If Kirby wins every game to end this season and loses 4 games again next year too – that will be 40 losses after 2007 for us. How is this any different than Mark Richt please Greg McGarity ?

If Kirby loses 4 games again next year – that would be 40 losses our last 10 years.  I don’t see any difference with Kirby than Mark Richt.  I would hope that we can aspire to more than this.


In fact I am quite certain folks would point to the coaching staffs these latest 2 UGA coaches hired as to why we are so damn mediocre.


How mediocre are we ?  We’re  unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 in now 5 of the latest 9 years now that we can’t be for 2016 season either and still averaging 4 losses a year for 9 years now.  We still can not beat the top teams and we still lose to unranked teams.  We fail to show-up for games.  We are poorly coached and we make really stubborn decisions with roster management and are clueless on in-game adjustments.


We are also very slow at figuring-out who our starting QB is and slow to prepare our quarterbacks.  We act like we can wait until 2 weeks after the season already began before we even begin to practice the QB with the WR for the season.  And wonder why we have no timing-down November now.  We never have identified our WR.


We were stuck on the OL as Kirby rightfully identified the day he showed-up but he hasn’t let his freshmen there see if they could do any worse than the ones he is loyal to.  In fact he sends them out there tired as well.  So not only are NONE of his freshmen OL of ANY help at all they can not even give the guys who play like shit a blow.


That’s how badly mangled this roster mismanagement has been for 2016.  All because Kirby hates on freshmen.  It is THE STORY of this 2016 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Season.


It’s great that we got Jake Fromm but honestly I am quite certain that Kirby will redshirt him then work him in some the year after next which is the year Jacob Eason leaves.  Where is the receiver to catch his balls either ?  Jake Fromm is very accurate.  I have watched the kid all his life.

The JAKE-and-JAKE Show.

I guess we will give Brian Herrien more than 2 carries against Florida next year.


Throw the football to Mecole Hardman Jr. before his entire freshmen year is wasted, please.


I know as a fan that this is frustrating seeing all this talent wasted.




What are we doing on offense ?


Jacob Eason has been very good.


Jacob Eason next year still has no OL and no WR.  And no OC.


The year after next is Jacob Eason’s last year here.


I think it is Brian Herrien’s last year here too and Ben Cleveland’s and Isaac Nauta’s and maybe Mecole Hardman Jr.’s too.  Along with Jacob Eason’s last year here.  These are NFL players.  Julian Rochester too.  Charlie Woerner leaves early after year after next too.  Michail Carter as well.  David Marshall.  Tyler Clark. Elijah Holyfield.  We barely played any of them and only kicking and screaming dragging his feet all the way did Kirby finally relent and give the # 1 snaps to Jacob Eason AFTER the 1st two games this season.  I thought his success would open Kirby’s eyes on the rest of these guys.




This is a frustrating year AGAIN for me.


I tag 11 of Kirby’s 2016 freshmen as NFL players and their freshmen years were every one wasted – not prepared – not handed the opportunity which our returning 2-Deep made very clear they had to be handed.


How can you have 11 freshmen 2016 who play in the NFL and drag your feet about their playing time and practice time with the # 1 unit ?


When we watch THEM TOO in the NFL are we to say again that what they did while they were here were lose 40 games in 10 years lose to all the top teams and sprinkled in losses to unranked teams every year too ?


Sure we will.


It is our legacy nowadays.


How long is Kirby going to be loyal to this fat-ass who the players had it OUT with yesterday Jim Chaney ?


This is and has been unacceptable.


If you expected to come in here and see me say how great we are because I WANT us to be I guess you’re just disappointed.


I know I am Kirby.