Kirby knocked Auburn all the way down from # 8 to # 18 but there are still 5 SEC ranked teams in the AP Poll and we still have 3 losses to unranked teams vols Ole Miss and Vandie. In all fairness vols Ole Miss and North Carolina are in others receiving votes but we are not. Oh and Mark Richt is UNRANKED EVERY POLL too. I’d still love to ask Kirby more about the Play Calls 2016. You just don’t get it do you Kirby ? When do you think you might come-around to the theory that Jacob Eason is the guy who should just maybe be passing the football for you Kirby ? Is Jim Chaney getting the job done as Offensive Coordinator ?

My throat is a little sore but we need to flush this out with Kirby and Jim Chaney about PLAY CALLS 2016.


Florida is the only team ranked today who beat us and we shouldn’t have lost to them.


This Auburn win is a feel-good story but we need to cement this Play-Call Problem we have 2016 with Kirby and Jim Chaney.


I have seen several different takes on the plays when Jacob Eason took us all the way down the field to their goal line and then we YANKED JACOB EASON EVERY TIME.


He not the one throwing the football.  On a night he was perfect, instead this brain trust of Play Calls 2016 Kirby and Jim Chaney, said :


Nah let’s have a guy who has not thrown a single pass all year long throw the pass for the TD.  It was intercepted and Auburn converted that interception for the score on that possession which were their only points all night long.

Then, Jacob Eason took us back down the field AGAIN all the way to their goal line again and AGAIN they YANKED Jacob Eason and said AGAIN we want to have the guy who has not faced Auburn all night long except to have thrown an interception and want him to throw the ball for the TD.  That pass was high and incomplete when the receiver was open early for the TD but his timing and throw were BOTH off to Jacob Eason.


You just don’t get it do you Kirby ?


Jacob Eason is the NFL # 1 Draft Pick the season after next.


He was that before you got here.


He will remain that until he’s gone.


He has done everything to prove himself to you as MANY FRESHMEN 2016 have.


But you just don’t get it.


You refused to let him practice with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING.  He was your Starting QB and you BLEW that Kirby.


Fall Practice AGAIN no snaps with the # 1 unit for Jacob Eason until 3 weeks prior to Kick-Off.


Press Meeting after Press Meeting.


Stubborn Kirby.


Then with 1 week before Kick-Off AGAIN you YANK Jacob Eason and don’t let him be with the # 1 unit.


Then after he came from behind for you Kirby and won the game against # 22 North Carolina who is still # 22 in the Coaches’ Poll today again Kirby you benched Jacob Eason not only for the rest of the game HE WON but Monday and Tuesday practices AFTER North Carolina.


Then you YANKED HIM in the Nicholls State game Kirby and put in a guy who hasn’t done a thing – NOTHING – since he showed-up on this campus.  A halting QB who again sent all the wrong messages to the Offense and continued to mess-up the timing of our Offense.  It caused our Offense do not do well against Nicholls State Kirby.


Game 11 next Kirby.


When do you think you might come-around to the theory that Jacob Eason is the guy who should just maybe be passing the football for you Kirby ?


Jacob Eason is 1st Team All-America Freshman Team Kirby.  There are 14 quarterbacks – none of whom are Freshmen – who have thrown fewer Interceptions 2016 season than Jacob Eason.


What does he have to do to have the ball Kirby ?


What ?


Go ahead.


I will WAIT on that answer Kirby.


In the coaches’ poll North Carolina is still ranked # 22 so Kirby has wins over # 22 North Carolina and # 16 coaches’ poll Auburn.


Ole Miss has no votes in the coaches’ poll.


Richard Billingsley Poll today has Kirby up to # 29 and Auburn # 30.


( )


The Wes Colley Poll has Auburn # 15 and Kirby # 38.


The Kenneth Massey Poll has Auburn # 16 and Kirby # 43.


I have asked for Jim Chaney to be fired.  I saw nothing last night to alter my opinion.


Did you ?