.

We out-passed Auburn.

We out-defensed Auburn.

We kicked their ass.


We had 40 minutes to their 20 minutes time of possession.


In 303 passes in 10 games Jacob Eason has only thrown 5 interceptions and 2 of those should have been caught by our wide receivers. 2000 yards passing on the season now so this was his average performance tonight which was just perfect for Jacob Eason. Awesome Job !


Freshman All-America Jacob Eason.


1st Team Freshman All-America Jacob Eason.


This will not get us ranked. But we haven’t been ranked in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll 4 of the last 8 years coming-in to this season. We can get to 9-wins 2016 season. We’ve averaged 9 wins and 4 losses for these last 8 years of Mark Richt who was FIRED for being 73-32 his last 8 years here.


And Mark Richt was not going to beat Auburn tonight. Mark Richt NEVER had a defense like we saw on this winning day against # 8 Auburn.


Our last 3 games before our Bowl Game hopefully against a ranked opponent for us now are all 3 at home. We’ve won 2 in a row. Next up noon Saturday and all 3 of our last 3 games are here at Sanford ‘Tween the Hedges.


None of us wanted to leave tonight.


Take that Gary Danielson.


Kirby A+ on the game.


Pittsburgh beat # 3 Clemson so they’re toast.


Georgia beat # 8 Auburn so they’re toast.




Simone Costa a sharpshooter from Lisbon keys Lady Bulldogs’ Opening Game WIN scoring double-digits in her first game with us including 3 of 3 from the free throw line and had 3 assists and a rebound and a steal in 26 minutes action.

The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time – opened our 2016-2017 season with a Win.


We did commit 17 turnovers which we will have to fix but overcame that with 53 impressive rebounds 26 on the offensive glass and 27 defensive glass.  This was mostly a result of poor shooting which has marked this team for years now.


Mackenzie Engram is our superstar and quite the doll.  She shot 7 of 12 from the field and added 7 rebounds 3 assists a block and a steal for 15 points to pace The Lady Bulldogs.


Pachis Roberts had 14 points 11 rebounds and was perfect from the free throw line making 4 of 4.


Halle Washington had 10 rebounds and was 4 of 6 from the charity stripe which is very good.


Shanea Armbrister added 10 rebounds.


Haley Clark added 9 points 2 assists and 2 steals.


So we go 6-deep and a solid effort from all 6.  We will have to have  a lot more help from the rest of the bench if we’re going to have a good season.


We didn’t really add what we needed to in the off-season.  We need at least 2 more top players to join-in to do well.


We’ll have to be more selective of our shots dishing the ball to the gals who can shoot.


We did allow an opponent to score 21 points on us.  We can’t let one player score 21 points.  We did not commit fouls and have to play tougher against opponents who have a top scorer.  Other than that it was a good defensive effort.


Caliya Robinson did not play.


All games are on TV at this URL Link.  We play next tomorrow Sunday at 2 p.m. against a very good Mercer squad.





The men lost in their opener but added a top player in recruiting – something Mark Fox manages to do.



5 Armchair All-American blog writers pick Auburn 3 pick Georgia

The game is not played on blogs.


( https://youtu.be/XkpDz8YyVD8 )


Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tray Matthews Georgia defensive backs at the time 2013 season when Mark Richt went 8-5 unranked BOTH have hands on the ball first thrown by Nick Marshall who led Auburn to a Consensus # 2 National Ranking 12-2 in 2013 as the Auburn Quarterback whom Mark Richt told could only play defensive back only to watch Nick Marshall throw for 14 TD Passes for Auburn 2013 and run for another 12 TD 2013 for Auburn including the national championship game in which they lost by a field goal to FSU as Auburn’s QB actually for 2013 and 2014.

In 2014 Nick Marshall threw for 20 TD Passes and ran for another 11 TD.  In 2013 Nick Marshall threw for 2000 yards and rushed for over 1000 yards.  In 2014 he threw for 2500 yards and rushed for another 800 yards when we had Hutson Mason instead whom with Mark Richt lost to 3 unranked teams with as his QB Nebraska South Carolina and Florida and threw in a loss to # 52 average recruiting rankings Georgie tek yellowjackets as well with as Mark Richt’s QB instead of Nick Marshall.  We were the # 89 Passing team 2014 with Hutson Mason instead.  # 89 Passing team 2014 UGA Hutson Mason and that with Mike Bobo as “OC” when Mark Richt made all the decisions.

All 3 were kicked-off by Mark Richt here at Georgia Josh Harvey-Clemons Tray Matthews and Nick Marshall all 3 kicked-off the team here by Mark Richt.  It’s what Mark Richt did.  Kick them all 3 off our team and then help them all he could get on the teams of our most bitter hated Rivals where they went on to better careers there than we had here without them.




( http://www.armchairallamericans.com/acaa-cfb-pickem-week-11/ )




Well we’re 3-4 in The SEC with our last SEC game to break-even on the season tomorrow welcoming # 8 Auburn to town at 3:30 p.m. We’re picked to lose by double-digits to # 8 Auburn at Home ‘Tween The Hedges where I don’t have to listen to Gary Danielson who figures to rip us a new one. Seth Emerson expects Kirby to start Mecole Hardman Jr. returning Kick-Offs. Let’s win this game for Bill Stanfill.

Our Pride has been challenged.


Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson CBS Announcers have made-out Georgia to be a bust of a football program.  Gary Danielson specifically has stated every time he talks about us that we are the Clemson.  That we manage to find a way to lose.



That that is our identity.


Gary Danielson in particular says that “The Bulldogs ‘Georgia’d’ the game, again.”


That we stole defeat from the Jaws of Victory.  I am glad I don’t have to listen to him tomorrow. I am tired of it.


It really is all he says frankly.


He went to Purdue. He wasn’t any damn good.  He went undrafted.  In the NFL he threw as many interceptions as touchdowns. Purdue isn’t relevant either.  He’s from Detroit for God’s Sake.


I don’t know what Gary Danielson expected me to say about him.  Maybe he’s so God Damn Stupid that he did not anticipate I would reply.


Who the living hell did he think he was speaking to on the telecast to say all this about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs paying for his hotel his food his home his life ?


Well it is we who pay your salary Gary Danielson sir.


And what is the state of our football program ?


We can ask that question of ourselves Gary Danielson.


We actually have perspective on that question which you frankly lack.


We have issues all over.


The OL has been a bust.  The WR have done nothing but drop the ball.  The running backs have been limited to just 2 who play regularly despite the fact that both have dealt with injuries – significant injuries.  The special teams have been bad at everything except kicking field goals.


Kick-Offs we sometimes kick it barely into the end zone and even then flat so they return it.  Mostly we don’t and are # 122 at Kick-Off Return Defense as a result.  Our punting is # 122 Net Punting so that is no better either.  In punt returns when we actually field the ball which mostly we just let it hit and roll to our 3-yard line from the 28-yard line we don’t do well at that either # 69 punt returns.


And that is when we don’t fumble the punt off our jersey using it to catch the ball not our hands.


Or when we don’t wave our arms to wave everyone away no clue where the punt will land.


The defense has not been aggressive at only # 113 nationally at tackling our opponents behind their line of scrimmage.  We sit back and let offenses do whatever they want to do to us with no pressure no aggressiveness.   Opponents score at will on us in the red zone.  We do not assert ourselves on defense yet have all kinds of freshmen talent who by themselves seem intent to do so if they could just get into the game.  We fumble the ball loads # 94 at fumbles and send the same guys back out to do it again like we have no one else even on the team.  Thus we give-up short fields against our defense.  And to compound all these issues we get called for penalties at # 74 nationally.


We have no reason to be overconfident yet Loran Smith says we should be today on his blog.


Our Quarterback is # 19 in the nation at not throwing interceptions.  Yet we lead with our OL and broken-down running game because well we don’t know who our WR are.  His name is Mecole Hardman Jr.


Our running back is Brian Herrien.


We’ve lost to some teams we probably should not have lost to.


We had a player’s only meeting before Florida and then confronted the Offensive Coordinator in his office afterwards.  We’ve recruited very well.  We’d lost 4 of 5 games before a miraculous win against Kentucky last week on the road.  Our coaches have been criticized.  Our fan base is marked by those who still support the coach who was fired.  Our blogs spike when we have a game.  Our players make the NFL and do well.


We have a state unequaled in top talent and recruits in-state clamor to play for us.  We probably have as many followers to our program as any program in America.


We’re # 3 in the nation in recruiting 2017 and frankly average the highest average recruit in the nation except for one team.  Purdue has no reason to look down their damned noses at us.


It’s our Pride that Gary Danielson CBS challenges.


As a program we continue to lose to top teams and we throw-in losses to those we shouldn’t every year too.  We have a beautiful stadium and largely are considered the best college football town with also the # 1 mascot.  Our school picks up great rankings nationally and improves on those rankings every year to where now we’re barely behind our Atlanta Rival as a prestigious college.  # 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings 2017 for UGA and # 35 for the Georgia Institute of Technology.  We’re neither one Princeton or Harvard but they make-out they are – barely better than us.


Every team we play, badly wants to beat us.


Every team we play has players playing for them from here.


Auburn would not even have a football team were it not for players from this great state of Georgia.  It’s always been that way for them.


We have more competition for our in-state players from out-of-state schools than every other state endures in-state from out-of-state schools.  Auburn is an out-of-state school.   We have less competition for our in-state players from our other schools in-state than every other school has for their players in their state.


We have an aging gym which frankly should have been replaced like Ole Miss’ was long ago and consider ourselves a football school yet watch all these other SEC schools go by us in attendance because we whiff on revenue games for Athens and the Athens’ economy while we just stand idly by and let them expand their stadiums larger than our own.  And build new better gyms than we have.  Why ?


We have an athletics department across the board which has not done as well as we once did.


We send our student-athletes to the Olympics and they rack-up.


We make more profits than just about every program in the nation and just sit on them.


In all our sports we would seem to have a huge advantage in the school we offer our recruits to attend.


Auburn is the # 99 best college and Georgia the # 56.


Some of us complain at the prospect of having a losing SEC season.  Most blog writers seem quite content as I read them not even point-out what happens if we lose.


We play one less home game than every other major program and 2 fewer than some.


I see teams like the vols have what amounts to 8 and 9 even Home Games some years.


We rarely get a good opponent at our House.  Mostly we play cupcakes at Home.  This game we get Here.  Why not take advantage of that ?


We seem unable unwilling and oblivious to do anything about playing Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl every year 6 and half hours for us and 1 hour for them.  Pardon me we suck there.


Just as with Auburn whom we NEVER played here, we need that game every 2 years to be in Athens.  No one wants a vacation to Jacksonville to lose.  Good Lord.  And in November no less.


We used to play our games against Georgie tek yellowjackets always in Atlanta.  Auburn we played in Columbus.  Alabama we never played at our house.  Even Michigan got in the act with all our games there.  We used to play almost all our games anywhere but Athens the # 1 college football town.  Our stadium has fallen behind others and has needed expansion for quite some time.  Instead we want to play in Jacksonville in a stadium which is poorly run and out-of-date and always had temporary seats. Anything but have that game here once every 2 years and expand our stadium with that additional revenue.


We’re a big boom to Athens tomorrow.  In droves we significantly impact the economy tomorrow.


Auburn was never played at home for us.  We played Georgie tek yellowjackets every year in Atlanta.  Auburn was Columbus.


We played 23 of 24 games in Atlanta against Georgie tek yellowjackets from after the eighteen hundreds until several years after we had joined The SEC.  We won 8 of 24 games.  Some neutral game.


We played Auburn in places like Macon Atlanta Columbus Montgomery Savannah for 59 years until last in 1958.  We lost not only the last 6 in Columbus but lost all the games in Montgomery never won in Savannah won only twice in 4 games in Macon and won only 4 of the 12 games in Atlanta.  Some neutral game.  And why we finally asked ourselves ?  Because THEY wanted it to be anywhere but Athens ?


Why do we have a winning record against Auburn all-time ?


Because we quit playing them only anywhere other than here.


We did the same with Alabama never playing them here either –  trying best as we could not to give Athens any revenue.


We also did the same with North Carolina again let’s play them anywhere but Athens.


Tradition ?


The tradition for UGA is to play our games NOT at HOME and we fixed that with every team save one.


Well we have Auburn here.


Well let’s beat them.


Do we show the same overconfident self that led us to fall behind 45 to nothing to Ole Miss who has a losing record on the season and 1-4 SEC record for Ole Miss beginning our losses 4 of the last 5 games before we pull-out a victory on the road at Kentucky last week ?


Or do we GATA and beat what once was our # 1 Rival and still is our # 2 Rival as we are Auburn’s # 2 Rival as well.


Other teams get all up ready to go against us and we really haven’t done that at all all season long.


It’s been another underwhelming underachieving season of disappointments.  It’s best we recall that as we go into this game expected to lose by the largest margin of any opponent over us this season.


For Gary Danielson will rip you a new one if you sleep-walk another football game to begin with.


We’ve been behind in EVERY game all year.


We seem to be doing everything we can do to let other programs do better than we.


To make it as hard on us as we possibly can.


Yet we’re # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 3 in Bowl Wins.  Auburn is # 19 All-Time in Wins.


We have 18 in the College Football Hall of Fame.


We’ve won 6 national championships in football.


We used to be higher in attendance than we are now.  We’ve not expanded and they saw they could pass us by simply adding a few seats.


And in this day of SEC Revenue Sharing sure to be two-thirds of a billion dollars.


What are we thinking ?


When do WE get-off to a fast start in any game ?  When ?  Next year ?


This year is over ?


We’re second best at buying Bulldog’ Official Memorabilia.


We’re the # 1 Party School.


We’re UGA University of Ground Attack and have a real quarterback.


We were supposed to have a seasoned OL this year.


Our OL coach is going to coach well next season ?  Why has he treated his freshmen this long 2016 season the manner in which he has in fact ?  Are those all Kirby calls ?  We’ll never know.  We can’t ask him and Kirby is so full of shit he can’t even tell us if he voted.


I voted by God.  I gave him and us a mandate.


We’re the # 6 hottest student bodies.


Yet with all these advantages, we average 4 losses per season for 9 seasons now dating back to after the 2007 season.

The long and the short of it is that we lose to the top teams and let cupcakes beat us and have for 9 years running now.



I’d like very much not to be an enigma this week.  We do have Auburn at Home.



The rest of the nation expects Georgia to Georgia the game.  To blow-it in other words.


We’re a verb.  That defines us.


I’d sure like to not drive home a loser tomorrow night.


Is it too much to ask that we get fired-up and realize the insurmountable hill that # 8 Auburn presents to our team struggling for identity in all 3 aspects of a football team offense special teams and defense ?


We’ll be on in Prime Time.  I’d like for us to show that we’re ready for Prime Time.  CBS figures we will not be.  That will be their set-up for the game.


We have a LOT to play for tomorrow such as our pride is challenged by the guy announcing the game and to not have a losing SEC season at 3:30 p.m. and I for one look forward to playing our best game to give the prospects something to be proud about us.  And I am mostly glad that I don’t have to listen to Gary Danielson – The Hack.


I’d love to drive home tomorrow night in the dark knowing we proved a guy who has never done anything – Gary Danielson – wrong.


Auburn has recruited against us for their entire team.  They’re innovative with Gus Malzahn supposedly NOT on the hot seat and we’re staid dyed-in-the-wool old school traditional conservative stubborn predictable ?


Why ?


Because we don’t know who our WR are ?  That we can’t set-up our running game by passing 1st down once all game long ?


Because only now against Kentucky last week has Kirby started 10 now this season who never played for Mark Richt ?


Build on the momentum of last week’s win – GATA – not think we’ve arrived.


Let’s be unpredictable.  Let’s be bold.  Let’s act like this game matters.  It can’t just matter to me.


As for Ben Cleveland is not going to start for Kirby next year either, that’s bullshit.  I am heartened that at least Seth Emerson noticed that Solomon Kindley had his redshirt burned for one play and that he thinks Mecole Hardman Jr. should return Kick-Offs tomorrow.  I called for that and punt returns and wide receiver all season for Mecole Hardman Jr.  Will Kirby do even what Seth Emerson calls for ?






Let’s GATA.


AJ-C Chipper Towers says today that there are more important issues than college football.  Why write about us then Chipper you idiot ?  Open mouth switch feet.  We all know that about you Chipper Towers.  All you have to do is read one of your articles.  That was Mark Richt’s mantra – something more important than winning college football games.


The Hell there is.


Not Auburn week you fool.


Atlanta city of more than 7 million is the Mecca of College Football and tomorrow is a game big enough to be on CBS.


We haven’t really showed-up any game ready to play football – not all season long.


Let’s take it to them like we care.  Let’s keep playing the guys who have done better than the ones given their jobs on a platter as Favorite.  Let’s play some more of those players and give them a chance to shine.  Let’s have some real momentum going into next year.


This game is of supreme importance to us.


Let’s get mad that Bill Stanfill was not better taken care of by the NFL where we sent our fallen hero only to have him shunned yet one of the truly great NFL players of all-time with the most success here and Miami Dolphins of any player to ever suit-up for the game.


His death is only because of his NFL injuries.  No other reason at age 69.


Win this one for Bill Stanfill College Football Hall of Fame who Won the National Championship for us in 1966 and in 1968 who died from a fall today after many years of dealing with his football injuries documented by Sports Illustrated at just age 69.


Bill Stanfill  College Football Hall of Fame Outland Trophy 2 National Championships 1966 and 1968 Academic All-America 1st Round NFL Draft Pick but because of his football injuries not Pro Football Hall of Fame  Miami Dolphins All-Time Sack Leader should have been Super Bowl VII MVP.


One of 18 College Football Hall of Fame Georgia Bulldogs.


Let’s win this game for Bill Stanfill – to Honor Bill Stanfill one of our very Elite Best Ever.  He ate Steve Spurrier up and spat him out.   2 Super Bowl Championships Miami Dolphins.  2 National Championships Georgia Bulldogs.  25-6-2 with The Bulldogs.  None of this lose 4 games per season average for 9 years now.



Kirby # 74 in fewest penalties per game. # 94 in Fumbles per game. # 122 in Kick-Off Return Defense. # 112 in Net Punting. # 19 in number of passes thrown for an Interception. # 69 in Punt Returns. # 70 in Sacks of our QB allowed. # 113 in us tackling our opponents behind the line of scrimmage. Rodrigo Blankenship # 9 nation Field Goal Percentage 90%. What is the mandate ? What is any mandate ?

Unfortunately across the board in every aspect of Kirby’s team we’ve got a lot of work to do.




What is the mandate ?


Kirby has to coach better and his coaching staff has to coach better.  Not some of them.  All of them.  They are failing to take advantage of talents we do have.


What is any mandate ?


That what is transpiring is fine and dandy ?


Or that we demand change ?


As for xenophobic whining by those who have run down our great nation there is no medical condition known as xenophobia.  If you think your neighbors are not sending their monies made here in America back to their home country while not paying taxes on their incomes here you’re naïve.  If you think that Americans are not targets worldwide you’re not observant about the world around you.  We should not police the world nor should that be our goal.  We owe the world nothing simply because we’re Americans.  While half of Americans are on the dole the other half have a job are working and are paying for it.


We need a fair shake.


Taking pride in our own great nation and our peoples which is a melting pot we’re all proud of does not mean that we have to allow unfairness by 2 specific groups taking advantage of us and attacking our way of life and our peoples. We’re a stronger nation because we do truly love all nations and the people of all nations.  Some of us just look around and see what is for what it is.  Others think that is wrong.


Instead of feeling disenfranchised by President Donald Trump being elected President how about you do some self-alert awareness of the wishes of the nation where you live ?


I do believe we spoke.


You tried to make this election about anything but that which was his message and our mandate we sent him to Washington with.


No.  It has NOTHING to do with all the criticism of President Donald Trump.  It’s the economy stupid.


If you are an unlicensed driver who buys only insurance while earning an income here too while not paying taxes on your income excuse me you’re a drain on America.


Every day of the year groups of 4 or more Americans are attacked with intent to kill us.  Where have you been ?


Are you that out-of-touch that I have to tell you this ?


Excuse me but I stayed-up last night until 2:44 a.m. because I loved the mandate we gave to Washington to fix this.


And I don’t care what terms you try to label us to somehow think you’re going to continue down these same 2 roads.


You have no perspective of our great nation.  You should go live overseas for 3 years.  Maybe then you would have proper perspective. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


It’s fine for other nations to ALL every single one of them to take national pride themselves but heaven forbid we do as well.


We must prudently protect ourselves.  We are under attack more than once a day in groups of 4 or more of us.  And we can’t give everything to everyone who thinks they’re entitled to it because someone else has a job is working and can pay everyone else’s way in life.  That should not be our goal.  It sends all the wrong message about hard work.




More than anything Hillary losing an election where she was the only woman who could possibly have run and lost in fact is a mandate for change.


Instead of calling us names realize that we’ve got to change.  To that end you lost.  You shall not force your agenda on the rest of us because you think it makes you more popular to do so.


We’re all foreigners here in America and whether Kirby is one of us or not he has to bring about change.  What we’ve been doing as a country and as a football program has been an utter failure.


The only question is whether or not we’re going to be stupid or not.  Or instead whether we’re going to send the mandate that change is required.  We can’t continue this as a nation or as a football program.  It’s not working.  Fix it.  That is what a mandate is.



Auburn better look-out – the same as Hillary Clinton.




( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwsATZUWEAEcckf.jpg:large )


Everyone told us all that Hillary Clinton had won in her second attempt to be President.  What changed ?


Everyone tells us that Auburn has won too before it as well is decided.

I would never vote for Hillary Clinton after the way she lied about Bill Clinton cheating on her.  I don’t trust her.  In fact it is worse than that.  I know that her campaign of negativity certainly made the choice easy for America.


I pay too much in taxes now.


Every time she said something negative about Donald Trump I thought of Hillary Clinton.  Excuse me I said ?  Excuse me ?


Like Hillary Clinton Auburn better look-out too.


They haven’t beaten us – not yet.


We have a secret weapon.  Kirby may need a kicker who can kick-off farther.  But I see Kirby giving Rodrigo Blankenship – our secret weapon – the next scholarship.  And to think of all the scholarships wasted by Mark Richt here.


I am damn tired of the way politicians up North and out West are running this great country.  Did you hear me ?  We’re ALL very upset with how the politicians think they are running our great nation.


I voted for every woman on my ballot except one.  That one has lost twice now for it is she who is flawed.


I am paying more for health care now than I ever have and have worse coverage.


I wanted to send a clear message.  We did that today.  They took us for granted and we did not.  We voted.


If you thought that WE felt vindicated when first I and then all of us fired Mark Richt then by God WE are vindicated this night.


I loved the whiners for the last year now and I love the whiners tonight AGAIN.


All I saw were ads by Hillary Clinton saying how bad Donald Trump is.  That is all the Clintons know as politicians.


That is all they did all night long as the results became more and more clear.


It is all they are saying today still – those who told us that Hillary Clinton had won before it was decided by the American people.


What is Donald Trump going to do they told us all night and now this morning as well.


If there was a campaign by Hillary on ANY of those points I never saw it.


Dig up dirt and smear it around and then say to the Director of the FBI to please release the information to the American Public a week before we all vote.


I called for that myself amid everyone being told that Hillary Clinton had won before it started.  They kept on-point of how bad Donald Trump and never said what she would do while the message Donald Trump had for us was that he would shake this up.


Republican President Republican House and Republican Senate.  Donald Trump can fix the infrastructure and lead us to GROWTH in the economy not raise our taxes if that is what he wants to do.


What did she stand for ?  Well she stood by her man and said that Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.  Then when he told us all he in fact did and the details of it and the cigar in the Oval Office we saw them hide e-mails pardon the unpardonable and her take Bill away from the White House for a trip.  A vacation ?  Uh no.


It was for her to be pissed-off at him.  For her to tell him.  For her to then ignore all that like the American public did not watch all that and how she treated him afterwards.


Bill made a fool of her and she stood by and took it so that she would run for President twice and lose both times.


That is not what I stand for Hillary.  Any other woman would have won.


The more negative you made it Hillary and that is ALL you did the more pissed-off WE all became.  And we showed-up amid being told by ALL that YOU HAD WON before it ever played-out.  Guess what ?


Auburn is in the same boat.


And we have a secret weapon Rodrigo Blankenship.


And 10 new faces Kirby Started against Kentucky who never played for Mark Richt.


In the end President Donald Trump did better with women than they said he would better with Blacks better with Latinos because his message resonates with all.


The ones who voted for Obama and see NOTHING from it did NOT vote for Hillary.


The World ?  Well now is a good time to buy.  When the world found-out what Americans want first the Asian markets and then others sent stocks tumbling.  Now it seems they overreacted.  Like I say now is the time to buy.

We have nowhere to go but up.


Kellyanne Conway President Donald Trump’s campaign manager did a great job.


President Donald Trump won Florida Georgia North Carolina Pennsylvania Wisconsin South Carolina Alabama Ohio Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Texas Kentucky Tennessee – the entire SEC – Oklahoma West Virginia Indiana South Dakota North Dakota Iowa Utah Idaho Montana Wyoming and Ohio.


And I still want to see all those e-mails.


Liar Hillary Clinton.  Liar.


I agree with Hillary Clinton that James Comey FBI Director should immediately release full and complete ALL everything to the American Public NOW Saturday morning of e-mails every e-mail Huma Abedin has on her e-mail accounts to us the American Public with me set to vote a week from Tuesday.  Let ME read them.  I’ll let you know what I find.  I will sit down and read all 30 thousand.  Huma Abedin printed EVERY e-mail of Hillary Clinton.  Every.  Hillary Clinton ORDERED Huma Abedin to print EVERY e-mail to her to make them easier to read than on a PC screen.  I might not agree with Hillary Clinton about STANDING BY HER MAN for Bill Clinton being UNFAITHFUL to her but I do agree with her on this.  RELEASE ALL THE E-MAILS NOW INSTANTLY so I can vote as per Hillary Clinton’s explicit order that you do so James Comey.


They told us Hillary Clinton had won before it was decided by the American people and they tell us Auburn has won as well.


I predicted ALL of this.


Take the points.



A poster posted here now : “9-11 wins with regular defeats of our rivals and 15 straight bowl games is looking pretty good right about now… isn’t it?” Uh no. That is why he was FIRED. Because he would’ve lost to North Carolina too this year and he would’ve lost to Kentucky. And playing far weaker opponents he has no better record. As well he isn’t recruiting anywhere near as well as Kirby. Look dimwits Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here vs. top 15 teams and that just doesn’t cut it at # 45 nationally at that with average # 7 recruiting rankings. You think now is the time to say this mediocrity for 8 years worth proximately causing his own FIRING is somehow preferred right about now ? How about NO it is NOT the right timing. Look I am glad Mark Richt is gone. Or somehow did you think that I didn’t spearhead running him out of town on a rail ?

Good riddance.  Addition by subtraction.  You’re making believe Mark Richt was great.  We could call you the Pittsburgh Steelers – stealing your love of Mark Richt by firing him – thus ending your Love-Fest of Mark Richt lousy loser he was for 8 excruciating years.  We both know the score.





( https://youtu.be/zL49I1CBHmc )



( https://youtu.be/eiCCeS0W2_A )


He would’ve lost to North Carolina.  He would’ve lost to Kentucky.  He’s playing a far easier schedule and doing no better than Kirby.  And he’s recruiting a lot worse.  You’re just making believe he was great.


I don’t know how Kirby is going to do after his rocky start but I certainly know that Mark Richt wasn’t the answer.


Nor were “fans” like you the answer saying as you HAVE HERE that you DON’T GO TO THE GAMES and NEVER HAVE.  But somehow Mark Richt was our Savior.  No he wasn’t.  And neither are you.




What a joke of a name : DawgFaithful.  You are anything but.


You remain NOTHING but a Mark Richt Apologist and take comfort amongst yourselves right now that somehow Kirby stubbing his toe too makes Mark Richt great.




You told me you’re a Miami of Florida Hurricane fan now.  You said you put a bumper sticker on your truck for Miami now.


Have at it.


You even said that you did not know what to do anymore that you didn’t even want to root for us anymore.


I know you don’t want to hear it but NO we don’t wish we had Mark Richt back.  He’s gone and in my mind so too are you therewith.


Making believe is all you can do.    Heaven is just a win away.   Making believe – what else can you do ?  Mark Richt would have NEVER beat Auburn this week and you know it.   Making believe that you never lost him.  My plans for the future will never come true with him.  Follow your arrow right out of town with him.  He was nothing for 8 years.  Standing by your man now just makes it all the more clear you never were one of us.


73-32 is not 9-11 wins the last 8 years.  It is 9-4.  He went 6-7 in 2010 losing the Liberty Bowl to U.C.F. 6-10 while losing to Auburn and Florida and Colorado who went 5-7 themselves firing their coach while losing also to Missy State Arkansas and losing to South Carolina.


Making believe that that is somehow acceptable striking while the iron is hot right now doesn’t serve you or him well.  Now does it ?  He wasn’t heaven now was he ?


Kirby most definitely has his back up against the wall of that there is no doubt either.  He must win against Auburn.  He was less than testy on the noon interview on AM680 The Fan Buck Belue yesterday.  Kirby said all the right coach speak.  Kirby has now Started against Kentucky ten (10) Players who never played for Mark Richt already this season.  From my standpoint and per my prediction Signing Date, there are more coming who will Start.  Can Kirby beat Auburn ?


Sure Kirby can beat Auburn.  Mark Richt never would have and you know it.


Anyone would have been an improvement on what we have endured the 8 previous seasons of Mark Richt.  Impossible to not be.


Inevitably Mark Richt would’ve lost Saturday to Auburn and you know it.  Kirby ?


Take the points.



Auburn # 8 in both Polls and # 9 in the College Football Play-Off Poll lost by 2 field goals to # 2 Clemson and lost by less than 2 TD to Top 10 AP Poll Texas A&M. This is what it’s all about. Georgia-Auburn. We have them HERE at our house. Can we ruin their season in the Major College Football’s Oldest Rivalry in The South – Oldest Rivalry in the Eastern United States – Oldest Rivalry in The Deep South ? I say yes. Rodrigo Interview on SEC Network he said Jacob Eason is our future.

Growing-up I had long considered Auburn our # 1 Rival.  Georgie tek yellowjackets weren’t any good and still aren’t and Florida wasn’t any good but that was back then and now they’ve supplanted Auburn as our # 1 Rival.


Still this is our # 2 Rival by a long shot.


The game doesn’t get any bigger for both sides than Saturday ‘Tween The Hedges.


Some call it the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry but that does this game injustice as the other teams in what they call the South’s Oldest Rivalry are not, were not and never will be Georgia-Auburn.


2 storied programs of The SEC this game matches up great talent the nation watching.


Georgia the dog as Auburn beat Ole Miss and Vanderbilt – both of whom we lost to.  But this game is not about Ole Miss or Vandie because we should not have lost either of those 2 or Florida or vols.  This game is about Georgia-Auburn.  Auburn is picked by 10 points to beat Georgia.  We can beat Auburn.  We truly can.  If Auburn thinks this is an easy win then that is good for us.  They’re innovative and we’re predictable.


Of course there is no reason to be predictable when you have Jacob Eason.  They challenged Kirby to find receivers and he chose Javon Wims.  That will make some of the others we have less timid such as Terry Godwin.  Auburn wanted Terry Godwin.  So do we.  If Terry Godwin would play all-out the job would have been his.  It still might be.  If he plays harder.  And we can throw to Isaac Nauta.  He runs mean routes and as roommate of Jacob Eason they might actually have their timing down too.  Folks will be throwing to Isaac Nauta for the next 2 decades in the NFL.


Kirby also has responded with 9 players now he is Starting who certainly never played here before 2016.  No sense complaining he did not do that before now.  He did it.  This is where we are now with 9 players Starting who never stepped ‘Tween The Hedges before this year.


I’d still like to see us throw to Mecole Hardman Jr. and to use him on Punt Returns and Kick-Off Returns.


This season is not all lost.  Not if we can beat Auburn.  That is all that matters now.  Beat Auburn.


56-55-5 Georgia owns the top record in The South’s Oldest Rivalry.


This is The South.


I have no idea what The Deep South is.


You go any farther South than Georgia-Auburn then you’re headed really North.


And the farther South you go then the farther North you find yourself.


Until you get to Miami and then you run out of Land.  Miami is not The South.  All Yankees down there.  And Cubans.  Not Southerners.


Deep South ?


We’ve been playing Auburn since 1892.


In 1896 Pop Warner Georgia Bulldogs’ Coach beat Auburn and went undefeated.


Auburn would not have a football team were it not for our recruits here in this great state – The Empire State of The South.  Note it does not say Deep South.


THIS is The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football.  In fact THIS is The Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football in all of the Eastern United States.


Virginia-North Carolina, also started 1892, same as Georgia-Auburn.  Virginia is # 52 all-time in most college football wins and North Carolina is # 41.  Do not begin to tell me that game is any comparison with this.


Georgie tek yellowjackets are # 24, Auburn # 19 and The University of Georgia # 11 All-Time in Major College Football Wins.

Wisconsin is # 45 and Minnesota # 42 all-time in college football wins.  They started playing in 1890, 2 years’ prior to both Georgia-Auburn and Virginia-North Carolina.

Wisconsin-Minnesota never has been a game anyone cares about either, the same as Virginia-North Carolina.

For these games we call this game the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry ?


Major College Football – it’s the oldest rivalry in the Eastern United States and it’s the oldest rivalry in The South.


Beat Auburn !


U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges 2017 :

# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 35 Georgia Institute of Technology

# 56 University of Georgia

# 92 Florida State University

# 99 Auburn University




I say take the points.  I say we can win.  Can Kirby win ?  Does he need to win ?  Do we need to win ?  Kirby has certainly responded to these posts on this blog and put-in his new guard he brought with him here 2016 Starting 9 now against Kentucky who never played before 10 if you included Goggles Man Rodrigo Blankenship who doesn’t sound Latino to me.   That’s a great name Rodrigo.  I like it.  Kick-Off a little deeper please Rodrigo spokesman for our football team and future Announcer.



( https://soundcloud.com/user-197203470/rodrigo-blankenship-post-kentucky-game-interview-5-nov-2016 )

Thank you Rodrigo – now beat Auburn !



Jacob Eason 17 of 31 for 245 yards and a TD Pass. Sony Michel 19 carries for 127 yards and a TD. Javon Wims 5 catches for 90 yards. Isaac Nauta 3 catches for 47 yards. Kirby gets Win 27-24 on road. Deandre Baker with us losing 16-21 took their pass off their shoulder pads with 5 minutes on the clock. Mo Smith with their receiver wide-open 6 minutes to go just up and took the ball away. Kirby earns an A tonight Prime Time. # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer is Kirby’s 2017 Signing Class. Saturday we host Auburn who is Top 10.

That was a great interview by Rodrigo Blankenship after the game Prime Time.  Rodrigo is very well spoken.  He also said what he saw and has seen which I thought was very good as well.  When you are articulate you don’t have to have perspective as well, but Rodrigo Blankenship does.


We’ve been behind in every game now.


Jacob Eason is calm and cool under pressure in the bright lights.


Kirby and Rodrigo are both right about that. So is Jessie Palmer.


Jessie Palmer is a smart guy and he too has Rodrigo Blankenship’s perspective as well.  I have learned to enjoy Jessie’s insights as a very knowledgeable color commentator.   He is right.  He remains right.  He has 2 degrees from Florida and could be doing anything he wanted to do.  He was not all that great a QB but he made some monies in the NFL and parlayed that into his job.  There are quite a few very good announcers nowadays after a bunch of old folks give-up the job who TALK WELL but don’t know jack about football.


Jessie Palmer is good.  Despite playing back-up QB for Steve Spurrier at Florida, I really like Jessie Palmer’s calls.


He does not aggravate me.  He is not partial.  Jessie Palmer is a likable professional announcer with insightful quick technical spot-on analysis.  I did not think I would think much of him.  He has proven he is as good as it gets in the industry.


Freshman Sensation Julian Rochester had 8 tackles forced a fumble and had half our sacks.


Freshman Sensation David Marshall whom Kirby stole from Alabama at the last moment had the other sack and 4 tackles.


Freshman Sensation Tyler Clark had a tackle behind the line of scrimmage for us in Prime Time tonight.


Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to louse-up the game tonight Prime Time.  They punted and he let it hit at the 28-yard line.  He let it roll to our 3-yard line.  That gave KY a short field after our punt and they scored.


Then he had the 3rd down pass on Jacob Eason’s great throw and ran backwards to take us out of 1st Down and make Kirby kick the field goal.


Then he fumbled the punt.  This is what he does.  He fails to use his hands.  It rolled off his jersey.   He has BAD HANDS.  I am tired of us ONLY playing Isaiah McKenzie like he is our ONLY PLAYER.   Of course they scored ALSO on that Isaiah McKenzie punt FUMBLE again by him as he is so apt to do.


All night long Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to lose the game for us.  I’m over him.  I’ve been over him.



I felt that our freshmen comported themselves well tonight on Prime Time. Cardiac kids.


I felt Kirby called a critical time-out at 4 minute mark on Defense to hold KY to field goal.   That was excellent.  I am certain there are those who would criticize Kirby on that.  It won the game for us.  He had an answer.


Then, Jacob Eason inevitably takes us down the field and Rodrigo Blankenship makes his 4th field goal on 4 tries as the clock expires.


Jacob Eason scored 11 points in the 4th Quarter. Behind every game all year long frankly Jacob Eason has it.


Kirby had gone for 2 up 22-21 with 9 minutes 13 seconds on the clock. Again I am sure there are those who would criticize this as well.  But Kirby knew the 9 minutes 13 seconds would go away in a heartbeat.  Both teams were running the ball.  It was time to go for 2 despite the clock.


So Kirby gets the needed Win 27-24 on road.


Kirby is also # 3 nationally in recruiting 2017 as his freshmen came up big tonight.  We’ve never had a recruiting class as great as Kirby’s 2017 class.  It is really that good.  # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer.  Why is this so important ?


First Time Players for Kirby 2016 : Jacob Eason is our Starting Quarterback frosh.  Isaac Nauta is our Starting Tight End frosh.  Julian Rochester is our Starting Defensive End frosh.  Marshall Long is our Starting Punter frosh.  Charlie Woerner has had several Starts at Tight End frosh.  David Marshall is our Starting Outside Linebacker frosh.  Tyler Catalina graduate transfer Starting OL. Mo Smith Starting Defensive Back graduate transfer. Javon Wims is our Starting Wide Receiver Kirby picked-up from JUCO route.  9




11-6-2016  Fall Clocks back

Kirby calls critical time-out at 4 minute mark on Defense to hold KY to field goal. Jacob Eason takes us down the field and Rodrigo Blankenship makes his 4th field goal on 4 tries as clock expires. 11 points in the 4th Quarter. Behind every game all year long. Kirby had gone for 2 up 22-21 with 9 minutes 13 seconds on the clock. Kirby gets Win 27-24 on road. Kirby is also # 3 nationally in recruiting 2017 as his freshmen came up big tonight.

Kirby is the consensus # 3 in the nation in recruiting now today after finishing 2016 Signing Date with the consensus # 7 recruiting ranking.



Auburn beat Vandie to leave Vandie 1-4 in The SEC their lone win over Kirby. LOSING RECORD Ole Miss squeaks by LOSING RECORD Georgia Southern today. And, Arkansas 1-3 in The SEC jumped-out to a BIG LEAD over Florida 21-7. These were ALL winnable games obviously as was the loss to the vols too.


Georgie tek yellowjackets coach Fish Fry Paul Johnson said Monday to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution DawgNation about JALEN JOHNSON arrested on CRIMINAL CHARGES for hitting a person in the face – “No he is NOT suspended. I think I would urge everybody to let all the facts come in and let the investigation unfold. Guys are innocent until proven guilty. Just because it happened doesn’t mean they’re always guilty. So let’s let the facts play out.” Now today in my AJ-C thrown in my driveway HIDDEN on Page C2 in small print over on the right side I find this : Although the LSU interim coach SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY MONDAY the brother of Christian Campbell – “Paul Johnson said Jalen Johnson was NOT SUSPENDED Monday.” Now AJ-C reports today in my paper. “JALEN JOHNSON and CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL in an unprecedented announcement by the trade school – NOT – by Paul Fish Fry Johnson have BOTH been SUSPENDED over the CRIMINAL ARREST MONDAY.” AJ-C reports today. “PAUL JOHNSON HAD NO COMMENT about the trade school saying Paul Johnson was wrong.” AJ-C says TODAY.

WTF Paul Johnson ?


How convenient Paul Johnson that you have NO COMMENT TODAY you two-faced son of a bitch.


You certainly had a TON to say Monday Paul Johnson, didn’t you ?


Georgie tek yellowjackets coach Fish Fry Paul Johnson said Monday to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution DawgNation about JALEN JOHNSON arrested on CRIMINAL CHARGES for hitting a person in the face :

“I think I would urge everybody to let all the facts come in and let the investigation unfold.  Guys are innocent until proven guilty. Just because it happened doesn’t mean they’re always guilty. So let’s let the facts play out.”  Paul Johnson


Now today in my AJ-C thrown in my driveway HIDDEN on Page C2 in small print over on the right side I find this :

LSU coach SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY MONDAY brother of Christian Campbell.   “Paul Johnson said Jalen Johnson was NOT SUSPENDED Monday.”  AJ-C reports today in my paper.  “JALEN JOHNSON and CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL in an unprecedented announcement by the trade school – NOT –  by Paul Fish Fry Johnson have BOTH been SUSPENDED over the CRIMINAL ARREST MONDAY when LSU interim coach suspended his own player indefinitely Monday.”  AJ-C reports today.


“PAUL JOHNSON HAD NO COMMENT.”  AJ-C says TODAY now that the trade school had to step-in for Paul Johnson.  It seems an interim coach at LSU knew Monday what to do and Paul Johnson has no comment in Friday’s paper that indeed 2 Georgie tek yellowjackets were suspended after he said same day the LSU interim coach suspended his player that : “No.  Jalen Johnson is NOT SUSPENDED.”   Paul Johnson.


I thought that story would grow hairs.


Amazing the biased AJ-C bothered to fess-up about this after making it sound like it was the fault of the LSU brother and Paul Johnson’s guys INNOCENT both Paul Johnson AND the AJ-C reported Monday.


So they HIDE it NOT ON FRONT PAGE no big captions.


In fact it is hidden over on back pages of the AJ-C under a category called not even in bold ON THE BEATS where the AJ-C reports in another ON THE BEATS story therein in that small bracketed section way over on the right in SMALL PRINT that the yellowjackets are looking for more options at maybe replacing another return man.


This type of biased reporting by this rag has left the paper a JOKE for MANY YEARS NOW.


Were it a Georgia Bulldog it would have been IN BIG BOLD LETTERS ON THE FRONT PAGE.


It is surprising that there was anything in the paper at ALL about it.


Did you know for example that the Georgia Institute of Technology is on PROBATION in football today ?


Well do you know that ?


NEVER find it in that God Damn paper.


I can assure of that.


Were that Georgia, it would have read :


“The University of Georgia ON NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL announces that two (2) players are SUSPENDED indefinitely whom their coach just the other day said were NOT being suspended as a knee-jerk reaction to LSU interim coach SUSPENDING his player Monday when the 3 were arrested over a BRAWL on campus. This is the 3rd such incident in the last 2 weeks at UGA where there is VIOLENCE on CAMPUS down there in the slums where drugs and unsafe conditions are reported daily.”





If Kirby wins every game to end this season and loses 4 games again next year too – that will be 40 losses after 2007 for us. How is this any different than Mark Richt please Greg McGarity ?

If Kirby loses 4 games again next year – that would be 40 losses our last 10 years.  I don’t see any difference with Kirby than Mark Richt.  I would hope that we can aspire to more than this.


In fact I am quite certain folks would point to the coaching staffs these latest 2 UGA coaches hired as to why we are so damn mediocre.


How mediocre are we ?  We’re  unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 in now 5 of the latest 9 years now that we can’t be for 2016 season either and still averaging 4 losses a year for 9 years now.  We still can not beat the top teams and we still lose to unranked teams.  We fail to show-up for games.  We are poorly coached and we make really stubborn decisions with roster management and are clueless on in-game adjustments.


We are also very slow at figuring-out who our starting QB is and slow to prepare our quarterbacks.  We act like we can wait until 2 weeks after the season already began before we even begin to practice the QB with the WR for the season.  And wonder why we have no timing-down November now.  We never have identified our WR.


We were stuck on the OL as Kirby rightfully identified the day he showed-up but he hasn’t let his freshmen there see if they could do any worse than the ones he is loyal to.  In fact he sends them out there tired as well.  So not only are NONE of his freshmen OL of ANY help at all they can not even give the guys who play like shit a blow.


That’s how badly mangled this roster mismanagement has been for 2016.  All because Kirby hates on freshmen.  It is THE STORY of this 2016 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Season.


It’s great that we got Jake Fromm but honestly I am quite certain that Kirby will redshirt him then work him in some the year after next which is the year Jacob Eason leaves.  Where is the receiver to catch his balls either ?  Jake Fromm is very accurate.  I have watched the kid all his life.

The JAKE-and-JAKE Show.

I guess we will give Brian Herrien more than 2 carries against Florida next year.


Throw the football to Mecole Hardman Jr. before his entire freshmen year is wasted, please.


I know as a fan that this is frustrating seeing all this talent wasted.




What are we doing on offense ?


Jacob Eason has been very good.


Jacob Eason next year still has no OL and no WR.  And no OC.


The year after next is Jacob Eason’s last year here.


I think it is Brian Herrien’s last year here too and Ben Cleveland’s and Isaac Nauta’s and maybe Mecole Hardman Jr.’s too.  Along with Jacob Eason’s last year here.  These are NFL players.  Julian Rochester too.  Charlie Woerner leaves early after year after next too.  Michail Carter as well.  David Marshall.  Tyler Clark. Elijah Holyfield.  We barely played any of them and only kicking and screaming dragging his feet all the way did Kirby finally relent and give the # 1 snaps to Jacob Eason AFTER the 1st two games this season.  I thought his success would open Kirby’s eyes on the rest of these guys.




This is a frustrating year AGAIN for me.


I tag 11 of Kirby’s 2016 freshmen as NFL players and their freshmen years were every one wasted – not prepared – not handed the opportunity which our returning 2-Deep made very clear they had to be handed.


How can you have 11 freshmen 2016 who play in the NFL and drag your feet about their playing time and practice time with the # 1 unit ?


When we watch THEM TOO in the NFL are we to say again that what they did while they were here were lose 40 games in 10 years lose to all the top teams and sprinkled in losses to unranked teams every year too ?


Sure we will.


It is our legacy nowadays.


How long is Kirby going to be loyal to this fat-ass who the players had it OUT with yesterday Jim Chaney ?


This is and has been unacceptable.


If you expected to come in here and see me say how great we are because I WANT us to be I guess you’re just disappointed.


I know I am Kirby.



So the players HOLD A PLAYERS ONLY MEETING and no one tells us what they sent as the OUTCOME of said PLAYERS ONLY MEETING to Kirby. And the very next week now Nick Chubb and Sony Michel go to MEET FACE-TO-FACE with JIM CHANEY and Nick Chubb reports EXACTLY PRECISELY what Jim Chaney said about Nick Chubb 9 carries Sony Michel 2 carries against our # 1 Rival. Nick Chubb said that will be THE LAST TIME for THAT he said. “I don’t think I’ll get 9 carries again.” Nick Chubb



( http://www.macon.com/sports/college/university-of-georgia/bulldogs-beat/uga-football/article112168272.html )


So the players HOLD A PLAYERS ONLY MEETING and no one tells us what they sent as the OUTCOME of said PLAYERS ONLY MEETING to Kirby.  And the very next week now Nick Chubb and Sony Michel go to MEET FACE-TO-FACE with JIM CHANEY and Nick Chubb reports EXACTLY PRECISELY what Jim Chaney said about Nick Chubb 9 carries Sony Michel 2 carries against our # 1 Rival.  Nick Chubb said that will be THE LAST TIME for THAT he said.  “I don’t think I’ll get 9 carries again.”  Nick Chubb


You’ve got to respect Nick Chubb for THAT.


A man after my own heart.


I have always maintained from the first interview of him after high school that Nick Chubb will end up Coach one day.


He is REALLY smart.



I wish I were lousy with – loaded with – money like the stack we pay Kirby to be a ready-to-wear as head coach. Long-term we’ve been lousy with – seen too many of – coaches who did not get the job done.

Our coaches have been lousy with – frequently represented by – great players. And then lousy with losses – far too many losses anyway.


Our world-class city is lousy with – full of – bad drivers in the rain. We have been lousy with days of no rain lately – been in a profound drought.


What is truly amazing is that we’ve been lousy with – had great numbers of – great players.


We’ve been well provided for – lousy with – talent.


We’ve been swarming with – lousy with – coaches underperforming.


Perhaps there is something to the veritable plethora – lousy with – writers nationwide who say that it is now Georgia who Clemsoned the game – again.


We have all this talent. Always have. We have all these lousy coaches who just have not done the job.


I know you do not know but Vince Dooley was often criticized by our fans for his losing. In fact there was a large contingency of us who wanted to Dump Dooley and make Erk Russell the head coach.


We were lousy with fans in our fan base who thought Vince Dooley did not win often enough.


We were lousy with fans in our fan base who thought that Ray Goff lost too often.


We were lousy with fans who thought that Jim Donnan should have done better.


We are lousy with fans now who think Mark Richt just lost it as a coach after 2007.


We are lousy with fans today who think that Kirby should have done more 2016 with the team lousy with talent as it will be proven to have been 2016.


We are lousy with days 2016 of no rain here in our great city.


As a program we’re lousy with – have had many – coaches who despite being lousy with talent – despite the large numbers of great talent teams – had simply lousy – disappointing – years.


Year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year.


We’re just blame lousy with them.


You had better not be next year too Kirby for we’re lousy with – full of – fans in both camps who want you gone.


On that we’re united but for different reasons.


We’ve averaged 4 losses a year for 9 years now.




We’ve just been lousy – not good – for a long time despite being lousy – chalk full of – talent.


We have got a rep now averaging 4 losses for 9 years as we are.



A well-deserved rep.


I wish I were lousy with – loaded with – money like the stack we pay Kirby to be a ready-to-wear as head coach.


Greg McGarity needs to be fired for this.


We asked him to fix it.  We went from the frying pan to the fire instead.  We’ve been lousy with athletics’ directors who Mike Adam$ appointed who have not gotten the job done for us.


Long-term we’ve been lousy with – seen too many of – coaches who did not get the job done.  This is ON the athletics’ directors at a football school who know NOTHING of football 2 in a row now both appointed by Mike Adam$.  First Damon Evans and now Greg McGarity.  You see their results ACROSS THE BOARD in ALL of our sports.


We are lousy with – have a lot of – have an abundance of – bad games this season for a team lousy with – having a ton of – talent during these days lousy with – characterized by many days – of no rain.



Suboptimization. What is it ? Is it a management principle taught by The Terry College of Business The University of Georgia ?

The most common mistake made by a new manager in any endeavor when the individual is promoted from a lower position to being in charge of all aspects of an organization when that person never has been in charge of everything before is to TRY TO DO TOO MUCH DETAIL in a department of that organization Kirby.

You are trying to do too much in too many areas Kirby.  You and anyone else in your boat would be overwhelmed trying to do that Kirby.

With only 1 year as an assistant on the offensive side of the ball Kirby you should have STAYED-OUT of the offense completely entirely.  You have accomplished NOTHING with your 2016 season because you did not manage the organization but instead managed every small minor detail of EVERY part of the team.  Including areas you have not been prepared to be in charge of.  How are you going to help the offense Kirby ?  Well give them the tools to do their job on Offense and ask them what they need.

Suboptimization is when you optimize one aspect of an organization to the detriment of the entire organization as a whole.

Management Principles 101.

A manager MUST manage the entire organization not the minor details of EVERY part thereof.

You should have stepped-back Kirby and not put all the focus for January February March April May June July August and yes Kirby you still were telling the press you did not know who was your QB in September.  September 5 and September 6 Kirby you had Greyson Lambert taking the snaps with the # 1 unit STILL.

You did that Kirby.

You have tried as many new managers do – common mistake Kirby – to try to manage a department of the program.

By doing so, you missed the big picture Kirby.  We have glaring holes.  You wasted every press conference answering God Damn questions about the freaking quarterback.  You got mad about it Kirby.

You have wasted valuable time managing this team Kirby when you could have been working on the big problems and thereby better preparing our team for the long 2016 season.

Now here we are November and you’re still trying to manage departments not the team.


Step back.

See the big picture.

If you don’t trust your coaches you put in charge of the offense, why hire them ?  They were all your personal hires Kirby.  None can talk ?  They are in charge of for example the offense Kirby ?  How can a guy be in charge of the offense and not answer the questions about the offense – just only you can Kirby.

You have made the focus of this team from January 12 to September 5 and really in the Nicholls State game you still took Jacob Eason out benched him and put in Greyson Lambert AGAIN Kirby.  That was YOU.  That was not Jim Chaney.

The idea Kirby is NOT to suboptimize but to do what is best for the team overall.

I am hoping that you learn this lesson for 2017.

I am very disappointed in you Kirby.  The OC comes to you and says my QB is Jacob Eason.  If he doesn’t he needs to be FIRED.  And if the head coach is NOT ALLOWING Jim Chaney to tell you who he sees as the best QB, then Kirby you need to learn to let your dept heads to manage their department.


Our offense has been behind from January 12 Kirby and all you have done is to hold it back further.  Now here we are November and our offense is so far behind EVERY TEAM we play that the team as a whole can not even function any longer.


Players Only Meeting Kirby ?




Isn’t it the head coach’s job to figure out who his # 1 receiver is and get him out there practicing with his Starting QB ? Getting comfortable, learning each other’s tendencies, getting confidence in each other, knowing each other’s abilities. Today is Kirby’s day number 300 here on the job and we have no pitch-and-catch combo YET. WTF Kirby ? Want to gag me Kirby ? Think you can DUCK this question too Kirby ? How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know who your pitch-and-catch combo is ? WTF have you been doing Kirby ?

Doesn’t the head coach determine WHOM it is he is STARTING at EVERY POSITION ?


Isn’t it the head coach who says this is basically the framework you are working within on offense, defense and special teams ?


You can not DENY that Kirby 100 % said prior to the Vandie game that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball” and that SINCE that is ALL Kirby has allowed Jim Chaney to do – run the ball until such time as it is proven to Kirby that that is not going to work, which has been AFTER the games have been LOST and he is DESPERATE.


Then, he goes 100 % the other way.  Jim Chaney I want you to NEVER run another run all game.  Pass every down.


LOOK GOD DAMN IT.  There is not one single God Damn Offensive Coordinator in the history of the God Damn Game that calls play calls like that WITHOUT Kirby calling the shots for him.


Kirby doesn’t know WTF he is doing on Offense, Special Teams or talent evaluation determination to quickly decide at positions of need who might or might not be of any help to his coordinators.


I know Kirby after a defensive series is over, has been telling Jim Chaney what he wants HIM to do now that the defense is coming off the field.  Whom to play.  Whom to NOT play.  What play calls he wants.  This is NO DIFFRENT from last year with Mark Richt who did the same God Damn thing to Brian Schottenheimer.  Here are your guys to play here don’t play these guys and oh by the way here is my philosophy on offensive play calls.  Here we are running this basic set.  Don’t call these type plays.  Don’t do this on first down.  Do this.  Do this because fewer bad things happen when you run.


Why do you think that Jim Chaney huddled the guys on offense.  Because Kirby did NOT tell Jim Chaney what he insisted that they do do ?


I am not stupid.


Kirby is a Defensive Coordinator.  It is only common sense that Kirby would be found in the Defensive Huddle after a series to talk with them about what it was HE JUST SAW on defense.


Can he be there and in the Offensive Huddle ?


Frankly, I question if Kirby hasn’t ALREADY meddled too much in the Offensive Play Calls TELLING  Jim Chaney that he MUST RUN the ball up the gut.


Kirby doesn’t give a SHIT if we don’t have the personnel to do that, or if we TELEGRAPH that by Kirby’s stubbornness on this topic of his ongoing continuing saga of TELLING EVERYONE that he Kirby wants to IMPOSE HIS WILL on the opposing defense by running the ball.


Kirby knows this helps his defense.


It does.


It’s a fact.




Disregarding that he doesn’t have the personnel to IMPOSE HIS WILL against opposing defenses by running up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down putting us in 3rd and long and then 4th and long DESPERATE still going for it.




Yes Jim Chaney SUCKS.


I said in Game 1 that Jim Chaney needed to be FIRED and in fact intimated that in the Spring when Jim Chaney did NOT insist on Jacob Eason taking all the snaps with the # 1 unit so that November NOW we have a well-oiled offense.


I called for Del McGee to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator.


But let’s be honest here :

(1)Kirby decides who starts and who does NOT

(2)Kirby decides the framework for Defense Offense and Special teams.


It is KIRBY who tells Jim Chaney no you can not have ANY of the freshmen OL this year.  No you can not have Mecole Hardman Jr. spread out wide on offense – I want him to learn the defensive back position first and when he has done that, then maybe.  No I am not moving any of the logjam at tight end to spread any of them out wide.  Here Jim Chaney I give you Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to help the offense.  Here Shane Beamer I give you Isaiah McKenzie to help the special teams.  These are ALL Kirby’s calls.


Kirby will not let you find out this from ANY of his coordinators because well they are GAGGED.  Gag Order all assistants and all coordinators.


No discussion.


Gag Order all freshmen.


Gag order the damn press – he tried that stranglehold too on even the press y’all.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams no you can NOT have Elijah Holyfield or Brian Herrien.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams, here is your damn kicker.  No that was a mistake.  Hold on.  Now, here is your kicker.  Bench the other guy I told you to use.  Never use him EVER again for anything.


And oh yeah do NOT use Mitchell Wasson on special teams for ANY damn reason.


And it is ONLY KIRBY too who ONLY tells Mel Tucker play these guys, here now, put this guy in for a play.  Now, take this guy out.  Here generally I want this guy to get 80 % of the snaps and here take these other 2 and give them the other 20%.


He does the same to Jim Chaney.  No to this guy.  Yes to this guy.  Here play all 5 of these tight ends.  Give each a start.  Swap them in and out willy-nilly throughout the game, never mind who might be hot.  But for heaven’s sake, no Jim Chaney, do NOT move 1 of the 5 logjam there to ANY other position.  No.


You don’t understand Kirby and are a dumbass if you can not see ALL THIS.




We have 85 scholarship players.


How can there be no one whom Kirby has allowed our Starting Quarterback to have to throw to as his pitch-and-catch combo yet in 300 days now ?


Kirby ?


Hello ?




Kirby you are NOT looking for what is NOT there.  You are CHOOSING among the 85 Scholarship players for one guy who can CATCH the God Damn Football Kirby.


Day 300.


Hello Kirby ?


Who is the guy who is BEST of the 85 Scholarship Players to play receiver ?


Figure it out Kirby.


Or give up the job of head coach.  I know now why you categorically allowed Nick Saban to have Jeremy Pruitt.


Because by God Jeremy Friqin’ Pruitt would have GONE TO THE GOD DAMN PRESS and told them – here is what I feel about the receiver position for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2016 season.


He is so pissed-off at such dumbass decisions by the prior dysfunctional staff that no one dares ask him about this now.


Good move Kirby.


Like your gagging of all freshmen is a good move Kirby.


Can you IMAGINE what Jeremy Pruitt or the freshmen might actually say ?


I sure as hell can.


When Kirby ?


Thought about Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby ?


How about the glut of tight ends Kirby ?


Considered spreading-out wide Charlie Woerner yet Kirby Day 300 ?


Thought about at all getting Isaac Nauta also ASSURED an NFL Draft Pick 1st Round not next year but the year after out wide Kirby ?


God damn it Kirby do something.




Shit put Elijah Holyfield out wide.


In 300 days someone in our football program knows who the pitch-and-catch combo is for this team.




Go-To Receiver ?  Hell we don’t even have one the QB has even practiced with much.


Kirby a balanced offense is one with THREATS out wide and blocking for the run.


Instead you have YET to play ANY of your offensive line you recruited standing-pat with a bunch who do NOT get the job done for 300 days.


You wrote this season off Kirby before it EVER started.


You made ZERO effort Kirby.




What happened with that ?  What did they SEND their representative to you to TELL YOU Kirby ?  You know ?  When EVERY player on the team said that you Kirby can not be in your own God Damn Locker Room ?


What was their collective statement to the cough cough head coach when EVERY player on the team said Kirby go F yourself.  We want to meet WITHOUT you in the room Kirby.


How about some of these myriad of guys you trot out there every game at receiver Kirby ?


Can’t figure out who is our pitch-and-catch combo in 300 days Kirby ?


When did you plan on having a # 1 receiver in practice every day Kirby practicing with your # 1 Quarterback getting their tendencies down, their timing down, their familiarity with each other, their confidence in each other, their THREAT to opposing defenses Kirby ?


Day 301 ?


Day 302 ?


Never ?


Just keep sending 3 different guys out there every set at receiver.


None of whom have practiced with the # 1 unit one iota.


This is getting REALLY old now Kirby.


You truly do not know.  Do you Kirby ?  Go ahead.  Tell us ?  Who is your choice at receiver Kirby ?


Silence is deafening.


Day 300.  No idea who Jacob Eason should throw to.  Er uh.  I dunno.  No you can’t ask any of my coordinators – they’re all idiots morons or little children.  My assistants ?  Go F yourself.


Can you ask the players ?


The players have no say about who it is who is supposed to be someone Jacob Eason can or can not throw to.


No you can’t ask the players.


That is the coaches’ decision.


We’ll decide.


Next question please ?


No you WILL NOT decide who your pitch-and-catch combo is Kirby – you God Damn LIAR – not by day 300 anyway.  Too much to ask.


Too many other MORE IMPORTANT decisions than that.


Why are you still talking about Florida ?  Today is Tuesday.  MY POLICY is 24-hour rule.


Kirby did you realize that every head coach you have faced, every single one, has figured this out ?


That YOU do not know who your receiver is for your # 1 Quarterback in the Nation and ASSURED NFL Draft Pick 1st Round NFL Draft not next year but the one after that to throw to.




Really really really old Kirby day 300.




You know what I would have done Day 1 Spring Practice Kirby ?


Put Mecole Hardman Jr. the # 1 Athlete in the nation out there at Wide Receiver and bookended him with Sony Michel on the other side as soon as his broken arm from horsing around on a dangerous ATV July 4 finally healed.


I also would have STARTED Brian Herrien at TB Day 1 of Practice.  Instead, you went into the season with 2 broken-down running backs both INJURED and disregarded your pitch-and-catch combo totally Kirby.


All year long.


300 days and counting.


Not 1 day have you practiced your Starting Quarterback with your Starting Wide Out.


Not one Kirby.


Quit meddling in the offense Kirby.


You know about as much about OFFENSE as you do SPECIAL TEAMS or TALENT EVALUATION to figure-out by day 300 now Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo for 2016 is Kirby.


Which is NOT a God Damn Thing about ANY of these 3 areas.


Should Kirby be more involved in the offense?


He’s been WAY TOO INVOLVED IN the offense already up until NOW.  That’s the Fing problem.


If Kirby would step back maybe the guys Kirby has us paying $ 20 million dollars a year coaching this team can figure-out amongst themselves who the hell should be our pitch-and-catch combo after 300 days coaching them to NOT KNOW.


What a freaking waste of money 2016 on a “coaching staff.”


Who the HELL EVER heard of a team where only 5 guys are allowed to speak.  One for the all the coaches ONLY Kirby.  And 4 for the players all whom sound pretty God Damn STUPID Kirby not having a clue what the hell you’re doing EITHER.


Oh that is a coach’s decision.


Gag him for THAT Kirby ?



Last we hear from him too ?


Want to try to gag me Kirby ?


How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know even who the Hell your God Damn Friqin’ pitch-and-catch combo is yet ?


WTF are you doing Kirby ?


Do you listen Kirby when your players tell the press when THEY ASK THEM that it was the coach’s decision ?


Yet every other coach we face – ALL -every one – know you do NOT know Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo is.  This is what they are challenging YOU to do Kirby.  Hello ?  Is anyone home who gives a shit ?  THIS is YOUR JOB KIRBY.  We offered you $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives this year 2016 Kirby to DECIDE THIS and you have WHIFFED on it.


The BODY LANGUAGE of this football team and all its coaches is as bad as it has EVER been.


Why do you think that the players held a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING just last week ?


Because they LOVE what Kirby is doing ?


Is that what you thought that meant ?


Or, are you trying to IGNORE that ?


Kirby tell me about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING last week ?  “I am NOT desperate,” Kirby replied to the press to ANSWER that question.


To wit I replied oh God Oh NO !  Don’t tell ME that Kirby.  THAT means you are STILL going to TRY to run until they prove to you that you can NOT impose your Will upon them Running Kirby.  We are DOOMED I replied all week last week after the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING.


I have called since for Kirby to tell us what the hell it was the players DID SAY TO HIIM when they BANNED Kirby from the locker room – that the players OBVIOUSLY came-up with SOMETHING they would TELL THE COACHES it was all about – what their GRIEVANCES are.


Clearly the players are NOT HAPPY Kirby.


The OFFENSE and the SPECIAL TEAMS failed to show-up Saturday Kirby vs. our # 1 Rival.  NO-SHOWS both offense and special teams – totally.




I am subject to NO DAMN 24-HOUR RULE Kirby.  Get the hell off your God Damn high-horse on that Kirby.  STFU about 24-hour rule and ANSWER the freaking question for a change.


I haven’t seen the tape yet.


Yes we reviewed the tape yesterday.  We’re not talking about Florida.  24-hour rule.  Let’s talk about Kentucky.


THIS entire season is UNACCEPTABLE Kirby, sir.




Nothing could be worse than instead of finding a pitch-and-catch combo to open-up the running game with Jacob Eason in the gun, that Kirby IS NOT DESPERATE I said all week last week.


That that his reply to the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the press pressed him about.


I am so tired of your bullshit with the press Kirby.


4 losses the last 5 games Kirby.  2-4 in The SEC and Kentucky favored ?  Kentucky ?  And you’re NOT DESPERATE Kirby ?  WTF makes you desperate then if NOT THIS Kirby ?


If NOT NOW –  when Kirby will you be DESPERATE sir ?


I saw you grinding your teeth at halftime Kirby, gnashing your teeth sir.


It’s bad.


Players only meeting ?  Nah I’m not desperate.  We’re not desperate.  Everything is hunky-dory. Fine and Dandy.  No problems.  We’re doing well.  Not desperate.  Not us.  Hell no.


Every player and every coach Kirby included knows that all we fans and press and the world over know too that we do not have a pitch-and-catch THREAT.


WTF are we doing on Offense ?


WTF Kirby ?