5 Armchair All-American blog writers pick Auburn 3 pick Georgia

The game is not played on blogs.


( https://youtu.be/XkpDz8YyVD8 )


Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tray Matthews Georgia defensive backs at the time 2013 season when Mark Richt went 8-5 unranked BOTH have hands on the ball first thrown by Nick Marshall who led Auburn to a Consensus # 2 National Ranking 12-2 in 2013 as the Auburn Quarterback whom Mark Richt told could only play defensive back only to watch Nick Marshall throw for 14 TD Passes for Auburn 2013 and run for another 12 TD 2013 for Auburn including the national championship game in which they lost by a field goal to FSU as Auburn’s QB actually for 2013 and 2014.

In 2014 Nick Marshall threw for 20 TD Passes and ran for another 11 TD.  In 2013 Nick Marshall threw for 2000 yards and rushed for over 1000 yards.  In 2014 he threw for 2500 yards and rushed for another 800 yards when we had Hutson Mason instead whom with Mark Richt lost to 3 unranked teams with as his QB Nebraska South Carolina and Florida and threw in a loss to # 52 average recruiting rankings Georgie tek yellowjackets as well with as Mark Richt’s QB instead of Nick Marshall.  We were the # 89 Passing team 2014 with Hutson Mason instead.  # 89 Passing team 2014 UGA Hutson Mason and that with Mike Bobo as “OC” when Mark Richt made all the decisions.

All 3 were kicked-off by Mark Richt here at Georgia Josh Harvey-Clemons Tray Matthews and Nick Marshall all 3 kicked-off the team here by Mark Richt.  It’s what Mark Richt did.  Kick them all 3 off our team and then help them all he could get on the teams of our most bitter hated Rivals where they went on to better careers there than we had here without them.




( http://www.armchairallamericans.com/acaa-cfb-pickem-week-11/ )





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