The Longest Professional Sports’ Drought is now NFL Cardinals who last won the NFL in 1947 Charley Trippi running for a Touchdown a lead they never relinguished and Returning a Punt for a TD named NFL Championship Game 1947 MVP demonstrating an amazing display of running and dodging. Charley Trippi Overall 1st Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Pick paid $ 100 Thousand won 2 National Championships with Georgia and in the NFL was defensive back receiver quarterback running back and punt returner. But not since December 28 1947 have the Cardinals won the Championship. Longest Drought in Professional Sports.

In a time before Television the NFL Championship Game now called the Super Bowl was on radio only.


Charley Trippi MVP.


We got our 1st Color TV in 1957 and the neighbors would come over to watch Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color which it came to be known.  We had a large picture frame glass in the living room and others stood outside the window to watch. Walt Disney’s Disneyland we visited when it opened and the show was shown on Sunday Night 7:00 p.m. Prime Time.  It was hosted by Walt Disney Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan. But that was a different time a decade after Charley Trippi Won the last championship for now the oldest and longest no championship drought by any Professional Sports’ Franchise.


December 28 1947 Cardinals Won NFL Championship Game and not since have they won anything although they moved from Chicago playing games at Comiskey Park Wrigley Field and Soldier Field where no one would go to the games in Chicago and moved to St. Louis and now to Arizona.


The oldest and longest no championship drought by any Professional Sports’ Franchise.


Not since December 28 1947 have the Cardinals won the Championship which is now the Longest Drought in Professional Sports.


Thought you should know.


Charley Trippi who was 26 years old December 28 1947 will be 95 years old December 14 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame.  Charley Trippi is the only player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to throw for 1000 yards receive passes for 1000 yards and run for 1000 yards.


Charley Trippi won the National Championship for The Georgia Bulldogs in 1942 then he went to war with my Dad then he and Dad returned to Georgia from World War II and Charley Trippi won another National Championship for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 11-0 undefeated 1946.


The Georgia Bulldogs have (4) four # 1 NFL 1st Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Picks and Charley Trippi was a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Crackers at the time and still feels that although he batted .464 for The Diamond Dawgs that he is better at football.


The Georgia Bulldogs have had (4) four NFL Championship Game MVP Winners and Charley Trippi is one winning NFL MVP NFL Championship Game (now called Super Bowl) as a Rookie 1947.


I recall when the NFL and AFL joined together.  Those were tumultuous times 1966 at a time when music was so important and when war again the backdrop to the greatest then of Georgia Bulldogs being so huge in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Colts and Green Bay Packers.  Highlighting the superiority of the NFL then Green Bay won the 1st two Super Bowls then Alabama QB Joe Willie Namath did a panty hose commercial and beat the Baltimore Colts as he said he would.


In 1973 Jake Scott won the MVP Super Bowl Game and many feel that another Bulldog Bill Stanfill should have won the MVP Super Bowl Game VII Miami Dolphins.


Super Bowl XXXII Terrell Davis Super Bowl MVP Denver Broncos.


Hines Ward won Super Bowl MVP 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers.  Does anyone think he might be able to assist our receivers 2016 season ?  Kirby obviously disagrees.  Kirby is wrong.


Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004 I was certain Richard Seymour would win the Super Bowl MVP but they stole that from him too and gave it to Tom Brady who was not nearly as good as Richard Seymour 2004 Super Bowl.  Richard Seymour dominated the game and won the game for New England.


Tom Brady and Loretta Lynn both voted for Donald Trump.


Charley Tippi too won this award didn’t he ?







The NFL has NEVER honored Charley Trippi during the Super Bowls acting like 1947 was before the NFL but he is an NFL Championship Game MVP no different from Super Bowl MVP winners and no one with the Cardinals has done it since since they have not won since.








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