A poster posted here now : “9-11 wins with regular defeats of our rivals and 15 straight bowl games is looking pretty good right about now… isn’t it?” Uh no. That is why he was FIRED. Because he would’ve lost to North Carolina too this year and he would’ve lost to Kentucky. And playing far weaker opponents he has no better record. As well he isn’t recruiting anywhere near as well as Kirby. Look dimwits Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here vs. top 15 teams and that just doesn’t cut it at # 45 nationally at that with average # 7 recruiting rankings. You think now is the time to say this mediocrity for 8 years worth proximately causing his own FIRING is somehow preferred right about now ? How about NO it is NOT the right timing. Look I am glad Mark Richt is gone. Or somehow did you think that I didn’t spearhead running him out of town on a rail ?

Good riddance.  Addition by subtraction.  You’re making believe Mark Richt was great.  We could call you the Pittsburgh Steelers – stealing your love of Mark Richt by firing him – thus ending your Love-Fest of Mark Richt lousy loser he was for 8 excruciating years.  We both know the score.





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( https://youtu.be/eiCCeS0W2_A )


He would’ve lost to North Carolina.  He would’ve lost to Kentucky.  He’s playing a far easier schedule and doing no better than Kirby.  And he’s recruiting a lot worse.  You’re just making believe he was great.


I don’t know how Kirby is going to do after his rocky start but I certainly know that Mark Richt wasn’t the answer.


Nor were “fans” like you the answer saying as you HAVE HERE that you DON’T GO TO THE GAMES and NEVER HAVE.  But somehow Mark Richt was our Savior.  No he wasn’t.  And neither are you.




What a joke of a name : DawgFaithful.  You are anything but.


You remain NOTHING but a Mark Richt Apologist and take comfort amongst yourselves right now that somehow Kirby stubbing his toe too makes Mark Richt great.




You told me you’re a Miami of Florida Hurricane fan now.  You said you put a bumper sticker on your truck for Miami now.


Have at it.


You even said that you did not know what to do anymore that you didn’t even want to root for us anymore.


I know you don’t want to hear it but NO we don’t wish we had Mark Richt back.  He’s gone and in my mind so too are you therewith.


Making believe is all you can do.    Heaven is just a win away.   Making believe – what else can you do ?  Mark Richt would have NEVER beat Auburn this week and you know it.   Making believe that you never lost him.  My plans for the future will never come true with him.  Follow your arrow right out of town with him.  He was nothing for 8 years.  Standing by your man now just makes it all the more clear you never were one of us.


73-32 is not 9-11 wins the last 8 years.  It is 9-4.  He went 6-7 in 2010 losing the Liberty Bowl to U.C.F. 6-10 while losing to Auburn and Florida and Colorado who went 5-7 themselves firing their coach while losing also to Missy State Arkansas and losing to South Carolina.


Making believe that that is somehow acceptable striking while the iron is hot right now doesn’t serve you or him well.  Now does it ?  He wasn’t heaven now was he ?


Kirby most definitely has his back up against the wall of that there is no doubt either.  He must win against Auburn.  He was less than testy on the noon interview on AM680 The Fan Buck Belue yesterday.  Kirby said all the right coach speak.  Kirby has now Started against Kentucky ten (10) Players who never played for Mark Richt already this season.  From my standpoint and per my prediction Signing Date, there are more coming who will Start.  Can Kirby beat Auburn ?


Sure Kirby can beat Auburn.  Mark Richt never would have and you know it.


Anyone would have been an improvement on what we have endured the 8 previous seasons of Mark Richt.  Impossible to not be.


Inevitably Mark Richt would’ve lost Saturday to Auburn and you know it.  Kirby ?


Take the points.