Auburn # 8 in both Polls and # 9 in the College Football Play-Off Poll lost by 2 field goals to # 2 Clemson and lost by less than 2 TD to Top 10 AP Poll Texas A&M. This is what it’s all about. Georgia-Auburn. We have them HERE at our house. Can we ruin their season in the Major College Football’s Oldest Rivalry in The South – Oldest Rivalry in the Eastern United States – Oldest Rivalry in The Deep South ? I say yes. Rodrigo Interview on SEC Network he said Jacob Eason is our future.

Growing-up I had long considered Auburn our # 1 Rival.  Georgie tek yellowjackets weren’t any good and still aren’t and Florida wasn’t any good but that was back then and now they’ve supplanted Auburn as our # 1 Rival.


Still this is our # 2 Rival by a long shot.


The game doesn’t get any bigger for both sides than Saturday ‘Tween The Hedges.


Some call it the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry but that does this game injustice as the other teams in what they call the South’s Oldest Rivalry are not, were not and never will be Georgia-Auburn.


2 storied programs of The SEC this game matches up great talent the nation watching.


Georgia the dog as Auburn beat Ole Miss and Vanderbilt – both of whom we lost to.  But this game is not about Ole Miss or Vandie because we should not have lost either of those 2 or Florida or vols.  This game is about Georgia-Auburn.  Auburn is picked by 10 points to beat Georgia.  We can beat Auburn.  We truly can.  If Auburn thinks this is an easy win then that is good for us.  They’re innovative and we’re predictable.


Of course there is no reason to be predictable when you have Jacob Eason.  They challenged Kirby to find receivers and he chose Javon Wims.  That will make some of the others we have less timid such as Terry Godwin.  Auburn wanted Terry Godwin.  So do we.  If Terry Godwin would play all-out the job would have been his.  It still might be.  If he plays harder.  And we can throw to Isaac Nauta.  He runs mean routes and as roommate of Jacob Eason they might actually have their timing down too.  Folks will be throwing to Isaac Nauta for the next 2 decades in the NFL.


Kirby also has responded with 9 players now he is Starting who certainly never played here before 2016.  No sense complaining he did not do that before now.  He did it.  This is where we are now with 9 players Starting who never stepped ‘Tween The Hedges before this year.


I’d still like to see us throw to Mecole Hardman Jr. and to use him on Punt Returns and Kick-Off Returns.


This season is not all lost.  Not if we can beat Auburn.  That is all that matters now.  Beat Auburn.


56-55-5 Georgia owns the top record in The South’s Oldest Rivalry.


This is The South.


I have no idea what The Deep South is.


You go any farther South than Georgia-Auburn then you’re headed really North.


And the farther South you go then the farther North you find yourself.


Until you get to Miami and then you run out of Land.  Miami is not The South.  All Yankees down there.  And Cubans.  Not Southerners.


Deep South ?


We’ve been playing Auburn since 1892.


In 1896 Pop Warner Georgia Bulldogs’ Coach beat Auburn and went undefeated.


Auburn would not have a football team were it not for our recruits here in this great state – The Empire State of The South.  Note it does not say Deep South.


THIS is The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football.  In fact THIS is The Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football in all of the Eastern United States.


Virginia-North Carolina, also started 1892, same as Georgia-Auburn.  Virginia is # 52 all-time in most college football wins and North Carolina is # 41.  Do not begin to tell me that game is any comparison with this.


Georgie tek yellowjackets are # 24, Auburn # 19 and The University of Georgia # 11 All-Time in Major College Football Wins.

Wisconsin is # 45 and Minnesota # 42 all-time in college football wins.  They started playing in 1890, 2 years’ prior to both Georgia-Auburn and Virginia-North Carolina.

Wisconsin-Minnesota never has been a game anyone cares about either, the same as Virginia-North Carolina.

For these games we call this game the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry ?


Major College Football – it’s the oldest rivalry in the Eastern United States and it’s the oldest rivalry in The South.


Beat Auburn !


U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges 2017 :

# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 35 Georgia Institute of Technology

# 56 University of Georgia

# 92 Florida State University

# 99 Auburn University


I say take the points.  I say we can win.  Can Kirby win ?  Does he need to win ?  Do we need to win ?  Kirby has certainly responded to these posts on this blog and put-in his new guard he brought with him here 2016 Starting 9 now against Kentucky who never played before 10 if you included Goggles Man Rodrigo Blankenship who doesn’t sound Latino to me.   That’s a great name Rodrigo.  I like it.  Kick-Off a little deeper please Rodrigo spokesman for our football team and future Announcer.



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Thank you Rodrigo – now beat Auburn !