Kirby # 74 in fewest penalties per game. # 94 in Fumbles per game. # 122 in Kick-Off Return Defense. # 112 in Net Punting. # 19 in number of passes thrown for an Interception. # 69 in Punt Returns. # 70 in Sacks of our QB allowed. # 113 in us tackling our opponents behind the line of scrimmage. Rodrigo Blankenship # 9 nation Field Goal Percentage 90%. What is the mandate ? What is any mandate ?

Unfortunately across the board in every aspect of Kirby’s team we’ve got a lot of work to do.


What is the mandate ?


Kirby has to coach better and his coaching staff has to coach better.  Not some of them.  All of them.  They are failing to take advantage of talents we do have.


What is any mandate ?


That what is transpiring is fine and dandy ?


Or that we demand change ?


As for xenophobic whining by those who have run down our great nation there is no medical condition known as xenophobia.  If you think your neighbors are not sending their monies made here in America back to their home country while not paying taxes on their incomes here you’re naïve.  If you think that Americans are not targets worldwide you’re not observant about the world around you.  We should not police the world nor should that be our goal.  We owe the world nothing simply because we’re Americans.  While half of Americans are on the dole the other half have a job are working and are paying for it.


We need a fair shake.


Taking pride in our own great nation and our peoples which is a melting pot we’re all proud of does not mean that we have to allow unfairness by 2 specific groups taking advantage of us and attacking our way of life and our peoples. We’re a stronger nation because we do truly love all nations and the people of all nations.  Some of us just look around and see what is for what it is.  Others think that is wrong.


Instead of feeling disenfranchised by President Donald Trump being elected President how about you do some self-alert awareness of the wishes of the nation where you live ?


I do believe we spoke.


You tried to make this election about anything but that which was his message and our mandate we sent him to Washington with.


No.  It has NOTHING to do with all the criticism of President Donald Trump.  It’s the economy stupid.


If you are an unlicensed driver who buys only insurance while earning an income here too while not paying taxes on your income excuse me you’re a drain on America.


Every day of the year groups of 4 or more Americans are attacked with intent to kill us.  Where have you been ?


Are you that out-of-touch that I have to tell you this ?


Excuse me but I stayed-up last night until 2:44 a.m. because I loved the mandate we gave to Washington to fix this.


And I don’t care what terms you try to label us to somehow think you’re going to continue down these same 2 roads.


You have no perspective of our great nation.  You should go live overseas for 3 years.  Maybe then you would have proper perspective. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


It’s fine for other nations to ALL every single one of them to take national pride themselves but heaven forbid we do as well.


We must prudently protect ourselves.  We are under attack more than once a day in groups of 4 or more of us.  And we can’t give everything to everyone who thinks they’re entitled to it because someone else has a job is working and can pay everyone else’s way in life.  That should not be our goal.  It sends all the wrong message about hard work.




More than anything Hillary losing an election where she was the only woman who could possibly have run and lost in fact is a mandate for change.


Instead of calling us names realize that we’ve got to change.  To that end you lost.  You shall not force your agenda on the rest of us because you think it makes you more popular to do so.


We’re all foreigners here in America and whether Kirby is one of us or not he has to bring about change.  What we’ve been doing as a country and as a football program has been an utter failure.


The only question is whether or not we’re going to be stupid or not.  Or instead whether we’re going to send the mandate that change is required.  We can’t continue this as a nation or as a football program.  It’s not working.  Fix it.  That is what a mandate is.



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