We were LOUD. Having the game at Home was HUGE tonight Prime Time. Well I nailed that one. Under a full moon Kirby gets HUGE WIN over Top 10 team # 8 Auburn who throws PICK-6 to Mo Smith and our secret weapon Rodrigo Blankenship provides the difference in the game 13-7 making 2 of 3 field goals. 7 possessions for Auburn entire 2nd half of the game and not one 1st Down. How about that defense ?

Jacob Eason was awesome tonight 20 of 31 passing for 208 yards and no interceptions AGAIN while Auburn’s QB was 6 of 20 for 27 yards and a PICK-6.


Auburn 7-2 on the season with only 1 SEC loss coming in 5-1 SEC runs into buzz saw as Kirby shut them down.


Nick Chubb ended with 101 yards rushing.

Rodrigo Blankenship kicked-off twice 6-yards deep. That works.

On the other side of the coin Isaiah McKenzie had another off night. He got bailed-out by the refs who did not have one of their better nights on a punt where he turned sideways on his own and again flailed-away with this arms at the ball fumbling it only to be bailed-out by the refs who said he was interfered with. He might have been but it was still a HORRIBLE PLAY by him and what I have come to expect from him on Punts to him. Earlier several times he let punts hit and roll 20-yards and lose field position in a field position game.


Terry Godwin too screwed-up. One of the nation’s Elite Quarterbacks in terms of Interceptions not thrown Jacob Eason was doing great. We were in the Red Zone. We’re ready to score and we get cute. Terry Godwin floated a pass to no one but Auburn in the end zone which they converted to 7 points.  If it were not for that play we shut them out 13-0 or even 20 to nothing.


Their only 7 points.


6-4 on the season now we have wins over North Carolina Top 25 team and Auburn Top 10 team.




Malkom Parrish caught a punt at the 2-yard line. That was a great play.


The game started-out with a missed call by the refs. Nick Chubb was out of bounds for 3 seconds and 6 yards when he got tackled again and no call to set the tone and get me into the game.  I wanted this game.


Then we all stood-up and booed for a good ten or fifteen minutes at the refs when they man-handled Riley Ridley on a sure TD Pass only to have no call. He called for it. We called for it. The refs stood there all of them and saw him get wrapped-up and tackled at the goal line without any flag.


It might have been a Prime Time Game on TV but all of us at the game hated these Officials. We took the game over in the stands. We felt we had to. We came up big in the stands and helped us to the win tonight.


All of the mauling of our players all night long by Auburn and when Jacob Eason hit Javon Wims at the 16-yard line they called that back too on a holding call by Tyler Catalina. That had nothing to do with the play.


In keeping with us being behind every game, we were again this night.


Then Isaiah McKenzie had a pass right to him. He let it bounce off of him. Drop. 3rd and 10 hit him right in the hands.


Then a punt to Isaiah McKenzie at the 38-yard line and he lets it hit and roll all the way down to the 21-yard line. Another 17-yards of field position just wasted.


Get someone else back there returning punts Kirby.


Kirby did put Mecole Hardman Jr. back there returning Kick-Offs. Game 10.


Game 10.


Come on Kirby. You’re quicker than that.


We had lots of penalties again.


We take a 2-game lead over Auburn in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry now.


Kirby beat a Top 10 team. Huge.


15 extra practices. All December. The recruits get to come watch us practice. If Kirby lets anyone watch any practices.


I saw Dancing with the Stars Phenom Hines Ward on the sidelines today. He even pranced-around on the field in front of all of us. Kirby hugged him. He hasn’t hired him yet but he should have.


Game Ball ?


Defense A+

Mo Smith A+

Trenton Thompson A+

Malkom Parrish A+

Jacob Eason A+

Nick Chubb A+

Sony Michel A+

Roquan Smith A+

Jonathan Ledbetter A+

Reggie Carter A+

Davin Bellamy A+

Riley Ridley A+

Isaac Nauta A+

Javon Wims A+


Special Teams A+


We got after Auburn tonight.


A+ for Kirby for having his men ready to play this night.


It worked-out well that the refs were so horrible all night long tonight. Those guys need to be FIRED. It fired me up I know that. It fired us all up tonight. We were the 12th man tonight and had our guys’ backs.


We made tackles behind the line of scrimmage tonight.


We did everything I said we could and should.


Kirby even put in Brian Herrien.


I have no idea what dumbass Gary Danielson said but I know this we manhandled Auburn and despite the refs beat the shit out of Auburn the entire second half.


We rammed the ball right down their throats all night long.


We Won.


Kirby beat a Top 10 team.






20 of 31 for 208 yards True Frosh Freshman All-America Jacob Eason Georgia Bulldogs UGA beating Top 25 team North Carolina and Top 10 team Auburn both in come-from-behind fashion. On the winning drive Jacob Eason completed 7 of 8 passes with the score knotted 7-7 to pull-out the win. Then kept hitting his receivers to play keep-away from Auburn. Auburn’s defense was worn-out by Jacob Eason who had the ball and kept the ball all night long.


Jacob Eason is doing so much better than y’all said he would.


We came to play and Jacob Eason brought his lunchpail. Kirby’s Defense brought its lunchpail. Kirby brought our team ready-to-play and hopefully this is the 1st of Many Wins over Top 10 Teams for Kirby.


Kirby’s really got some momentum now.


We out-rushed Auburn.

We out-passed Auburn.

We out-defensed Auburn.

We kicked their ass.


We had 40 minutes to their 20 minutes time of possession.


In 303 passes in 10 games Jacob Eason has only thrown 5 interceptions and 2 of those should have been caught by our wide receivers. 2000 yards passing on the season now so this was his average performance tonight which was just perfect for Jacob Eason. Awesome Job !


Freshman All-America Jacob Eason.


1st Team Freshman All-America Jacob Eason.


This will not get us ranked. But we haven’t been ranked in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll 4 of the last 8 years coming-in to this season. We can get to 9-wins 2016 season. We’ve averaged 9 wins and 4 losses for these last 8 years of Mark Richt who was FIRED for being 73-32 his last 8 years here.


And Mark Richt was not going to beat Auburn tonight. Mark Richt NEVER had a defense like we saw on this winning day against # 8 Auburn.


Our last 3 games before our Bowl Game hopefully against a ranked opponent for us now are all 3 at home. We’ve won 2 in a row. Next up noon Saturday and all 3 of our last 3 games are here at Sanford ‘Tween the Hedges.


None of us wanted to leave tonight.


Take that Gary Danielson.


Kirby A+ on the game.


Pittsburgh beat # 3 Clemson so they’re toast.


Georgia beat # 8 Auburn so they’re toast.




Simone Costa a sharpshooter from Lisbon keys Lady Bulldogs’ Opening Game WIN scoring double-digits in her first game with us including 3 of 3 from the free throw line and had 3 assists and a rebound and a steal in 26 minutes action.

The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time – opened our 2016-2017 season with a Win.


We did commit 17 turnovers which we will have to fix but overcame that with 53 impressive rebounds 26 on the offensive glass and 27 defensive glass.  This was mostly a result of poor shooting which has marked this team for years now.


Mackenzie Engram is our superstar and quite the doll.  She shot 7 of 12 from the field and added 7 rebounds 3 assists a block and a steal for 15 points to pace The Lady Bulldogs.


Pachis Roberts had 14 points 11 rebounds and was perfect from the free throw line making 4 of 4.


Halle Washington had 10 rebounds and was 4 of 6 from the charity stripe which is very good.


Shanea Armbrister added 10 rebounds.


Haley Clark added 9 points 2 assists and 2 steals.


So we go 6-deep and a solid effort from all 6.  We will have to have  a lot more help from the rest of the bench if we’re going to have a good season.


We didn’t really add what we needed to in the off-season.  We need at least 2 more top players to join-in to do well.


We’ll have to be more selective of our shots dishing the ball to the gals who can shoot.


We did allow an opponent to score 21 points on us.  We can’t let one player score 21 points.  We did not commit fouls and have to play tougher against opponents who have a top scorer.  Other than that it was a good defensive effort.


Caliya Robinson did not play.


All games are on TV at this URL Link.  We play next tomorrow Sunday at 2 p.m. against a very good Mercer squad.





The men lost in their opener but added a top player in recruiting – something Mark Fox manages to do.



5 Armchair All-American blog writers pick Auburn 3 pick Georgia

The game is not played on blogs.


( https://youtu.be/XkpDz8YyVD8 )


Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tray Matthews Georgia defensive backs at the time 2013 season when Mark Richt went 8-5 unranked BOTH have hands on the ball first thrown by Nick Marshall who led Auburn to a Consensus # 2 National Ranking 12-2 in 2013 as the Auburn Quarterback whom Mark Richt told could only play defensive back only to watch Nick Marshall throw for 14 TD Passes for Auburn 2013 and run for another 12 TD 2013 for Auburn including the national championship game in which they lost by a field goal to FSU as Auburn’s QB actually for 2013 and 2014.

In 2014 Nick Marshall threw for 20 TD Passes and ran for another 11 TD.  In 2013 Nick Marshall threw for 2000 yards and rushed for over 1000 yards.  In 2014 he threw for 2500 yards and rushed for another 800 yards when we had Hutson Mason instead whom with Mark Richt lost to 3 unranked teams with as his QB Nebraska South Carolina and Florida and threw in a loss to # 52 average recruiting rankings Georgie tek yellowjackets as well with as Mark Richt’s QB instead of Nick Marshall.  We were the # 89 Passing team 2014 with Hutson Mason instead.  # 89 Passing team 2014 UGA Hutson Mason and that with Mike Bobo as “OC” when Mark Richt made all the decisions.

All 3 were kicked-off by Mark Richt here at Georgia Josh Harvey-Clemons Tray Matthews and Nick Marshall all 3 kicked-off the team here by Mark Richt.  It’s what Mark Richt did.  Kick them all 3 off our team and then help them all he could get on the teams of our most bitter hated Rivals where they went on to better careers there than we had here without them.




( http://www.armchairallamericans.com/acaa-cfb-pickem-week-11/ )