Jacob Eason THROWS the passes not try to CATCH them as Trevor Lawrence 6’ 6” and 200 lbs. of # 1 football player in the nation Pro-Style QB watches Kirby’s upset of # 8 Auburn who on 22 plays in the 2nd half could not muster a single 1st Down against Kirby. But when we were down there ready to score we whiffed on the Play Calls puckered our assholes unable to figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake. I mean. Let’s discuss please who throws the freaking football for this team for God’s Sake. The Next Game is Game 11. When is it we figure out who throws for the football for us Kirby ? Next year ?

I don’t think Auburn has even offered Trevor Lawrence.  Auburn was never in the picture for Trevor Lawrence anyway but Jeremy Pruitt is recruiting him and so is Clemson.


Why is Jim Chaney the guy recruiting Trevor Lawrence 2018 ?


All Jim Chaney did was nothing all night long. If there were any plays by the Offense it was because of sheer willpower on the part of Jacob Eason and Nick Chubb against that stout Auburn defense who gave up only 2 field goals on the night and was that only despite the Play Calls whoever thought them up and whoever agreed with them when we puckered on Play Calls in the Red Zone.


Figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake.


You go with the guy who brought you to the Dance.  You know ?  They guy who was flawless all night long.  Take the ball out of his hands ?  God Damn it No.


You got this down about who do you give it to on 3rd and short.  We had to TELL you.  Now you have to learn this.  Who do you have throw the ball ?


Shit I have been telling you that since January 12.


On the 2 scoring chances you have BOTH passes thrown by Terry Godwin not Jacob Eason ?  How to put this delicately.  Bullshit.


Besides the attempt to hit Jacob Eason on a delayed jump-ball in the end zone with several Auburn players covering him with the ball dribbling off his fingers, Jim Chaney benched Jacob Eason on another scoring try too having Terry Godwin throw Auburn the pass in the end zone 3 of their men there and our WR on the ground before he lofted the floating pass.


What were we thinking ?


Excuse me, what was Jim Chaney thinking ?


And Tray Matthews gets the interception that led to Auburn’s only score all night long. Tray Matthews. I am glad I am at Auburn Tray Matthews. Here let me help you all I can find where you can go to play including our Bitter Rival Auburn after I kick you off the team here Mark Richt Tray Matthews. 4th and Forever time expiring on the clock Nick Marshall Hail Mary TD Pass to beat us Tray Matthews cough cough defending Tray Matthews.


Kirby said : “Jim Chaney agreed with me on the call.”


If it was Kirby who suggested both or either of those plays it was Jim Chaney’s Offense and he had to make the call. All I know is that that is the SINGLE WORST use of Jacob Eason there could be.


Auburn has a GREAT DEFENSE.


But to take the ball out of Freshman All-America 1st Team QB Jacob Eason and have him NOT be the one throwing the pass when only 14 quarterbacks in the all the nation have thrown for fewer interceptions than Jacob Eason this year and none of those freshmen – that is blame stupid.


Look Kirby if you and Jim Chaney come-up with plays for a SCORE how about you have Jacob Eason THROW it.


Good Lord.


Trevor Lawrence saw that Kirby.


Why do we keep stalling in the red zone ?




Have ANYONE throw the football but Jacob Eason.


Jesus Christ.


On another critical 3rd and 1 and a half I saw Jim Chaney got Nick Chubb the ball this time not Isaiah McKenzie.  On the crucial 3rd and short you gave it to Nick Chubb who converted not Isaiah McKenzie.


I do believe WE made that point to Jim Chaney.


Now on the fumble by Senior Center Brandon Kublanow where he dribbled the ball and then turned and ran after it yes it was Jacob Eason AGAIN who recovered that fumble as he does. Jacob Eason always recovers those fumbles doesn’t he ? Even in the end zone it is Jacob Eason who recovers the fumbles.


Brandon Kublanow 6’ 3” and 293 lbs. that is no way to try to increase your chances of being drafted to have the entire nation watching on Prime Time on CBS and see you dribble the ball only to be bailed-out by Jacob Eason.


Auburn upset.


But it wasn’t the Play Calls.


It was DESPITE the Play Calls.


I expected Kirby to bring a Defense like that calling for Junkyard Dawgs the win in Honor of Bill Stanfill.  What I didn’t know what to expect was of Jim Chaney.  I am learning more every day on that one.


Kirby gets upset DESPITE the Play Calls as this win was on the Defense and on the sheer willpower of Jacob Eason who had over 200 yards passing and no interceptions and of Nick Chubb who finished with 101 yards rushing.



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