Suboptimization. What is it ? Is it a management principle taught by The Terry College of Business The University of Georgia ?

The most common mistake made by a new manager in any endeavor when the individual is promoted from a lower position to being in charge of all aspects of an organization when that person never has been in charge of everything before is to TRY TO DO TOO MUCH DETAIL in a department of that organization Kirby.

You are trying to do too much in too many areas Kirby.  You and anyone else in your boat would be overwhelmed trying to do that Kirby.

With only 1 year as an assistant on the offensive side of the ball Kirby you should have STAYED-OUT of the offense completely entirely.  You have accomplished NOTHING with your 2016 season because you did not manage the organization but instead managed every small minor detail of EVERY part of the team.  Including areas you have not been prepared to be in charge of.  How are you going to help the offense Kirby ?  Well give them the tools to do their job on Offense and ask them what they need.

Suboptimization is when you optimize one aspect of an organization to the detriment of the entire organization as a whole.

Management Principles 101.

A manager MUST manage the entire organization not the minor details of EVERY part thereof.

You should have stepped-back Kirby and not put all the focus for January February March April May June July August and yes Kirby you still were telling the press you did not know who was your QB in September.  September 5 and September 6 Kirby you had Greyson Lambert taking the snaps with the # 1 unit STILL.

You did that Kirby.

You have tried as many new managers do – common mistake Kirby – to try to manage a department of the program.

By doing so, you missed the big picture Kirby.  We have glaring holes.  You wasted every press conference answering God Damn questions about the freaking quarterback.  You got mad about it Kirby.

You have wasted valuable time managing this team Kirby when you could have been working on the big problems and thereby better preparing our team for the long 2016 season.

Now here we are November and you’re still trying to manage departments not the team.


Step back.

See the big picture.

If you don’t trust your coaches you put in charge of the offense, why hire them ?  They were all your personal hires Kirby.  None can talk ?  They are in charge of for example the offense Kirby ?  How can a guy be in charge of the offense and not answer the questions about the offense – just only you can Kirby.

You have made the focus of this team from January 12 to September 5 and really in the Nicholls State game you still took Jacob Eason out benched him and put in Greyson Lambert AGAIN Kirby.  That was YOU.  That was not Jim Chaney.

The idea Kirby is NOT to suboptimize but to do what is best for the team overall.

I am hoping that you learn this lesson for 2017.

I am very disappointed in you Kirby.  The OC comes to you and says my QB is Jacob Eason.  If he doesn’t he needs to be FIRED.  And if the head coach is NOT ALLOWING Jim Chaney to tell you who he sees as the best QB, then Kirby you need to learn to let your dept heads to manage their department.


Our offense has been behind from January 12 Kirby and all you have done is to hold it back further.  Now here we are November and our offense is so far behind EVERY TEAM we play that the team as a whole can not even function any longer.


Players Only Meeting Kirby ?





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