Only 1 hitter last year hit over .300 and only 1 pitcher had a winning record. Our baseball team has loads of room for improvement at just 11-19 in The SEC. Scott Stricklin has had a losing record every year and looks to break through with good recruiting when we begin February 17 of 2017. His most wins in The SEC are 11 and is 21-37-1 vs. The SEC in his 4th year now this next season. I can not see where Scott Stricklin is any better than our previous coach in baseball either Greg McGarity. We give you all this money all these facilities this great school and frankly Greg McGarity you are not getting the job done in our sports. In fact we have gone downhill since you got here Greg McGarity.


( )


What do you need to be successful as our Athletics’ Director appointed as Mike Adam$’ puppet Athletics’ Director Greg McGarity.  To get lucky in a hire for once ?


Greg McGarity you are unsatisfactory as Athletics’ Director.


Since when did a girls’ tennis coach for one year get to be Athletics’ Director at The University of Georgia ?


Frankly that you replace another Mike Adam$ hire as Athletics’ Director UGA Damon Evans before you is reason enough to have you MOVE ON.



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