Jacob Eason 17 of 31 for 245 yards and a TD Pass. Sony Michel 19 carries for 127 yards and a TD. Javon Wims 5 catches for 90 yards. Isaac Nauta 3 catches for 47 yards. Kirby gets Win 27-24 on road. Deandre Baker with us losing 16-21 took their pass off their shoulder pads with 5 minutes on the clock. Mo Smith with their receiver wide-open 6 minutes to go just up and took the ball away. Kirby earns an A tonight Prime Time. # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer is Kirby’s 2017 Signing Class. Saturday we host Auburn who is Top 10.

That was a great interview by Rodrigo Blankenship after the game Prime Time.  Rodrigo is very well spoken.  He also said what he saw and has seen which I thought was very good as well.  When you are articulate you don’t have to have perspective as well, but Rodrigo Blankenship does.


We’ve been behind in every game now.


Jacob Eason is calm and cool under pressure in the bright lights.


Kirby and Rodrigo are both right about that. So is Jessie Palmer.


Jessie Palmer is a smart guy and he too has Rodrigo Blankenship’s perspective as well.  I have learned to enjoy Jessie’s insights as a very knowledgeable color commentator.   He is right.  He remains right.  He has 2 degrees from Florida and could be doing anything he wanted to do.  He was not all that great a QB but he made some monies in the NFL and parlayed that into his job.  There are quite a few very good announcers nowadays after a bunch of old folks give-up the job who TALK WELL but don’t know jack about football.


Jessie Palmer is good.  Despite playing back-up QB for Steve Spurrier at Florida, I really like Jessie Palmer’s calls.


He does not aggravate me.  He is not partial.  Jessie Palmer is a likable professional announcer with insightful quick technical spot-on analysis.  I did not think I would think much of him.  He has proven he is as good as it gets in the industry.


Freshman Sensation Julian Rochester had 8 tackles forced a fumble and had half our sacks.


Freshman Sensation David Marshall whom Kirby stole from Alabama at the last moment had the other sack and 4 tackles.


Freshman Sensation Tyler Clark had a tackle behind the line of scrimmage for us in Prime Time tonight.


Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to louse-up the game tonight Prime Time.  They punted and he let it hit at the 28-yard line.  He let it roll to our 3-yard line.  That gave KY a short field after our punt and they scored.


Then he had the 3rd down pass on Jacob Eason’s great throw and ran backwards to take us out of 1st Down and make Kirby kick the field goal.


Then he fumbled the punt.  This is what he does.  He fails to use his hands.  It rolled off his jersey.   He has BAD HANDS.  I am tired of us ONLY playing Isaiah McKenzie like he is our ONLY PLAYER.   Of course they scored ALSO on that Isaiah McKenzie punt FUMBLE again by him as he is so apt to do.


All night long Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to lose the game for us.  I’m over him.  I’ve been over him.



I felt that our freshmen comported themselves well tonight on Prime Time. Cardiac kids.


I felt Kirby called a critical time-out at 4 minute mark on Defense to hold KY to field goal.   That was excellent.  I am certain there are those who would criticize Kirby on that.  It won the game for us.  He had an answer.


Then, Jacob Eason inevitably takes us down the field and Rodrigo Blankenship makes his 4th field goal on 4 tries as the clock expires.


Jacob Eason scored 11 points in the 4th Quarter. Behind every game all year long frankly Jacob Eason has it.


Kirby had gone for 2 up 22-21 with 9 minutes 13 seconds on the clock. Again I am sure there are those who would criticize this as well.  But Kirby knew the 9 minutes 13 seconds would go away in a heartbeat.  Both teams were running the ball.  It was time to go for 2 despite the clock.


So Kirby gets the needed Win 27-24 on road.


Kirby is also # 3 nationally in recruiting 2017 as his freshmen came up big tonight.  We’ve never had a recruiting class as great as Kirby’s 2017 class.  It is really that good.  # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer.  Why is this so important ?


First Time Players for Kirby 2016 : Jacob Eason is our Starting Quarterback frosh.  Isaac Nauta is our Starting Tight End frosh.  Julian Rochester is our Starting Defensive End frosh.  Marshall Long is our Starting Punter frosh.  Charlie Woerner has had several Starts at Tight End frosh.  David Marshall is our Starting Outside Linebacker frosh.  Tyler Catalina graduate transfer Starting OL. Mo Smith Starting Defensive Back graduate transfer. Javon Wims is our Starting Wide Receiver Kirby picked-up from JUCO route.  9




11-6-2016  Fall Clocks back

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