Isn’t it the head coach’s job to figure out who his # 1 receiver is and get him out there practicing with his Starting QB ? Getting comfortable, learning each other’s tendencies, getting confidence in each other, knowing each other’s abilities. Today is Kirby’s day number 300 here on the job and we have no pitch-and-catch combo YET. WTF Kirby ? Want to gag me Kirby ? Think you can DUCK this question too Kirby ? How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know who your pitch-and-catch combo is ? WTF have you been doing Kirby ?

Doesn’t the head coach determine WHOM it is he is STARTING at EVERY POSITION ?


Isn’t it the head coach who says this is basically the framework you are working within on offense, defense and special teams ?


You can not DENY that Kirby 100 % said prior to the Vandie game that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball” and that SINCE that is ALL Kirby has allowed Jim Chaney to do – run the ball until such time as it is proven to Kirby that that is not going to work, which has been AFTER the games have been LOST and he is DESPERATE.


Then, he goes 100 % the other way.  Jim Chaney I want you to NEVER run another run all game.  Pass every down.


LOOK GOD DAMN IT.  There is not one single God Damn Offensive Coordinator in the history of the God Damn Game that calls play calls like that WITHOUT Kirby calling the shots for him.


Kirby doesn’t know WTF he is doing on Offense, Special Teams or talent evaluation determination to quickly decide at positions of need who might or might not be of any help to his coordinators.


I know Kirby after a defensive series is over, has been telling Jim Chaney what he wants HIM to do now that the defense is coming off the field.  Whom to play.  Whom to NOT play.  What play calls he wants.  This is NO DIFFRENT from last year with Mark Richt who did the same God Damn thing to Brian Schottenheimer.  Here are your guys to play here don’t play these guys and oh by the way here is my philosophy on offensive play calls.  Here we are running this basic set.  Don’t call these type plays.  Don’t do this on first down.  Do this.  Do this because fewer bad things happen when you run.


Why do you think that Jim Chaney huddled the guys on offense.  Because Kirby did NOT tell Jim Chaney what he insisted that they do do ?


I am not stupid.


Kirby is a Defensive Coordinator.  It is only common sense that Kirby would be found in the Defensive Huddle after a series to talk with them about what it was HE JUST SAW on defense.


Can he be there and in the Offensive Huddle ?


Frankly, I question if Kirby hasn’t ALREADY meddled too much in the Offensive Play Calls TELLING  Jim Chaney that he MUST RUN the ball up the gut.


Kirby doesn’t give a SHIT if we don’t have the personnel to do that, or if we TELEGRAPH that by Kirby’s stubbornness on this topic of his ongoing continuing saga of TELLING EVERYONE that he Kirby wants to IMPOSE HIS WILL on the opposing defense by running the ball.


Kirby knows this helps his defense.


It does.


It’s a fact.




Disregarding that he doesn’t have the personnel to IMPOSE HIS WILL against opposing defenses by running up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down putting us in 3rd and long and then 4th and long DESPERATE still going for it.




Yes Jim Chaney SUCKS.


I said in Game 1 that Jim Chaney needed to be FIRED and in fact intimated that in the Spring when Jim Chaney did NOT insist on Jacob Eason taking all the snaps with the # 1 unit so that November NOW we have a well-oiled offense.


I called for Del McGee to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator.


But let’s be honest here :

(1)Kirby decides who starts and who does NOT

(2)Kirby decides the framework for Defense Offense and Special teams.


It is KIRBY who tells Jim Chaney no you can not have ANY of the freshmen OL this year.  No you can not have Mecole Hardman Jr. spread out wide on offense – I want him to learn the defensive back position first and when he has done that, then maybe.  No I am not moving any of the logjam at tight end to spread any of them out wide.  Here Jim Chaney I give you Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to help the offense.  Here Shane Beamer I give you Isaiah McKenzie to help the special teams.  These are ALL Kirby’s calls.


Kirby will not let you find out this from ANY of his coordinators because well they are GAGGED.  Gag Order all assistants and all coordinators.


No discussion.


Gag Order all freshmen.


Gag order the damn press – he tried that stranglehold too on even the press y’all.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams no you can NOT have Elijah Holyfield or Brian Herrien.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams, here is your damn kicker.  No that was a mistake.  Hold on.  Now, here is your kicker.  Bench the other guy I told you to use.  Never use him EVER again for anything.


And oh yeah do NOT use Mitchell Wasson on special teams for ANY damn reason.


And it is ONLY KIRBY too who ONLY tells Mel Tucker play these guys, here now, put this guy in for a play.  Now, take this guy out.  Here generally I want this guy to get 80 % of the snaps and here take these other 2 and give them the other 20%.


He does the same to Jim Chaney.  No to this guy.  Yes to this guy.  Here play all 5 of these tight ends.  Give each a start.  Swap them in and out willy-nilly throughout the game, never mind who might be hot.  But for heaven’s sake, no Jim Chaney, do NOT move 1 of the 5 logjam there to ANY other position.  No.


You don’t understand Kirby and are a dumbass if you can not see ALL THIS.




We have 85 scholarship players.


How can there be no one whom Kirby has allowed our Starting Quarterback to have to throw to as his pitch-and-catch combo yet in 300 days now ?


Kirby ?


Hello ?




Kirby you are NOT looking for what is NOT there.  You are CHOOSING among the 85 Scholarship players for one guy who can CATCH the God Damn Football Kirby.


Day 300.


Hello Kirby ?


Who is the guy who is BEST of the 85 Scholarship Players to play receiver ?


Figure it out Kirby.


Or give up the job of head coach.  I know now why you categorically allowed Nick Saban to have Jeremy Pruitt.


Because by God Jeremy Friqin’ Pruitt would have GONE TO THE GOD DAMN PRESS and told them – here is what I feel about the receiver position for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2016 season.


He is so pissed-off at such dumbass decisions by the prior dysfunctional staff that no one dares ask him about this now.


Good move Kirby.


Like your gagging of all freshmen is a good move Kirby.


Can you IMAGINE what Jeremy Pruitt or the freshmen might actually say ?


I sure as hell can.


When Kirby ?


Thought about Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby ?


How about the glut of tight ends Kirby ?


Considered spreading-out wide Charlie Woerner yet Kirby Day 300 ?


Thought about at all getting Isaac Nauta also ASSURED an NFL Draft Pick 1st Round not next year but the year after out wide Kirby ?


God damn it Kirby do something.




Shit put Elijah Holyfield out wide.


In 300 days someone in our football program knows who the pitch-and-catch combo is for this team.




Go-To Receiver ?  Hell we don’t even have one the QB has even practiced with much.


Kirby a balanced offense is one with THREATS out wide and blocking for the run.


Instead you have YET to play ANY of your offensive line you recruited standing-pat with a bunch who do NOT get the job done for 300 days.


You wrote this season off Kirby before it EVER started.


You made ZERO effort Kirby.




What happened with that ?  What did they SEND their representative to you to TELL YOU Kirby ?  You know ?  When EVERY player on the team said that you Kirby can not be in your own God Damn Locker Room ?


What was their collective statement to the cough cough head coach when EVERY player on the team said Kirby go F yourself.  We want to meet WITHOUT you in the room Kirby.


How about some of these myriad of guys you trot out there every game at receiver Kirby ?


Can’t figure out who is our pitch-and-catch combo in 300 days Kirby ?


When did you plan on having a # 1 receiver in practice every day Kirby practicing with your # 1 Quarterback getting their tendencies down, their timing down, their familiarity with each other, their confidence in each other, their THREAT to opposing defenses Kirby ?


Day 301 ?


Day 302 ?


Never ?


Just keep sending 3 different guys out there every set at receiver.


None of whom have practiced with the # 1 unit one iota.


This is getting REALLY old now Kirby.


You truly do not know.  Do you Kirby ?  Go ahead.  Tell us ?  Who is your choice at receiver Kirby ?


Silence is deafening.


Day 300.  No idea who Jacob Eason should throw to.  Er uh.  I dunno.  No you can’t ask any of my coordinators – they’re all idiots morons or little children.  My assistants ?  Go F yourself.


Can you ask the players ?


The players have no say about who it is who is supposed to be someone Jacob Eason can or can not throw to.


No you can’t ask the players.


That is the coaches’ decision.


We’ll decide.


Next question please ?


No you WILL NOT decide who your pitch-and-catch combo is Kirby – you God Damn LIAR – not by day 300 anyway.  Too much to ask.


Too many other MORE IMPORTANT decisions than that.


Why are you still talking about Florida ?  Today is Tuesday.  MY POLICY is 24-hour rule.


Kirby did you realize that every head coach you have faced, every single one, has figured this out ?


That YOU do not know who your receiver is for your # 1 Quarterback in the Nation and ASSURED NFL Draft Pick 1st Round NFL Draft not next year but the one after that to throw to.




Really really really old Kirby day 300.




You know what I would have done Day 1 Spring Practice Kirby ?


Put Mecole Hardman Jr. the # 1 Athlete in the nation out there at Wide Receiver and bookended him with Sony Michel on the other side as soon as his broken arm from horsing around on a dangerous ATV July 4 finally healed.


I also would have STARTED Brian Herrien at TB Day 1 of Practice.  Instead, you went into the season with 2 broken-down running backs both INJURED and disregarded your pitch-and-catch combo totally Kirby.


All year long.


300 days and counting.


Not 1 day have you practiced your Starting Quarterback with your Starting Wide Out.


Not one Kirby.


Quit meddling in the offense Kirby.


You know about as much about OFFENSE as you do SPECIAL TEAMS or TALENT EVALUATION to figure-out by day 300 now Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo for 2016 is Kirby.


Which is NOT a God Damn Thing about ANY of these 3 areas.


Should Kirby be more involved in the offense?


He’s been WAY TOO INVOLVED IN the offense already up until NOW.  That’s the Fing problem.


If Kirby would step back maybe the guys Kirby has us paying $ 20 million dollars a year coaching this team can figure-out amongst themselves who the hell should be our pitch-and-catch combo after 300 days coaching them to NOT KNOW.


What a freaking waste of money 2016 on a “coaching staff.”


Who the HELL EVER heard of a team where only 5 guys are allowed to speak.  One for the all the coaches ONLY Kirby.  And 4 for the players all whom sound pretty God Damn STUPID Kirby not having a clue what the hell you’re doing EITHER.


Oh that is a coach’s decision.


Gag him for THAT Kirby ?



Last we hear from him too ?


Want to try to gag me Kirby ?


How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know even who the Hell your God Damn Friqin’ pitch-and-catch combo is yet ?


WTF are you doing Kirby ?


Do you listen Kirby when your players tell the press when THEY ASK THEM that it was the coach’s decision ?


Yet every other coach we face – ALL -every one – know you do NOT know Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo is.  This is what they are challenging YOU to do Kirby.  Hello ?  Is anyone home who gives a shit ?  THIS is YOUR JOB KIRBY.  We offered you $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives this year 2016 Kirby to DECIDE THIS and you have WHIFFED on it.


The BODY LANGUAGE of this football team and all its coaches is as bad as it has EVER been.


Why do you think that the players held a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING just last week ?


Because they LOVE what Kirby is doing ?


Is that what you thought that meant ?


Or, are you trying to IGNORE that ?


Kirby tell me about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING last week ?  “I am NOT desperate,” Kirby replied to the press to ANSWER that question.


To wit I replied oh God Oh NO !  Don’t tell ME that Kirby.  THAT means you are STILL going to TRY to run until they prove to you that you can NOT impose your Will upon them Running Kirby.  We are DOOMED I replied all week last week after the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING.


I have called since for Kirby to tell us what the hell it was the players DID SAY TO HIIM when they BANNED Kirby from the locker room – that the players OBVIOUSLY came-up with SOMETHING they would TELL THE COACHES it was all about – what their GRIEVANCES are.


Clearly the players are NOT HAPPY Kirby.


The OFFENSE and the SPECIAL TEAMS failed to show-up Saturday Kirby vs. our # 1 Rival.  NO-SHOWS both offense and special teams – totally.




I am subject to NO DAMN 24-HOUR RULE Kirby.  Get the hell off your God Damn high-horse on that Kirby.  STFU about 24-hour rule and ANSWER the freaking question for a change.


I haven’t seen the tape yet.


Yes we reviewed the tape yesterday.  We’re not talking about Florida.  24-hour rule.  Let’s talk about Kentucky.


THIS entire season is UNACCEPTABLE Kirby, sir.




Nothing could be worse than instead of finding a pitch-and-catch combo to open-up the running game with Jacob Eason in the gun, that Kirby IS NOT DESPERATE I said all week last week.


That that his reply to the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the press pressed him about.


I am so tired of your bullshit with the press Kirby.


4 losses the last 5 games Kirby.  2-4 in The SEC and Kentucky favored ?  Kentucky ?  And you’re NOT DESPERATE Kirby ?  WTF makes you desperate then if NOT THIS Kirby ?


If NOT NOW –  when Kirby will you be DESPERATE sir ?


I saw you grinding your teeth at halftime Kirby, gnashing your teeth sir.


It’s bad.


Players only meeting ?  Nah I’m not desperate.  We’re not desperate.  Everything is hunky-dory. Fine and Dandy.  No problems.  We’re doing well.  Not desperate.  Not us.  Hell no.


Every player and every coach Kirby included knows that all we fans and press and the world over know too that we do not have a pitch-and-catch THREAT.


WTF are we doing on Offense ?


WTF Kirby ?



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